1. January – Garnet Birthstone Symbolizes Commitment


The Garnet birthstone is a stone of commitment. It stimulates desire making it the perfect stone for bringing deeper commitment to a new relationship. Garnet inspires love and devotion and calms any feelings of conflict in a relationship or even starting up a long-term one.

2. February – Amethyst Birthstone Symbolizes Closeness & Stability


The Amethyst birthstone attracts and promotes love into your life. It protects you from instability in your relationships and keeps you close to your loved ones. This stone is regarded as the protection stone for love and emotional stability.

3. March – Aquamarine Birthstone Symbolizes Strength


The Aquamarine gemstone is probably one of the more popular birthstones worn and it influences and encourages strong marriages and stable, loving relationships. Many people choose this stone for their engagement ring and that explains why.

4. April – Diamond Birthstone Symbolizes Balance & Clarity


This traditional birthstone holds meaning for people born in this month and it’s thought to provide the wearer of this gemstone with inner strength and great relationships. Diamonds bring benefits like balance, clarity and abundance to the person wearing it.

5. May – Emerald Birthstone Symbolizes Faithfulness


Emerald gemstones represent faithful relationships and strong natural connections with your partner. Its not just with romantic relationships that the emerald gemstone brings positivity, but with friendships as well. Emerald brings strength in your current bonds.

6. June – Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone Symbolizes Passion & Sparks


Alexandrite is the gemstone that attracts new love into your life and makes existing relationships stronger. This gemstone often brings back the spark in an existing relationship and Moonstone is associated with love, passion and fertility, believing that it brings good luck!

7. July – Ruby Birthstone Symbolizes Sensuality


Ruby gemstone stirs up passion in your life and stimulates the heart, bringing love to the wearer. The positive energy that it gives off forms true love and sexual energy in relationships – it almost acts as the gemstone of sensuality, bringing a spark between couples.

8. August – Peridot Birthstone Symbolizes Harmonious Relationships


Legend says this gemstone attracts love and harmonious relationships to your life and given the colour of this stone, Peridot has been associated with good fortune and prosperity. Egyptians even called this stone “gem of the Sun” as they believed it protected them from the terrors of the night.

9. September – Sapphire Birthstone Symbolizes Long-Term Bonds


Sapphire is one of the most prized gems in the world and is nearly as hard as a diamond. Blue sapphires are believed to be derived from Saturn – they bring love, commitment, permanence and fidelity in your relationships. People who wear them tend to have long-term bonds with their lovers.

10. October – Opal & Pink Birthstone Symbolizes Healing & Compassion


Opal and Pink birthstones are healers of the heart chakra that regulates our interaction with the outside world. They’re a token of love and a symbol of the heart which can instil compassion in a relationship, healing any emotional barriers between two people.

11. November – Citrine & Topaz Birthstone Symbolizes Promise & Strength


Topaz symbolizes love and affection and brings strength to the relationships in your life, especially the romantic ones. Blue Topaz is said to be a promise of love and fidelity – it’s the birthstone for love, so you’re pretty lucky if you have a birthday in November really, aren’t you!

12. December – Tanzanite, Zircon & Turquoise Birthstone Symbolizes Good Fortune


These birthstones are considered as love charms – symbols of good fortune and success and are believed to relax the mind and protect the wearers from any harm that may come to them. Turquoise is believed to warn off evil spirits and in turn, people who wear Turquoise tend to have very successful relationships.

13. January born people are feisty and spontaneous in a relationship!

January Birthstone Color - Garnet Gemstone For A New Year's Start


People born in this month tend to be feisty and spontaneous, always willing to take on any challenge, meaning that they’re great lovers but also great fighters. Their relationships tend to be very fiery but will always be protected from impending danger when it comes to their relationships.

14. People born in February are clear headed, sharp & witty but need love in relationships.

Birthstone of the Month (February): Amethyst - IIG INDIA


Amethyst wearers tend to be clear headed when wearing this gemstone. They’re sharp witted during any battles in love but always want the love from their other halves. Always looking at the bigger picture, rather than breaking life down making them strong people.

15. If you’re born in March you are a great communicator in your relationship!

Aquamarine, The March Birthstone


March babies are great communicators who value their compassion and honesty and even under serious pressure, they are able to express their thoughts and feelings clearly. Aquamarine makes it easy for the wearers to make decisions in love and relationships.

16. April babies are are courageous in tackling relationship problems!

April's Birthstone Diamond | Astley Clarke Jewellery


Diamond personalities are known for their stubbornness and determination and are incredibly hard to break. It makes them courageous – making them not afraid to tackle problems in relationships. Just like the strength of this birthstone, April babies are strong inside too.

17. Being born in May will get cut deeply if they are betrayed!

May Birthstone: Emerald - Shining Diamonds®


Emerald personalities are usually quite introverted, preferring to spend time alone rather than in larger social groups. So when it comes to relationships, it can be quite difficult for someone to break them, but when they do, their relationship tends to be very deep and loving.

