You Always Talk About Intimate Details Without Cringe

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You can talk to them about absolutely anything – even the most intimate details of your private life, work life or even bodily functions. There’s nothing you can talk about that would make either of you cringe or be embarrassed. You’re a complete open book with each other.

They Say Yes Before Even Knowing What You’re Asking

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If you ask for their help or their advice, they say yes before even needing to know what it is. Whatever you want or need of them, they’ll always say yes anyway, and they trust you enough to know that you wouldn’t ask them something they’d want to say no to. So a text saying “will you do me a favor?” immediately results in “yes, anything”!

You Always Get A Birthday Or Holiday Card From Them

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Not only do they never, ever forget your birthday or special occasions, you will always – without fail – get a card from them. And it’ll either be the most beautiful, meaningful card you’ve ever seen, or it’ll be the most playfully insulting and hilarious one – depending on what kind of relationship you have, of course!

You Can Get Changed In Front Of Each Other, No Problem

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You’re close enough with each other – and have shared enough intimate details – to have absolutely no problem stripping infront of each other. You probably go into store changing rooms together to try on new clothes, or get ready infront of each other in the same room for a night out.

They Could Order Your Drink For You

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They know your favorite drink off by heart, no matter where you go out to socialize. So they could confidently make your drink’s order for you off a new menu without you saying a word. Even if you go somewhere new and obscure, they’ll be able to work out what drink you’d like based on the ingredients.

They’ll Do Errands For You Without Expecting Something In Return

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They’re always happy to help you with any errands you need running, whether it’s a full-blown grocery shop, picking something up from the dry cleaner’s or doing your Christmas shopping for you. While some people might use this against you to say that you owe them one, they’ll happily do it without expecting anything in return.

They’ll Always Tell You If You Have Something In Your Teeth

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That awkward moment when someone has something in their teeth or something on their face – is it kinder to tell them, or has it been too long? None of that matters when it comes to your friend, because they’ll always be the first to point out you have something in your teeth, the second they see it.

They’re Besties With Your Family

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True friends will either have known you long enough and grown up with you to know your family members, or you’ll be so close they’re around often enough to meet the folks and probably always eat with you. If your friend is on first name basis with your parents, and maybe even your parents look forward to them coming round just as much as you do, it’s a sign they’re here to stay.

They Never Judge You

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No matter what you do, what you say, what you wear – if you’re being your best self, they’re never going to judge you. Even when you make an absolute fool out of yourself or constantly make mistakes, they’ll never judge you for them, or judge you at your worst.

They Always Keep Your Secrets

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You know if you ever told them anything, even the smallest, most insignificant secret about you, they’d take it to their grave. They’d defend that secret with their life and there’s absolutely no chance of them yapping that secret to anyone or anything. Your secrets are safe with them.

They’re Always Honest With You – Even If It’s Difficult To Hear

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You’ll never have to worry about them betraying you or lying to you, because they’ll always be honest with you. When it comes to tough love and things you need to hear, even if the truth is hard to accept, they’ll still be 100% upfront and honest with you – you know they have your back.

You Don’t Need To Speak Every Day To Know They’re Always There For You

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Having a true friend doesn’t mean speaking to them, or seeing them, every second of the day. It’s more about knowing that they’re still there for you, even if you don’t speak to them or see them. You know that even if you’ve gone a week without having a catch up, you could text them asking for help and they’d immediately respond.

You Never Have Awkward Silences

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Gah, to live in a world without awkward silences. That’s when you know you’re with the right person, right? Same applies outside of the dating pool, too. If you have a friend you can enjoy a silence with without it being horrifically uncomfortable – or, if there’s never any room for silences because you’re laughing too much – it’s a good sign.

You Pick Up Right Where You Left Off If You Haven’t Seen Each Other For A While

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Sometimes, absence can push people apart, and certain friends might go a long time without seeing each other and then find they prefer it, struggling to get back into the swing of things when they meet up again. It may feel more forced and formal when they do catch up again. Whereas for true friends, you pick up right where you left off, no matter how long it’s been.

They Never Talk About You Behind Your Back

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That you know of… but we kid. You just know in your gut they’d never – and have never – said a bad word against you behind your back. Nobody has ever come to you to tell you they’ve been talking smack about you, and you know they’re so honest anyway that they’d upfront tell you if they had a problem!

