The Most Excruciating Smells In The World

By Carole 8 months ago

1. Corpse - This One Is To Be Expected...

Image source: BuzzFeed
Let's hope none of us are ever put in a position where our nostrils catch the odor of a decomposing human or even a disintegrating animal for that matter. The smell is unmistakably revolting and difficult to describe because of its unique nature. Once experienced never forgotten.

2. Wet Dog - Once You've Smelt It Once, You Will NEVER Forget!

Image source: Reddit
Excuse me for being blunt but wet dogs stink. When the yeast and bacteria on their skin gets wet, it creates an environment to encourage growth of organisms so there you go. Even when the pooch's fur is only damp, it smells musty with an undertone of something indescribable.

3. Baby Poop - The Smelliest Explosion!

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I have to admit that when I used to change my baby's diaper, a good few years ago now, I would stick tissues up my nostrils so I couldn't smell the pungent odor. Babies who are formula fed and those who have been introduced to solids, will have poop that absolutely honks!

4. Vomit - It's An Unavoidable Stench...

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Even commenting on the smell of vomit is enough to set me off retching! The combination of partially digested food, stomach acid and maybe alcohol, produces an acrid and nauseating odor. The look of vomit, with all the bits, is almost as bad as the smell!

5. Bad Breath - Don't Let This Be You...

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It's embarrassing for you when you suffer from bad breath but even worse when you don't realise you have it (halitosis) and your nearest and dearest has to put up with smell which can fill a room. Gum disease, bad teeth, acid reflux or an infection can all contribute towards bad breath.

6. Rotting Fish - It Will Put You Off Fish For Life!

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Fish that has spoiled or is rotting has an unpleasantness on a level that hasn't even been invented yet! When the proteins in fish decompose, they release ammonia which smells like bad eggs. That, accompanied by a fish odor, guarantees it's on the list for worst smells ever.

7. Rotten Eggs - Don't Ignore Your Expiration Dates!

Image source: Reddi
We all know what the smell of rotten eggs is like because, once you've experienced it, it's stuck in your mind forever. Bad eggs odor is associated with decaying organic matter and it's the gas, hydrogen sulphide, that's responsible for the scent that leaves you gagging!

8. Smoking - You Either Love It, Or You Hate It!

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Years ago, we were used to people smoking next to us. We might not have liked it, mainly because we knew our clothes would smell of the smoke. These days, we notice the odor associated with smoking much more as the number of individuals that indulge in the filthy habit are far fewer. Stale cigarette smoke is repugnant and has a lingering, chemical odor.

9. Smelly Feet - WASH YOUR FEET!!

Image source: Reddit
The smell of unwashed or sweaty feet is horrible. The interaction of sweat and bacteria makes for an awful odor. Sweat is composed primarily of water, salt and various waste products which accounts for the obnoxious smell and the guilty party should be told in no uncertain terms to deal with it!

10. Cat Urine - Clean Your Cat's Litter Tray Regularly!

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Because of the ammonia content, the smell of cat urine is strong and offensive. What drives us mad is that it is notoriously difficult to eliminate. The urine contains urea, a type of protein and when this breaks down, the sharp ammonia smell is released. Clean your cat's litter tray regularly, and be careful where you house it!

11. Manure

Image source: Reddit
Don't get me started on this one. I hate it!  Animal faeces give out a strong, earthy smell which we all have to suffer if we are anywhere near farmland, as it is used as a successful fertiliser. When the organic matter starts breaking down, the odor gets worse until you have to hold your nose for fear of puking up - or is that just me?

12. Sewers

Image source: Reddit
The smell of raw sewage is the worst. Those guys who are involved in unblocking the drains deserve a medal!  It's so offensive because of the waste products, bacteria and decomposing matter, all associated with blocked sewer systems. On a hot day it can be ten times worse.

13. Durian Fruit

Image source: Reddit
Durian fruits, mainly grown in Borneo, are referred to as the "kings of fruit." Whoever came up with the name must have had sinus issues and be unaware of the smell of turpentine, rotten onions and a hint of sweaty gym sock for good measure. Totally disgusting but full of vitamins.

14. Rotting Vegetables

Image source: Reddit
Over ripe or spoiled vegetables usually produce a sickening, pungent odor. If the item is in its original shop bought packaging, the bag smells like poop. Worse still, the smell overtakes all the other stuff in your refrigerator, stinking out your appliance for good measure.

15. Garbage Dump

Image source: Reddit
If you are unfortunate enough to live even within a couple of miles of a garbage dump then you have my utmost sympathy. The odor from a landfill is a mix of chemicals, methane gas and decomposing waste. All together, a potent combination of obnoxious smells.

