This Is What Your Partners Body Language Actually Means

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. Can you really sense when someone is in love with you...?

Barack and Michelle Obama Photo Booth Picturesimagesource/elleSimple answer: yes. It is very much possible to sense how somebody feels about you and whether or not someone is in love with you.  “Usually, we sense this through their microexpressions or the others’ behavior,” says relationship expert Parisa Bady.

2. Can you really sense when someone is in love with you...?

A. on Twitter: "Justin and Hailey Bieber are not a PR marriage nor were they ever "fake" and planted by Scooter Braun. Keep the conspiracy theories for Reddit. Justin proposed to Haileyimagesource/twitter
“However, sometimes it’s just a feeling, maybe a warm feeling of openness and safety. This is possible because every interaction is an exchange of energy that we learn something from. Also, our subconscious has a tendency to pick up on things that we don’t consciously realize.”
Continue reading to find out what your partners body language actually means...

3. It's a good sign if you're mirroring each other's movements

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When you spend a lot of time together, subconsciously you start to mimic their actions and moves which is considered the body language of couples in love. When you find your partner attractive you often find yourself mimicing a lot of things they do.

4. Walking in front of the other

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RED FLAG ALERT. Couples therapist Dr. Terri Orbuch says that if a man walks in front of their partner, he
"may expect you to keep up with them"
. When couples don't walk together, it generally gives a negative message to the other & anyone around them.

5. Crossed arms, crossed attitude

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Standing alone with your arms crossed over your body signifies a lot about mood. It creates a wall between two people and can indicate defensiveness. Psychoanalyst Babita Spinelli says,
"the person could be feeling anxious, resistant, tense, insecure, afraid or responding to distress."

6. The cliché arm link

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If a man puts his arm around a woman, it can often mean that they feel love towards them, they care about them and they want to protect them. If your partner does this often, it should make you feel more connected in the relationship.

7. Touching each other often

Touching: Physical, Mental Health Benefitsimagesource/healthline
Actions like putting your arm around your partner in public shows a protective side from your partner. If they take your hands instinctively when crossing the street or if they join a conversation to protect you these are all actions that show they want to shield you and take care of you.

8. A kiss on the forehead points to strong emotional intimacy

Daily physical touch from a romantic partner enhances well-being, particularly among those with attachment anxiety. Being on the receiving end of touch behaviors offered unique benefits compared to initiating touch. : r/scienceimagesource/reddit
Clinical sexologist Dr. Laurel Steinberg told Cosmopolitan,
"The forehead kiss demonstrates a strong emotional intimacy. The warmth and pressure from someone's lips on your forehead stimulates the pineal gland, which releases chemicals that trigger joy and mental wellness."

9. Standing together with open palms means honesty

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"Research has found that showing the palms of our hands during conversation displays openness, honesty, and directness. Basically the things most people search for in a strong relationship."
says marriage and relationship therapist Jacob Koutz.

10. Neck touching can mean two completely different things

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If your partner touches their neck while communicating with you, it could mean its a stressful situation for them.
"Oftentimes, touching the neck or throat indicates that someone is keeping something from another person."
says body language expert, Patti Wood. However, it can also indicate a bit of flirting.

11. Strong eye contact

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If you and your partner have the ability to hold a steady gaze, if often means you feel at ease with each other. If you're not completely comfortable with that person, unflinching eye contact can feel awkward sometimes. You should be able to lock eyes and hold each others attention.

12. Communicating with your hands says a lot

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If you're a passionate and excited person, using your hands can help emphasise what you're trying to say. Gesture is really linked to speech and gesturing while your talking can really power up your thinking and help your partner understand what you're trying to say!

13. Leaning in towards each other

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Leaning your upper body towards someone, lining your faces together can be a sign on genuine interest. Body language translates this into closeness and trust which means you're comfortable with your them indicating intimacy in the relationship.

14. Facial expressions can speak volumes about how your partner feels about you

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If your lips are taughtly pressed, it can appear dishonest. Smirking can give off a 'know it all' face and it can display a sense of superiority. When a partner senses 'judgy eyes' they'll feel defensive. If your partner is feeling stressed, their face will reflect that.

15. Lingering kisses

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"Kissing is obviously intimate, but depending how you and your partner do it, it can mean different things for couples. For example, kissing on the lips is the most intimate,"
says Dr. Mercer, relationship intimacy expert.
"Importantly, there's a difference between a peck on the lips that you might give a first-date partner or family member."

16. Irregular blinking indicates discomfort

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Blinking is natural but frequent blinking indicates discomfort and distress and data shows that irregular blinking indicates that the person is trying to control their eye movements because they feel uncomfortable or aren't pleased to be in a specific situation.

17. Showing open palms

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Exposed palms are an indicator of an open mind and focused attention on another person. Posture and gestures change depending on how we feel about a person and the conversations involved. Open palms show a willingness to listen to the person as well.

