Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Tarot Card. Here’s Yours

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 month ago

1. What are Tarot Cards?

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Tarot cards are a deck of playing cards with a twist and they're used for all sorts of purposes across the globe like divination, fortune telling, and even entertainment through European games like Tarocchini.  They have a long history and have been a point of fascination since at least the mid-15th century.

2. How are they read?

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Each card within the deck has its own unique symbolism and meaning and Tarot readers use them to gain deep insights into a person's life.  Through them, they can interpret information about a person's past, present, and future, and even explore deeper psychological or spiritual aspects.

3. Why are they important?

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Tarot cards hold significance for many reasons for those individuals who use them.  Depending on their unique beliefs and perspectives, Tarot cards might serve as a tool for all sorts of purposes and intentions, including self-reflection, discovery, guidance, creativity, meditation, and spiritual exploration.

4. A little bit about Tarot history

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To fully understand why your zodiac sign is associated with a particular card, we need to explore a little history.  The earliest references to Tarot cards date back to the mid-1400s Italy and were originally used for entertainment purposes, with the Italian suits including swords, batons, cups, and coins.  Some of them survive today!  But they weren't always associated with fortune-telling, divination, or Astrology!

5. The Game of Tarot

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You see, the original use of these card decks was simply for a game, that's why they were originally developed. The game itself, Tarocchi, was a Medieval game of triumph, with rules that were and still are similar to the game that we know as Bridge today.

6. Trump-Card Games

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So Tarot is a game of trickery and it's said that the rules of these games haven't changed much since the 15th century. These kinds of games are said to have been invented in Europe, and there's some speculation of whether the original game of this type was actually started in Germany in the 1420s, called Karnöffel.

7. The surviving decks

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Luckily, we can still see the original beauty and grandeur of the early Tarot decks because three of them survived.  One of these includes 69 cards from 'The Visconti Tarot', which is thought to have been made for Filippo Maria Visconti, the Duke of Milan before his death in 1447. The early Tarot cards, including the Visconti deck, were hand-painted and were commissioned and owned by wealthy and powerful families as a status symbol.

8. Nothing to do with fortune-telling

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Interestingly, the use of Tarot cards nowadays is so far removed from their original purpose of playing games and asserting status.  In fact, they had nothing at all to do with fortune-telling, occultism, divination, or Astrology, like nowadays.  In fact, it wasn't until the 18th century that Tarot cards were used for other purposes.

9. Etteilla

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Tarot's association with the occult and divination only began to emerge in the very late 18th century when a French occultist, Jean-Baptiste Alliette published the first-ever guide for using them in spiritual practices.  Aliette, also known as Etteilla, laid the foundation for the modern use of Tarot decks that many individuals now use for various purposes, including personal growth and self-discovery.

10. The Evolution of Tarot

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So the evolution of Tarot has seen major shifts in the uses and the structures of the cards, from a Mediaeval game of trickery to occultism and divination practices, as well as fortune-telling.  And they've resurged in popularity today, with the practice more accessible than ever through social media and online communities.

11. The Rider-Waite-Smith Deck

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So the Rider-Waite-Smith deck that you're familiar with wasn't created until 1909 and it has a total of 78 cards.  These are split into the Major Arcana which contains 22 cards, and the Minor Arcana, consisting of 56 cards.  The Minor Arcana is split into four suits and is associated with the natural elements, which we will come on to in a moment.  The 22 Major Arcana cards are associated with either a zodiac sign, an element, or a planet.

12. Tarot Imagery

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Most Tarot decks published today are likely to be based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and they can vary with their use of imagery.  Some might even change the names of the individual cards slightly but they are likely to follow the same structure as this deck that is split into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

13. The Minor Arcana

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The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards and is concerned with everyday matters and personal experiences.  There are four suits that are associated with the elements, Wands (fire), Pentacles (earth), Cups (water), and Swords (air). These cards help readers explore their personal experiences, including challenges and opportunities.

14. The Major Arcana

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The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are the most striking of all as they represent life lessons, spirituality, and archetypal energies. The Major Arcana is what makes the Tarot deck so distinctive, with each card having its own symbolism and they are either associated with an element, a planet, or a zodiac sign.

15. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

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The 22 Major Arcana cards corresponding to either a planet, element, or zodiac sign were decided by the members of a secret society called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  This society was active in Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and focussed its practices on theurgy and spiritual development.

16. Wait... Why do they link to your Zodiac sign?

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So the Tarot card that corresponds with your own zodiac sign will also hold similar personality traits to your sign, as well as associated imagery. They're significant in your own Tarot readings because they incorporate Astrology, helping you to gain a greater insight into your life's journey.

