1. Flower power

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Let’s face it- we’re used to seeing the Wednesday starlet in her classic black attire. And while her wardrobe is pretty typical in this photo, the surprise appearance of cream roses gives her look a (slightly) more feminine appearance than usual. We wished we looked as good as her in a skin-tight latex bodysuit!

2. Buckle up

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Now that Wednesday has become something of a global phenomenon, Jenna has become an overnight superstar. She now has a whopping 36.9 million photos on Instagram, and fans have gone particularly wild for this super sassy photo of the star in her in a sheer top. Brownie points for making huge belts cool again.

3. Feeling spooky?

💜💜💜💜 | Семейка аддамс, Уэнздей аддамс, Знаменитости

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If anyone was going to score 10/10 for Halloween, we’d bet it would be Jenna Ortega. But the star is looking a lot less scary here than we’d hoped! The 20-year-old actress looks much younger than her age as she sports teeny tiny shorts and silver hoops. We really hope she steps up her Halloween game next year…

4. Wednesdaying

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We don’t know about you, but we love seeing a few sneaky behind-the-scenes pics from our favorite shows. Here’s Jenna getting suitably gothed up in hair and make-up on the set of Netflix’s Wednesday, complete with lashings of fake blood. If you’re wondering why there’s so much blood and you haven’t seen the show yet- brace yourself!

5. Goth chic

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All black items? Check. Super long off-duty leather jacket? Check. Sexy lace dress? Check. Yep- Jenna Ortega really is a goth princess through and through. We love her off-the-shoulder touch with her leather jacket, which really complements that sheer dress. The heels add a subtle feminine touch to this classic grungy look.

6. Fresh faced

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While we’re used to seeing the starlet in heavy black attire and thick make-up, it’s actually quite refreshing to see the twenty-year-old actress looking happy, bright and fresh-faced. Showing off her cute new mani, the Wednesday star is absolutely glowing. We want to know what her skincare secrets are…

7. Scarlet woman

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Jenna Ortega’s NOT wearing black? While we love her signature style, we can’t help but admire this cute little red two-piece, which actually looks amazing on the star. We’re also crushing on those cream Adidas trainers, which will definitely be making their way into our shopping carts in the not-too-distant future.

8. Work-life balance

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Life is a bit of a balancing act these days. And it seems like this is something Jenna knows all too well! Here she is clowning around in a posh garden with an enormous pot- as you do. She’s once again wearing red, as well as her signature sky-high heels. How she’s managing to hold that pose in that outfit, we’ll never know.

9. Off-screen cuddles

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Jenna Ortega seems to be the life and soul of the Wednesday cast. Here she is having a cuddle with a crew member while shooting in Bucharest, Romania. Taking to Instagram shortly after Wednesday was released, the star wrote: “Special thank you to the cast, Nirvana, Enrique, Logi, Coral, Mihail & Jason, Dana, Axel, Petru, Addy, Tim, Avant Garde, Angeles Music Academy, every background member, the entire crew. Everyone who watches.”

10. Street side selfie

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If we looked like Jenna, we’d probably be taking selfies while walking down the street too. We’re not sure if the star is filming or just hanging out on the weekend, but either way, her makeup is popping. Perhaps she’s just feeling smug as Netflix has just commissioned Wednesday for yet another season.

11. Early years

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How cute was Jenna Ortega back in the day? Here she is at age six, when she just started to fall in love with acting. Jenna has often labelled herself as a “weird” child who would have done anything to become an actress. She landed her first role when she was just ten years old in a TV advert- and the rest is history.

12. Beach babes

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With so many tv and film accolades under her belt, it seems like the actress doesn’t really have much time off these days. So it’s refreshing to see starlet kicking back and hitting the beach with her pals in California- even if one of her friends isn’t looking all that pleased about the selfies going on!

13. Family

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Jenna has always made it clear just how much her family mean to her. Her parents and her six brothers and sisters help keep her grounded, and have supported the star every step of the way.” I love that I [come] home to the Coachella Valley [after filming] and see my family and friends who have been with me from day one. It’s nice to have them by my side always.”

14. Girls night

'She was somebody that I instantly clicked with,' she also told Wired of her friendship with Maddie. 'I feel like we're the same person in different fonts.' The actresses are pictured together in September 2020

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As Jenna’s status has continued to soar, she’s picked up a fair few celebrity friends along the way. Here she is enjoying a night out with Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler, who has been one of her best pals for years now. “She was somebody that I instantly clicked with,” Jenna said in an interview. “I feel like we’re the same person in different fonts.”

15. You

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Remember when Jenna Ortega popped up in the second season of the Netflix show You? She played Ellie Alves, the neighbor of murderer Joe Goldberg, alongside Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. Here she is with her top-secret script as she gets stuck into some table reads with the cast. Baseball hats are go!

16. Colgate smile

Her parents finally agreed to let her give it a go - and she soon started appearing in commercials for brands like Colgate (seen), Old Navy, and McDonalds

(Image/ Source: colgate/ dailymail.co.uk)

Jenna did a LOT of TV commercials back in the day. It was the beginning of her career as a child actress, and while her parents weren’t exactly convinced of her career choices at first, they quickly rallied round to support the star with her dreams. Here she is starring in a Colgate ad when she was ten years old.

