Celebrity Beach Fails Caught On Camera!

By Milli 1 year ago

1. The seagull heard about Chris and Rihanna...

Image Source/ NME
Seagulls are a hazard that comes with the beach. Well known for swooping down and stealing your food, this one particular seagull wanted to take justice into its own hands. You can see it swooping down at Chris Brown, and although there is no physical harm done to him, he looks pretty rattled!

2. Hugh's audition to be a bikini model

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Hugh Jackman can do everything. He has had a very successful and versatile career as both an actor and a singer. Now he seems to be trying his hand at swimwear modelling, although we aren't sure he has quite mastered this art yet... The classic hair flick coming out of the water may need a bit more work.

3. Leo's got balls in his face

Image Source/ Glamour 
Leonardo DiCaprio always looks 
Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, he always looks so put together... except for beach sports. An unfortunate paparazzi picture caught him in a volleyball blunder. Unfortunately, you can't use your head to hit the ball in volleyball, which is obviously what he was aiming for... I bet this one hurt!

4. Someone's got the ick...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
After seeing this picture, you wouldn't dream that they would one day be engaged. Katy Perry looks SERIOUSLY put off Orlando Bloom here. He's going in for a kiss and she looks like she can't wait to escape. Something must have changed between the two of them...

5. Chris Pratt rocking his dad bod

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Paparazzi follow celebs around trying to get the most unflattering pictures so they can publicly shame them. Chris Pratt didn't even give them a chance... Embracing his new dad bod, he taunted the cameras by making funny faces and hilarious poses, exposing his stomach and daring them to take those pictures.

6. Paul makes his feelings known...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Everyone's heard of The Beatles, so everyone has heard of Paul McCartney. He's done enough work over the years to have earned himself a long and peaceful retirement... although the paps don't seem to have got the hint. While surfing in the US, he was being followed again, and Sir Paul decided to give them a piece of his mind...

7. Apparently being a werewolf isn't everything

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Beach Football! If you haven't tried it then you need it. Taylor Lautner will tell you how difficult it is. Running on sand is no easy feat. Clearly, playing a werewolf in the Twilight franchise hasn't left him with any transferrable skills. He is actually kind of clumsy!

8. We all need to be a bit more Matthew...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Matthew McConaughey lives his best Cali life now. Frequently seen on the beach doing yoga, he really takes advantage of everything the Golden State has to offer. According to his personal trainer, he trains hard but in the most unusual of ways. The results are that he is extremely fit and flexible, so maybe we all need to take a leaf out of Matthew's book.

9. Did you know it was possible to do a piggyback wrong?

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Taylor can do a lot of things, apparently getting a piggy back ride is not one of them. Who knew it was so difficult? Her boyfriend at the time, Tom Hiddleston, was just trying to have a bit of fun in the sea, but it looks like she might be strangling him... Maybe she is too tall for him?

10. Those days when even getting dressed is a struggle...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Steve Martin is a legend in the movie industry. He's 77 now, and likes to spend his down time at the beach, like many others. Sometimes, it seems he is so relaxed that he can't function properly. The simple task of putting a T Shirt on seems to be too much for him.

11. Scott seems to have lost something

Image Source/ Parents Dome
We all know men have a pretty gross habit of rearranging their undergarments. But most of them know to do this quietly and secretively. Scott Disick isn't phased though. He must have urgently needed some attention down there as he's in plain sight with cameras around just waiting to be caught.

12. Fashion Icon Jim

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Jim Carrey is one of the most famous comedians and Hollywood actors around. It's not clear whether he is genuinely trying to rock a new look or if he is in it for the laughs, but we can confirm that black is NOT Jim's colour. Maybe a different style of swimsuit would be more flattering?

13. Dad, Don't push me!

Image Source/ Parents Dome
The Beckham's are an iconic family across the world. We all love nothing more than to see what they get up to on a family vacay. Turns out there's just as much joking around as any normal family. Even Brooklyn Beckham can't escape being the butt of a 'dad' joke after David pushes him backward off their yacht.

14. It's Shark Week for Jack!

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Everything is funnier when Jack Black does it. He famously voiced one of the main characters in Shark Tale, and was seen riding a giant, inflatable shark in the water as publicity for the movie! Genius. Although, can someone tell us why he is wearing jeans in the water!?

15. Pose for the camera

Image Source/ Parents Dome
We all know George Clooney can act for the cameras. Even when he isn't working, he never fails to deliver. Knowing he has paparazzi following him, he decides to give them what they want. Here he is posing for the cameras while jumping off his boat, goofy face and all.

