Signs You Are The Better Half In A Relationship

By Kirsty 1 year ago

1. You Know All About Their Life - But They Don't Know About Yours!

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You take the time and effort to get to know your partner in and out, even asking about the tiniest detail of their day. They, on the other hand, don't know much about you in terms of past, present or even future. They probably rarely ask how your day has been, either. You're definitely the better person in caring what the other is doing!

2. You're Always The One Making Grand Gestures

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You're the first to buy them amazing tickets to a band they love, or surprise them with a romantic weekend away for their birthday. But when you think back to the past months, are you only remembering nice things you've done together that you've arranged, and never them?

3. If There Are Plans To Be Made, You Make Them

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Your partner doesn't usually make a single effort to make plans, or change things. If there's something that needs doing, whether it's simply plans for dinner or something bigger like plans to move or buy a house, you're the one that has to take care of it - or at the very least get the ball rolling for things to have any hope of getting them done.

4. They're Not Really Around When You Need Them

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You'd drop everything to be there for your partner and to support them, but you don't really feel like it's reciprocated. They just never seem to be around when you need them, or always busy when you send a message or give them a call. Even if this is to share happy news, they're likely unavailable when you want to share.

5. You Openly Talk About Your Problems - But They Don't Try To Fix Them

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Relationships need work on both sides to fix any issues, and you're always open about your feelings and any problems you think are going on. While you'd do your part to communicate and fix any issues, you don't get the same from your partner. You've done your part, but they don't seem to be doing theirs.

6. All Your Friends And Family Think You Can Do Better

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Seriously, all of them. You usually get the odd friend or family member who might think less of a partner, but if every single one of them are in agreement that you can do better, it's a sign. This is probably because they've seen you putting in all the work in the relationship and never got the same back.

7. They Will Pick Their Friends Over You - Every. Single. Time.

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It's never a bad thing to spend time with friends and your partner equally, but while you're juggling a healthy balance of time spent with everyone, your partner on the other hand will always choose them over you. If there's the option of going out with friends, or staying in with you, they'll choose them.

8. You Have A Weird Feeling In Your Gut When You See Happy Couples

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Do you sit listening to your friend explaining about their partner sharing everything 50/50 and how supportive their relationship is? Do you then have a weird feeling in your gut, like it could be jealousy, uncertainty about your own relationship or general doubt? There's just something niggling at you.

9. You Apologize All The Time - Even When You Didn't Do Anything Wrong

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Happy, healthy couples will give and take, make mistakes and apologize from either side to work through problems. You, on the other hand, may feel like your partner never, ever apologizes, so that you find yourself filling in the gaps by apologising yourself just to move on, even if you did nothing wrong.

10. You Feel Like You're Walking On Eggshells

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If the relationship isn't 50/50, you may constantly be feeling like you're being careful about what you say or do, because you know you'll have to be the one to bear the brunt of it if something goes wrong. You might be constantly worried about your partner's negative reaction and trying to avoid small, silly arguments.

11. You Just Get This Feeling You Care More Than They Do

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Some people just get that general vibe that, although their partner does love and care about them, they might care that little bit more. Day to day, you just feel like you might care about the relationship more than they do, and that you'd be the one more hurt if the relationship ended at any point.

12. You're Not Happy

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Over time, it really drags you down to be the only person making an effort in a two-person relationship. It can take its toll to be the only one who makes the effort, the one who cares more or the one who's putting their heart and soul into the relationship and not getting the same back. If you just don't feel happy, this could be why.

13. Your Partner Is Stubborn About Their Routine

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Routines are always good, but in a relationship, you sometimes might have to compromise by doing what your partner wants. If your partner is very set in their ways, they might grumble and complain if you make any mention of changing their routine or schedule, even if it's something as simple as going out to dinner at a new restaurant.

14. If Things Get A Little Stale, You're The Only One Trying For Change

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Many relationships run into a stale patch, and couples can work together to get the magic back or make time for each other. But you might feel like you're not only the only one who's noticed it has gotten stale, but also the only one trying to make a change and get back on track.

15. You Put In The Most Effort For Social Situations

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When you're a couple, you're going to do things together, but this includes being invited to things. Say you get invited to a friend's wedding, birthday party or a family member's anniversary do. Do they lift a finger to do anything towards the planning, gift buying, travel arrangements or what you're going to to wear? Or is it all you?

