Dark Secrets Lisa Marie Presley Exposed About Her Family

By Juliet Smith 9 months ago

Who was Lisa Marie Presley?

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Lisa Marie Presley, born in 1968, was an exceptionally talented American singer-songwriter. But, she’s more widely known as the sole offspring of the iconic rock 'n' roll legend, Elvis Presley, and the renowned actress, Priscilla Presley. She was born in Memphis, in the state of Tennessee. While Lisa Marie was known for her notable familial connections, she went on to make significant contributions to the music industry.

Was she close to her dad, Elvis?

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Elvis was considered a devoted father to Lisa Marie despite the pressures of his work and the difficulties of stardom. In interviews, she often gushed over him and related stories about their interactions. Lisa Marie was showered with presents by Elvis and had special adventures like visits to theme parks. To keep in touch with her while on tour, he even sent her notes.

Elvis had a loving nickname for his daughter

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Did you know that Lisa Marie shared an interesting tidbit about her father? She revealed that Elvis had a unique and endearing nickname for her - "Button Head." This playful moniker showcases how close the bond was between father and daughter, giving us a glimpse into the personal side of the iconic musician. It leads us to realize that he was, in fact, just like us!

Elvis’ first guitar was far from luxurious

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In an exclusive interview, Lisa revealed that her father's first guitar was actually a thoughtful present from his own mother when he was just a kid! This cherished instrument, which kick-started Elvis's iconic musical journey, was purchased for a modest sum of $12.95. Who would’ve thought that this heartfelt gift would be the catalyst for a life-long, successful career?

Elvis had a keen passion for karate

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Elvis Presley, the iconic musician and cultural phenomenon, possessed a deep passion for the martial art of karate. In fact, he achieved a remarkable feat of the black belt, owed to his dedication and skill! Even within the confines of his own home, Elvis's love for karate was clear, as his daughter Lisa Marie fondly remembers witnessing him practicing various martial arts techniques. 

Movie nights were a regular for the Presley family

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If you know anything about the Presley family, you know they lived in their opulent Memphis mansion known as Graceland. As magical as it sounds, this is where the family indulged in the delightful tradition of hosting regular movie nights. These cherished evenings were dedicated to the enjoyment of films, fostering a sense of togetherness, and creating lasting memories within the Presley household.

Elvis loved all kinds of cars

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What many people don’t know about Elvis was his deep passion for cars. Throughout his career, Elvis amassed an impressive collection of them, showcasing his diverse taste and love for the open road. From sleek and stylish sports cars to luxurious and powerful vehicles, Elvis's car collection was a testament to his larger-than-life persona and his insatiable desire for speed and elegance.

An introduction to the Elvis Sandwich

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The Elvis Sandwich holds a special place in the hearts of many, including Lisa Marie Presley, who graciously revealed that this delectable delight was none other than her father's all-time favorite sandwich. This mouthwatering dish consists of a harmonious combination of creamy peanut butter, bananas, and crispy bacon, resulting in a strange combination of flavors that apparently pleases the taste buds! 

Lisa revealed her favorite room at the Graceland estate

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Lisa Marie did actually reveal her favorite room in the entire house, and it was a relatively secret room. She disclosed that the renowned "Jungle Room" located within the iconic Graceland estate holds a special place in her heart. If you didn’t know, the Jungle Room at the Presley residence was their very own at-home tiki bar! Elvis also tended to call it “The Den.” 

Why did Elvis wear those sunglasses?

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Did you know that there really is a fascinating story behind his famous sunglasses? Lisa Marie revealed that her father's iconic shades were not just a fashion statement but also served a practical purpose. It turns out that Elvis often wore prescription glasses due to his eye condition. This intriguing detail adds another layer of depth to the enigmatic persona of the music icon, showcasing how even his stylish accessories had a functional aspect.

Lisa shared a duo with her father in a famous song

Image Source/ Country Living Magazine
I bet you didn’t know this one, did you?! Lisa Marie made a significant contribution to the music world by recording a remarkable posthumous duet with her father. This extraordinary collaboration took place for the song “Where No One Stands Alone” which she released 40 years after the death of her father, and she appeared in the video alongside him too. 

