What You And Your Partners Sleeping Positions Say About Your Relationship

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 year ago

1. Spooning

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When you sleep next to your partner, you might both face the same way but stay close enough to fit perfectly together like a pair of spoons.  This position suggests that you and your partner have a close and intimate relationship and could indicate that you are both madly and deeply in love.

2. Face-To-Face

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If you sleep face-to-face with your partner with your faces touching this indicates that you both share a strong emotional connection.  This is a popular position for those couples who are still in their honeymoon phase, where everything seems new and exciting and indicates that you both have a strong desire for intimacy.

3. Back-To-Back

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If you sleep back-to-back with your partner, contrary to popular belief, you are said to have a really close and trusting relationship, especially if any parts of your body touch.  But it also suggests that you are both more than comfortable with each other and you both value each other's need for their own space and independence.

4. The Pillow Talk

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You might sleep face-to-face with your partner but instead of touching faces, you might have a little bit of distance between you.  This is a perfect place to have an intimate conversation with one another and it suggests that both partners are able to communicate openly and honestly with one another without any awkwardness or hiding.

5. The Cliffhanger

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The cliffhanger is exactly what it sounds like.  One or both of you sleeping at the edge of the bed with your limbs hanging off and if you saw it, you'd wonder how on earth you're hanging on.  This could be due to you edging away from your partner in search of your own space, or your partner rolling over to your side, squishing you to the edge.  Either way, it suggests that your relationship could be slightly unbalanced, with one of you in search of independence.

6. The Distance

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The distance is an interesting sleeping arrangement for partners because it suggests that there is some distance between you, both on your bed and probably in life too.  But this isn't always as negative as it sounds as a little distance and independence from one another suggest trust and a healthy relationship.

7. The Tangle

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The tangle is also exactly how it sounds: you and your partner sleep with all of your limbs wrapped around one another.  And if you sleep in this position, you're said to be deeply in love (or lust!) and have a hot, passionate, and highly intimate connection with one another.

8. The Hug

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Hugs are so comforting, especially a good hug from someone you love.  And if you sleep like this together, you're probably both on the same page in your search for security and desire for comfort and stability.  Because of this, it is a popular and good position for couples who are facing a difficult time in their lives.

9. The Nuzzle

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The nuzzle is a warm and fuzzy position that suggests that you and your partner are in a rather playful and fun relationship.  And you are so comfortable around one another and you actually enjoy spending time together so much that you could definitely be each other's BFFs!

10. The Space Invader

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The space invader sleeping position could suggest that the relationship is a little unbalanced and you and your partner have both fallen into your own roles that aren't necessarily healthy for you.  It suggests that one partner is more dominant and overbearing in the relationship whilst the other is more submissive and accommodating of their partner.

11. The Neck Nuzzle

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Like the nuzzle position, the neck nuzzle suggests that each person within the relationship is completely comfortable in themselves and with their partner.  Both of you enjoy physical touch and you enjoy the warmth and closeness of your relationship, whilst still having a lot of fun and laughter together.

12. The Leg Hug

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The leg hug is an interesting sleeping position because this can feel a little uncomfortable for the person being hugged by the leg.  But it suggests that the 
leg hugger
is extremely affectionate and enjoys physical touch, whilst their partner enjoys the warmth and comfort of their hug (despite being a little squished!)

13. The Arm Under

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Nothing in the world says love like a completely dead arm, and if you and your partner sleep in this position, there's an element of safety and trust in your relationship.  It suggests that one partner is protective and really supportive of the other partner.

14. The Spoon on the Edge

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If you and your partner are partial to a touch of spooning, but you sleep on the edge of your bed, or even have a little space between you, this suggests that you still have a close and loving relationship but you both enjoy your own space and independence away from the other from time to time.

15. The Squashed

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Being squashed in bed can be pretty unpleasant and could mean different things in different relationships.  You have the idea that one partner is more dominant and one more submissive; then there's the idea that one partner is more affectionate than the other partner!  Either way, there is a sense of unbalance here!

16. The Head on the Chest

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If you sleep with your partner's head on your chest, this could suggest that you are the nurturing partner who is quite protective of the other.  In a good way though, it's more to do with support here.  And if you are the partner who sleeps with your head on their chest, you desire comfort and security.  A match made in heaven!