16. Human Flatulence

Image source: Yahoo
Human flatulence varies, depending on what the culprit has been eating and drinking but one thing is clear - the smell is disgusting, a mixture of faeces and sulphur. When someone in the room breaks wind, it's seen as a humorous act but, if you're close to that person, it's anything but!

17. Skunk Spray

Image source: Reddit
Skunks will release a defensive spray when they feel threatened by predators and to discourage them from pursuing and attacking them. The odor they give off is terrible and even worse, is long lasting! It can be described as a sulphur type smell that gets to the back of your throat.

18. Cooked Cabbage

Image source: Reddit
The majority of people will open a window when cooking cabbage as the smell can be very pungent. Cabbage has been nicknamed "the smelly vegetable" as it's reminiscent of rotten eggs.  As the vegetable contains a sulphuric compound, this explains the bad odor.

19. Stink Bug

Image source: Reddit
When a stink bug is disturbed it releases a chemical that smells like "gone off" coriander and citronella. It really is foul!  The bug gets its name because it emits this odor as a defence mechanism against predators which include humans.  Let's say you'll know if you come across a stink bug!

20. Human Sweat

Image source: Reddit
Body odor happens to many and it can go from mild to offensive.  It's not the actual sweat beads that smell bad as they are, in fact, odorless. Mixed with bacteria that's on the surface of the skin and that is a different matter entirely. Body odor occurs and can be detected from the other side of the room - nasty.

21. Sulphur Dioxide

Image source: The Denver Post
Sulphur dioxide is a gas that is usually released during industrial processes.  It smells like burnt matches and has a strong, choking quality to it! The gas dissolves in water and is the main chemical that causes acid rain.  Produced naturally by volcanoes and forest fires, sulphur dioxide is a common air pollutant.

22. Decomposing Animals

Image source: Reddit
The smell of decomposing animals is known as carrion. It's distinctive and foul, described as overpowering and putrid. The odor is so bad because of the complex chemical processes that happen when the tissues of a dead animal break down.  Vultures love to feast on it.

23. Ammonia

Image source: HealthWise
Ammonia has a pungent, sharp smell, often found in cleaning products. Such products that have high concentrations of it can be very unpleasant and if you breath it in, you could get runny eyes and nose as well as an irritating cough. There are warnings on the packaging not to inhale it but sometimes you can't help it if you're cleaning.

24. Burnt Popcorn

Image source: Reddit
Overcooked popcorn has an acrid, charred smell which can linger for absolutely ages.  Burnt popcorn is particularly bad because of the chemical changes that take place when the kernels have been overcooked to a blackened state. The reaction is known as the "Maillard" reaction, named after the pharmacist who wrote a paper on it.

25. Burnt Rubber

Image source: Reddit
No wonder it's illegal to burn rubber in your backyard.  The smell it emits when set alight creates a really bad smell due to the chemical changes that take place when the rubber is exposed to extremely high temperatures. It can even cause temporary respiratory issues.

26. Fish Market

Image source: Reddit
If you're not a fish lover, then you wouldn't go within a country mile of a fish market!  Even those who are partial to a mackerel or two would struggle to saunter around the aisles, where freshly caught fish still have their beady eyes on you. The breakdown of lipids and proteins cause a stench that won't go away.

27. Paint Fumes

Image source: Reddit
Because of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) present in paint, you can't miss the distinctive odor it gives off. It's worse during the drying process of the paint and you should always have some form of ventilation going on, leaving windows open etc or it can actually make you feel chesty.

28. Mold And Mildew

Image source: Reddit
Mold and mildew fungi emit a damp, musty, smell as they grow on surfaces, mainly in poorly ventilated areas. The spores eat up organic matter such as wood and other materials, leaving the room in dire need of an air freshener. Seriously, mold can cause respiratory problems if it's in your bedroom and not dealt with so take it seriously.

29. Burnt Hair

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The smell of burnt hair is a bad one and usually happens when you've had an accident with your hair dryer, curling irons or other beauty devices used to tease your locks.  When hair is burned, the keratin (which your hair is mainly made up from) releases compounds that give off an obnoxious odor.

30. Vinegar

Image source: Reddit
Vinegar is a weird one.  A bit like Marmite - you love it or hate it!  If you're not a fan, it's because of the sharp acid-like odor which can be overpowering, especially in high concentrations. When diluted it is more bearable but those of a sensitive nose nature don't like it one bit.

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