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The Iconic Exterior And Front Door

Image Source / InsiderImagine being an Elvis fan and walking up to this front door for the first time. Graceland is over 13 acres based in Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis lived from 1957 right up until his death 30 years later. Since the early 80s, the estate has a remained as a museum to the King.

Elvis Pictured Outside The Mansion

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Despite it being over 40 years since Elvis's death, the estate of Graceland is still a must-see for many, with fans flocking there to visit the museum, as well as it probably being on a few bucket-lists or two. The highway the estate is located off was also renamed to Elvis Presley Boulevard.

The Musical Gates: Elvis And His Guitar

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The entrance gates to an estate can be just as lavish as the estate itself. And for Elvis, there were no half measures. One of the most impressive features of Graceland is the gates designed to resemble a musical score, as well as two depictions of Elvis holding a guitar. Elvis would sometimes sign fan autographs through the gate.

The Living Area With Its Custom-Built Sofa

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If you're going to have a sofa, you're going to do it right when money is no object. Elvis had a custom built sofa for this living room, measuring 15 foot in length, which was originally blue but was changed to white after Presley wanted it reupholstered. In the living room also stands a 10-foot coffee table.

The Dining Room Where Elvis Would Host Friends

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With such a sprawling estate, you're going to need the perfect dining room to sit with your guests. Elvis went for black marble flooring with striking blue curtains and a chandelier. Elvis would apparently sit at the head of the table (naturally) and there was a button to ring through to the kitchen if more food was needed.

The Famous Jungle Room

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One of the most famous rooms of the estate, the jungle room was actually a name given to the room only after it was opened to the public, and a name owning to the tropical vibe of the furnishings. Elvis had chosen Polynesian-type furniture, included plants in the décor and the most striking feature of all - a green carpet, covering both the floor and the ceiling.

The Ceiling And Floor Of The Jungle Room Are Covered In Shag Carpet

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The thick shag carpet covered the floor and all the ceiling, in a striking jungle green, and was so thick that it provided soundproofing for the room so that Elvis could actually use it as a recording studio. The jungle room also included stuffed animals on the furniture.

The Pool Room With Fabric Walls

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It took 10 days to install the fabric on the walls and ceiling of this pool room. And as you can see, it's not a simple plain fabric either. Each piece needed to be cut and attached as individual cotton fabric strips on all the walls and ceiling.

A Closer Look At The Billiards Room

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As you can see, the fabric layering is extremely intricate, especially on the ceiling, and it took a crew of people to pull this off. The sofa and the cushions match the maximalist fabric, too, while the lighting over the pool table provides extra colour with its retro shade.

The Upstairs Section Of The Mansion Is Cordoned Off - Perfectly Preserved

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Elvis died upstairs in the mansion, and instead of opening this area up to the public within the museum, it has been perfectly preserved exactly the way Elvis left it. The staircase leading up to the second level is always cordoned off, but that doesn't stop the staff decorating for Christmas!

The TV Room With 3 TV Sets

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For the TV room, Elvis decided on a navy and white colour scheme with accents of yellow. The room includes a large, comfortable sofa and three TV sets. Apparently Elvis was inspired by President Johnson, who liked to watch three different news stations at the same time.

Elvis's Office Desk Was Brought Down From The Off-Limits Upstairs

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Although Elvis's desk was originally upstairs and therefore off-limits, it was eventually brought down to be turned into part of the museum. The desk was given to Elvis as a gift in celebration of him selling one million copies of the Blue Hawaii soundtrack.

The Hall Of Gold: Trophy Building

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If there's going to be an Elvis museum, then there's going to be a lot of trophies to display. His gold records are all on display in the Trophy Building in the estate. You can walk down the hall to view them all. The building was a new wing Elvis originally constructed to have his own slot car track.

What Was Originally The Racquetball Building Is Transformed Into Another Trophy Room

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One of Elvis's hobbies was racketball. He had a whole building for it, but this was transformed into another trophy room for the museum. The room included posthumous accolades, but only stayed for a short time until it was restored back to its original racketball building.

Elvis And Family Are Actually Laid To Rest Within The Mansion Grounds

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The estate also includes the final resting place of not only Elvis himself, but his family members. The grounds include a Meditation Garden where the graves are located, and every year fans leave flowers at the site for Elvis and all his family.

There Is Also A Grave For Elvis's Twin Brother Who Died At Birth

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Included at the graves are Elvis's parents, grandmother and also his twin brother who died at birth, and whom Elvis never met. Elvis's twin was named Jessie, who died in 1935, and Elvis had a plaque made for him to place beside his parents' memorial within the Graceland estate.