17. Top of the class

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Who’s super proud of their high school diploma? Jenna certainly is! Here the star is mucking around on set with her new qualification, which was actually delivered to her while she was filming a movie when she was 17. She later took to Instagram to share a few snaps of her wearing her gap and gown in her trailer.

18. Mother and daughter time

Jenna (seen with her mom) explained to Teen Vogue : 'It's important to embrace your culture today because there are so many different ethnicities in America. You are you. You've got to stay true to yourself, and you can't change yourself in order to fit in'

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Jenna’s always had a close relationship with her mom, who is Puerto Rican. Meanwhile, Jenna’s father is of Mexican heritage- and their cultures are super important to the star. “It’s important to embrace your culture today because there are so many different ethnicities in America. You are you. You’ve got to stay true to yourself, and you can’t change yourself in order to fit in.”

19. Jenna and Penn

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The young starlet became super close to her cast mates during the filming of You. The stars would often hang out in their trailers together, which meant a LOT of time spent with murder-in-chief Penn Badgley, aka Joe Goldberg. Here they are after a long day of filming. What’s with all the bags though, Joe?

20. Budding star

Impressed, her mom video taped the then-youngster and uploaded it to Facebook with the caption, 'My little drama queen.' One of her mom's friends knew a casting director, and showed him the clip to him. Jenna is seen during her childhood

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Apparently Jenna’s mom wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about her daughter’s acting dreams at first. The starlet revealed that her parents said there was “no way in Hell” they’d let her act, and her mom eventually bought Jenna a monologue book in an attempt to shut her up. However, this backfired massively, as Jenna then started acting out ‘dramatic’ monologues for her mom, which included her ‘hysterically crying’. This impressed her mom so much that she started recording Jenna on video.

21. Driver’s seat

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The classic “hot actress poses next to fancy car” photo has done the rounds on Instagram for years now, so it’s no great surprise that Jenna’s embraced it. However, she’s looking slightly more off-duty than usual thanks to her ripped mom jeans and trainers. Those signature silver hoops are still in place though!

22. Signature sweater

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Jenna Ortega certainly isn’t shy when it comes to taking selfies, and this gorgeous blue embroidered jumper has featured in a fair few of them over the last couple of years or so! It seems to be the Wednesday starlet’s all-time favorite comfort jumper when she’s working on those long-haul filming schedules.

23. Vacation time

Jenna Ortega: pic #941662

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Aloha to you too, Jenna! Here the actress is taking a much-needed break away from her hectic filming schedule. This photo was taken as the star spent some time soaking up the sun in Hawaii with her loved ones. We love her laid-back holiday style! Brownie points go to the baseball hat, which seems to be one of Jenna’s favorite accessories these days.

24. Hot dawg

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As Jenna started to spend more and more time acting out her at-home monologues, her mom’s friend from high school got in touch. She happened to know a casting director, and was keen to pass Jenna’s details over. Some cute clips of Jenna were forwarded to him, and she was then asked to come in and audition. This photo is taken from one of those early clips of Jenna!

25. Glamazon

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After she starred in the hit Netflix show Wednesday, Jenna Ortega’s wardrobe went suitably goth. While she was getting ready for a fancy celebrity party, she shared this sneaky snap with fans, which gives a few subtle nods to her alter ego; there’s the classic Wednesday white blouse, complete with a tie and checked bodice.

26. Sibling love

The actress (seen left with her siblings) explained that her mom eventually bought her a monologue book in an attempt to 'shut her up' - but it backfired. After reading the book, Jenna said she acted out one of the 'dramatic' monologues for her mom

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With six brothers and sisters, Jenna’s family life has always been pretty busy. But the actress has missed out on a lot of family time over the years, as well as normal activities like prom or graduation. “I think that’s such an important part of life that I missed out on and wish I had had. I haven’t really lived a normal lifestyle”.

27. Down time

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When the starlet DOES get some down time, she seems like nothing more than reading, listening to music and catching up with loved ones. There are still chores to do though! The You star said: “I get home from the set and they [my family] do not forget to tell me that there are dishes in the sink waiting for me. They keep my feet on the ground.”

28. Come fly with me

'My parents are very supportive,' Jenna (seen with her mom) said. 'I think it¿s hard for them to see me less and less and less. I¿m very, very fortunate. I have the greatest parents. They just want me to be safe and happy'

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Now and again, Jenna will share a cute snap of her and her mom on Instagram- including this one of the pair jetting off on a flight to Romania as Jenna filmed Wednesday. And it seems the star’s parents still worry about her quite a lot. “They get very nervous, especially because I haven’t been home as much…I think it’s hard for them to see me less and less and less”, she said. “I’m a small girl, I travel a lot. They’re more worried about the safety aspect of it all.”

29. The glass box

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Who could forget Joe’s glass box in You? Most people never make it out alive, so it’s understandable that Jenna’s looking a bit upset about being in there! There’s even a blood-soaked bed in shot, which tells you everything you need to know about Joe’s temperament that day. We’re not giving away any spoilers though…

30. Childhood dreams

And it wasn't easy for her to break out into the industry. She later told The Face , 'A lot went into it ¿ my parents sacrificed a lot. I sacrificed a lot. It was a group effort'

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Jenna Ortega scored her first major TV role at age of ten, when she appeared in the CBS show Rob. And she’s certainly very pleased about it! The starlet then went on to appear in CSI: NY, as well as the hit movie Iron Man 3. It didn’t take long for her to be picked up by Disney, who catapulted Jenna into stardom.