16. A surfboarding FAIL for Dua Lipa

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Don't worry, Dua! Everyone has to start somewhere. Although, both Dua Lipa and her then boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, were caught having some pretty embarrassing wipeouts while they were on a surfing holiday at the beach. They broke up not long after... a coincidence?

17. It's hard walking on the beach, okay!?

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Joe Jonas struggled to keep his cool persona while holidaying at the beach. He fell over in the sand not once, but three times! We all know it's pretty difficult to walk on the sand, but we don't all end up sand all over our faces because of it. Turns out pop stars aren't good at everything!

18. Only a seagull is brave enough to take on Jack Nicholson

Image Source/ Parents Dome
The bird is a braver person than me if it's willing to take on Jack Nicholson for a slice of his pizza. We all know seagulls are relentless, but so is Jack... You can tell by his face he is NOT impressed. He doesn't seem to be in the mood for sharing.

19. Rod is a bit behind the fashionable times...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Just because they're celebrity parents, doesn't mean they're incapable of embarrassing their kids. I'm sure his son is going to look back at these photos and think 'WHAT was my Dad wearing!?'. It's what we're all thinking... Blue speedos are absolutely not it.

20. Because everyone wants their parenting mishaps caught on camera...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Anyone with kids can relate to this picture. You're all 
familiar with a screaming tantrum. Gisele Bündchen was having none of it as she carts her kid off kicking and screaming back to the car. Perfect time for the paparazzi to be following you! She's got some strength in her though!

21. When your man isn't around, get your kids to carry you instead

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Only joking. They look like they're having fun! Probably hoping to get the perfect Instagram picture, Kim Kardashian was trying to catch a piggy back off her eldest daughter, North. Although it looks like she might be a bit too heavy! North is having trouble holding her up.

22. The Jersey Shore is where the fun is at!

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Snookie is infamous in the MTV world and beyond for her starring role in Jersey Shore. If you aren't familiar with the show, here's a picture of the story line. It's basically Snookie and her co-stars drunk and disorderly on the beach with cameras! "Where's the beach!?"

23. Celeste's imitations never miss

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Celeste Barber is an Australian stand up comedian. She uses her social media platform to poke fun at the modern culture present on such platforms. She recreates pictures posted by 'influencers' in her own, charismatic way. Her 'leap' was inspired by Gisele Bündchen's picture. Who did it better?

24. Honey, I drowned the kids

Image Source/ Parents Dome
It's rare to find happily married celebs in this modern world. Jerry O'Connell is one of those rarities as he has been happily married for 15 years. Here he is taking his kids out paddle boarding, although not very successfully. I wonder if his marriage will survive him nearly drowning their daughters!

25. Here I come!

Image Source/ Parents Dome
One of the many perks of owning a private boat is the privacy and freedom to do whatever you want. Including jumping off it at great height into the sea. We all want that hit of adrenaline. Although, Jack Nicholson hasn't quite mastered the art. In fact, he looks rather uncomfortable... and I'm pretty sure that's going to hurt when he hits the water.

26. Rihanna is NOT impressed

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Another celeb looking rather unhappy with the paparazzi. Rihanna just wanted a nice relaxing day out at the beach... she should have known better. Clearly she just wanted to be left alone to have a relaxing swim, but if it wasn't paparazzi taking pictures of her, it was fans trying to speak to her. Maybe it's time to find a new beach RiRi!

27. Maybe you should stick to music, Steve...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Steve Tyler has a huge personality and is well known for being a rock musician. It's nice to see in his down time he is trying new things, like paddle boarding. Although, I don't think anyone will be encouraging him to quit his day job... A+ for the epic fall though.

28. The jealous face says it all

Image Source/ Parents Dome
Rumour has it, when Jonah Hill was filming 22 Jump Street with Channing Tatum, his co-star was always being mobbed by crazed fans, while Jonah hung around in the background waiting to get on with it. Here he is watching on while Tatum takes selfies with all his female fans.

29. Just when you were starting to think the Kardashian's weren't like the rest of us...

Image Source/ Parents Dome
We normally only ever see highly edited and filtered pictures of the Kardashian clan. So Kim Kardashian surprised us all when she posted this picture of her and her sister, Kourtney. Clearly she hasn't applied her sunscreen correctly for a day at the beach, as she is sporting a bright red nose and some epic tan lines from her sunglasses. Oops!

30. You missed a spot!

Image Source/ Parents Dome
It's always better to be safe than sorry! Sunburn can cause some serious skin damage. Jack clearly doesn't want to take any risks as you can see him lathering himself in sunscreen. He might need a hand though... he doesn't seem to be getting a very even coverage.

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