All The Members Of Staff The Royal Family Have

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1. Comptroller of the Lord Chamberlain's Office

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The Lord Chamberlain's office is responsible for all the ceremonial events and other public facing activities. Michael Vernon, who has previously served in the Coldstream Guards, is the current Comptroller serving the King and was at the head of the coronation celebrations.

2. The Private Secretary

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The Private Secretary is essentially the King's PA. They organise all of their day to day activities including all royal engagements. They also take responsibility for helping write speeches and any other public messages that might need to be sent out.

3. Keeper of the Privy Purse

Image Source/ BBC
Sir Michael Stevens is the current Keeper of the Privy Purse and Treasurer to the King. The Privy Purse is a private income which the Sovereign is paid so essentially the Keeper is responsible for looking after the personal financial affairs of the King.

4. Master of the Household

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The Master of the Household is the operational chief of all things regarding the Royal family. They have many, many staff to oversee in all aspects of the household from footmen to kitchen staff. They are also in charge of all the planning for any entertainment given by the royal family.

5. Yeomen of the Guard

Image Source/ Royal Central
The Yeomen of the Guard are recognisable from their cross belts worn from their left shoulder. They also carry a sword which is not drawn. They act as bodyguards to the Sovereign and are there for the King's protection. They date back to the 1400s and were set up by Henry VII.

6. Director of the Royal Collection

Image Source/ Royal Collection Trust
Tim Knox is a British art historian and museum director. He is the current Director of the Royal Collection which is a household department that oversees the day to day management and upkeep of the royal art collection which is easily one of the largest in the world.

7. Gentlemen at Arms

Image Source/ The Imperial Court
This troop was initially founded by Henry VIII to act as an escort for him and as a form of bodyguard. Today, they are used purely for ceremonial purposes. You will see then present at a variety of Royal events like the opening of Parliament and state visits.

8. Dresser

Image Source/ BBC
I'm sure you can take a guess at what a dresser is... although it doesn't mean physically helping them get dressed, it is the person responsible for choosing all of their outfits. Angela Kelly was the longstanding dresser, and later friend, to the late Queen.

9. Equerry

Image Source/ The Mirror
An Equerry is a very personal role within the Royal Family. They are a very close personal assistant to the royal member. This can include a variety of day-to-day tasks ranging from arranging transport by car for their boss or just accompanying them on ceremonial or public visits.

10. Royal Waterman

Image Source/ Royal Barge
The Royal Watermen were the men who rowed the Royal Barges up and down the River Thames. Although there are no Royal Barges on the river anymore, there are still 24 Royal Watermen under the command of The King's Bargemaster. Their duties are to escort the Royal Family while on the water.

11. Lady of the Bedchamber

Image Source/ The National
Historically, the role of Lady of the Bedchamber was to help bathe and dress or undress the Queen or Queen consort. These days it is not quite so old fashioned, but the role is still a woman who will assist the lady in their bedchamber but also may accompany them on outings.

12. Women of the Bedchamber

Image Source/ The Times
Women of the Bedchamber will work under the supervision of the Lady of the Bedchamber. When 'in waiting', they will help with whatever the Queen or Queen consort needs and if the Lady of the Bedchamber is present, they will always defer to her and be there to assist.

13. Page of Honour

Image Source/ Tatler
The Page of Honour is a purely ceremonial role to the royal family these days. They will be required to be there on state and ceremonial occasions, but there are no day-to-day duties involved. They usually carry the robes of the monarch. This was the role Prince George played on the day of his grandfather's coronation.

14. Palace Attendant

Image Source/ The Royal Family
A Palace Attendant is a key figure behind the scenes. Under the direction of the Master of the Household, they could be setting a table ready for 200 guests or setting up for an important business meeting. They support the day to day running of the Palace in whatever way is necessary.

15. Footmen

Image Source/ Daily Star
Palace Footmen have a variety of roles in the Palace. They might server dinner, open doors or move furniture around for the housemaids to clean. They sometimes will act as valet for any visiting guests. They are essentially royal butlers and uphold a bespoke service at the Palace.