Lisa had to be homeschooled as a child

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It’s hard for children of famous celebrities when they’re growing up, there’s no doubt. Everyone knows just how invasive paparazzi can be with these celebrities, and their children are included. During a portion of her education, Elvis and Priscilla made the decision to pursue homeschooling as a means to avoid the exposure that came with their attention outside of their home. 

The peculiar room at Graceland…

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Just when you thought you knew just about everything about the Graceland estate, something else is revealed about that beautiful and enigmatic place. At Graceland, Elvis Presley had a remarkable and exclusive lounge known as the TCB Lounge. This acronym, TCB, stands for "Taking Care of Business." We can imagine that he probably got up to a lot of “work” in that room!

Elvis was a mega movie fan

Image Source/ Outsider
Elvis had a penchant for indulging in the world of cinema. According to his daughter Elvis had a particular fondness for certain movies that captivated his imagination. Among these cinematic gems were the satirical masterpiece "Dr. Strangelove" and the comedic genius of "Monty Python." The films have distinct styles and intricate narratives, so no wonder Elvis loved them so much!

Lisa revealed Elvis’ favorite music genre

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Lisa Marie revealed a fascinating detail about her father's musical preferences. It turns out that Elvis had an incredibly vast and diverse collection of gospel music records. This revelation sheds light on the depth of his appreciation for this genre, showcasing his passion for the spiritual and soulful sounds that gospel music embodies. Quite different from his own music though!

Priscilla became a talented actress

Image Source/ Showbiz Cheat Sheet
Lisa Marie revealed that her mother, Priscilla Presley, harbored a deep passion for acting and actively pursued her dreams in the entertainment industry. Priscilla's remarkable talent led her to grace both the small and big screens, captivating audiences with her performances in various television shows and movies. No doubt, you’ve probably seen a few pieces where she has appeared!

Lisa had an interest in one particular hobby…

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Lisa Marie had a multitude of hobbies that she passionately engaged in. One of her primary interests lay in horseback riding, where she exhibited a deep enthusiasm and skill. She said that she found immense joy and fulfillment in the company of her beloved horses, dedicating a significant amount of her time to nurturing these cherished relationships. Horse Riding ran in the Presley family, though. 

Priscilla was a keen businesswoman

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Priscilla was actually a pining entrepreneur, engaged in a multitude of diverse business ventures that showcased her exceptional acumen and drive for success. One of her notable endeavors involved spearheading the launch of an exquisite line of fragrance products. We know of many celebrities that have released their own fragrance range now, but back then it wasn’t as popular. 

It was Lisa’s idea to open up the house for tours

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Lisa Marie played a pivotal role in the momentous occasion of opening Graceland, the iconic home of her father, to the public for immersive tours. By generously sharing this cherished estate with fans from all corners of the globe, Lisa Marie provided a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to intimately connect with the enduring legacy of the King of Rock and Roll himself.

Lisa tried to follow in her dad’s footsteps

Image Source/ Digital Music News
Lisa shared some fascinating insights into her musical influences. She admitted that she drew inspiration from legendary artists such as The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash. These iconic figures have undoubtedly left a mark on the world of music, and it is no wonder that Lisa Marie found herself influenced by their timeless artistry. It was through these works that she managed to find her style. 

Lisa was an avid painter

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It seems that Lisa Marie was quite the jack of all trades! Besides horse riding and producing much-loved music, Lisa Marie was in fact a talented artist. She showcased her artistic abilities through her mesmerizing music but also explored the depths of her creativity through the captivating medium of painting. We need to see some of these paintings please, I bet they’d sell for a fortune. 

The Presley Family loved their vacations

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It’s safe to say that Presley Family vacations were a cherished tradition for the family. They embarked on memorable trips to various destinations, including the breathtaking paradise of Hawaii. Lisa, filled with nostalgia, fondly reminisced about the precious moments they shared during these vacations, creating lasting memories that continue to hold a special place in her heart.

Fans played a big part in the Presley family

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Lisa unveiled an intriguing detail about the decor adorning Graceland, the iconic mansion that once belonged to her father. She revealed that a number of the distinctive decorations found inside the walls of Graceland were in fact sincere gifts that devoted fans had graciously given to the Presley family. This revelation not only added a layer of sentimental value to the already captivating interior design of Graceland but also highlighted the profound impact that Elvis had on his fanbase. 

