12 Signs That You’ve Met Your Soulmate

By Kirsty 1 year ago

1. That Crucial Connection!

Image Source / redditA lot of people say that if you're with the right person, the first date/first interaction should never be nerve-wracking or awkward, but will instead flow naturally as though you've known each other for years. If you have an instant connection with this person that felt like you were talking to an old friend, that's a soulmate sign.

2. Honesty Is The Best Policy

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When you're looking for love, often little white lies can happen when you're trying to impress them or maybe feel embarrassed about revealing certain things about yourself too soon, like your army of stuffed toys. But if you've felt like there hasn't been a single thing you've needed to keep from this person from the get-go, it's soulmate material.

3. They Encourage You To Be Your Best Self

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We always want someone to support us in being ourselves, but it's one step further when they actually do everything they can to encourage you to be the person you want to be. It's always great to find a partner who challenges you to be better, too - in a supportive way, and not a toxic one!

4. The Chemistry Is Off The Charts

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This doesn't just mean physical chemistry - which is of course important - but also chemistry on every level, including emotional or psychological. You connect with this person on every single level in an electric way, and there is attraction with every aspect between the two of you.

5. You Can Be Yourself Around Them

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This one's such an important one, because that's when you know you love someone - when you can be your true self without feeling self-conscious. They accept you for who you are, and you never feel like you have to hold anything back, or that you're being judged for any aspect of yourself.

6. You Miss Them So Much It Hurts

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You can tell a lot about whether someone is the right one based on how you feel when they're not there. If you miss them so much it hurts, the second they're gone, it's a sign you're meant to be together. You might still feel this way even if you spent 24 hours a day together and they're only gone for a minute or two.

7. You Feel Deliriously Happy

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This doesn't just mean in reference to being with them, but your mood in general. Maybe before you met them you felt a little lost, or wouldn't say that you were particularly happy, only to now feel like something has finally clicked into place now that you have them in your life.

8. They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

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A soulmate is going to know you very, very well - inside and out. They may even know you better than you know yourself. They know who you are as a person, what you like, what you don't like, and they love you for it. They can take cues without having to ask about your moods, or answers to questions they don't need to ask - because they just know!

9. They're The Only One Who Can Calm You Down

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When you're having a very bad day or feeling angry or upset, they're the only person who can make you feel better, and know how to deal with you when you're like that. They know exactly what to say or do to help in the worst situations, and you don't know anyone else who can do this for you.

10. You Have The Best Time Even Doing Nothing At All

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It's easy to have fun as a couple when you make huge plans, like going to a party or hitting a funfair. But in those moments of downtime when you're doing absolutely nothing, like simply sitting on the sofa, are you still having the best time of your life? If you can have fun with them even doing something simple or mundane, you may have found your soulmate.

11. Being In Their Presence Is Instant Relief

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It doesn't matter where you've been, what you've been doing, how bad your day has been or how stressed you're feeling, the minute you see them again or go home to them, it's instant relief and your bad mood is gone. You feel instantly comfortable and at home in their presence, the moment you see them.

12. You Have A Silent Bond

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You don't even need to say anything out loud to have a conversation with them - you have a silent bond of communication which means you know what they're thinking or feeling even without them having to tell you. If you're in a group, other people may not understand the obvious bond you have when you seem to be silently communicating.

13. You Don't Pay Attention To Anyone Else

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It's natural to still notice attractive people even when you're happy in love, but if you find yourself absolutely wrapped up in this person and don't think that there is anyone more attractive than them in the whole, wide world, it's a sign they're the one. Deep down you know you've met the one, so you've shut yourself off from noticing anyone else.

14. You Feel What They Feel

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It's as though you're always on the same wavelength, affecting each other's thoughts and feelings. If they're sad, you're sad, too. If they're happy, you're happy too. Whatever they're going through, you go through it, too, right by their side, because you're just in tune with what they have going on.

15. They Will Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

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No matter what you want to achieve in life, whether it's small everyday goals or huge dreams about your career or hobbies, they will be on the front row cheering you on. They won't make you compromise on your dreams and instead do everything they can to support you and make your dreams a reality.

16. Their 'Quirks' Make You Smile

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For a lot of couples, things that seemed quirky and cute in the early days can easily become an annoyance later on, like their loud laugh or their habits around the home. For a soulmate, though, these quirks will always be quirky, and never annoy you - it's just a part of who they are, and you love it.

