Signs That Someone Is Jealous Of You

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. They can't congratulate you

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When someone is really jealous of you, they can't bring themselves to congratulate you even when you've done something great and truly deserve it. They cannot acknowledge it because instead of feeling happy or proud of you, all they feel is super resentful that it's you and not them!

2. They are super competitive with you

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This person wants to 'one up' you. Everything you do, they want to beat it. Because they are so jealous of you it makes them feel insecure in comparison to you. And so, they want to turn everything into a competition. If you buy a new car, they want to buy a better one than you!

3. They make constant snide comments

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There's no bigger sign that someone's jealous of you than when they do not stop making constant snide comments. Everything you say, it's met with a snide remark from them. This is just because they are jealous of you and bitter that they want to be more like you/ have something that you have.

4. They downplay your success

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You could have just earned a world class medal...but would be they be happy for you? Absolutely not. Will they champion your success? Hell no. They'll downplay it as much as possible because they do not want to acknowledge it because the green eyed monster is rearing it's very ugly head.

5. They give you FAKE praise

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It's literally like the line from Mean Girls when Regina George compliments somebody else saying
'OMG I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?'
. You can hear the falseness behind every word. They can't give you real praise because their jealousy won't let them, so they give you fake praise instead.

6. They flaunt their success to you

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'I did this. I did that. Look how good I am.'
When someone's acting in this way it's purely because they're jealous of you. By doing this, they are overcompensating because they want you to regard them highly to make yourself feel better about the fact that you're so jealous of them.

7. They copy how you act

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You may have noticed that this person has suddenly started to talk like you, they're cracking the same jokes and they've even almost started to imitate your voice. Despite this being pretty much the most annoying thing ever, it's purely because they're jealous of you and want to be you!

8. They talk about you behind your back

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People who are super secure within themselves do not feel the need to talk about everyone behind their back. So if someone is doing this to you, it's not because you've done anything wrong. It's simply jealous that is driving this person to try and turn other people away from you because they don't want you to have it all.

9. They love it when you fail at something

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We all fail sometimes, and there's nothing wrong in it. But, there's the people who metaphorically help up get back up, and there's those who relish in every second of it! They want you to fail because they don't want to be jealous of you anymore, they take satisfaction in your downfalls.

10. They don't like you

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Not everyone can like's that plain and simple. You can't go through life liking everybody because sometimes there are personality clashes. But this person, they don't like you for no reason at all. It's simply jealousy. They can't bare to like you because you represent everything they want to be.

11. They NEVER compliment you back

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You know those people. We all know those people. You can compliment them all the time, because it's important to uplift your friends. But, no matter how many times...they will NEVER compliment you back. This is because they can't bring themselves to do it due to their pure jealousy.

12. They start to dress like you

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Sorry, is that my secret twin? Why has this person suddenly started copying my style and buying the exact same clothes as me? Super annoying. And as you've probably been told
'take it as a compliment'
it is kinda true, even if it is annoying. You can't help being a total fashion icon!

13. They're mean to you

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A typical response of jealousy: they're mean to you. From growing up we know that when someone is mean to us, it's often because they're jealous of you. And it's completely true. Otherwise, this person would have nothing against you and probably wouldn't waste their energy on being mean to you.

14. They try to misguide you

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When a friend is jealous of you, or someone close to you in some way, they may try and steer you off the good path you are following. They may try and misguide you or give you bad advice because they want you to fail so that they don't have to be jealous and can feel better about themselves.

15. They ask you loads of uncomfortable questions

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When you do something you may find that this person bombards you with lots of questions. These questions aren't out of genuine interest, they are trying to catch you out in some way or pry into something so that they hope they get a response they want - something that isn't good so that they can relish in the fact that your life isn't perfect.

16. They look you up and down

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We all know that look. That look from head to toe...and back up. As the saying goes, a look can say a thousand words. And this look says many things - the biggest being jealousy! This look will probably be a very negative one, yet all they are thinking secretly is how they wish they looked like you.

17. They're not there when you need them

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Of course, if this person is really jealous of you then they probably do not have the best intentions. So, they probably will not be someone who is there when you need them. In the down times when you need a friend, they'll more than likely be nowhere to be seen... a fickle, fair weather friend.

