Princess Diana’s Life In Pictures

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1. Diana With Brother Charles - 1969

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Lady Diana should have had all the makings of a happy childhood, along with her three siblings including brother Charles.  However, that period led to her spending a lot of time on her own with her Shetland pony for company.  In fact she had a really strong connection to all animals, maybe because she didn't feel judged.

2. Diana Francis Spencer - 1971

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When Diana was 8 years of age the family was fragmented.  Her parents, Francis Ruth Burke Roche and Edward John Spencer, were going through a divorce. Her father was awarded sole custody of all the kids and when he became an Earl, Diana was then known as Lady Diana Spencer.

3. Working As A Nanny - 1981

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Lady Diana Spencer became a nanny to Patrick Robertson's family in November 1980.  Not long after she took up the position she became romantically linked to Prince Charles.  They had set eyes on each other when Charles had previously dated Diana's sister.

4. It's Official! - 1981

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The engagement was announced on 24th February 1981 of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.  There was the famous quotation that the Prince uttered when a reporter asked whether the couple were in love,  Diana had responded "Of course" but Charles said, “Whatever ‘in love’ is.”

5. On A Royal Path

Image source: Daily Mail
A few months after the engagement, Diana posed beside her fiance as they strolled in the Scottish countryside near the royal family's Balmoral estate.  Diana wore a cute pink alpaca sweater which gained much attention.  She had purchased it from "Inca, The Peruvian Shop" in London.

6.  The Blushing Bride - 1981

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It was an iconic sight to see the newlyweds riding through London after their marriage on 29th July 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral.  There were 3,500 guests at the ceremony and a staggering 750 million people watched it unfold on television.  It was described as the ultimate fairy tale.

7. Sleeping Beauty - 1981

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Princess Diana fell asleep during a live performance in 1981 and the Press gave her the nickname "Sleeping Beauty."  It all became clear as to why she had nodded off as, three weeks later, she announced she was pregnant with her first child, Prince William.

8. The New Arrival Is Here - 1982

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A very brave and stunning Princess Diana was photographed with Prince Charles on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital, London. She cradled her brand new baby boy, born on 21st June 1982 and looked absolutely immaculate bearing in mind she had only just given birth.

9. A Warm Welcome In Australia - 1983

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana undertook their first overseas tour together and greeted the crowds in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It was considered to be a successful trip, mainly down to Diana's popularity and her stunning wardrobe.  This  reportedly caused tension with her husband. Were the cracks already showing?

10. Pretty In Pink - 1983

Image source: Business Insider
Almost two years into her marriage, Princess Diana wore a pink dress designed by Victor Edelstein.  It was for a state reception taking place in Brisbane, Australia.  The image of her in the fabulous Edelstein dress was captured during the 1983 tour and much like her other outfits, made headline news.

11. It's Another Boy! - 1984

Image source: People
Back on the steps of the hospital once again in 1984, the Prince and Princess of Wales introduced their second son to the waiting reporters and cameras.  Prince Henry had arrived and was going to be known as Harry.  There was two years between the brothers and in their younger days, they shared a close bond.

12. Dance With John Travolta 1985

Image source: Business Insider
Do you remember when Princess Diana hit the dance floor with “Saturday Night Fever” star John Travolta at the White House?  This was in November 1985 and Diana and the ator were both guests of President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan.  Diana wore an off the shoulder black gown with the "wow factor."

13. On Vacation With Her Boys- 1987

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Princess Diana was widely recognised as being a hands-on mom.  She was determined to break royal standards whereby kids saw more of their nannies than they did of their parents.  Here we see Diana with her boys, William and Harry, enjoying a vacation in Spain in 1987.

14. Princess Diana Speaks With AIDS Patients - 1989

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Two years previously, in 1987, Diana made headlines by shaking the hand of an AIDS patient without wearing protective gloves.  This was to dispel rumors that the disease could be transmitted by touch.  Here, in 1989, she is photographed chatting to AIDS sufferers.

15. The Crowd Are Excited At A Royal Visit - 1990

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It was a big day in Tenteden, Kent, England on 18th October 1990 as Diana was visiting the area.  As expected, she was mobbed by well wishers who all wanted to meet her.  The Princess's popularity was partly down to he compassion and how well she related to everyone.  She became known as "The People's Princess."

16. Showing Her Sense Of Humor - 1991

Image source: Getty Images
When Princess Diana was with her two sons, William and Harry, she always looked so happy.  She adored the boys and wanted them to lead as much a normal life as possible whilst still being Princes.  In June 1991, the three of them were having a good laugh as they ate snacks at Windsor Great Park.

