Signs He Is The One

By Joy Boyd 1 year ago

1. He cheers you on

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We all saw that photo of Jamie Lee Curtis cheering on Michelle Yeoh when she won an award. The same is true with your partner. If he's the one, he will be your biggest cheerleader. This means that he supports you in your ambitions and dreams, and he will show up time and time again. He's probably even willing to compromise a bit to help you reach your goals!

2. You both help each other be better

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When a partnership is giving you nothing but green flags, both of you will do whatever it takes to help the other person be the best version of themselves. Whether that's sacrificing so you can go back to school or pushing each other outside of your comfort zones to experience new opportunities.

3. He treats you with kindness

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Maybe this seems like a given, but a guy who is "the one" will treat you with absolute kindness. Experts say that more than anything else, kindness is the main characteristic that you will appreciate in a long-term relationship as you go through many seasons and ups and downs together.

4. You've met each other's friends

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If you're looking for a sign that you're heading into a committed relationship, then ask yourself this. Has he taken time to introduce me to the people that matter to him... whether it's family or friends or both. If so, then it's likely he wants to be with you more long-term. But if he keeps you hidden or it feels like he's embarrassed to be seen with you, that's a sign to run!

5. He's your best friend

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While it's SO important to not cut friends out of your life when you start dating someone, there will come a turning point where your partner is truly your best friend. Being friends with your significant other above all else has been proven to give couples a solid foundation to a lasting relationship.

6. You accept each other's flaws

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This doesn't mean that the relationship should be one-sided or abusive in ANY WAY. But when you're with The One, then you're both willing to accept each other's flaws, because it's true what they say that no one is perfect. In that acceptance, you also even help each other become better people! So it's a collective effort on both sides.

7. It feels different than relationships you've had before

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If you both feel that this relationship is different from ones you've had in the past, it may be a sign that he's the one. Pay attention to his body language and how he speaks to you when he says things like this, because it will likely show if you're both on the same page.

8. There's a lot of joy

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When you find yourself laughing a lot with your partner, it's a good sign that they're the one! Being able to have fun and let loose is an essential part of any healthy relationship. Beyond just being good at resolving conflicts, you need to know how to have fun together.

9. He puts effort into the gifts he gives you

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Of course, when you're first dating, it may be hard to know what to get your partner. But as you learn more about each other, then his gift giving should become more thoughtful. It might be something he knows is special to you or that you've been wanting for a long time. Not that we'll ever say no to chocolate and flowers, but we love a gift with effort!

10. S*x isn't the MOST important thing

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If a guy is only spending time with you to sleep with you, then it's likely he's NOT the one. Guys who want to be with you just want to enjoy your company. If he's getting to know you more intimately beyond just s*x, then there's a strong chance that you've found a good one!

11. But you have a REALLY fun time!

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When you're with your soulmate, s*x isn't the only thing on their mind, BUT when you are together, it feels different than it has with others. Why? Because it feels more passionate as a shared experience of learning more about the other person. Experts say there's a strong bond between emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction!

12. You feel confident in his feelings towards you

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The right person won't leave you confused about where you stand with them. While there might still be challenging moments, by and large, your time together is uncomplicated and it makes you feel better. When you feel a level of peace from this person, it's a sign he might be the one!

13. You can easily say you're sorry

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It's normal for healthy relationships to have conflict. It's also normal for people's feelings to get hurt. The biggest thing is the intention behind it and the ability of both parties to apologize when needed. When you do this, it shows signs that you're able to be self-reflective and to take responsibility for actions. Both great qualities in a partner!

14. You compliment each other a lot

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When you compliment your partner, it isn't flattery for flattery's sake. But you love encouraging each other and sharing the things that you appreciate about each person. This could be anything from how hard they've been working to a small thing they've done to help you to a new hairstyle they're rocking.

15. He finds little ways to make your life easier

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When you're with someone who might be the one, then you guys are in a true partnership. This means that he notices what's going on with you and does little things to make your day easier. Maybe he makes you coffee when he notices you're rushing, or he fills your car up with gas so you don't have to go do it in the cold weather. These are qualities to look for in a long-term partner!

16. You guys have had the tough conversations

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Falling in love is FUN, and it should be! But you also need to be able to have the tough conversations if you're planning a long-term commitment. When you're able to talk about hard things in a constructive way, this is a great sign that he might be the one. If he doesn't run away, even when one or both of you is hurt, then he's committed to understanding.

17. He remembers the details

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When your man pays attention to all the small stuff, and he's asking you questions about it, that means he REALLY loves you. If he remembers something you mentioned a few weeks ago or he asks you for an update on what's going on with work after you told him about some drama, your man is INVESTED.