18. People born in June are known to be spontaneous romantics!

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Born in early summer, June babies are enthusiastic with a great sense of clarity. They have a reputation for being spontaneous making them the perfect mix for any relationship, no matter what birthstone you are – a June baby is a good choice!

19. July born partners are full of passion in a relationship!

Ruby Xl Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Ruby, Red, Gemstone - iStock


Rewind back a few thousnd years, Ruby was and still is one of the most coveted gems. The name is derived from the Latin word “Ruber”, meaning red  – the colour of passion and luuuuurve. So you could say that Ruby symbolizes love – it’s the gemstone of romance.

20. Born in August? You are positive and attract love.

Peridot Stone: Meaning, Properties & Price of this Green Gem


The Peridot birthstone attracts love and restful sleep (LOL), so not only does the wearer attract good relationships but they sleep well too, which is always a plus! The spiritual meaning of Peridot is that it’s deemed to emit positive energy and believed to channel love and abundance.

21. September born people have pure, long & loving relationships.

Blue Sapphire: The September Birthstone Meaning & History – Moon Magic


Sapphire warns off evil and symbolizes purity in relationships. The wisdom this gemstone brings ensures that the wearer always has long and loving relationships – this is arguably the most precious birthstone when it comes to relationships & love for the wearer.

22. If you’re October, you are faithful in a relationship and repel evil!

Birthstone of the Month (October): Opal & Tourmaline - IIG INDIA


This birthstone symbolizes faithfulness and confidence and relationships for people wearing Opal birthstones tend to be long lasting and full of fun. Opals also repel evil and protect your eyesight…

23. Born in November? A long, loving relationship will always be attracted to you.

November Birthstones: Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon - Lavalier Insurance Services, LLC


Topaz gemstone brings the wearer true love, friendship and success. Anyone who wears this gemstone is believed to have increased intellect and strength when it comes to the lurrrrrrve and wearing this stone can mean that a long and loving relationship will always follow a November baby around.

24. December baby? Known as the ‘forget me not’ month, which speaks for itself!

Turquoise, Tanzanite & Zircon: December's Birthstones - Service Jewelry & Repair | Blog


In European traditions, giving someone a Turquoise ring means “forget me not” – it’s considered a national treasure in some other countries, where it not only brings you good luck in relationships, but it also brings good fortune and protection from evil!

25. How Do Birthstones Actually Work?

Birthstones By Month: What Do they Mean? | TH March


Birthstones actually mean a lot more than how they align with each month. They all have their own healing properties that connect with the signs of the zodiac and they serve to cleanse, purify and ignite the aura. Birthstones can actually ease anxiety and solidify relationships.

26. What Else Can They Do?

What are the Birthstones and Their Meaning?


Your birthstone can also be used to charge water as well as detox your skin and can do all sorts when it comes to self care, self love and healing and their energetic properties are very important when it comes to living a healthy life.

27. Where Did Birthstones Begin?

Birthstones by Month - Birthstones for Every Month of the Year


Experts say that birthstones date back to biblical times, as early as the first century. Romano-Jewish historian, Josephus, discovered a connection between 12 stones and that wearing these 12 stones signified the zodiac signs and each month of the year.

28. How They’ve Become A Part Of Society

The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones | The Adventurine


In 1870, Tiffany & Co published a pamphlet that matched each month of the calendar year to a stone as a gift idea for loved ones. Then the American National Association of Jewelers cemented and finalised the list of stones in the 19th century to correspond with each month.

29. Modern Day Birthstones

Birthstones and how to wear them — Lucy Parker


Birthstones are a part of society now and since ancient times, it’s believed that they symbolise wellness and good fortune. They’re often given as gifts and keepsakes for birthdays – birthstone jewellrey has become more and more popular, like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

30. Manifest The Love Life You Want

Crystals for Manifestation: Attract Your Desires with Healing Stones


Certain crystals bring radiance and balance into the relationships you really love and when we welcome the light of self love into our world, everything else falls into place. When you’re ready to attract the world of love, it will come.

31. Garnet Can Help With Relationship Crises

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Garnet is a great stone for love and devotion in committed relationships, but that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to have successful relationships. Luckily, garnet can still be there to have your back during relationship problems. This stone is helpful for situations where you might feel stuck in love, or going through some trauma. It can help to strengthen your survival instinct and bring you hope.

32. Amethyst Is A Stone That Can Help Protect You In Love

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Amethyst is a great protective stone and very powerful when it comes to dealing with negative energy. If you’re someone who has found themselves up against mental or emotional attack in bad relationships, the birthstone amethyst can help to turn it around. It can also help to unblock your mind and leave you more open to love.

33. Aquamarine Can Help You Take More Risks In Love

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Aquamarine is a great stone for providing courage, reducing stress and calming the mind. That means if you’re on the lookout for love and usually too scared to take risks or too frightened about that first date, aquamarine is the perfect stone to settle your nerves and make you feel a bit braver. It can help to bring you harmony in relationships.

34. Diamond: The Perfect Stone For Marriage

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Diamond is said to make fidelity and commitment even stronger in a relationship, which is why it’s perfect if you’re ready to make the next step. It’s said to specifically strengthen the love a husband has for his wife, but of course a diamond is ready to fully support any committed relationship – and it always helps when it looks beautiful as an engagement ring!