17. You Feel Safe With Them

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Whether this is physically safe or safe in the knowledge of your future together (or both), you feel at ease whenever you with them. You just know that no matter what, it's going to be okay and you have no fear about anything when you're with them. You feel protected by them.

18. You Make The Perfect Team

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When you're with the right person, the two of you will be unstoppable. You'll make the perfect team because you balance each other out - their weaknesses are your strengths, and vice versa. You complement each other completely, which means you're the ideal match.

19. There's Nothing You Have Doubts About

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Insecure or toxic relationships can leave one or both of you riddled with doubt, distrust and constantly wondering what the other is doing, or who with. With your soulmate, there'll be no doubt in your mind, about anything. Everything will feel right, and your gut will always tell you they want to be with you.

20. You Can Be Vulnerable Around Them

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You can comfortably show your most vulnerable, or worst side with them and they won't love you any less. You can get angry, cry, or vent to them and they'll still support you and not think the worst of you. You know that you're safe to show your emotions with them, no matter what.

21. The Relationship Is Just Easy

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This doesn't mean you never argue or fall out - what matters more is how you deal with it. The right relationship should never be a chore, so if the relationship just always feels easy no matter what, it's a good sign. Even when you have disagreements, it's always easy to come to a solution or work through it.

22. You Have Complete Respect For Each Other

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Loving someone isn't about only ever telling them what they want to hear, never disagreeing with them or having everything in common. What it should be about is absolute respect. You have to have respect for each other, otherwise you don't have much. So if you have complete respect for each other, it's a soulmate sign.

23. You Can't Seem To Remember Anything Bad Anymore

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It's like when they came into your life, they transformed the way you think of the past, and you even struggle to think of life before them. When before you might have dwelled negatively on the past, now nothing seems a big deal at all, because you only have happy, easy memories from being with them.

24. They're Your Best Friend

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This one might seem like a cliché, but it's so important, and many people underestimate why romantic relationships should be built on friendship first. But your soulmate should also be your best friend. You should be able to hang out with them and have fun like you would a friend, have important things in common and know that your bestie just 'gets you'.

25. You Want To Do Better - Because Of Them

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They just always bring out the best in you, even without trying. They make you think differently and more positively about aspects of your life, and inspire you to do things you might not have done before you were with them. They don't want to change you, they just want you to be the best you can be.

26. You're Not Insecure When You're Apart

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When you're away from each other, you don't sit there worrying about what they're doing, or don't panic when they don't reply your text within two seconds. You don't worry about them enjoying time away from you, and you're content to know you're both happy and there's nothing to worry about when you're apart.

27. There's No Jealousy Whatsoever

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If there's trust in a relationship, there shouldn't be much room left for jealousy - and when you're with the right person, neither of you should be jealous and insecure. You never feel jealous about your partner no matter where they are or what they're doing, because you don't have to worry they'll do anything you aren't happy with.

28. You Both Know How To Work Through Your Problems

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Couples who are meant to (and want to) be together will do everything they can to work through their problems, so if you and your partner are always willing and capable of working through things in an effort to stay together and make your relationship stronger, it's a good sign. The main thing is you never feel like you want to walk away even when it's at its worst!

29. They're Your Priority - More Than Yourself

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When someone is 
the one, 
you're willing to do anything for them. That means even sacrifice your own happiness for them and make sure their wellbeing is the priority. You always want what's best for them and would happily compromise to make sure they're okay.

30. Your Gut Feeling Tells You They're Your Soulmate

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You can't ignore your gut when it comes to love! At the end of the day, if your gut is telling you that they're the one, your gut is probably right. If you just know deep down that they're the person you were destined to be with, you definitely can't argue with that!

31. It's Unconditional Love!

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It goes without saying that when you've met the right person, the love is unconditional. You don't just love this person, and have them love your back - it's a whole other level of love. You just know that, no matter what, your love isn't based on ifs, buts and whens!

32. It Can Actually Be A Whole Load Of Complicated At The Beginning

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When you meet your soulmate, it's not always that instant first spark when you just know. Because of your full heart and soul compatibility, it can be a huge, overwhelming level of energy hitting you all at once and you might not know how to deal with it, which can make the initial dates hard!

33. You Don't Think Of Anyone Else Like You Think Of Them

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You can be in a healthy relationship and still love other people, like love your best friend or sibling, or even not fail to notice a cute person on the street - it happens. But you literally can't think of a single person on the same level as your soulmate when you think of this person.