18. He's not a "yes" man

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We might ~think~ that it's nice to be with someone who tells us what we want to hear, but the reality is, a healthy relationship thrives when both parties are able to share their opinions and preferences, even if they contradict. You want to be with someone who is mature enough to tell you when there's an issue, and who's able to do so in a kind way.

19. Your way of viewing the world matches

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People always say that opposites attract. And while that might be true when it comes to personalities, hobbies or even dream vacation destinations, at the end of the day, you need to share similar outlooks on life. When it comes to bigger issues like ethics, family values, and morals, it's important that the two of you align.

20. You're both able to take space

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When you're in a healthy relationship, both parties are able to have their own independence in the form of friendships, interests, and hobbies. If you've found the one, he will understand and even respect this. So take that pottery class or sign up for those golf lessons! Being able to maintain a level of individuality within a partnership is what beautiful relationships are made of.

21. Neither of you try to change each other

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As we've already said, it's likely when you're with the one that both of you will end up changing for the better, BUT it's not something that either of you actively seek to do. When you're choosing who to spend your life with, you need to accept them for who they are, knowing they may never change. When you try to change someone, you'll likely start nagging and the other person will feel bad for not being able to live up to what you want.

22. You know you can fully trust him

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The same way we talked about knowing how a man feels about you, when you're in a loving relationship, you will be able to trust him fully. This means that there won't be doubts about him being who he says he is and visa versa. You know that he will stay true to his word, and he's reliable when you need him.

23. The time you spend together is meaningful

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When you're trying to figure out if he's the one, then reflect back on your time together. You probably spend a lot of time in each other's presence, but how does it make you feel? Do you feel safe and happy when you're together? Does he make an effort to see you? When two people are in love, they will spend quality time with each other and prioritize each other around busy schedules.

24. Respect is EVERYTHING

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In order to know if the person you're with is the one, look at the way you treat each other and speak to each other. Relationships need to have mutual love and respect in order to grow. If you find yourself being disrespected, then this might be a sign that he's not the person for you.

25. He sticks up for you

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While you don't want someone who isn't able to be honest with you or tell you the truth if you do something wrong, you still want to feel like your partner has your back. A guy who makes a lifetime partner will always make you feel safe, and you know that he will always protect you and stick up for you in hard times.

26. You don't NEED each other

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This may sound weird, but the best relationships are ones where both partners don't need the other in order to be happy. This is because it becomes a choice. You both know who you are and what you want, and you choose to be with that person and make it work every day. It's less of looking for someone to complete you vs. finding someone who complements you.

27. He's not just charming

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Almost any guy can come along and charm the pants off of you - figuratively and literally lol. But when a guy is able to truly tell you what you mean to him, it's a sign that he wants to spend a life with you. Make sure what he's saying lines up with what he's doing, and that he's truly admiring YOU and not just the idea of you, but you are well on your way!

28. Your friends and family approve

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This one's tough, because there's always those exceptions of people who got married without the approval of friends or family. But overall, studies show that parents play a big part in choosing someone to marry. If you're getting consistent negative feedback about your partner from people who know you best, it may be time to re-evaluate.

29. You're able to be yourself

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When you first start dating someone, it can be awkward. But once you reach that level of really knowing someone, you should be able to let your hair down so to speak. If he's really the one, then you won't feel the need to hide who you are or your life from him. You will both know that you can be yourselves without judgment.

30. Both of you see a future together

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If the two of you love dreaming about your life together down the road... picturing the dream house, a dog running around the yard, kids playing... then you see your lives woven together for the long term. When you're both taking even small steps to plan a life together, this is a sign that you're meant for each other!

31. He opens all the doors for you (literally)

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This may seem like something simple and old-fashioned, but it shows he has manners. It's not just about the traditional 'man holds door open for woman to be chivalrous', because this applies to any gender - it's just the polite thing to do, after all, so if he does it, it's a winner!

32. You send each other flowers

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Flowers should be sent outside of apologies and sympathy - flowers can brighten anyone's day, so if he sends you flowers randomly when there's no occasion for it, it's a good sign! Not only that, but guys love flowers, too - and you might feel like you want to send him some and make him smile.

33. He makes sure to walk closest to the road

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If he does this, he's a keeper! People who place themselves between you and traffic are looking out for you and being protective with a simple gesture - they want you to be safe and be able to shield you should anything happen (even though it hopefully won't!). Aw.