The Chandelier Over The Forbidden Staircase

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Although visitors aren't allowed up the staircase to visit the preserved upstairs, that doesn't mean there isn't anything to see on or around the staircase. The staircase has a stunning chandelier hanging in the centre, which is also reflected in the huge mirrors running along the stairway.

The Bedroom Elvis's Parents Would Stay In

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Elvis Presley provided a guest bedroom for his parents to stay in when they would visit, and luckily for visitors, it's located downstairs and not the perfectly-preserved upstairs, so they can actually see it. The bedroom was located downstairs at the end of the hall, and close to the kitchen.

The Retro Kitchen

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Speaking of the kitchen - it's the ultimate retro vibes, with patterned tiling, dark wood finish and even the old-fashioned TV set. If you want a reminder of taking things for granted, the microwave in the kitchen actually cost $1000 back in the 70s. Not that Elvis couldn't afford that!

A Peek At The Back Of The Property

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With such a stunning entranceway to the grounds, you may not be familiar with how the back looks. During a tour, you'd walk around the back of the property, which reveals lush and spacious farmland, where Elvis also kept horses. He also had a private shooting range.

The Piano In His Music Room

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In the music room is displayed the piano which Elvis actually played on the day of his death. He was playing it on the morning before he would go upstairs to the bathroom and sadly never return. This music room originally held his platinum and gold records before they were moved.

Elvis's Bedroom

Image Source / Elvis Daily
Jeannie Le May, a friend of Elvis and who wrote a book about that friendship, is responsible for these more private pictures. This one is a photo actually inside Elvis's bedroom in Graceland, where you can see a TV, chair and tiger. Look closely in the mirror and there is what possibly could be a reflection of Elvis himself (beside the tiger tail!).

Presley's Bathroom

Image Source / Elvis Daily
Jeannie Le May also revealed this picture of Elvis's bathroom. With the estate being so big, it's likely there was more than one bathroom, so it's unclear whether this is the actual bathroom Elvis passed away in. You can see the counter littered with toiletries.

The Hallway Included Black Padded Doors

Image Source / Elvis Daily
It seems like every inch of Elvis's home was perfect for soundproofing, whether he intended it that way or not. The upstairs hallway, shown here, reveals padded black doors moving through to Elvis's bedroom.

The King's Bed

Image Source / Elvis Daily
Also taken by Elvis's friend Jeannie Le May, this reveals the bed of the King himself, in his own bedroom. You can also spot his nightstand to the side, on which is a red phone and lamp. The bed includes dark red canopy above, and looks to be a little more than king-sized!

A Portrait Of Elvis Hangs Over The Inaccessible Staircase

Image Source / HOUSE LUST
Even though you can't go any further than this portrait up the stairway, it's still nice to see this portrait of Elvis displayed on the mirrors of the stairwell. Being able to view it might make up for the fact that visitors can't go up the stairs, at least!

Elvis Lounges On His Sofa Playing Guitar

Image Source / ElvisPresleyPhotos.com
And just to show that huge sofa and massive coffee table being used when Elvis was at home, here he is in his living room strumming on his guitar with his feet up on the table. Despite Graceland now being a museum, Elvis apparently had reservations about using pictures from inside his home because he thought it might suggest he's looking for more publicity.

Elvis Plays The Piano In His Home

Image Source / ElvisPresleyPhotos.com
And another example of Elvis using the many instruments in his home during his down time, here he is using one of his pianos inside his home back in the 60s. No doubt Elvis would have hosted many amazing Christmas get togethers around his piano!

Priscilla And Lisa Marie Presley Inside Graceland

Image Source / We Heart It
And the Graceland mansion wasn't just the home of Elvis, after all. It was also home to his wife, Priscilla Presley, and his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley - both of whom are pictured here in the estate. Lisa Marie Presley has sole ownership over the Graceland estate, including all of her father's possessions still in it.

The Original Louis XV Style Lounge

Image Source / Elvis Information Network
The main lounge in the mansion was once decorated in stunning Louis XV-inspired fashion, with the peacock stained glass windows in the back. But apparently Elvis was not a huge fan of red, and preferred blues and whites (as seen with the later lounge styling and the TV room) and Priscilla restored it to how it was when she lived there - which is what any visiting tourist would now see.