17. The Separate Beds

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If you sleep in separate beds, there could be nothing wrong and you just like it that way, or one partner could have health issues that require separate sleeping arrangements.  Or it could suggest that there may be significant issues in your relationship that need addressing by each of you.

18. The Cocoon

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The cocoon is an odd one.  If you both sleep within a blanket cocoon, this could mean that you and your partner feel safe and secure with each other.  But if you sleep in separate blanket cocoons, this might be an indication of issues within your relationship like a sense of discomfort in each other's company.

19. Face-To-Face But Not Touching

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Sleeping face-to-face but without touching suggests that you have a close relationship and enjoy being open and honest with each other.  However, the space between you suggests that you both enjoy your own space and your honesty with each other creates an element of trust between you.

20. The Snore

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Snoring can be caused by many different things, including health issues, sinus issues diet, alcohol use, and so on.  And when one partner snores every night, it can seriously affect the other partner's sleep, causing a bit (or a lot) of strain on the relationship.

21. The Toddlers

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Sleeping like a toddler can be super comforting for some people.  And if you both sleep like this each night, you are clearly not phased by what the other person thinks, indicating that you're both comfortable in each other's company.  It also suggests that you're both still fun and enjoy laughing and joking with each other.

22. The Soldiers

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Sleeping in a soldier position, on your back with straight limbs, suggest that there is an element of tension in your relationship.  Both partners are pretty rigid which can indicate that there is some underlying stress in the relationship.  It could also mean that you are both very set in your ways and are stuck in a routine.

23. The Yearner

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If you both sleep in the yearner position, on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you, this could suggest that your relationship is really exciting and never gets boring.  This is because you are both open to experiencing new things together and you never become stagnant.

24. The Starfish

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If one of you sleeps like a starfish, this means that one person takes up more space and attention within your relationship.  But if you both sleep like starfish, this could mean that there is a battle for space and attention between you both and you struggle to give each other the attention each of you needs.

25. One Leg Over

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If you sleep with one leg over your partner, this is quite similar to the arm under position, where you feel the need to protect and support your partner.  But this time, this desire begins to feel a little overbearing for your partner who might struggle to tell you.

26. The Fetus

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If you sleep in a fetal position, you might be feeling particularly vulnerable or you are quite dependent on your partner for support and comfort.  There might have been some recent trauma or a difficult situation that has left you feeling particularly vulnerable at the moment so you need support from your partner.

27. The Zen

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Sleeping almost in the yogic corpse pose is often referred to as the zen position and can create a sense of ease and relaxation between you and your partner.  Sleeping this way suggests that you're both pretty laid back and that you can relax fully in each other's company.

28. The Log

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Sleeping like two parallel logs, both on your sides with your limbs stretched down beside you suggests that you are both completely aligned with one another.  There is a sense of mutual understanding between you and you both know what the other partner needs.

29. The Freefaller

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It could be one of you or both of you that sleep like a free faller, and if you do, it suggests that you're really confident and adventurous.  This suggests that your relationship never ever gets boring or stagnant and there is a sense of excitement and novelty in your relationship.

30. The Lover's Knot

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The lover's knot is quite similar to the tangle and suggests that there is a deep connection between both partners in the relationship.  There is lots of love between you and you express this through physical touch.  Both partners feel a strong sense of intimacy and trust in each other.

31. Sleeping In Separate Beds In The Same Room

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A lot of people consider a couple sleeping in separate beds to be a sign of trouble, but it's not always the case. If you're sleeping in separate beds in the same room, it can be a sign you actually have a very secure relationship. You might need to sleep separately - because one of you disturbs the other - but still want to be close.

32. Sleeping In Separate Beds In Different Rooms

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This one can indicate some distance in a relationship, but it all depends on the circumstance. You might sleep in different rooms because one of you is a chronic snorer, or because you have completely different work schedules. All that matters with this one is why you're sleeping in separate rooms - if you're happy in the relationship, all it indicates is you care about a good night's sleep!

33. The Loose Spoon

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The loose spoon is when you're both sleeping in the 'spoon' position (facing the same way) but there's a space between you in the middle instead of being pressed up together. It can show that you have a close and protective relationship, but also that you understand the value of giving each other breathing space.

34. The Chasing Spoon

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So many spoons, so little time! The chasing spoon is when both of you literally look like runners, one chasing the other. You might both be on your back but legs bent at an identical angle in the same direction. This could mean something for the person who is 'in the lead' facing the other way - they want to be chased, or the other person is the one usually making more of an effort for them.