34. They're Your Home

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When you're with the right person, it's not the house you're in, or the location - it's them. They're your home. They're your safe place, where you want to be, and where you feel safest. As they say - home is where the heart is, and your heart is absolutely with them!

35. It's Like Your Actual Soul Is Evolving

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The best relationships will challenge you and have you evolving as a couple, as well as evolving as a person. But with your soulmate, you may feel like your entire being, even the spiritual, is evolving. This might happen over time or even on a daily basis - you just feel better because of them!

36. They Can Give You Both The Love And Life You Want

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Sometimes, love and life don't mix. You can meet someone you fall in love with, but they can't give you the life you want. Or, you meet someone who wants exactly the same things you do out of life, but you feel zero attraction. But this person: they can give you both!

37. You See Yourself In Them

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Not so much that you're exactly the same person, but you just recognise a lot of your own personality, likes and dislikes in them. This just makes it more obvious you were meant to be, as though your souls were always connected and you were both always carrying around a piece of the other!

38. You Met Them At EXACTLY The Right Time

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Some people have been through that heartbreaking moment when they think they've met 'the one' right before they're going to relocate to the other side of the world, or aren't ready for a relationship. Your person though? You met them right when you were ready for it.

39. You Feel Like You've Known Them In A Million Lifetimes

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Past, present or future, you just get the vibe that the universe has made you meet this person in many different lifetimes, like you've always been connected and that you were in love in a past life, too. Not only that, but you can see yourself with them in future lives.

40. Everything Feels Familiar

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For new couples, that first kiss, touch on the skin or even just sitting next to them on the couch can all be new and exciting, and it'll feel different from when you fast forward to 10 years down the line. But with this person, everything they've always done always felt so
not new!

41. You Had Your Heart Broken Right Before You Met Them

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Nobody feels ready to date again straight away when they've just had their heart stomped on, and you could call this bad timing - but, actually, the universe has a way of sending you the right person at the right time. Meeting them this way just means they're your soulmate, to heal the heartbreak.

42. Arguments Don't Matter

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All couples get into arguments, but you know this person is The OneTM because when you have disagreements and bad arguments, there isn't a single part of you that thinks whether you should break up or whether you still love them. You'll get through anything, no matter what!

43. You've Noticed A TON Of Coincidences

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You might have noticed a whole load of coincidences relating to you and your partner, or how you met. Have you found out you were in the same college class together and never knew? Did you live right next door to each other growing up and didn't realise? There are too many coincidences to count!

44. The Relationship Just FLOWS

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There's no extra effort on either of your part, and neither of you feel pressured or pushed to do anything like you're on a clock. Some couples may feel pressure to have kids, get married or do other things by a certain timeframe, but you and your soulmate just

45. You Tell Them EVERYTHING

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They're basically your human journal - there's not a single thing you don't want to tell them. While most couples will tell their partners mostly everything while still maybe wanting to keep a few things private, this isn't you - you tell them absolutely everything, period.

46. Your Values Are Perfectly Aligned

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Whether it's your political values or your values about how the bottles should be stored in the kitchen, you and theirs are perfectly matched. When two people share values like this it can also mean a much deeper connection over time, and probably many less disagreements!

47. You've Noticed That Self Love = More Love For Them

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It's important to love yourself the same way you'd love someone else - and to make sure you have enough self love when you're getting into a new relationship. Have you noticed the more you develop your love for yourself, the more you love them? Because they're your soul's other half, it checks out.

48. You're So Empathetic It Hurts

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You've realised that your empathy for your partner - and your partner alone - is getting stronger and stronger, to the point you feel everything they feel, and as deeply as they feel it. If your partner is distraught, you're not just upset - you're distraught to. If they're in pain, you're in pain!

49. Your Hobbies Are A Perfect Match

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Every person needs a hobby they do just for themselves, or some couples have completely different hobbies but are still happy. But when it comes to your soulmate, are your hobbies an absolute match? Is everything you like doing shared with each other and hobbies you can do as a couple?

50. Your Paths Just Won't Quit Crossing

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Okay, so this one is if you aren't together yet but you think you've found your soulmate. If you constantly see this person anywhere and everywhere, bumping into each other in every place, every grocery store and even a trip down the street, it's the universe trying to give you a very big nudge!

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