18. Walking arm in arm doesn't mean what you think it means

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If your man grips a woman's forearm tightly, or vice versa, it can give off possessive vibes. The couple don't come off very amorous, in fact they give off more child like gestures, something that parents do to their kids. The balance in a relationship like this looks very off.

19. The pat on the back...big no no

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A pat on the back from your significant other is a negative sign. It can show a lack of intimacy and if you're looking for reassurance and support from your partner and they choose to pat you on the back over an embrace, this indicates a loss of connection.

20. Leaning into your partner demonstrates that they care & that they're here to stay

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Leaning into your partner shows your partner that you're interested and it demonstrates that you care about what they're saying, doing and thinking. Leaning in towards your partner is a clear sign that you're into them & that all is well with you both.

21. Looking away translates to being disinterested

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Avoiding eye contact translates into disinterest and according to research, social anxiety is related to avoiding and turning away from any eye contact. However, it's mostly interpreted as disinterest in the conversation and the person in front of them.

22. Frowning is never a good sign

Why must you marry your enemy?" - Reactions trail video of couple frowning at their wedding (Watch) | Intel Regionimagesource/interregion
Research says that the leading cause of divorce is contempt and one of the ways our body's reveals criticism are furrowed brows which can indicate disagreement, antipathy, anger or aggression towards their other half. Things can easily escalate into arguments when tensions arise.

23. Pulling away from physical contact & brushing your partner off isn't a good sign

Center for Shared Insight | Why is my partner pulling away?imagesource/centerofsharedinsight
When people are in love, they seek to touch each other more often, so when a partner chooses to brush physical contact off, it can be a red flag - especially when it's continuous. Negative body language like turning away to the other side of the bed and letting go of a hand con indicate trouble in the relationship.

24. Leaning away from each other displays distance in the relationship

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Body language shows couples body's angling and leading towards each other and the opposite, turning away from each other displays distance in the relationship. Turning away from someone or leaning further away can indicate antipathy or discomfort. It's really not a good sign.

25. Spontaneous and frequent touching shows emotional closeness

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When someone is attracted to their partner, it makes them want to touch them instinctively, whether its a gentle stroke on the arm, or a spontaneous touch of the cheek along with a kiss, this body language shows desire and intimacy between a couple.

26. Hands resting on the hips = arguments

Reddit predicts if your relationship is doomed to fail | body+soulimagesource/body+soul
Ever noticed someone stood there with their hands on their hips? Well it could indicate that an argument has just happened or that they're signifying being in control or being ready. This body language translates to dominance and being bossy.

27. Being mindful of red flags...

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You should start paying attention to your own and others body language. How do you sit? Eye contact..and facial expressions are all things you should pay attention to when it comes to your relationship. Studies show that the body language connection between couples is extremely important.

28. Non verbal is as important and verbal

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Non verbal communication plays a very important role in conveying information between couples. Open posture and one's romantic desirability are connected and open body posture exhorts the perception of dominance and openness in a relationship.

29. Always consider the context

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While expressions and appearance can tell you a lot about what a person is thinking and feeling, you also need to consider what they tell you when interpreting the meaning of their message. Be mindful of body signals and potential red flags.

30. Building trust

38 Celebrity Couples That Started As Affairsimagesource/womenshealth
"In a relationship, building trust through expressing feelings to your partner is crucial to feeling the love and respect that is necessary in a long-lasting relationship,"
Tcharkhoutian, relationship expert says.

31. Holding Hands All The Time: Intimacy

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This all depends on the distance between you, and the way you're holding hands. The closer you are, like shoulders bumping into each other while your hands are fully enclosed, is a sign of more intimacy. Whereas if you're walking with quite a gap and your hands are sort of loosely grasped, or maybe just a finger, it can be a sign of less intimacy - or you're having a fallout!

32. Having A Hand Behind The Back: Could It Be A Power Move?

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This all depends on the type of person they are. If they're very dominant and possessive of you, a hand behind your back could indicate that they think they have more status and power in the relationship. Alternatively, it can also be a simple, caring gesture where they want to be close to you, or protect you.

33. Draping An Arm Over The Shoulder: They Want To Get Closer

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Maybe you're not hand holders at all, and your partner usually has an arm draped around your shoulder, whether you're walking around together or when you're on the couch together. This could be a desire to be physically closer because they're trying to wrap around you and pull you in. It's a way to close the gap.

34. Holding Onto An Arm (Rather Than Linking Arm-In-Arm): Not Very Romantic

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This is a bit less romantic than the cute linked-up vibe. It could be done in a relationship where one person is more dominant than the other, and you're not really equals. The other person could be seeking to hold onto the other's arm if that person is the more 'in-charge' in the relationship and they depend on that.