Lisa went on to be inspired by her father

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She openly acknowledged the profound impact her father's music has had on her own musical style. Her acknowledgement of her father's musical legacy only emphasis the power and timeless appeal of Elvis's iconic sound. There were clearly some musical genes passed down as Lisa Marie Presley carried forward her father's musical legacy while adding her own unique touch to the world of music.

Lisa revealed all about her mom’s fashion sense

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If there’s one thing that Priscilla did well, it was captivating the public with her timeless and stylish looks. She was a fashion icon of the times, and continued to be for years! But it was Lisa Marie that revealed all about her mother’s fashion passion She shared that her mother, Priscilla, possessed an exceptional fashion sense and wanted to be known as a fashion icon for many years.

Priscilla penned a fascinating book

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Priscilla actually wrote a captivating book called "Elvis and Me," delving into the intricate dynamics of their relationship. This piece offers profound insights into the bond shared between Priscilla and the legendary Elvis Presley, shedding light on the intricacies of their personal connection and the profound impact it had on their lives. Readers are granted a unique glimpse into the private world of Priscilla and Elvis!

Lisa used her riches to experience the world

Image Source/ CollegePill
Lisa Marie was an avid traveler and went on numerous adventures, immersing herself in diverse cultures around the world. Her extensive travel experiences allowed her to gain a deep appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of the world, from bustling cities to remote villages. She eagerly explored every corner, seeking to understand the customs, traditions, and way of life of the local people.

Lisa considered herself a musical prodigy

Image Source/ Ben Vaughn
Lisa ended up being a talented singer-songwriter and managed to captivate audiences with her heartfelt and introspective songwriting. Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences, Lisa Marie crafted a collection of songs that delved deep into the complexities of her personal life. One notable theme that resonates throughout her music is her relationship with her father. 

The Presley Family were all about charity

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Now we know why Lisa was so giving! She shed light on her mother's remarkable dedication to charity, as she was actively involved in numerous charitable organizations, with a particular focus on supporting veterans. This admirable commitment to giving back to society showcases the Presley’s unwavering compassion and desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

What happened to Lisa Presley?

Image Source/ Wikipedia
Unfortunately, Lisa Marie Presley passed away in January 2023 at the age of 54. According to the first responders, she died of a cardiac arrest, which was likely due to a small bowel obstruction. While a sad ending, fans can take solace in that Lisa carried on the enormous legacy that her father left behind, pursuing his love for music and continuing to help those in need. 

Pictures Of Lisa Marie You Need To See: Newborn Lisa Leaving The Hospital

image source: theguardian.com
Here in 1968 pictured as a bundle of joy - quite literally - where you can see her face poking out is Lisa Marie being escorted from the hospital with her mother, and her father Elvis Presley, of course, planning to take their new baby daughter home from Baptist hospital.

Time In The Garden With Her Parents

image source: theguardian.com
Graceland must have been the perfect place to grow up in terms of the sheer amount of garden space a young toddler would have had to run around! Here's Priscilla and Elvis relaxing in the garden on a sun lounger with baby Lisa Marie, who wouldn't have known at this age how much of a big deal her father was!

A Visit To A Hospital With Michael Jackson

image source: theguardian.com
Michael Jackson apparently had a thing for posing on balconies, but for this one he's joined by his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley. The pair are shown during a visit to a hospital in Budapest in 1994, waving at fans and paparazzi. Let's hope the veranda isn't too high up!

A Serious Photoshoot

image source: theguardian.com
Lisa Marie had her fair share of professional photoshoots, too - naturally, seeing as she was sort of a big deal. This one was taken back in 2012, where she can be seen in a bright coral dress, her foot tattoo on shoe and topped off by a seriously professional expression.

Austin Butler And Lisa Marie At The Elvis Screening

image source: theguardian.com
Lisa Marie must have felt very proud to walk the premier carpet with her mother, Priscilla, for the release of her father's biopic, Elvis. Here's she's pictured with Austin Butler himself, who played her father in the movie. That must have been very strange for her, to say the least!