18. They try to put you down in front of other people

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Humiliation is such a low blow. And what's even worse than treating you negatively, is encouraging others to do the same. It's bullying, and to encourage humiliation from other people is a clear sign that the green eyed monster has fully taken over them because they are secretly just SO envious of you.

19. They try to steal credit for your work

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If you've ever done any work and somebody has tried to steal credit for it then it is for one reason, and one reason only. They are jealous of what you've done. And, instead of admiring you or asking for help to do something similar, they try to steal the credit so that people think they have done it and not you.

20. They speak over you

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Speaking over someone is super degrading. It's basically implying that what they have to say is way more important than what you have to say, which is never the case. It's only because they don't want to give you the time because they are affected by the bitterness of their jealousy. But, you have to call out this behaviour.

21. They shut down your ideas

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This is a similar act, because shutting your ideas down is trying to affect your self worth and make you feel like you ideas are not good enough. What they secretly think, is your ideas are the best and they don't want people thinking you're even better than they already do.

22. They try to act the opposite of jealous

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'HA, why would I be jealous of YOU?'
says every jealous person ever. The last thing they want is to give you the satisfaction of knowing they're jealous of you because that would tell you even more how great you are. So they want to act the opposite. And it's always so obvious.

23. They want to be around you

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There's this strange kind of compulsion that jealous people have. They are super jealous, which makes them incredibly bitter towards you and maybe even dislike you - yet they want to be around you. It's almost like they want to be influenced by you in some way so that you can be more like them.

24. They are always watching you

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They hate the fact that they're so jealous of you, yet instead of keeping their distance so they are not affected they have to watch you always. If you're in a room, this person will have their eyes on you. They want to know what you're doing and who you're talking to.

25. When someone compliments you, they disagree

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A huge tell tale sign of jealousy is when someone HATES it when other people compliment you. They can't abide the fact that it's you getting compliments rather than them because this fuels their jealousy even more. They hate that you get positive attention rather than them.

26. They'll put your achievements down to luck

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You achieved what you did because of you, and your skill and talent. And, despite the fact that deep down they know this, they'll claim that you got everything you have due to luck. They don't want to give you any credit, because they can't appreciate you due to the jealousy getting in the way.

27. They act different around you alone, than when you're with a group

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I'm sure we've all experience those fake friends who may be super nice in private, maybe even sucking up to us and trying to get close. Yet, in public they're horrible in front of everybody else. It's like they want you to like them, but because they're jealous, they want everyone else to hate you.

28. You know any words of well wishes are not genuine

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You can just feel the inauthenticity from their words when they express any kind of well wishes to you. You know that behind those words, there is a completely different meaning and intent. These words are a cover up for the burning jealousy that they have inside of them.

29. They don't like your photos on social media, but they follow you

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Here is a huge sign of jealousy. There are those people who view all of your stories, they see every single one of your photos and posts, yet they never like anything. In fact, they may like a picture if you're not in it. But if you are the star of these show...there's no way they are liking it.

30. They laugh if anyone else makes a mean comment to you

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When someone else says something negative or laughs at you in an unkind way, they jump on it eagerly because they love the thought of somebody else putting you down. They'll laugh along because they're glad that it's not only them that is secretly jealous of you.

31. They'll try to make you seem weak

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When someone is jealous of you, they're going to want to drag you down, and that includes making you seem weak. If they can make you think that you're weak - or make other people believe you're a weak person - it'll make you an easier target for their jealous antics.

32. They'll make you feel like you're nothing

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The next step after making you feel weak is that they'll want you to feel like you're nothing. Even though you are something, if they can make you self-doubt and believe you're worthless, it means they won't have to feel jealous of you. So they try to destory the things they feel jealous about.

33. They'll go out of their way to make you fail

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With all of this beating down on your self-esteem, they're also going to make you want to fail - because if you fail instead of succeeding, you're going to feel worth less, and people around you won't be able to see you as a successful person - which is all part of this jealous person's plan.

34. They'll ruin any plans you try to make

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It doesn't matter whether you're making plans for only yourself, with other people, or even with the jealous person involved - they'll do everything they can to ruin any plans you want to make. This might be as simple as planting a seed of doubt that your plans are 'stupid'.