You’ve Successfully Had A Vacation Without Falling Out

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Vacations are the true test of any relationship, whether romantic or platonic. If you can’t go on a vacation together without falling out, storming off or even going home early because you can’t cope, it’s always a red flag for friendships or romance. But if you and your friend can easily have a vacation without a single hiccup, that’s a good thing.

You Know They’re On The Other End Of The Line Whenever You Need Them

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You just know that they’re only a phone call or text away whenever you need them, no matter the time of day. If you needed them at 2am, they’d drive over in their pajamas and fluffy slippers (though we don’t condone that, proper footwear please!). They’d even fly across the country if you needed them.

They Always Know How To Make You Laugh

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Whether it’s just what will set you off into fits of giggles when you’re out in public, or if you’ve had a very bad day and need cheering up, they know exactly what to say to push your buttons. They never fail to put a smile on your face, and it’s 100% likely you’ll be in fits of laughter whenever you’re with them, no matter what.

They Make Sure You’ve Got Home Okay After A Boozy Night Out

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True friends will always make sure you’ve got home okay after a night out – but it doesn’t even need to be that. You might be getting home after an afternoon coffee date and they’ll still want to know whether you got home okay. Even if they wave you off at the end of the driveway, they’ll want a text to know you’ve got through the front door without any issues.

Sharing A Room Is Your Go-To

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Neither of you have any problems whatsoever about sharing a room – or even a bed – whether it’s a sleepover or a vacation. It would feel weird not to share a room, because it’d be a night wasted if you didn’t sit on the bed talking and laughing all night, or watching a movie together.

You Can Communicate With Just A Look

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You don’t need words, or even facial expressions, to communicate with them. Sometimes eye contact is all it needs. You understand each other completely to the point where you know what each other is thinking or going to say next, and it only takes a quick look to know that.

You Have Private Jokes

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The best relationships will always have private jokes, and you and your friend probably have a ton of them. No matter what situation you find yourself in, or no matter what someone says, there’ll always be an in-joke there somewhere that’ll have you turning to look at each other with a knowing smirk.

They Have Never Gone After One Of Your Exes

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There is an unspoken rule about being friends with people that you should never date their exes (or even siblings, in some cases). This rule may have never needed to even be spoken between the two of you, because it goes without saying. They’ve never tried to hook up with or date one of your exes.

If You Do Fall Out, You Can Get Over It Immediately

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Being a true friend doesn’t mean that you never, ever fall out. Arguments can always happen, even in the best of relationships, and it’s all about how you deal with them. If you and your friend can fall out knowing that you’ll both be over it in the next few minutes, it’s a sign you have a secure relationship.

They Always Remember Your Appointments

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Even if you don’t! They’ll either have the best memory in the world or make a point of writing down all your important appointments – either way, they’ll always send you a message on a big day, wish you luck for something important, or even just to ask how your doctor’s or dentist’s appointment has gone.

Money-Lending Is Easy Peasy

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Lending someone money is always awkward, even between friends, and especially so if they promise they’ll pay you back and then seem to be taking their time about it. But with your friend, not only do you happily lend them money, but you don’t even care if they don’t give it you back, because you’re happy to do it.

They’ll Turn Up With Something Unexpected To Cheer You Up

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If you’ve had a very bad day or something’s gone wrong, like failing your driving test or not getting that job, they’ll be the first to turn up at your door – probably loaded with flowers, chocolates, booze, your favorite movie or anything else that’s guaranteed to cheer you up.

They Never Complain About Your Style Of Doing Things

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If you like things done in a certain way, like to speak in a certain way or dress a certain way – even if it goes against everything else, or their core beliefs – they’ll never complain about your way of doings thing. They love you for who you are, so they’re not about to start complaining about that.

They Always Cover For You

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It’s like they’re programmed to know when you need an alibi, even if you don’t ask them for it. They’ll always cover for you, no matter what, and be the first to defend you and say you were with them or round at theirs if someone suggests you weren’t. They’ll want to know the gossip of where you really were afterwards, though.

They’d Never Put A Photo Of You On Social Media Without Your Approval

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Some people upload photos to their social media on the basis that they look fantastic – even if their friends look awful in them, or doing something embarrassing in the background. But with your friend, you know there’s absolutely no way they’d upload any photo of you without your approval – even if you look great in it.