17. What does it all mean in a Tarot reading?

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So if you know and understand the card that is associated with your personal zodiac sign, you can gain a better understanding of the interpretations. Knowing this adds another level to your reading, for example, if your zodiac Tarot card is drawn, it might symbolize something important ahead.

18. So what should you actually do with your own Tarot card?

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Remember, knowledge is power, so knowing which is your own card means that this extra layer can add so much more meaning and significance to your Tarot reading.  But what you actually do with your card is all a personal preference.  You could keep a card to display in your home, on your altar, or even wear it as a tattoo or jewelry.

19. Aries: The Emperor

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The Emperor is the fourth card of the Major Arcana, sitting on its giant throne, radiating authority, power, strength, and leadership.  You're the creator of your own empire, always ready to conquer any challenge.  As the fearless commander of your own destiny, you take charge and lead with power and confidence,

20. Taurus: The Hierophant

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The Hierophant, or the Pope, is the spiritual guide of the Tarot, giving all those 'holier-than-thou' vibes that people are just envious of.  You hold the power of wisdom and know that you can accomplish amazing things with dedication and hard work.  You don't forget how to indulge yourself and know exactly how to find true joy!

21. Gemini: The Lovers

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Just like Gemini representing the twins, the Lovers portray two powerful energies.  When these combine, they represent one, and this 'one' is YOU!  The Lovers card can be used to find balance in your life, as the duality of the symbols shows that there are always two sides to a situation.  Love is in the air, and choices abound!  Let passion guide you in your choice.

22. Cancer: The Chariot

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Cancers are the warriors of the Tarot deck, with their courage, drive, and strength. This card reminds you of your power and to push through any barriers in your way, remembering to keep in control in the face of opposing challenges.  Charge forward and steer your mighty chariot towards victory!  You're in for a wild ride.

23. Leo: Strength

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As a Leo, you're a force to be reckoned with, so it's no wonder that your card is Strength.  Your bold roar reminds everyone that you're the epitome of vitality and inner strength.  Interestingly, this card is associated with the number 8, a symbol that represents infinity.  Use this card to explore your endless opportunities with courage and fortitude.

24. Virgo: The Hermit

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The Hermit calls you to seek answers from within when you're ready to make bold changes to your life.  Like The Hermit, you find it easier to retreat from the noise of the world, escaping into solitude so you can hear your inner voice and take some time for introspection.  And when you're ready to emerge again, you share your sweet wisdom with others.

25. Libra: Justice

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Justice is the 11th card in the Major Arcana, and to fully resonate with the number 11, you're perfectly balanced and strongly connected to your heart's desire.  You're a logical thinker and always the best person to rely on as you have everyone's back.  And because of this, people mirror all that you give to others and you're treated with loyalty, respect, and patience.  The world needs you.

26. Scorpio: Death

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As the most powerful card within the zodiac, you have the most provocative card in the Tarot: Death.  You're invincible and nothing can knock you down.  You're a fluid individual who's able to evolve and transform into anything, heck you can even rise from the ashes and prove everyone wrong!  You'll rule the world one day.

27. Sagittarius: Temperance

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Nobody knows how to party like a Sagittarius!  You're wild at heart and truly a free spirit who has complete wanderlust!  But when you need to reign it in, Temperance will guide you back and help you to reconnect with your foundation.  You're grounded with one foot whilst being able to fulfill your world with cosmic travel in the search for enlightenment.

28. Capricorn: The Devil

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Your fierce and savage nature, represented by the Devil card, ensures that you're always going to climb to the top of the mountain, like the tenacious energy that you are.  This card reminds you to live unapologetically as you indulge in opulence, living out your wildest desires.  But you're not shackled by your fantasies, in fact, your power helps you to break free, living a life without self-imposed limits.

29. Aquarius: The Star

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Aquarius is all about innovation and magic, as well as peace and tranquility, so it's no surprise that your card is the Star.  Through its magic, you have this powerful ability to heal yourself so you can evolve into your highest potential.  This card reminds you that it's OK to be vulnerable at times and to not hide yourself away.  Share your ideas, you'll change the world!

30. Pisces: The Moon

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As a Pisces, your power lies in your intuition and creativity, along with your gentle heart.  The Moon lights your way through life when you need the support, and it makes your subconscious mind grow, whilst simultaneously providing you with an outlet to howl and be heard!  Don't let anyone take advantage of you and zap those dreamy abilities - you're a rare find and the world needs your light.

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