2 Days Before Her Death

image source: theguardian.com
This photo was taken of Lisa Marie just two days before her untimely death. She's pictured here at the 2023 Golden Globes ceremony, which she attended with her mother. She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, and although her heart was actually restarted, she died later that day.

The Perfect Family Portrait

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Despite the fact that Elvis first looked "petrified" the very first time he held his daughter, Lisa Marie - according to wife Priscilla - it didn't take long for him to warm up to his daughter and take amazing family photos like this one. Here Lisa poses with her parents when they were still together.

Like Mother Like Daughter In Leather Jackets

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Taken in 1992, this photo shows that both Lisa Marie and Priscilla know how to rock a leather jacket - and there's nothing wrong with matching your clothes to your mother's! During this time, Priscilla was being very watchful of Lisa Marie, especially seeing as her daughter had a 'drug phase' for a few years.

Lisa Marie Kisses The King

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
The King of Pop, of course, and not a kiss on the cheek from her father the King! Lisa Marie seems to always be surrounded by music royalty, after all. But if you'd never seen a PDA of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie before, here it is, from the days they were married.

A Year Before Presley And Cage Married

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Lisa Marie was known for her brief marriage to actor Nicholas Cage, and this photo of the couple - looking happy - was taken a year before they officially tied the knot. But, as we know, their marriage didn't last very long - but least they have pictures like this for their memory bank!

Lisa Marie Backstage

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
As well as being invited to a whole load of important gigs, ceremonies and awards shows, Lisa Marie could also be found backstage at big events, too. Here she's backstage at the VH1 Big Awards back in 2002, which took place in Los Angeles at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.

Lisa Marie Sings On The Tonight Show

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
But with a budding music career, she obviously wasn't found backstage for long - and front and center, like this performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, back in 2003. A lot of people were critical of her vocal talents, and her father's name obviously helped her get forward, but there's no doubt she had musical talent and success!

Mother And Daughter Pose With Fashion Designers

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
One of the many exciting events Lisa Marie attended was fashion shows, and here she's seen with designers Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana at the The Fashion Group International's 20th Annual Night of Stars Awards Gala. To her left is her daughter, Riley Keough.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shows Off Elvis's Sunglasses

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla, can here be seen laughing as the Japanese Prime Minister of the time, Junichiro Koizumi, shows off a pair of Elvis sunglasses which he'd gotten as a gift! Being a huge Elvis fan, Koizumi was happy to be able to do his Elvis impression to the king's own wife and daughter.

Lisa Marie With Blonde Hair

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Living a rock 'n' roll lifestyle and having enough money to experiment has meant that Lisa Marie's style has changed a lot throughout the years. She's most notable for blonde hair, but she's also rocked a variety of looks including red hair, brown hair and streaked hair.

Another For The Family Album

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Although very sad that Elvis himself can't pose on this family picture with them, this is still a nice shot of Lisa Marie surrounded by her family. On her right, her mother Priscilla and grandmother to Lisa's two children, on the left and to the bottom of the photo. They all look alike, don't they?

The Body Language Says It All

image source: elvispresleymusic.com
Lisa Marie's relationship with musician Danny Keough was one of many of her exciting love affairs over the years, and Danny was father to her two children. But this picture perhaps gave a hint that their relationship wouldn't last the long haul based on the rather distant body language!

She Looked At Ease In Michael's Company

image source: thenewyorktimes.com
There were a lot of critics when it came to Lisa Marie's marriage to the King of Pop, but there's no denying that she looks relaxed and happy in the photos of the pair together! Not to mention her style was to die for back then! And Michael looked pretty chill with her, too.

Mother And Son Buried Together At Graceland

image source: bbc.com
Despite the family tragedy of Lisa Marie losing her son, Benjamin, at such a young age, and then dying at a young age herself, the huge estate of Graceland means that the family can be laid to rest together, as well as close to their father and grandfather, Elvis, in Memphis.

Those Mother And Daughter Moments

image source: thenewyorktimes.com
Priscilla and Lisa Marie once again proving how photogenic they've always been! Even without their famous father in the frame, these two make for an adorable and memorable family photo, with Lisa Marie's bright blonde hair from when she was a child and her mother's auburn locks.

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