35. They'll probably spread rumors about you, too

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All jealous people want to do is knock you down a peg or two because they think you've got it going too good - and they're jealous about that, obviously. One thing they can do to try and damage that reputation is to spread rumors or lies about you, because they can't do anything else.

36. They will actually try to annoy you as much as possible!

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When you have loads of great things going for you, and lots to feel positive about, the person who is jealous about all of those good things will do their best to ruin your mood. They'll want to do everything they can to irritate you because they'll think that will make you feel less happy.

37. They're obsessed with you

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Someone who is jealous of you is also likely to be obsessed with you. That's because they'll be constantly stewing over all the things they're jealous of, so they'll want to know what you have going on, such as checking your Instagram feed all the time, so they can justify how they're feeling.

38. They're never going to let you have the spotlight

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If they're jealous of you, then they won't want you to have 'yet another good thing', which means they don't want you to have anymore attention or grab the spotlight. It doesn't mean that they want the spotlight instead, it just means they don't want you to have it!

39. They'll ruin your 'moment'

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It doesn't matter what 'the moment' is to you: whether it's something as huge as a proposal or wedding, a birthday party, a promotion, or even just a day when you're getting lots of compliments from everyone, they'll do anything to ruin that moment so that you can't enjoy it.

40. They're never going to act grateful towards you

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Feeling grateful of someone leaves you feeling like you owe them something - and a jealous person is not going to want to feel like they owe you anything. It will also ruin this feeling of bitterness they have towards you, if they have to admit you've done something nice for them.

41. They'll pretend to be diplomatic

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Someone who is acting diplomatic can often make it difficult for you if you have a valid point, especially if you're a friend who is justified in being angry about something and then vent to your jealous friend. That jealous person is then going to purposefully not agree with you and try to see 'every side of the story', which can make you look like you're wrong.

42. And they'll fake solidarity with you

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Even if they don't want to, they'll pretend that they do. They'll do everything they can to make it look like they're in support of you, through their actions and words - but it's all fake. This can all just be a part of this two-faced persona they've set up when they secretly feel envious.

43. They never stop complaining

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It doesn't matter whether it's directly to your face or to other people - they just complain, complain, complain. This is because jealous people will hold that bitterness so the only way they can vent about it is by complaining about it, to make it look like all these things they're jealous about are actually bad things.

44. Critical is just their middle name

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They're not likely to give you a compliment if they're jealous of you - unless it's a fake one, of course. So you may find they're constantly critical - of everything you say, do or even down to what nail varnish you wear. It seems you can't do anything right in their eyes (even though you're doing everything right, and that's why they're jealous!).

45. They'll do everything to demotivate you

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When you're feeling motivated and great about yourself, it's likely that you'll keep doing what you're already do, keep being successful and keep being happy. A jealous person isn't going to like that. That means you might accomplish more things. So they'll try to demotivate you!

46. They want to know every single detail about you, and your life

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This comes back to the obsession side of things again, where they're constantly checking your social media for everything you're doing. A lot of the time, when we know something makes us feel bad, we still can't resist - like knowing you're jealous of a celebs mansion but not being able to resist looking at all the pictures.

47. They're going to try and control you

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One of the key ways a jealous person can take you down or try and sabotage all these good things you have going for you, is by controlling you. If they can manage to control what you say and do, even just a little bit, it gives them a feeling of power, and that they can make you less successful.

48. They might even go through your belongings

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This would have to be someone very close to you, but if you leave your handbag lying around, or your work drawer accessible, it might be that they try to take a sneaky peak. This can often be because they're looking for something that makes you seem worse than this 'perfect' image, or even something they can use against you.

49. There's a chance they'll get upset if you talk to others

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A person who is jealous of you, but also a little obsessed with you, might likely get upset if you're spending time with other people or bonding with others. Even though they have jealous bitterness towards you, they might also want to keep you to yourself - because more people means more people thinking you're awesome.

50. You might even have a stalker

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In extreme cases, the jealous person might be so obsessed with you or obsessed with ideas of how to sabotage you, that they might take to stalking you - and not just on social media. They might make a point of being in the places you like to hang out, to keep a closer eye on you.