35. Butt-To-Butt

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We've had back to back, but what about butt to butt? When it's your butts pressed together in the middle of the bed without anything else touching. This one is popular in new and exciting relationships. The butt to butt can be a sign of trust, and also security that you're both happy to sleep facing away from each other.

36. As Much Space As Possible

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If both partners are sleeping as far away as possible from each other, with a huge gap in the center of the bed, the first thing it can indicate is that you've had a fight you didn't resolve before bed! If you haven't actually had a fight, it could be a sign you're drifting apart without openly talking about it.

37. Paper Dolls

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The name of this position comes from what you both look like from a birds-eye view: both people will be on their back with their limbs askew, almost like a doll that's been placed down. But with this one, you'll have one tiny thing touching - like a foot or your fingers - and this can be a sign of happiness and security.

38. Tetherball

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The tetherball position is when both people are sleeping with space between them, usually at opposite sides of the bed, but there's some effort of reaching out for contact. Usually this will be one partner reaching out an arm across the space for contact. It can be a sign of a mature couple that's been together a long time, and one that understands its needs.

39. Heart-On-The-Sleeve

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The heart on the sleeve position is when one person will lie on the back, and the other will nuzzle on to their chest, but with one hand then placed on their chest above the heart. This can show that the relationship has a lot of intimacy in it, even when both parties are asleep.

40. The Tummy Nap

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The tummy nap is when both partners will lie side by side, but both will be lying on their stomachs, with their heads either turned the other way, or facing. But there'll be no touching, and there'll be a gap between. This can be a huge sign that you're both closed off in the relationship.

41. The Unravel

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This sleeping position describes many different ones, really - the process of 'unraveling' means that a couple might go through many different sleeping positions started from very close to eventually 'unraveled' and far away. It can be a sign this couple is very close, but also very secure in being individuals in the relationship!

42. The Arm Linked

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If you're lying side by side and one person has their arm threaded through the others and linked up, like you might do walking down the street, it can indicate that you're in a very happy and close relationship where you're still comfortable to give each other space at the same time.

43. Constant Contact, No Matter How

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These couples go through many different sleeping positions in the night, all with one pattern: there has to be some form of physical contact, no matter what. You might do a full circle around the bed, tossing and turning, but have a finger or toe always touching. This can be a sign that you actually have too much dependence on each other.

44. The Over-Head

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The over-head position is very similar to spooning, but the 'big spoon' partner has their head actually resting on the other person's, rather than behind their head. This can be a big sign of protection, with the person on top feeling like they need to protect the other as much as possible.

45. The Over-Body

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The over-body is similar to the over-head, but it takes it one step further! Instead of spooning, one person will be on their back and the other person will pretty much be led on top of them with their whole torso. This can also be a sign of protection, but more so from the person on top seeking protection from the other - asking to be protected, rather than giving.

46. The Underarm

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The underarm position sees one half of the couple led on their back or side with their arm cocked up and bent at the elbow. The other person will then be lower down on the bed and underneath the arm. This can be a sign of give-and-take in a relationship, as well as closeness.

47. The Arm-Head Cradle

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The arm-head cradle sees the couple lying side by side, but one person will have their arm around the others head, sort of cradling it. This shows that the couple is very casual and comfortable with each other. It can be a sign of friendship within a relationship, and familiarity.

48. The Movers

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The movers are the couples who never, ever sleep in the same way - you wouldn't even know what your sleeping position was if someone asked you. This could be a sign of restlessness in the relationship, and that you're both striving to find a happy medium but struggling.

49. The Hug And Roll

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If you're a fan of Friends, you'll know the hug-and-roll technique Ross and Chandler tried - and how many of us tried this in real life after seeing it? For people who aren't Friends fans, the hug-and-roll is when one person is snuggled up to the other and that person goes in to give them a big hug, while rolling them over to the other side of the bed so they can free their arm. This can be a sign of a lack of communication in a relationship - just tell them your arm is numb!

50. The Farters

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Every couple is different when it comes to toilet habits - some people might not want their partner to see that side of them at all. In bed is when the truth often comes out - so if you're a farty couple who often have butt-to-butt to fart on each other, it's a sign you're in a great place! (No, really!).

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