12+ Dark And Shameful Secrets Russell Brand Does Not Want Us To Know

By Kirsty 9 months ago

1. Multiple women have accused him of assault

image source: bbc.co.uk
The most recent news on Russell Brand has been shocking allegations of assault that have come from a number of women. Up to this point, four women have come forward to accuse Brand of s*xual assault between 2006 and 2013, at a time when some of the women were very young.

2. Former co-workers claimed he was "inappropriate"

image source: thehollywoodreporter.com
It also seemed like Brand's shocking behavior extended to the workplace, too, with co-workers claiming he'd been extremely inappropriate - even in a s*xual way - behind the scenes at the studios. His behavior was also claimed to be "abusive" and "predatory" to others he was working with.

3. He admitted he used to be "promiscuous"

image source: thenewyorktimes.com
There's nothing wrong with being promiscuous, of course, but it doesn't bode well for a man being accused of a lot of s*xual misconduct when he makes a point of getting to know a lot of women. Although he explained he had been "very, very promiscuous", he maintained that all his relationships had been "consensual".

4. He allegedly pursued a 16-year-old

image source: euronews.com
One of the women who has come forward to accuse Brand has said she was 16 at the time of him pursuing her, claiming that he would send a car to pick her up from school, and that he would refer to her as "the child". It's said all his behavior pointed to that of a "groomer".

5. He might have attended Alcoholics Anonymous

image source: nbcnews.com
It's also believed that Brand's struggles with alcohol were enough to send him to the Alcoholics Anonymous group for treatment and support. Another woman claiming assault against Brand has said that she actually met him at one of the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

6. The allegations go back to 2007

image source: evoke.com
Although the allegations are surfacing recently, they actually go back as far as 2007. A woman who was in a 6-month relationship with Brand published a book which claimed that he s*xually assaulted her during their time together, and it was actually her memoir that prompted other women to come forward.

7. He apparently wasn't a joy to work with

image source: bbc.co.uk
Due to his alleged inappropriate and "predatory" behavior, many people have spoken of the reality of working with Brand at the British-based BBC studios. His behavior is claimed to have included him publicly urinating, throwing things and getting undressed in front of people.

8. He's been accused of indecent exposure

image source: belfasttelegraph.co.uk
Two members of the crew who worked on the British TV show Big Brother at the time the comedian worked on the show claimed that he'd flashed them when they came to his dressing room. Not only that, but another woman claimed Brand exposed himself at an office in LA.

9. It's believed the BBC took "no formal action"

image source: thetelegraph.co.uk
After Brand had allegedly flashed and exposed himself, the broadcasting company he was working for at the time - the BBC studios in the UK - were informed, with the woman from the LA office messaging someone at the BBC about the incident. But no formal action was taken.

10. Brand released a video denying the accusations

image source: bbc.co.uk
Russell Brand has of course had something to say about the recent accusations, and he released a personal video on YouTube and Instagram to address it. He denied the accusations, saying they they're something he would "absolutely refute" and that he admitted to being promiscuous but that everything was above board.

11. And suggests the media might have a vendetta against him

image source: theguardian.com
In response to the whirlwind of accusations and the media backlash, Russell Brand then went on to claim that the media might have a vendetta against him, and specifically that he might have been "too transparent" about the promiscuous behavior he always admitted to.

12. Media companies have dropped him as a client

image source: themirror.co.uk
Unsurprisingly, media companies have reacted negatively to the allegations against Brand, and some have actually dropped him as a client. Tavistock Wood Management not only dropped Brand, but they apparently knew of an allegation against him for years, which they originally believed had been an attempt to make money from Brand, but now admitted they were "horribly misled by him".

13. His "commitment to free speech"

image source: nbcnews.com
Brand has always been an outspoken individual, so it's no surprise that he takes his free speech very seriously. He revealed that he'd be appearing on the platform Rumble, which is known for its "immune to cancel culture" persona, with the likes of Andrew Tate and Donald Trump joining its ranks previously.

14. He's struggled with addiction in his past

image source: metro.co.uk
Russell Brand has never shied away from his struggles with a variety of addictions in his past, and he's spoken specifically about his relationship with dr*gs and alcohol. It was back in 2002 that he first officially went into recovery for his addictions, and he's since tried to advocate for treatment.