 51. Backhanded Compliments

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Picture this: You just aced a challenging project at work, and instead of a straightforward "Congratulations," your colleague manages to say, "Well, I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day." That sly, backhanded compliment isn't just a quirky turn of phrase – it's a neon sign signaling jealousy. It's the subtle art of giving credit while simultaneously taking it away, leaving you to decipher the mixed signals of support and sabotage.

52. Competing for Attention

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Imagine being at a party, sharing a captivating story about your recent accomplishments. Suddenly, your acquaintance swoops in with an even more elaborate tale, effectively stealing the spotlight. It's not a mere coincidence; it's a strategic move born out of jealousy. Their insatiable hunger for attention manifests in a constant game of one-upmanship, turning every social gathering into a battleground for recognition.

53. Passive-Aggressive Behavior

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Ever received a seemingly innocent comment that left you wondering if you missed the memo on a hidden agenda? Welcome to the world of passive-aggressive behavior, where jealousy dons the mask of politeness. It's the art of saying one thing and meaning another, leaving you to navigate a verbal labyrinth of disguised resentment and subtle digs.

54. Frequent Eye Rolling or Sighing

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Imagine sharing your groundbreaking idea during a team meeting, only to catch your colleague's eyes rolling discreetly or a sigh escaping their lips. These non-verbal cues aren't just innocent gestures; they're the Morse code of jealousy. Each eye roll and sigh whispers volumes about their inability to genuinely celebrate your success, creating an unspoken language of envy.

55. Constantly Comparing Achievements

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Life is not a competition, or so they say. However, if someone consistently turns every achievement into a scoreboard, you've got a jealousy alert. Whether it's the number of promotions, successful projects, or even lunch choices, the relentless comparisons reveal an underlying desire to measure up and, inevitably, outshine.

56. Exaggerating Their Own Accomplishments

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Envision a casual conversation about recent achievements turning into an epic saga of their unparalleled success. If your friend's tales seem to grow taller with each retelling, jealousy is the scriptwriter behind the scenes. Exaggerating accomplishments is their way of compensating for an internal struggle, painting an embellished picture to mask their own insecurities.

57. Undermining Your Successes

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Imagine unveiling your brilliant concept in a meeting, only to have someone subtly downplay it with a casual, "It's not as groundbreaking as you think." Undermining your successes is the jealousy symphony's crescendo, a deliberate attempt to tarnish your victories and cast shadows on your hard-earned achievements.

58. Giving You the Silent Treatment

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Visualize a moment of personal triumph met with an eerie silence from a usually chatty friend. The silent treatment isn't just a coincidence – it's a carefully orchestrated performance of jealousy. It's their way of withholding acknowledgment, creating an awkward vacuum where your success echoes without their expected applause.

59. Ignoring Your Achievements

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Picture this: you're excitedly sharing news of your recent promotion, but your friend suddenly finds the ceiling fascinating. Ignoring your achievements isn't mere absentmindedness; it's a conscious decision fueled by jealousy. By feigning disinterest, they hope to diminish the significance of your accomplishments and maintain an illusion of indifference.

60. Showing a Lack of Enthusiasm for Your Good News

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Imagine breaking the news of your dream job, and instead of an enthusiastic "That's amazing!" you're met with a lukewarm "Oh, that's nice." The lack of enthusiasm isn't accidental; it's jealousy dressed in nonchalance. Their inability to genuinely share in your joy is a neon sign pointing to an internal struggle with your positive outcomes.

61. Frequent Gossiping About You

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Envision a world where every coffee break becomes a gossip session, with your achievements taking center stage in hushed conversations. Gossiping about you isn't just a casual exchange of information; it's the jealousy grapevine in action. Their need to spread whispers reflects an attempt to tarnish your reputation and steal the spotlight.

62. Pretending to be Supportive but Not Genuinely Happy for You

image source: The Atlantic
Picture this scenario: you're basking in the glory of your latest achievement, and your friend offers a half-hearted smile, mumbling a generic "Good for you." The feigned support isn't a result of their excellent acting skills; it's jealousy playing dress-up. Behind the mask of encouragement lies an inability to genuinely celebrate your successes.

63. Sabotaging Your Opportunities

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Imagine securing a golden opportunity, only to find roadblocks mysteriously appearing at every turn. Sabotaging your opportunities isn't a series of unfortunate events; it's a calculated effort fueled by jealousy. Their covert actions aim to trip you up and level the playing field, satisfying their internal need for control and dominance.