17. The Parent's Race At School - 1991

Image source: WireImage
There was a brilliant photo opportunity in June 1991 when Diana participated in field day activities at Harry's school.  Like many parents, she showed her competitive streak by running barefoot in the mom's race.  She got pipped at the post and came a respectable second!

18. Feeling Alone - 1992

Image source: SheKnows
They say a picture can speak a thousand words and this image shows how alone Princess Diana really felt in her marriage.  She was well aware that three dozen photographers were snapping her and she may have wanted to make the point without saying anything.  She succeeded.

19. Having The Bet Time Ever - 1993

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Princess Diana riding a log flume with her boys in 1993 is an iconic picture that filled all the tabloids.  The occasion was the Easter holidays and their day out at Thorpe Park, just outside London, guaranteed some great family time.  Diana even queued like everyone else for the rides

20. The Revenge Dress - 1994

Image source: Daily Mail
Prince Charles had given a television interview in 1994 where he admitted adultery.  Princess Diana was determined to stay strong so she arrived at the Serpentine Gallery, London, in a Christina Stambolian gown.  This look was later called the "revenge dress."

21. Showing Her Sons The Ropes - 1995

Image source: Daily Mail
Princess Diana often carried out official royal duties with her sons in tow, if that was appropriate.  Here we see them at the Heads of State VE Remembrance Service in London and the photo was taken on 7th May 1995 in Hyde Park.  This was a year before Charles and Diana were officially divorced.

22. Keeping In Shape - 1995

Image source: Getty Images
Whatever Diana was wearing, she looked amazing and that even counted as she was snapped leaving the gym in Chelsea Harbour Club in London in 1995.  She looked relaxed and fashionable in her workout gear, not at all stressed as she would have been years earlier.

23. THAT Interview - 1995

Image source: P A Images
Princess Diana was interviewed by Martin Bashir for the "Panorama" program on 20th November 1995.  It made the headlines all over the world as she candidly discussed that both Charles and herself had been unfaithful.  Diana was well aware that Charles' former love, Camilla Parker Bowles was still in his life.

24. The Divorce Is Finalised - 1996

Image source: Town & Country Magazine
The divorce was finalised in 1996.  The fairy tale was over and we were, as a nation, all sad at the outcome.  Diana was allowed to retain her title "Princess" but could not be referred to as "Her Royal Highness" any more.  She did, however, continue to reside at Kensington Palace.

25. Princess Diana Visits A Hospice - 1996

Image source: Hutton
Whatever people said or thought about Princess Diana, everyone was in agreement that she was a kind, caring and sympathetic woman.  She visited London Lighthouse in October 1996.  This was a center for those living with HIV and AIDS.  She was a great supporter of the charity.

26. Speaking With Victims Of Land Mines - 1997

Image source: Business Insider
Princess Diana spoke with victims of land mines at a medical center in Luanda, Angolain January 1997.  There was a very highly publicised walk across a minefield to raise awareness of the problem.  Two years later the International Mine Ban Treaty came into force.

27. In The Thick Of It - 1997

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Whilst other dignitaries discussed the issue of land mines, Diana went one step further. She wore protective body armour and a visor, visiting a minefield that was being cleared by the charity Halo in Angola.  Her visit in 1997 brought international attention to the huge problem.

28. Meeting Mother Teresa - 1997

Image source: WireImage
In 1997, Princess Diana met Mother Teresa during a visit to a hospital in the Bronx, New York.  Diana was already in America, taking part in a charity auction of 79 of her beautiful dresses.  According to the Associated Press, Diana altered her schedule so she could meet with the nun.  How sad that a few months later Diana would be dead and literally weeks after her, Mother Teresa left this world.

29. The Fatal Car Crash - 1997

Image source: A P Images
Following a car accident in Paris, Princess Diana died on 31st August 1997 in a car crash in Paris.  Henri Paul, the driver and Diana's companion, Dodi Fayed, were also killed. The news shook us all to the core and we grieved as if we had lost a family member.  The royal family initially did not handle the tragedy as expected but openly mourned her death after criticism.

30. The World Wept - 1997

Image source: Getty Images
Watching Princess Diana's funeral on television had us all lost for words.  From the image, we see Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Charles Spencer, Prince William and Prince Philip followed the coffin on foot.  6th September 1997 was a day that will never be forgotten.  Up to 2.5 billion people tuned in to the funeral.

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