16. They've Met Your Family And Friends - But You Haven't Met Theirs

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This is always a red flag in a relationship if they're not bothering to introduce you to the people important to them in their life. You're always encouraging them to spend time with your nearest and dearest, whereas they make efforts to keep you away from the important people in their life.

17. You Have To Ask For The Small, Everyday Things

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Whereas you'd automatically make your partner a coffee in the morning, give them a kiss before work or make them dinner after a long day, you have to ask for it all from them - every little thing. You have to ask for a kiss, ask for a drink in the morning or even just to pass you something you're reaching for. Because they're not going to do it off their own steam.

18. You Always Feel A Bit Taken For Granted

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Someone who is the better half in a relationship and giving 100% when it should be 50% is obviously going to feel taken for granted. You might feel like they expect you to do everything (because they do) and that you're the one always making an effort for them (because you are) so you're starting to wonder how they'd even cope without you.

19. The Open Sharing Is One-Sided

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You always update your partner on everything going on with you - you share your highs and lows, your work updates, what you have coming up, what's going on with your day - and they tell you... nothing. They might only nod with one eye on the TV, or on their social media feed, while you update them.

20. You Always Make The Effort To Drop Sweet Compliments - They Don't

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Do you always try to tell your partner you love them at least once a day, compliment their outfit or use affectionate language to let them know you care? That's great - and obviously natural in a relationship - but the problem is if they don't do it back. They don't actively try to compliment you or say something sweet.

21. They Always Do The Opposite Of What They Say

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Your partner is quick to tell you that they love spending time with you, or that you can have a weekend together this week. They then proceed to spend 99% of their time with mates, and cancel weekend plans at the last minute. They constantly say they love you, only to leave you feeling taken for granted or neglected or else take naps, sleep too much or act uninterested.

22. You Always Avoid Bad Habits That Can Affect The Relationship - They Don't

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When you're sharing a life, a home or a bank account, you need to be careful about what you do, because you're not free and single anymore. You can't just get into debt, start gambling, or drink a bar full of alcohol every day of the week. You make sure not to do anything that could strain you as a couple - but they don't have the same mentality.

23. You Make Time To Encourage And Inspire Them - They Don't Do The Same For You!

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Whether it's trying to make them feel optimistic about their day, encouraging them to go for the run they've been putting off or talking them through a new career move, you're there to do it. Do you get the same in return? Probably not. When your motivation is at an all time low, you can only depend on yourself to pick it back up.

24. They Want To Win The Argument - They Don't Want To Fix Things

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Couples argue - it's healthy. It's not about how much you argue, it's about how you argue. Arguing with the intention of moving past things as a couple is good. Arguing where one of you just wants to win is bad. If your partner always argues in a way where they just want to get the last word, it can make you feel like you're better at overcoming problems than them.

25. If They Help You Plan, It's Only At The 'Planning Stage'

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If there's a plan to be made, they might have a small input at the beginning when you're discussing everything, but that's where it ends. If the plans need arranging and carrying out, it'll be you that has to sort everything outside of the discussion stage, but even then, your partner might seem hesitant when you actually go to do it.

26. They Don't Attempt To Meet You In The Middle With Life Goals

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A couple needs to have the same goals in mind - marriage, kids, where to live - but there's also always room for compromise. But if you're the only person with clear goals and the willingness to compromise, you might find you're the better person when it comes to meeting your goals as a couple - because they just don't bother.

27. You Sense You're Growing Apart - But It's Only You That's Sensed It

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The better half in a relationship will be more attuned to what's going on, which means you're the first to notice there are problems (like, you know, the fact that you're the only one putting in the effort). But if you mention this to your partner, they act like they don't know what you're talking about and that there's nothing wrong.

28. You Bring Out The Best In Them - They Bring Out The Worst In You

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Partners should bring out the best in each other. If you're the one that motivates your partner and always makes them the best person they can be, while they always bring out the worst moods, attitudes and responses in you, it's a sign you're the better half, and they're the worst. This can be common in one-sided relationships

29. You Don't Feel Like You Trust Them

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If all the previous points apply to you, and you know you're a good partner, then the feeling of trust might be lost for you when it comes to them. You don't trust them to make plans, to carry out plans, to want to spend time with you, to not want to win an argument... it's usually the good partner that can lose faith in the problematic one.

30. You're Considering Breaking Up

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All of this will wear you down and you may end up feeling unhappy with your status as the 'better half' when you wish your partner would take over the mantel for a change - or at least let you become equal halves! You might have started feeling unhappy in your relationship in general, or just a daily niggle, making you contemplate the future.

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