35. Leaning Your Head On The Shoulder, Or Resting The Chin There: It's A Sweet Gesture

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This one's kind of cute, there's no doubt about that - and that's because it's exactly what it seems like. Resting your head, or chin, on a partner's shoulder is a sweet gesture that represents how close they feel to you, and how they trust you. It also shows that they want to be close to you by having that extra physical contact.

36. Sitting On The Same Side Of The Table: You Know Each Other Well

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Many people on first dates will sit at opposite sides of the dinner table to face each other. When you've been in a relationship for a while, or you've known that person for a while, you might start sitting on the same side of the table when out and about. This shows familiarity and more intimacy, in that you want to be closer without a table between you.

37. Arms Around The Waist: Are They Insecure?

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This one is more if your partner wraps their arms around your waist when you're out in public, or when you're walking into a room. For a start, it can be a possessive gesture, because they're pulling you close but also have you in some sort of death grip. On top of that, if they do it when walking into a room, it can be because they don't want you to walk separately.

38. Sitting On The Lap: It's A Sign You're Comfortable

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For one person to sit on their partner's lip, it shows that they've been together long enough that they're comfortable to do this without it being too much, or being weird. It's another sign of familiarity and intimacy. Sitting on the lap can be a great position for a cuddle or just to be physically close.

39. A Kiss On The Cheek: More A Sign Of Friendship?

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This of course entirely depends on the context and the stage of relationship you're at. But while forehead kisses can be cute and romantic, a kiss on the cheek can be more a 'formal' greeting for new people in the same way you would shake hands, or just a sign of friendship when friends kiss on the cheek because they wouldn't kiss on the lips.

40. Standing Side By Side: You Might Not Be Interested In Each Other

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This all depends, because at a party you could be stood beside each other while you talk to other people, in which case it makes sense to face outward! But if you're standing side by side and refusing to look at each other, it can be a sign you're not interested in that physical closeness that comes with facing each other and leaning into each other.

41. Smiling: It's Positive (No Surprise There)

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This one is obvious, but it's amazing how much difference regular smiling can make to a relationship - and genuine smiling at that. Of course, a strained smile or a fake smile can be signs of relationship problems, but a genuine smile from your partner that happens when they look at you is positive and special.

42. Walking In Sync: You're Very Close

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This doesn't mean simply walking side by side - it's more if your partner has subconsciously adopted your own walking style and are keeping the exact same pace and style of walking. It shows how connected you are, and how much attention they're paying when you're together. It can also happen naturally when you become closer and spend a lot of time together.

43. Body Angled Towards Yours: It's A Sign Of Love

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A lot of the time this will happen without the person even realising they're doing it, if they really like someone. Your body naturally angles towards the other person when you feel affection for them, or want to get close to them. This is a key sign to look out for if you're wondering whether someone likes you!

44. Gazing Into Your Eyes: Window To The Soul

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We all know this to be the case, and it's a true sign of love when it comes to body language. It's a bit more than just regular contact - if your partner is gazing at your eyes for longer than normal, or gazing for longer when you're speaking to them about something, they're not only interested by very enthralled!

45. Protective Gestures: They Want To Take Care Of You

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This is done in a positive way compared to more possessive gestures, like if they jealously wrap their arms around you if someone else is talking to you. Protective gestures can include holding your hand in a busy area, staying close to you when crossing the road or coming to stand beside you if they notice you uncomfortable in a conversation.

46. Special Rituals Only Between The Two Of You: You're Familiar (And It's Great!)

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This relates to body language that's very personal to you, and means something different to you compared to other people. It can be called a 'ritual' because it can be done often when you want to show each other you care. This might be a secret handshake you both have. A way you high five to say goodbye. If you have these rituals, it's a good thing!

47. Closed Off Posture: Are They Anxious Around You?

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Closed off posture is a little different to bad posture (because we all know what that's like, unfortunately!). Closed off posture can be like they're hunched over with their arms wrapped around themselves, and look generally as though they're trying to hide or shield themselves from you. This can reflect anxiety around you, or that they don't feel friendly towards you.

48. Hand Against The Forehead: They're Fed Up With You

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If your partner puts their hands to their forehead in a smack-head type gesture, especially when they're arguing with you or you've got into some sort of heated discussion, it's a sign they're frustrated and fed up and feel as though they're hitting their head against a brick wall (in this case, their hand).

49. They Bite Their Lip A Lot: They're Holding Something Back

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We don't mean a cheeky, seductive lip bite, we mean if they're biting their lip regularly in conversation or when they're listening to you talk. It can be a sign that they're holding something back and stopping themselves from saying something by biting their lip to literally stop the words from coming out!

50. Their Feet Point Away From You When You're Talking: They Can't Wait To Get Away From You

Image source:
It's important to look at the feet, because this could still be the case even if they're smiling and having the rest of their body turned towards you. If their feet are pointed in the opposite direction, despite everything else they're doing, it could be a sign they're waiting for their opportunity to leave because they're not interested.

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