64. Trying to Outdo Your Achievements

image source: The Emotion Machine 
Visualize a scenario where every success story of yours is met with a tale of their superior triumphs. Trying to outdo your achievements isn't a friendly game of one-upmanship; it's the jealousy Olympics in action. Their relentless efforts to overshadow your victories reveal an unquenchable thirst to prove their own worth.

65. Making Sarcastic Remarks About Your Success

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Picture celebrating your latest accomplishment, only to be met with a sarcastic "Well, aren't you just the genius of the century?" Sarcastic remarks aren't mere jokes; they're arrows of jealousy, aiming to puncture the balloon of your success with snide commentary.

66. Undermining Your Skills or Talents

image source: She Knows
Imagine showcasing your exceptional skills, only to have someone question your abilities with a sly "Are you sure you're up for this?" Undermining your skills isn't a momentary lapse of judgment; it's a calculated move driven by jealousy. Their aim is to cast doubt on your capabilities and create a chink in the armor of your confidence.

67. Trying to One-Up You in Conversations

image source: Culture Amp
Envision every conversation becoming a subtle competition, with every story of yours being met with a grander tale from them. Trying to one-up you isn't just a friendly exchange of anecdotes; it's the jealousy joust. Their constant need to overshadow your contributions reveals a relentless pursuit of superiority.

68. Displaying Fake Enthusiasm

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Picture a world where every compliment comes with an asterisk of insincerity, and every cheer is a practiced routine. Fake enthusiasm isn't just an accidental performance; it's jealousy masquerading as support. Their forced expressions of joy aim to mask an internal struggle with your achievements.

69. Showing Signs of Irritation When You Succeed

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Imagine achieving a significant milestone, only to be met with a deep sigh or an eye roll from your friend. Signs of irritation aren't just innocent reactions; they're the green-eyed monster surfacing. Their struggle to conceal their annoyance reveals an internal battle with your success.

70. Trying to Find Faults in Your Work

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Picture presenting a flawless project, only for someone to nitpick every detail, searching for flaws. Trying to find faults in your work isn't a mere exercise in constructive criticism; it's a jealousy-fueled hunt. Their critical eye aims to undermine your achievements by magnifying perceived shortcomings.

71. Being Overly Competitive

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Envision a friendly game turning into a cutthroat competition where victory is the only acceptable outcome. Being overly competitive isn't just a sign of a competitive spirit; it's the manifestation of jealousy. Their relentless pursuit of success is fueled by a need to prove their worth and outshine your accomplishments.

72. Expressing Resentment Towards Your Achievements

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Imagine sharing your triumphs, only to be met with a heavy sigh and a distant gaze. Expressing resentment towards your achievements isn't a mere display of indifference; it's jealousy in its raw form. Their inability to mask their bitterness reveals an internal struggle with your success.

73. Spreading Rumors or Gossip About You

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Envision a world where every office water cooler conversation revolves around sensational tales about you. Spreading rumors or gossip isn't just casual storytelling; it's the orchestrated work of jealousy. Their whispers aim to tarnish your reputation, creating doubt and insecurity in the minds of others.

74. Actively Trying to Turn Mutual Friends Against You

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Picture a scenario where your friendships become a battleground, with someone strategically sowing seeds of doubt. Actively trying to turn mutual friends against you isn't accidental discord; it's jealousy orchestrating a symphony of manipulation. Their aim is to isolate you and diminish your support network.

75. Prying Into Your Personal Affairs Excessively

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Imagine sharing a personal anecdote only to find someone digging for details as if conducting a forensic investigation. Excessive prying isn't just innocent curiosity; it's jealousy inquisitiveness. Their insatiable need for information stems from a desire to unearth vulnerabilities or secrets that can be used against you.

76. Acting Overly Interested or Nosy About Your Private Matters

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Visualize someone feigning an intense interest in your personal affairs, bombarding you with questions that surpass normal curiosity. Acting overly interested or nosy isn't a display of genuine concern; it's jealousy masquerading as curiosity. Their relentless pursuit of your private matters stems from an attempt to gather ammunition for future use.

