Last Meals Eaten By Famous People Before They Died

By Aaron Love 1 year ago

Socrates- Poison Hemlock

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We're going back a long way to discuss the first person on this list, but Socrates the famous Greek philosopher was sentenced to death for 'corrupting the youth'. He was forced to eat his last meal by the authorities and this was poisoned hemlock; this was used as a means to kill him!

Cleopatra- Figs

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Cleopatra, as we probably know (if you remember your history lessons) killed herself following the moment she discovered her husband Mark Antony had died. She followed this up by eating a handful of figs before killing herself too, in order to join her husband in the afterlife.

Napoleon Bonaparte- Garlic Toast

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Following his exile by the British Government, Napoleon was forced to live on the island of St Helena. You'd think a man in exile would be eating poor food but Bonaparte was actually eating a luxury sounding meal of Garlic Toast, liver and bacon chops and sauteed kidneys in sherry.

Abraham Lincoln- Cauliflower Cheese

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We all know how Abraham Lincoln met his end, unfortunately being assasinated well before his time whilst at the Ford's Theater. However, before he made his journey to the theater it was documented that he ate mock turtle soup, roast Virginia fowl, baked yams and cauliflower cheese.

Rasputin- Cakes

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Rasputin gives off quite a creepy vibe, I mean just look at him! On the day of his death he dined on cakes, Madeira Wine, some Russian snacks and black bread. Unfortunately for him however, Felix Yusopov and his friends had poisoned pretty much everything he'd eaten.

Adolf Hitler- Spaghetti

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Less said about the man himself the better, but it has been confirmed that Adolf Hitler had some form of spaghetti before him and his partner Eva Braun took their own lives. Some biographers have claimed he ate lasagne but this seems unlikely as he was a vegetarian for pretty much his whole life.

Mahatma Gandhi- Cooked Veg and More

Image Source: Reddit
Mahatma Gandhi lived a very wholesome and free life, helping the country of India escape the reign of the British Empire. This wholesome nature is evidenced in what was his final meal; a plate of cooked vegetables mixed with oranges, lemon, ginger and aloe juice. He was assassinated later that day.

James Dean- Apple Pie

Image Source: Reddit
James Dean was taken way to early, dying aged just 24 following a car crash. He was idolised by the teenage generation during the early 50's and became a posthumous icon for many. Just before his car crash he had stopped by a diner on the roadside for a plate of apple pie and a glass of milk.

Ernest Hemingway- Steak

Image Source: Reddit
Ernest Hemingway will always be known for his incredible influence on fiction writing, and then his adventurous nature that made him an inspiration for many. He unfortunately took his own life in 1961 following a meal consisting of a New York strip, baked potatoes and a salad.

John F. Kennedy- Boiled Eggs

Image Source: Reddit
We are all aware as to how JFK was assassinated, in one of the most infamous moments in recent history. The executive chef of the hotel he stayed at before that horrific moment revealed he served JFK a plate of boiled eggs and marmalade on toast, besides a cup of coffee before his final trip.

Jimi Hendrix- Tuna Sandwich

Image Source: Reddit
Jimi Hendrix is another man who became an icon for the masses during his time as what was essentially one of the biggest rockstars of his generation. He also died way too early, aged just 27; his girlfriend Monika mentioned that less than 12 hours before he was found dead she had made him a tuna mayo sandwich.

Elvis Presley- Ice Cream

Image Source: Reddit
Years of drug abuse and unhealthy eating habits led to the early death of one of Rock music's all time superstars. Much was said about how he died in the bathroom following a heart attack; hours before this had occurred he ate four scoops of ice cream and a handful of choc chip cookies.

John Lennon- Corned Beef

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John Lennon, one quarter of one of the greatest musical groups to have ever existed, The Beatles, was gunned down outside is home in 1980. It was mentioned that prior to his trip home he'd decided to have a corned beef sandwich, planning to have a big meal once he was home.

John Belushi- Lentil Soup

Image Source: Reddit
John Belushi was one of the original members of SNL, the popular saturday night show that is still watched by millions every week here in the US. He died of a drug overdose in 1982, just after he had enjoyed a trip to the Rainbow Bar and Grill in LA to eat a bowl of lentil soup.

Princess Diana- Omelette

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The suspicious circumstances surrounding Princess Diana's death have survived longer than many may have thought, and she is still loved around the world. On the day of her death she enjoyed a plate filled with a mushroom and asparagus omelette at L'Espadon in Paris.

