Athletes Who Could Easily Have A Modelling Career

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. Alana Blanchard

Image source/ Reddit
Alana Blanchard is a professional surfer from Hawaii. She learned to surf when she was 4 years old and started competing when she was 9. Not only is she one of the worlds best female surfers, she could also easily have made a full time career in modelling and has done some small paid modelling jobs alongside her passion.

2. Alicia Schmidt

Image source/ Reddit
24 year old Alicia Schmidt is a German runner who competes in world class events.  Her individual event is the 400 metres and her personal best is an impressive 54.21 seconds. And let's face it, as well as having all that talents this blonde bombshell could very easily have become a world class model too!

3. Alex Morgan

Image source/ Reddit
Alex Morgan (now 33) from the USA is a professional soccer player. She plays as a striker and she's the captain for her team San Diego Wave. She's played in the World Cup an impressive seven times. She's also become a fan favourite for her stunning looks and long legs.

4. Laila Ali

Image source/ Rediffmail

Laila Ali is a professional American boxer. She ranges from super middleweight to light heavyweight. She's become a world renowned female boxer whose claim to fame is that she's never yet lost a fight! And, she's also an extremely beautiful and strong looking woman.

5. Blair O'Neal

Image source/ Pinterest
O'Neal is now 41 years old. She started golfing when she was in college and from here her ability and career went from strength to strength. As well as having a full time professional golfing career she also did a little bit of modelling on the side immediately after she left college.

6. Natalie Coughlin

Image source/ Sports Illustrated
Natalie Coughlin is now a retired Olympic swimmer. Throughout her career she built up a very successful career and she amassed 12 Olympic medals. She was also the first woman ever to win back-to-back medals for the same swim event in both 2004 and 2008.

7. Courtney Force

Image source/ Reddit
Courtney Force-Rahal was a former competitive drag racer alongside her sister. She gained a huge name for herself in the driving world, winning prizes, breaking records and for being a stunning blond beauty. She stopped driving as of 2019. Despite not officially being a model, she would often appear in car shoots.

8. Daniela Hantuchova

Image source/ Glamour
Daniela Hantuchova is a retired professional tennis player, and commentator, from Slovakia. She first went professional in 1999 and continued her career until 2017. She became one of the most recognisable faces of women's tennis. And it was hard not to acknowledge the brunette's looks.

9. Kim Glass

Image source/ Twitter
Kim Glass was formerly an Olympic volleyball player from the USA. She first joined the national team in 2007 and then by 2008 she appeared at the Beijing Olympics. She's 1.91 metres tall...well and truly model height - and she certainly had hoards of fans, especially many male fans!

10. Silje Norendal

Image source/ Pinterest
Silje Norendal is a now retired Norwegian snowboarder. She would compete in the snow style event as well as big air events. She won many, many events and she was a force to be reckoned with on the slopes. And, undeniably she caught many people's eyes for her looks as well as her skill.

11. Ana Ivanovic

Image source/ celebdaze
Serbian Ana Ivanovic is a former world champion tennis player. As of 2008 she had reached the position of number 1 tennis player in the world, when she won the French Open. She held this position for 12 weeks. Just a month after turning 29 she retired from her tennis career due to continually struggling with injury.

12. Katarina Witt

Image source/ sportstv
Katarina Witt is now 57 years old, but despite being retired she will always be remembered as one of the best figure skaters of all time. She retired in 1994 after a long and successful career where she won many competitions. She's an older woman who doesn't fail to catch everyone's attention for her natural beauty.

13. Lindsey Vonn

Image source/ ranker
Lindsey Vinn was previously a World Cup alpine skier. She has an array of titles to her name, including four World Cup championships, three of which were won over consecutive years. Her disciplines included the downhill, the super-G, the giant slalom and combined slalom.

14. Soo Yeon Lee

Image source/ Reddit
Korean Soo Yeon Lee is a former tennis table champion. Not only did she have an impressive career as a tennis table player but she also did some acting, coaching and (understandably) modelling. She started out in her sport when she was just a few years old.

15. Gabrielle Reece

Image source/ Reddit
Gabrielle Reece is an American volleyball player. She is currently 53 years old. As well as her professional volley career she has also been a sports announcer, an actress and a fashion model. Although this was never her full time career or passion, she could have pursued any of these areas full time.

