Signs Your Child Can Communicate With The Dead

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. They have an 'imaginary friend'

Imageimagesource/twitterA lot of kids have imaginary friends, so don't freak out when you read this because it doesn't always mean that your child is communicating with the dead. However, if they have an imaginary friend who appears from time to time & let's say, sends them messages to give to others, this is probably a deceased loved one communicating with them.

2. They wake up at 3am in the middle of the night

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'Witching hour' in folklore is the time at night when supernatural powers are believed to be at their strongest and it usually occurs between the hours of 3am and 4am. Now, this is nothing to be scared of, but if your child experiences random 'wake up calls' between these hours, it could well be that they're experiencing spirit communication.

3. If they talk about their 'friend' doing something like turning the lights on & off

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If you find that your child/children are 'speaking' to people that you cannot actually see, it could be them speaking to spirits who generally stay around their loved ones and especially children. Children and animals can sense spirits way easier than adults as well.

4. They talk to themselves

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It is very normal for kids to talk to themselves and 'self talk' peaks between the ages of three and five but can persist longer. However, when you notice your child talking to 'someone' or they repeat themselves this could be when they're communicating with the dead.

5. If they say their pets have been appearing out of 'thin air'

We have an office dog and he visited me today. : r/awwimagesource/reddit
Have you ever seen one of your pets 'appear out of thin air'? Or been told by one of your kids that it's happened? It's usually because a spirit is trying to come home back with who they belong with. This energy can be seen by children a lot easier than with adults.

6. If they tell you about things completely disappearing

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Some ways that spirits get in contact with us is by moving things of sentimental value away from their usual place. Kids can often see this happening when adults don't. So if your child tells you that anything is missing or something connected to the deceased turns up in your child's room, it could be them connecting.

7. If they start getting scared of being in their own home

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There are many stories about children developing a fear of being on their own in your family home and it often happens when children get visits from the other side. They either sense, hear or see spirits, sometimes ones that aren't particularly good. Ones that want them to leave their home.

8. If they talk about feeling things brushing against them

The Psychological Ghosts That Haunt Us | Psychology Todayimagesource/psychologytoday
Legend has it, if you feel a cold breeze and then something brush up against you, its a sign that a spirit is around you. Kids often feel this happen to them, they feel a poking sensation then they feel a breeze go past them and it can often be frightening for them.

9. Feeling movement

At the end of her life, my mother started seeing ghosts, and it freaked me out - The Washington Postimagesource/thewashingtonpost
"My son is 10 now, but when he was three, he said he saw a man with a big hat standing in his bedroom doorway staring at him while he tried to sleep. The man disappeared after a while, but he could feel him sit down on his bed. He still randomly brings it up, so I don't think it was just a 3-year-old's overactive imagination." - 
v1ntage_m1sery (reddit)

10. Staring into the dark

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Many kids who are contacted by the dead experience 'staring in the dark'. They often see eyes staring back at them in the dark when the wake up in the middle of the night, or when they catch a glimpse of something moving in the corner of a room. They can often mistake them as a 'friend' - an imaginary friend sometimes.

11. Feeling a breeze going past them

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Just the same as when your child feels something brushing against then, a cold breeze is a sure fire sign that a deceased loved one is trying to contact them. Any room that turns cold when your child is in there is probably a sign that your child is communicating with spirits & you should listen to them when they confide in you about this happening.

12. Seeing deceased family members

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"My daughter's great-grandfather died in his sleep when she was three or so at his house. My daughter opened the front door which was not common. We asked why she opened the door, and she said it was for Grandpa." - 
hypes057 (reddit)

13. Talking a lot about death

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"One day, my son was sitting in my lap in the living room of our house, out of the blue, he told me that he missed me when I was dead. I thought I had misheard him, so I asked him to repeat himself. He said, 'Yeah, I missed you when you were dead. We lived in Apartment #8, and I was all alone after you were dead.' 
- skydancersrkewl (reddit)

14. Crazy dreams

Why Am I Having Weird Dreams During Coronavirus Pandemic?imagesource/thecut
Visitation dreams tend to be quite rare, but they're more common in children - they require a very strong energetic connection along with a perfect dream state to occur. When experiencing a loved one visiting, children will go through some strange nights sleep - its completely normal.

15. Having visions

Welcome to my nightmare: researchers to investigate the strange world of Covid dreams | Sleep | The Guardianimagesource/theguardian
Some people might pass these off as hallucinations, psychics and mediums call them visions. If your child says that they have ever seen a loved one in their sleep, or even just talked about seeing them in general, it's possible that the other side are actually contacting them without you even realising it.

16. Talking about unique scents

A familiar waft of a loved one's perfume is often a way of your loved one trying to send a message. When you're around your child, if you can smell this particular fragrance this is a common sign that spirits are trying to communicate with either you or them. More so the child as it's easier for them.