Linda Sat On Elvis' Bed

Image Source/ Elvis Daily
Here Linda is sitting on Elvis' bed after renovations to the house in 1974. Elvis is taking the photo and she is smiling at the camera looking happy. The bedroom at this point was decorated in elaborate red and gold with a low hanging chandelier over the bed.

A Look At The Wardrobe

Image Source/ Elvis Daily
Here is another more detailed look into Elvis' bedroom. The wardrobe next to his bedside table is built in red wood. The window frame in the corner is lined with gold and some golden ornaments lie on the table. And, there's even a red telephone at the side of the bed.

Getlo In Lisa's Bathroom Upstairs

Image Source/ Elvis Daily
This is Getlo, inside the mansion. He was Linda and Elvis' pet chow chow dog bought by Elvis back in 1957. Getlo, was one of Elvis' dogs. He was once flown to Boston on Elvis' small private Jetstar plane to get treatment for a kidney ailment. But, sadly Getlo died on August 1, 1975, just a few months after being treated by Dr. S. Lynn

A Closer Look At The Infamous Staircase

Image Source/ Elvis Daily
Here we can get a closer look at the infamous staircase which leads to where nobody is allowed to go. We can also see the huge golden and crystal chandelier - the height of luxury. And, we can see down into the doorway, the entrace of the mansion with the white marbled floors.

A Peek Through The Door

Image Source/ Pinterest
There are some places we do not get to see inside Graceland. Here we get a sneak peak inside a doorway - one of many. The mansion was huge, and the amount of space is made even more impressive when each part of the interior is equally as elaborately designed.

Elvis' Ab Board

Image Source/ Elvis Daily
Again, this is photo is from inside the games room. Although this time we see a different view. In the background there are the retro pinball machines which Elvis loved. And, in the front are two leather sofas infront of the ab machine which Elvis himself used.

360 Foyer View

Image Source/ Blogspot
We can clearly see that the interior here is different. This was before the renovations when the rooms were white and blue themes - Elvis' choice of colour scheme before Linda helped renovate to red. We can see how grand the place is with the arched doorway.

The Building Plans

Image Source/ Elvis News
Here are the building plans from when Graceland was a mere thought and idea- just being planned. Elvis knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a retreat and an escape from the city life of fame and publicity. Graceland was going to be their home where they felt like it was a retreat.

The King's Throne

Image Source/ The Mirror
We all know Elvis the was the king of rock and roll...and it seems he had the throne to match. Not only was he the king of rock and roll but he was also the king of his mansion, and there is another throne here for Linda too who was clearly his Queen...

Plush Furniture

Image Source/ Elvis Daily
This red and gold lines sofa matches the two previous thrones perfectly. And, not only that but the red fluffy carpet on the floow and the red and golden lined drapes hanging in the doorway. Also, look closely and you notice the two peacocks facing one another on the stained glass windows.

Top Things You Need To Know About Graceland Before You Go: You Can Get Married There!

image source: weddingwire.com
If you're a fan of the king, and an Elvis impersonator at Vegas doesn't quite cut it for your impending nuptials, did you know you can actually get married at Graceland? The Graceland Wedding Chapel in the Woods is open to the public for marriages - and who wouldn't want their wedding photos with the Graceland mansion in the back?

Don't Forget To Sign The Wall

mage source: elvisblog.com
Usually you'd be told off for trying to graffiti on an important piece of history, especially taking a Sharpie to Elvis Presley's house, but you're actually encouraged to sign the wall during your visit! Make your mark on the wall by writing your personal message. Elvis himself even asked fans to do this when he was still living there.

You Can Take Your Picture With Elvis

image source: graceland.com
Okay, so not the real Elvis unfortunately... but this is probably the best you're going to get, and at his own mansion home, too. There are interactive things there (think cardboard cut out so it looks like it's Elvis standing right next to you) so you can grab a cheeky selfie with the King!

Make Sure To Take A Selfie

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Speaking of selfies - you're going to want to take one at any spot you can in Graceland, because photography is allowed (just not flash photography around some of the inside rooms). You might want to take a selfie in some of the most famous spots in Graceland, like the Jungle Room!

You Can Go On Elvis Radio, Live From Graceland!

image source: memphismagazine.com
SiriusXM has it's very own dedicated Elvis Radio, focusing only on the King and his hits! And better yet, it broadcasts live from the Graceland mansion. It's not just for enjoying while you're there, though - the DJs are always interacting with visitors and giving them the chance to sit in the DJ booth, as well as hosting trivia contests in the Graceland Plaza.