16. Chief Clerk

Image Source/ Country Living
A Clerk of the Crown is someone who has important administration duties relating to the royal family. This is often preparing and handling royal documents and letter. The Chief Clerk is someone who will oversee all of this work and takes on tasks of the utmost importance. They are all kept in that special, red briefcase.

17. Dining Room Supervisor

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A Dining Room Supervisor is the one responsible for any dinners going smoothly. This will most importantly be any dinners the royal family are hosting for guests. This role would oversee the correct laying of the table, the way the guests are served and pouring of wine.

18. Chef

Image Source/ Hello
Another self explanatory role, but possibly one of the most important! Can you imagine cooking for the King!? The Chef is in charge of the Palace kitchen and will write all of the menus and shopping lists from 2 person dinners to a 100 person banquet.

19. Housekeeping Attendant

Image Source/ Mental Floss
This is pretty self explanatory and it means the royal cleaners! But the items and household they clean is A LOT more precious that most others. Can you imagine accidentally knocking over a royal vase when dusting!? Or the King noticing a speck of dust on a windowsill?

20. Conservator

Image Source/ Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust
Conservators at Buckingham Palace and the other royal abodes are responsible for maintaining all pieces of the royal art collection to the highest standards. This is so the visitors always get the best impression when viewing the collection. Under the Chief Conservator there will be people responsible specifically for furniture or art etc.

21. Curator

Image Source/ UK Inbound
The Curators that work for the Royal Family will be in charge of sharing one of the largest art collections in the world. They will organise viewings and fundraisers or exhibits, they will also possibly give lectures on the pieces of art they are in charge of. Some of the art will be given out on loan too.

22. Property Project Manager

Image Source/ Harpers Bazaar
You need a project manager for everything, especially with the scale the royal family work on. A property project manager specifically will deal with all and any issues or developments with the respective royal properties. This could be new development to maintenance work.

23. People Services Advisor

Image Source/ Sky News
People Services is another name for HR! Yes, the royal family do need HR with all these staff. This role is a support role for all the other staff working under the royal family. It will involve all you general HR roles, just with a niche royal element added as a lot of the jobs here aren't exactly typical!

24. Senior Gardner

Image Source/ Royal Collection Trust
We've all at least seen pictures of the gardens at Buckingham Palace and al the other Royal houses. They will take some serious upkeep! It will take a team of gardeners to maintain the gardens at each site, but there's always got to be someone in charge.

25. Warden at Windsor

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The Warden at Windsor has quite the varied role. They are essentially the face of Windsor Castle so they might be roaming around the grounds greeting people or giving guided tours of the royal art collection. They are basically the person that gives us all access to Windsor.

26. Retail Assistant at Buckingham Palace

Image Source/ The Royal Family
Retail assistants will work across the shops that are based at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. You can get all sorts in these shops from mock guard uniforms to cuddly toy corgis! You can also find more expensive items like commemorative china and jewellery.

27. Admissions Assistant

Image Source/ Royal Collections Trust
Another role that is based around the tourism side of the royal households. Admissions Assistants are simply in charge of selling and checking admission tickets to Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace or similar. They are front of house at these sites so are very much representing the royal family.

28. Armourer

Image Source/ Royal Over-Seas League
Windsor Castle and Hampton Court still have weaponry displayed on the walls and suits of armour in the corner! So of course they still need an Armourer. Back in the day, they were high ranking craftsman in the army, but these days their jobs will be more about restoring these old outfits.

29. Communications Officer

Image Source/ Wedding Planner
Depending on what member of the royal family you work for, this could be one of the hardest or easiest jobs of them all! A communications officer will be in charge of the PR and public statements for their member. Imagine the work cut out for those serving Prince Andrew or Prince Harry...

30. Coffee Shop Attendant

Image Source/ Royal Collection Trust
Did you know that Windsor Castle had a coffee shop? Well every coffee shop needs staff and they are still on the books of the royal household! You might not be bumping elbows with the royal family but you will be representing them by working on the grounds of one of their homes.

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