17. Weird "coincidences"

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Weird coincidences happen a lot but when you run into things that remind you of a deceased loved one or your children do things that remind you of a deceased loved one, this is their way of trying to contact you from the spirit world. Listen to the messages and appreciate them.

18. White feathers appear around them

White Goose Loose Feathers - Feathergirlimagesource/feathergirl
Most people know that white feathers are associated with a sign from above, but if you're finding that white feathers appear whenever your child is around then this is a sure fire sign that your loved ones are communicating/close to your child. They're acting as their guardian angel.

19. If the TV or electrics start flickering when your child is around

12 Possible Reasons for What Causes TV to Flicker – Tech Crushesimagesource/techcrushes
If you didn't know, spirits use water and electricity to communicate so if the electrics; TV, microwave, lights etc start flickering whenever your child is around, it could be a sign that they are communicating with the dead, or the dead is trying to communicate with them.

20. If keepsakes start appearing in random places near your child

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Items that belonged or were connected to your deceased loved one may start to appear in random places when they have visited our world. If anything appears in places like your child's bedroom or your child's play area, this could be a sign that your child is actually communicating with them - keep an open mind about how spirits show you sign.

21. If butterflies appear around your children

I happened to come across two men whose hobby (mission!?) was to raise Japanese emperor butterflies. : r/Butterfliesimagesource/reddit
Butterflies are known to symbolise a visit from a loved one, so again, if butterflies are appearing when your child is around then it could mean that your deceased loved one is around and that they want to reconnect with your child.

22. Birds too...

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Another common way that the deceased communicate is through birds. Birds are messengers of the spirit realm, Magpies in particular are typical of the grandparent figure attempting to watch over us. So if your children take a sudden liking to birds, this could be a sign.

23. If they start finding random coins

Hi guys, I'm completely new to Reddit and this group. I just wanted to see if any of these coins stand out to anyone and if they have much, if any, value. :imagesource/reddit
Finding random coins around (especially now we have less cash around) along the way can be a sign from above. This is their way to remind you of your value and self worth - so if your child is finding coins lying around, this is a sign of them communicating with the deceased.

24. Contacted by a deceased family member

Ghost Caught on Camera - 10 Real Ghost Videos | New Idea Magazineimagesource/newidea
When a family member passes away and want to visit us in this world, they often reach children first through visions, dreams or touch. So if your child says that they have just seen a deceased family member, they're probably being contacted by them. Listen to what they have to say.

25. 'More than a dream'

Why We Dream and the Role They Play – Cleveland Clinicimagesource/clevelandclinic
The deceased often use dreams to guide us and provide comfort in the wake of loss. Typical dreams can often feel very real but are forgotten shortly after waking up. Whereas dreams involving deceased loved ones can be vividly remembered for years after.

26. Hearing voices

Schizophrenia Symptoms and Coping Tips - HelpGuide.orgimagesource/helpguide
Children will often hear voices when someone is trying to communicate with them from the other side. Sometimes it's a voice from the departed, other times it's a sign from the deceased that they're around them trying to comfort them.

27. Material matters

Light keeps blinking regardless if replaced by new bulb. Any bulb blinks. What does it mean? : r/askanelectricianimagesource/reddit
Lights flickering on and off is often a sign but when things inexplicably falls off shelves it can be a signal that your departed loved one is nearby and trying to get your attention, so if this happens whilst your child is around, this is probably because your child is the connection between this world and the after life.

28. The phenomenon of kids seeing ghosts

Chris Lambert (narrative expert) on Twitter: "This is so cool: @kanyewest @KidCudi @TeamKanyeDaily Fan mashup of Ye and Kids See Ghost" / Twitterimagesource/twitter
"Children’s fertile imaginations and you could easily argue that Suzy is not a ghost but actually an imaginary friend." 
says child psychologist, Charles Fernyhough. Children often don't understand what a ghost even is, they think that this 'vision' is actually just a friend.

29. Fantasy Vs Reality

Have you seen a ghost? There are medical reasonsimagesource/TODAY
How should you react if your little one reports a visit form their 'imaginary friend' ? “
A lot of parents get worried about imaginary companions and strange experiences,”
Fernyhough says.
“Unless there’s real distress, do not worry.”

30. Recap: 10 ways the dead communicate, signs to look out for!

Mom sees ghost on video baby monitor watching her kidsimagesource/TODAY
Coins, aromas, dreams, windchimes, feathers, stones, symbols, numbers, birds, songs, photos, electricity & messengers. These are all things you should keep an eye on, if you're experiencing any unusual changes in your life then take a step back and have a think about why? Could it be a deceased loved one trying to contact you?

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