16. Danica Patrick

Image source/ Reddit
Danica Sue Patrick is a retired professional racing driver. She has had one of the most impressive female racing careers ever and was the most successful woman ever in American open wheel car racing - amongst many other achievements and barriers that she has broken.

17. Kerri Walsh

Image source/ Reddit
Kerri Lee Walsh is a professional volleyball player. She has won multiple Olympic medals and has performed on the world stage for many years of her career collecting medals and titles. Her and her partner Misty May have been dubbed the greatest volleyball team ever.

18. Jennie Finch

Image source/ Pinterest
Jennie Finch is a former softball player. She competed from 1999 to 2002 and she is now 42 years old and retired. Not only was Finch highly in demand for her sporting expertise, she was also approached multiple times throughout her career for modelling jobs and advertisements.

19. Anna Kournikova

Image source/ Pinterest
Anna Kournikova is a Russian athlete and beauty. She is a former professional tennis player and due to not only her fame in the sport, her personality combined with her looks made her a hit with the media and she also became a TV personality as well as a part time model.

20. Amanda Beard

Image source/Ultimate Soccer NZ
Amanda Beard, now aged 41 years old, is a world renowned swimmer. She has won several Olympic medals swimming for her team: winning two gold, four silver and one bronze medals. Her expertise was breaststroke, and in particular she preferred 100 and 200 metres.

21. Dina Asher Smith

Image source/ Reddit
Dina Asher-Smith is currently 25 years old at the peak of her career. She is an Olympic British runner...and she has set the record for being the fastest British female runner ever! Not only was Asher-Smith blessed as a sports athlete, she was also blessed for being an extremely attractive woman.

22. Maria Sharapova

Image source/ sportsbeauty
Maria Sharapova is a former Russian tennis champion with an extremely lengthy successful career. She was for some time considered the best woman tennis player in the WORLD. In fact, her name is known all over the globs for being a tennis powerhouse. Not to mention, she is gorgeous!

23. Katarina Johnson Thompson

Image source/ Reddit
Katarina Johnson Thompson is an English Olympian. She is a professional multi-event athlete, best known for competing in the heptathlon. Currently. Katarina Johnson Thompson is gaining  more attraction than ever, as she is currently in the best years of her career and seems to be going from strength to strength.

24. Serena Williams

Image source/
Serena Williams is a global household name. Despite the fact that she is now retires, in the sports world she continues to be revered. She held the number one spot multiple times throughout her career and will always be considered one of the greatest tennis players ever.

25. Aly Raisman

Image source/ Reddit
Aly Raisman was a former world professional gymnast. She had an amazing career where she became one of the best gymnasts in the world at the tome, she would compete and win medals. She ended up retiring as she struggled with back injuries and her sport became too difficult to manage.

26. Lolo Jones

Image source/ Reddit
Lolo Jones is a hurdler AND a bobsledder. She's had a very impressive career and she has also become a tv media personality. She also receives a lot of male attention. However, she recently declared that her dating life has declined due to her revealing that she will remain abstinent until marriage.

27. Michelle Wie

Image source/ dailymail
Michelle Wie was a professional golfer who was golfing by the age of 10 and by the age of 15 she had already committed to golfing seriously and professionally. She finally gave up her career when she had a child and chose to take a step back to pursue her family life instead.

28. Eugenie Bouchard

Image source/ nowspot
Canadian tennis player Eugenia Bouchard became a professional tennis player in 2009. She has broken multiple Canadian records and she continues to pursue her career. Bouchard not only gained fame for her tennis, but she is also frequently in request of different modelling opportunities.

29. Miesha Tate

Image source/ listverse
Miesha Tate is a professional mixed martial artist who is competing in the UFC. In 2022 it was declared that she was ranking as the spot number 10 in the UFC bantam weight women's rankings. She started her career in 2007 and is currently still competing at her best.

30. Skylar Diggins

Image source/ Pinterest
Skylar Diggins is a professional basketball player. She is 1.75 metres tall and she's currently taking the basketball world by storm. Her career began back in 2013 and despite having a family she continues her professional basketball career and continues to follow her passion.

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