35. Emerald Is Known As The ‘Stone Of Successful Love’

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This bodes well if you’re looking for a committed and long-term relationship! It’s also a bonus that emerald is a stone easily worn and looks great with anything. Emerald can help inspire in love, and also help bring success in romantic relationships. The best part about it is it also promotes friendship, which is a key foundation in love!

36. Pearl Can Be A Great Teacher In Failed Relationships

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Pearls are very symbolic of wisdom – and in particular, wisdom gained through experience. That means if you have a series of failed relationships, pearls can help you to understand what went wrong, and help you to gain wisdom in future relationships. Pearls come in many different colors, each with their own meaning.

37. White Pearl Is Most Common For Love

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White pearl is definitely the most popular and recognisable of this stone, and white pearl is also a key choice for love, engagements and weddings – which is why many brides might wear white pearl as wedding accessories. White pearl – as with white anything – can also represent innocence and purity.

38. Ruby Could Be Overstimulating In Love

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Ruby is a fantastic stone for love and passion, but it can also be a little overstimulating for delicate people. Especially those who may find intimacy – whether physical or emotional – difficult in relationships, or with new people, ruby may actually over-energize and leave you feeling a little overstimulated and irritable!

39. But It’s Perfect For Stimulating The Heart Chakra

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That’s not to say that the July birthstone can’t be your best friend when it comes to love. Ruby is perfect for opening up your heart, because it stimulates the heart chakra in particular. It helps to make you feel more balanced when it comes to your heart and also helps to shield your heart against negative energy that might serve to drain you.

40. Peridot Can Help Cleanse You

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If you’ve just got out of a bad relationship and are feeling icky about it, the peridot stone can help to start you on your cleansing journey and get rid of those negative toxins. Peridot is a great teacher for moving on from the past, making it a great all-rounder if you want to move on from a past relationship or person.

41. It’s Also Great For Starting Afresh With Love

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If you’ve decided you’re on a new journey when it comes to love, too, whether you’re thinking differently about what you want from relationships or you’re looking for something different than you usually go for, peridot is a key stone for getting rid of negative patterns. So if you want to break the usual cycle you have when it comes to romantic partners, this birthstone is here to help.

42. Sapphire Can Help You Better Express Yourself

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If you usually struggle to express yourself with no people, or express your own needs in a relationship, sapphire can help. It’s a great stone to wear at the throat as a necklace is it can open up the throat chakra and support you in expressing what you want to say. This could lead to better connections in relationships.

43. Trust Your Gut In Love With Black Sapphire

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Black sapphire isn’t a very common or well-known version of this stone because blue sapphire is usually the most in-demand, or what people think of. But black sapphire is actually ideal for giving you more confidence in your own intuition. This means it’s ideal for new dating situations when you’re trying to get a read on a new love interest!

44. Tourmaline: The Updated October Birthstone That Can Help Protect You In Love

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Tourmaline is a newer stone option for the birthstone of October, and it comes in a few different color options, including green, blue, pink and black. Tourmaline is a very protective stone, and is usually a great option to repel negative energy. This means it can help to shield you during relationships and in love, and help you to better understand the next step to take.

45. Tourmaline Is Helpful For Deeper Connections

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If you were born in October and love the tourmaline stone, it could mean you’re someone who makes deep connections when it comes to relationships rather than short flings. Tourmaline helps you to better understand yourself as well as those you’re connecting with, and can help to encourage compassion – which is key in love!

46. Bag Yourself Red Or Brown Tourmaline For Loss Of Libido!

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If your love life has been suffering for a lack of libido and loss of interest in sex, red and brown tourmaline in particular can help with that. The birthstone of October veers towards pink tourmaline, but it’s recommended to try out the different colors of this versatile stone. If it’s your sex life you want to improve, go for this one.

47. Citrine: Take This Stone On Dates With You

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Citrine is a happy, bright and self-cleansing stone. When it comes to love and relationships, it’s also a great stone for protecting your own aura and for knowing when you might need to protect yourself. That makes it a great stone if you’re diving headfirst into the dating pool, as it can help to keep your emotions protect and keep you focused on what’s good for you!

48. People Born In November Who Wear Their Birthstone May Be Happier

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Citrine, as the birthstone of November, is an extremely happy stone. Citrine has no time or patience for being overly negative or bad energy. So if you’re someone born in this month who likes to wear citrine or carry it around with them, the chances are that you’re a more positive and happy person!

49. Tanzanite Can Support You In Finding New Love

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December’s birthstone Tanzanite can be great at helping you to shed old patterns and start a fresh. So if you’re celebrating your birthday in December and get a new tanzanite gift, it could be perfect for your new year love resolution to break old habits and find new and successful love!

50. How To Show Off Your Birthstones

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There are many ways you can use your birthstones and take advantage of their properties. The most obvious is wearing them as jewelry, which is why many birthstones are popular as engagement or wedding rings when it comes to love. But you can also buy your birthstones in their crystal forms to display in your homes, especially if a new home with someone you love!