15. He's been married more than once

image source: todayshow.com
For a man that has openly admitted he's been very promiscuous, it's no surprise that he's been married more than once. Most people will know that he had a very brief marriage to popstar Katy Perry back in 2010, and he then married Laura Gallacher in 2017, with the pair having children together.

16. One of his addictions included being a shopaholic

image source: gq-magazine.co.uk
For a man with a very 'out-there' dress sense, it might also be no surprise that he's been addicted to shopping in the past. He's admitted himself that he used to struggle with compulsive purchases in the past, but has since tried to dial it down with a more minimalistic lifestyle.

17. He had a difficult childhood

image source: the-sun.com
A lot of people who struggle with addiction issues later in life might have had a problematic childhood, and Brand is no different. He has spoken openly about how his childhood was a difficult one, with his parents getting divorced and then his battle with substance abuse.

18. Want more interesting facts about Russell Brand? He was a stand-up comedian first

image source: nme.com
He's made a name for himself in many different media forms, but first and foremost he was a stand-up comedian performing on stage. He would first perform in entertainment venues around the UK before becoming more well-known around the world. His unique personality and wit made him very popular, very quickly.

19. He's been involved in social and political causes

image source: vanityfair.com
While dominating the field of stand-up and entertainment, Brand has also spent his career getting involved in a lot of social and political causes. With his outspoken nature, he's never shied away from giving his opinion on corporations, and "corruption" within the political ranks.

20. He's also an author

image source: newsweek.com
Being an intelligent comedian known for his witty words, it's also no surprise Brand has taken to writing a book or two. In fact, he's written several books, most of which are accounts of his own personal journeys, including, "My Booky Wook" and "Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions".

21. And he's a vegan

image source: livekindly.com
Brand proudly follows a vegan lifestyle and diet, not only deciding to do it for himself but also spending time encouraging the plant-based lifestyle for others to follow. With the speaking platform he's had, he's used it to spread an ethical and environmental message about going vegan.

22. He's also performed as a musician

image source: billboard.com
For a guy that dresses like a rock star half the time, it's also not so surprising to know he's dabbled in the music industry! He's been known to include music in his stand-up comedy routines, and he's also released an album called "Iron West", a spoken-word album making use of his reputation for flowery language.

23. His main push into the spotlight was his role in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

image source: esquire.com
If you're a fan of comedy movies then no doubt you've seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and even if you had no clue who Russell Brand really was before this, his role in the movie put him in the spotlight for his hilarious performance. It's this movie that would have put the comic on the map for a lot of people outside of the UK.

24. He's known for his unique fashion choices

image source: gq.com
When Brand first came onto UK screens, he was distinctive for his big hair and unique fashion choices, and that doesn't seem to have changed much over the years. He has a lot of eccentric clothing and 'out there' accessories, where his more artistic personality comes through his fashion choices.

25. He's also been a multi-talented host

image source: imdb.com
Brand has had a very successful career in broadcasting, which means that he's taken on a lot of different hosting jobs, both on and off screen. He's hosted mainstream TV shows like Saturday Night Live, but he's also successfully hosted radio programs and podcasts.

26. He's a fan of meditation and mindfulness

image source: twitter.com
Meditation and mindfulness are often plugged for go-tos against anxiety and mental health struggles, and for Brand, they have been key players in his battle with overcoming addiction. He advocates for daily meditation and mindfulness, saying they've both helped him stay sober.

27. You might have heard of his podcast, "Under the Skin"

image source: russellbrand.com
Or, more specifically, "Under the Skin with Russell Brand", just so you know it's him. The podcast series focuses on Brand speaking with a variety of different people from different backgrounds about the "big" topics, like spirituality opinions, psychology and social issues.

28. Talk shows love him

image source: entertainment.ie
It's no surprise he's been a popular guest on many well-known talk shows, seeing as he likes to talk - and with a wide range of adjectives, at that. He's been a very sought-after guest on many shows, particularly for the deeper and more thoughtful conversations needing to be had.

29. He's always been involved in political activism

image source: socialistparty.org.uk
Brand has used his platform to also raise awareness about certain political and social causes, and he's been known to get involved with a ton of political activism. He's even got involved in protests and encouraged others to get involved in activism as much as possible.

30. He's been known for giving very complex interviews

image source: theguardian.com
Although Brand has been known for being a complex talk show guest, he's also had a reputation for being a host that encourages complex interviews, too. He's held interviews with notable people with the intent of getting into meaningful conversations and talking about big issues. But is that all about to change based on recent accusations?

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