Frank Sinatra- Grilled Cheese

Image Source: Reddit
Another one of the most famous singers in the history of our generation, Frank Sinatra was an extremely gifted individual who entertained for years. Ol' Blue Eyes died in 1982 following a grilled cheese sandwich made by his wife. They weren't connected by the way!

Saddam Hussein- Chicken and Rice

Image Source: Reddit
Saddam Hussein was a very pervasive character and he was overthrown by the Iraq Interim Government and then hanged for his role in crimes against humanity. It was said that his final meal before his death was bowl of grilled chicken and rice mixed with hot water and honey!

Michael Jackson- Chicken Salad

Image Source: Reddit
This list might seem to be full of musicians, but they are a group of people we seem to lose too early. Michael Jackson passed away in 2009 following a prescription drug overdose and his last meal was a bowl of spinach salad mixed with some grilled chicken breast on the side.

James Gandolfini- Prawns

Image Source: NDTV Food
The popular Sopranos actor died whilst on holiday in Rome in 2013 following a heart attack. His final meal came at the Boscolo Exedra hotel in Rome where he enjoyed a plate of fried king prawns, and also a plate of foie gras. An exceptional meal for a man with exceptional skills.

Anthony Bourdain- Pork Knuckle

Image Source: Reddit
Much was said about the death of Anthony Bourdain in 2018, he took his own life in a 5 star hotel where he also ate his final meal in France. This meal consisted of a braised pork knuckle, sauerkraut and cervelas sausage, with a side sauce of horseradish. Perfect for an amazing chef.

Kurt Cobain- Bananas

Image Source: Reddit
Although it was originally suggested that the last thing Cobain consumed was a root beer and some cigarettes, one restaurant owner claimed that he came in to order a dish known as bananas dulce. Essentially, bananas sauteed in brown sugar and rum. Sounds great really.

Ted Bundy- Steak

Image Source: Reddit
Ted Bundy has appeared back in to our spotlight in recent years after the biopic that was made about him recently. Obviously he was a horrific man who committed terrible crimes. His final meal request was a medium rare steak, eggs, hash browns and toast with a cup of coffee.

Marilyn Monroe- Meatballs

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Marilyn was a truly beloved star, and her death came with controversy as she supposedly died from a sleeping pill overdose. She deserved a classy last meal, and that's exactly what she got; a plate of stuffed mushrooms and meatballs washed down with a crystal glass of Dom Perignon.

John Candy- Spaghetti

Image Source: Reddit
John Candy has such a recognisable face, featuring in so many comedies during the 80's and 90's; including Cool Runnings and Spaceballs. Following the shooting of Wagons East he made food for his co-workers, a spaghetti dinner. He died in his sleep later that night.

Whitney Houston- Hamburger

Image Source: Reddit
When the news broke that Whitney Houston had died, people were devastated; she had drowned in her own hotel room. Before she died, she decided to order a hamburger and turkey sandwich with a side of fries. Don't forget she also ordered a bottle of champagne and some Heineken!

John Wayne Gacy- KFC

Image Source: Reddit
John Wayne Gacy was another guy that really had a horrific persona, and was responsible for the deaths of 33 men. Prior to his convictions of murder, he actually managed 3 different KFC restaurants and that's what he requested for his final meal before his death sentence was finalised.

Timothy McVeigh- Ice Cream

Image Source: Insider
From one murderer to another, Timothy McVeigh, notorious for the being the man behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings, was sentenced to death in 2001. His final meal request consisted very simply of just 2 pints of mint choc chip ice cream. Seems to sweet for me.

Victor Feguer- An Olive

Image Source: Reddit
Victor Feguer wasn't a famous man, but his final meal has become one that many people might have heard of. He was convicted of the murder of a doctor in 1963 but chose his final meal to be just a single olive in the hopes that a tree would grow from the pit within his body.

Brittany Murphy- Noodles

Image Source: Reddit
Brittany Murphy was famous following her appearance in the cult classic film Clueless in 1995 aged just 18. She died 14 years later in 2009 unexpectedly, as a result of a prescription drug overdose. Investigators found she had consumed noodles, thai food and a Gatorade before she died.

Julia Child- French Onion Soup

Image Source: Reddit
Julia Child managed to master French cooking and became one of the most popular tv chefs ever. Following her death in 2004, aged 91, Child ate a meal made by her longtime assistant Stephanie Hersh. She made Child a French onion soup, one of the first meals she ever made on tv.

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