77. Displaying Dissatisfaction With Your Personal Choices

image source: CNBC
Imagine sharing a personal decision, only to be met with a disapproving frown and a shake of the head. Displaying dissatisfaction with your personal choices isn't mere concern for your well-being; it's jealousy donning the mask of judgment. Their discomfort with your decisions stems from a need to assert their own preferences and values.

78. Making Negative Comments About Your Appearance

image source: VeryWell Mind
Picture stepping out with a new look, only to be greeted with a disparaging comment about your appearance. Making negative comments isn't a casual observation; it's jealousy critiquing your confidence. Their aim is to create insecurity and diminish your self-esteem.

79. Giving Unsolicited Advice About Your Clothing or Grooming

image source: HelpGuide.Org
Imagine someone offering unwarranted opinions on your clothing or grooming choices, as if they've appointed themselves your personal stylist. Giving unsolicited advice isn't a friendly gesture; it's jealousy dictating your wardrobe. Their aim is to control aspects of your presentation, creating doubt about your choices and style.

80. Mimicking Your Style in an Obvious or Mocking Way

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Envision someone copying your fashion choices with a deliberate exaggeration that borders on mockery. Mimicking your style isn't a coincidence; it's jealousy dressed in imitation. Their aim is to downplay your individuality by turning your unique choices into a parody.

81. Showing Irritation When You Excel in Something They Struggle With

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Picture excelling in an area where someone typically falters, only to be met with a frustrated sigh or a subtle eye roll. Showing irritation when you succeed isn't a random expression of annoyance; it's jealousy manifesting in moments of inadequacy. Their struggle with your competence is unveiled through these telltale signs of discomfort.

82. Undermining Your Role Within Your Family

image source: The Times
Imagine playing a crucial role within your family, only to have someone downplay your contributions with a dismissive comment. Undermining your role within your family isn't a simple oversight; it's jealousy rewriting family dynamics. Their aim is to diminish your significance and create doubt about your impact.

83. Attempting to Create Rifts Between You and Family Members

image source: BetterHelp
Visualize family gatherings turning into breeding grounds for conflict, with someone subtly sowing seeds of discord. Attempting to create rifts between you and family members isn't a coincidental clash; it's jealousy engineering familial strife. Their aim is to isolate you and weaken the familial bonds that offer support and solidarity.

84. Downplaying Your Emotional Struggles

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Picture sharing your emotional struggles, only to have someone respond with a dismissive wave of the hand and a casual "It's not that big of a deal." Downplaying your emotional struggles isn't a lack of empathy; it's jealousy undermining your vulnerability. Their aim is to diminish the significance of your challenges, creating an illusion of emotional invincibility.

85. Minimizing the Impact of Your Challenges or Hardships

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Imagine navigating through challenging times, only to have someone minimize your hardships with a casual "It could be worse." Minimizing the impact of your challenges isn't a misguided attempt at optimism; it's jealousy belittling your resilience. Their aim is to downplay your strength and portray your struggles as inconsequential.

86. Displaying a Lack of Empathy When You’re Going Through a Tough Time

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Picture facing a tough period in your life, only to be met with a friend's indifferent shrug and a disinterested gaze. Displaying a lack of empathy isn't a momentary lapse in compassion; it's jealousy revealing its callous side. Their inability to offer genuine support stems from an internal struggle with your vulnerability.

87. Becoming Distant Without Apparent Reason

image source: Indy100
Envision a close friend inexplicably becoming distant, responding to your attempts at connection with vague excuses or radio silence. Becoming distant without an apparent reason isn't a natural drift; it's jealousy creating an emotional chasm. Their withdrawal is a defense mechanism, a way to cope with their own feelings of inadequacy and envy.

88. Showing Reluctance to Engage in Conversations or Spend Time With You

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Imagine reaching out for a heart-to-heart conversation, only to be met with reluctance or avoidance. Showing reluctance to engage isn't a matter of conflicting schedules; it's jealousy raising its barricades. Their hesitation stems from an internal battle, making it challenging for them to face your successes or share in your struggles.

89. Avoiding Eye Contact or Maintaining a Guarded Body Language

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Picture a conversation where every attempt to make eye contact is met with averted gazes and guarded body language. Avoiding eye contact and maintaining a guarded stance isn't a matter of shyness; it's jealousy creating a protective shield. Their discomfort with direct confrontation becomes palpable through these subtle non-verbal cues.