34. You're completely compatible with your money views

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Money is one of the biggest things that can cause friction and arguments between a couple - and it has the power to break you up if you're not on the same wavelength. But when it comes to your money views, you have the same idea of what you like to spend it on, what you like to save, and how you view it when out (whether he pays, you pay, 50/50 - it doesn't matter as long as you're on the same page!).

35. And you've had the big talk about money

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Not only that, but you've had 'the big talk' and you're both in agreement This means, if the relationship steps up a notch, you know you'd be on the same page about how you'd pay pills, share rent or any other big purchases as a couple. Maybe it's even paying for a vacation together, and how you'd go about that.

36. He replies messages, snaps and phone calls

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No matter what you send him - a quick 'I love you text', a snap with a fun filter or a quick phone call, he always replies, answers the phone or calls you back. You don't need to worry about mind games or the old 'Seen' tick with no reply - because you know he wants to talk to you!

37. And he explains why his replies are delayed if they are!

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Of course, even the best partners can't answer texts or phone calls straight away every time. He might be busy or at work. But what matters most is he catches up, or explains why he was delayed, so you don't have to worry. He won't just reply a week later and say, 'Oh sorry, I forgot, I was busy'. Ouch.

38. He takes care of you emotionally, mentally and physically

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Sometimes you think you've found the one because they take care of you one way, only to find they're very bad at caring for you in other ways. They may emotionally support you but then you realise they're mentally draining you or don't care about your physical health. But this guy? He has the Holy Trinity! Emotionally, physically and mentally, you're cared for.

39. He shows up on time

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This guy definitely isn't tardy - and bonus points if he's usually late for other stuff but makes extra effort to be on time for you, because he wants to see you! If you set up a time to meet, he's never late, which shows that he cares about your time, and about your time spent together.

40. If he has to cancel, he'll reschedule

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There may be times when he has to cancel your dates or plans to meet, through no fault of his own. Being cancelled on can leave you feeling put-out even when you know it's not their fault, but what matters is that he's the first to say 'but let's set up a new date and time we can meet instead!'.

41. He's kind to serving staff

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You can immediately tell the type of person someone is by how they treat serving staff, like waiters, retail workers and cashiers. They may be lovely and polite to you, but rude to them - if that's the case, they're not worth your time. But your guy? He's kind to everyone.

42. He keeps your secrets

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This one is so important, because not only do you need to be able to trust your partner in a relationship, but you need to trust them with your secrets. Some guys might go and say something in casual conversation to their bunch of guy mates at the pub that you told them, but with him - you know that if you tell him it's a secret, he'll keep it!

43. You've never laughed more than when you're with him

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Laughing together is one of the best - and most important things - you can do in a relationship. You need to find your partner funny, after all. But we're not just talking when he's cracking jokes - suddenly, every little thing seems brighter, lighter and funnier with him. You might even laugh at nothing!

44. He's the first person you want to speak to with good news

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When you find out good news, get a promotion, or even the simplest thing like finally getting your coffee the way you like it in the morning, he's the first person you want to tell. Better yet - when you do, he's so excited and interested in what you have to say, no matter what!

45. And the first person you want to turn to with bad news

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Of course, it's not just about depending on them when everything is going smoothly. You need to be able to depend on them through the bad, too. So it's a good sign when your first instinct after getting bad news is they're the first person you want to tell, rather than 'not wanting to worry them' or avoiding it.

46. When you date, it's actually a date

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What a date means to you and your partner is entirely personal - this doesn't mean how much money you spend or how lavish it is. And when you 'date', it's actually what a date should be to the both of you - it isn't 'let's go on a date' and then just sitting there in silence on the couch thinking that counts.

47. He lets you take the lead

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His ego isn't fragile enough that he has a problem with you taking the lead, making decisions or being dominant. It's a give and take, and he's happy for you to take the lead whenever you want to! This also means you feel more confident in decision-making, which is great for communication.

48. He's been honest with you from day one

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We know that in the early days of the dating game, it's very easy to tell little white lies because you're so worried about impressing someone, or aren't ready to talk fully about your hobbies and passions if you're embarrassed by them. But with him, he's been fully honest with you since day one - always a good sign.

49. He listens more than he speaks

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Having a good listener as a partner is so important, because it means you can communicate better, not have to worry about sharing details of your day or how you're feeling, and on top of that - you
they're actually listening and not just pretending to.

50. And he never talks over you or interrupts you

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Some people can be eager to butt in and give their opinion, even if they have genuinely been listening. Interrupting or talking over you can be a sign that they're not really listening, though, and only waiting for their turn to speak. It can also be a sign they're undermining you. So if he doesn't do any of that, hurrah!

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