You Can See Special Artifacts If You Go VIP

image source: viator.com
There are lots of historical items and artifacts from both Elvis's life and from the Graceland mansion, and while a lot of them are openly on display at the Graceland museum, there are certain special artifacts from the collection you'll only get to see if you go VIP!

You Can Even Sing Or Play In A Band At Graceland

image source: youtube.com
If you're part of a choir or a band, did you know that you can actually play/sing at Graceland? Imagine telling everyone you played a gig at Elvis's mansion! Student groups are encouraged to perform in the Graceland Plaza, which faces the mansion and can be enjoyed by all visitors.

You Might Get A Free Elvis Poster If You Check In On Social Media

image source: reddit.com
If you have one tiny bit of wall that isn't already covered with Elvis posters, then why not complete your collection - for free? You might be able to grab a free Elvis poster if you check in on sites like Facebook and Yelp when you get there. The offer originally ran a few years ago, but it's worth checking before you go!

You Can Drink From The Same Water Fountain The King Did!

image source: sagerhome.com
Inside the Racquetball Building of the mansion, there's a water fountain that you might have thought was a new addition or replaced since Elvis's time - but nope, that's the original one! Elvis himself drank water from that very fountain, so you'll want to drink water from it too. One for the bucket list!

Don't Forget The Homemade Fudge

image source: reddit.com
You'll want to take a souvenir with you from Graceland, of course - and we don't mean all those selfies you've been snapping. Graceland Plaza gives the opportunity to fuel your visit around the huge mansion by offering a great menu, which includes Southern delicacies like homemade fudge.

You Might See A Celebrity

image source: graceland.com
Sure, Elvis was a celeb to all of us regular folks, but he was also a celebrity to many other celebs, too! Many famous people would have been huge fans of his music and life, and you never really know who's going to walk through those Graceland doors to have a tour...

You Can Do Morning Or Evening Walk-Ups To Pay Your Respects

image source: elvispresleynews.com
The Presley family, as we know, has been laid to rest right there at Graceland, and your visit can include paying your respects, as well as guided walk-up tours both morning and in the evening to the Meditation Garden so that you can take some time out to have that quiet moment.

Get A Smashed Penny Memento!

image source: ebay.com
No matter which tourist attraction you go to in the world, you have to get a smashed penny memento - it's just one of the best and easiest souvenirs! So of course you can get one at Graceland (and you should) - and yours will have Elvis's name printed on it for the perfect memento.

There's Also A Harley Davidson Shop

image source: foursquare.com
Any fan of Elvis knows that he was a huge motorcycle fan himself, and even had his own Harley. Not only are bikers welcome at Graceland to share in that motor appreciation, but there's also a Harley Davidson store you can visit when you go to the mansion - so another thing to add to your list!

If You're Only Going To Go Once, Go At Christmas

image source: graceland.com
Elvis was really big at Christmas - and nothing is more special than being able to go all out with huge mansion decorations! Even though Elvis is no longer around to do the decorating, the team at Graceland still go all out for festive decorations - so if you can only go once, Christmas is such a special time to visit Graceland and see the light up ceremony.

You can even step aboard his plane

image source: rollingstone.com
Elvis would get around in true style when he was touring the world for his music career, and he had luxury private planes to do the job. When you visit Graceland, you don't just get to see what he drove around on land, but you also have the opportunity to step on board one of his luxury airplanes he had customized!

You Can Stay The Night

image source: luxurylifestylemagazine.com
Okay, so you can't sleep in Elvis's very own bedroom (or his bed for that matter) but if you're a die hard fan, you have the opportunity to actually stay the night at the Graceland estate by booking into the Graceland Guesthouse. Think about waking up to that glorious mansion!

Give Yourself Enough Time To Look Around

image source: apnews.com
How long you'll need to tour Graceland entirely depends on the tour you've chosen, but at a minimum you'll need around an hour and a half, but some full tours will take maybe three and a half hours max. Whatever you're planning, make sure you give yourself enough time to take it all in - because you won't want to leave early!

There's An iPad Tour Option

image source: awards.design
If you want a really detailed guided tour to know what you're looking at - like that important tidbit about the fountain in the racquetball building being the original Elvis used - you can actually get an iPad tour for while you're there, which you can bring your own headphones for.

Weekday Afternoons Are Your Best Bet

image source: travelocity.com
We know the King was popular, and we know Graceland remains one of the most visited buildings in the world to this day, but that also means crowds you might not want to battle with in the Memphis heat! If you're looking for the best possible time to go for a quieter experience, weekday afternoons are your best bet.

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