90. Introducing Tension or Drama Into Your Interactions

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Envision an ordinary conversation morphing into a theatrical production with unexpected twists and turns. Introducing tension or drama isn't a spontaneous plot twist; it's jealousy taking center stage. Their aim is to disrupt the harmony, creating a chaotic atmosphere that deflects attention from your achievements.

91. Actively Contributing to Conflict or Misunderstandings

image source: Best Life
Picture navigating through a sea of misunderstandings and conflicts, only to discover that someone has been actively contributing to the chaos. Actively contributing to conflict isn't a series of unfortunate events; it's jealousy acting as the puppeteer. Their subtle manipulations aim to create discord, diverting attention from your successes to interpersonal issues.

92. Exhibiting a General Unwillingness to Resolve Issues Amicably

image source: Anchor Light Therapy Collective 
Imagine attempting to resolve a disagreement amicably, only to be met with stubborn resistance and a refusal to find common ground. Exhibiting a general unwillingness to resolve issues amicably isn't a commitment to principle; it's jealousy barricading the path to reconciliation. Their reluctance stems from an internal struggle, making it challenging for them to concede or compromise.

93. Offering Insincere or Over-the-Top Compliments

image source: 97ZOK
Picture receiving a compliment that feels as genuine as a rehearsed script or as exaggerated as a carnival barker's pitch. Offering insincere or over-the-top compliments isn't a display of admiration; it's jealousy wielding flattery as a weapon. Their words are a carefully crafted façade, concealing their true feelings behind a veil of exaggeration.

94. Using Flattery as a Way to Mask Their Underlying Jealousy

image source: Forbes
Envision a world where every compliment feels like a double-edged sword, with praise concealing a hidden blade of jealousy. Using flattery as a way to mask underlying jealousy isn't a genuine expression of admiration; it's a strategic move to cloak their envy. Their compliments become a form of manipulation, a tool to distract from their true emotions.

95. Making Excuses to Distance Themselves When You Achieve Something Notable

image source: Thrive Global 
Picture achieving something remarkable, only to find that certain friends suddenly have a calendar full of excuses. Making excuses to distance themselves isn't a series of unfortunate events; it's jealousy choreographing a strategic retreat. Their sudden unavailability is a shield against facing your achievements, providing a buffer to cope with their own feelings of inadequacy.

96. Making Excuses to Avoid Working Together on Shared Goals

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Imagine proposing a collaborative project, only to be met with a litany of excuses about incompatible schedules or conflicting priorities. Making excuses to avoid working together isn't a matter of logistical challenges; it's jealousy steering clear of a joint venture. Their reluctance to collaborate is a shield against acknowledging your contributions and successes.

97. Introducing Unnecessary Stress or Drama

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Envision navigating through a project or situation where stress and drama seem to sprout like weeds in a well-tended garden. Introducing unnecessary stress or drama isn't a natural consequence of challenging circumstances; it's jealousy playing the role of the puppet master. Their aim is to create chaos, diverting attention from your accomplishments to the turbulence they orchestrate.

98. Bringing Up Past Mistakes as a Way to Diminish Your Achievements

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Picture celebrating a triumph, only for someone to dredge up long-buried mistakes with a smug "Remember when you messed up that one time?" Bringing up past mistakes isn't a friendly trip down memory lane; it's jealousy wielding history as a weapon. Their aim is to cast shadows on your successes by resurrecting ghosts of past errors.

99. Continuously Comparing Themselves to You in Various Aspects

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Imagine every conversation becoming a game of comparison, with someone constantly measuring themselves against your achievements. Continuously comparing themselves to you isn't a friendly analysis of strengths and weaknesses; it's jealousy fueling an internal struggle for validation. Their relentless self-assessment becomes a battleground, with your successes as the measuring stick.

100. Displaying Skepticism When Confronted With Positive Information

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Envision sharing exciting news, only to be met with raised eyebrows and a skeptical "Are you sure?" Displaying skepticism when confronted with positive information isn't a healthy dose of caution; it's jealousy casting doubt on your success. Their disbelief is a manifestation of their internal struggle, questioning the validity of your achievements.

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