Unseen Images Of Amy Winehouse

By Juliet Smith 1 year ago

Post-shopping Winehouse is pretty in pink

Image Source/ Pinterest
To kick off this list of unseen pics of the infamous Amy Winehouse, we thought we'd get up close and personal with Winehouse before the fame and lights. Here, it appears that a young Winehouse has just finished a shopping trip and has had her photo taken by a friend in the street.

Winehouse sharing cuddles with her goddaughter

Image Source/ Refinery29
To continue with the younger photos of Winehouse, here she is sharing a loving embrace with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield. Bromfield grieved for some time after Winehouse's passing and said:
“It took a long, long time but last year was the first time I went on Spotify and actually typed in her name. I see everything in a whole new perspective now, and I appreciate her voice so much more."

Winehouse rocking it at a music festival

Image Source/ E! News
Winehouse, born Amy Jade Winehouse, was always into music believe it or not, and here she can be seen captured candidly at a music festival. She came from normal beginnings, with her parents Mitch and Janis being a taxi driver and pharmacist. It's heard that she was difficult to keep quiet during class!

Winehouse rocks the stripes in webcam selfie as a youngster

Image Source/ The Guardian
It's sometimes quite surreal when seeing pics of celebrities as youngsters, and Winehouse is no exception. Seeing the innocence in her before all of the fame and glory reveals a softer, calmer Winehouse, much different to the Winehouse that the media portrayed.

Winehouse looks studious outside of London flat

Image Source/ The Guardian
In this candid photo, Winehouse is photographed outside of her Grandmother's flat, smiling at the camera. It's strange how different she looks without her iconic beehive. Her brother Alex described Winehouse as a pain, but incredibly generous and caring.

Winehouse all smiles in homemade video

Image Source/ The Daily Gazette
This is actually a shot from a homemade video used in the documentary 'Amy', which aimed to show how Winehouse came to her demise in 2011. The documentary opens with a 14 year-old Winehouse belting a Happy Birthday tune, looking all bright-eyed, with ear-to-ear smiles.

Winehouse was just like us

Image Source/ TravelPulse
There's something quite intimate about seeing Winehouse doing normal touristy things. For example, this still was taken from a surfaced video of Winehouse touring around New York before she reached fame, offering up a different side to the Winehouse we all knew.

Winehouse giving a toothy grin

Image Source/ Pinterest
This olden but golden photo shows a gleaming Winehouse with her toothy grin. Another example of how Winehouse looked so different in her adolescence, it's the kind of innocence that we wish we could've protected before she was catapulted into the music industry.

A black and white snap of Winehouse's beehive

Image Source/ Pinterest
Here we have a fan-taken photo of Winehouse as she traverses the streets of London sporting her traditional beehive and winged-eyeliner combo. It appears this comes at a time when Winehouse was happy in her career, as she shoots the photographer a cursory grin.

A legally blond Winehouse leaves the courthouse

Image Source/ LA Times
It's no surprise that Winehouse ran into the law a couple of times, as proven by this photo that was snapped as she exited the Snaresbrook Crown Court in London on 18th January 2008. It seems that whatever Winehouse was going through at this time was quite serious, swapping her beehive out for a blond look.

Giving them the fingers

Image Source/ LA Times
Shortly after the last photo, Winehouse appeared in court once again, but this time not so gracefully. Here she is giving the paparazzi the fingers when heading into Westminster Magistrates Court, where she faced charges of common assault, not even 12 months after the other court appearance.

Winehouse keeping it classy

Image Source/ Phwaker.com
Moving through this album of Winehouse's unseen images, you will come to notice that she got into many altercations with the paps during her time as a celebrity. Some times she was more frustrated than others, like here, where she throws spit at one of the photographers. Tough crowd!

Throwing in the towel

Image Source/ Daily Mail
There was very much a playful, fit side to Winehouse that we didn't get to see much of. When holidaying in the Caribbean, Winehouse decided to dabble in a little bit of Karate, which can be seen here. She also played games with the children on a beach in Saint Lucia.

Fed-up Winehouse snatches phone from photographer

Image Source/ Daily Mail
In another occasion of paparazzi brutality, Winehouse reaches out to snatch a camera from a reporter. It's hardly surprising that celebrities are pushed to these lengths, considering the invasion of privacy that paparazzi pose to celebrities. We should have more laws about that!

Winehouse lets her tears do the talking

Image Source/ trend.az
The backstory of this photo reveals the heightened emotions of Winehouse this day. It was taken shortly after Winehouse's husband Blake Fielder-Civil was released from prison. The British singer reached her limit outside of her London home and attacked the journalists that rounded up outside.

Close up of Winehouse blackened-eyes

Image Source/ trend.az
Taken on the same occasion as the one above, Winehouse is pictured quite differently to what we've seen of her before. Her pristine winged eyeliner has been opted out for a more emotional, striking appearance, and now we know the story, we can understand why!

Winehouse offers a helping hand

Image Source/ gigwise.com
Winehouse wasn't always hostile with the paparazzi and could sometimes be quite sweet. Take this occasion for example, not only did she pop outside of her home to offer the journalists cheese on toast, she also went as far to show them her rash she just had examined!

Delivering the goods

Image Source/ gigwise.com
As promised, here's Winehouse after whipping up some cheese on toast and handing it out to the paparazzi and journalists. This is the kind of side that the media never really wanted us to see, and led us to believe that Winehouse was truly a troubled woman.

Smoking never looked cooler

Image Source/ Pinterest
Honestly, whoever said that smoking does not make you look cool was lying. Winehouse disproves this statement. With her short denim shorts, cropped checkered shirt, beehive and eyeliner, there's truly no better way to smoke a cig on your doorstep is there?

Winehouse looks devilish in red

Image Source/ JustJared
It's always refreshing to see images of Winehouse looking cheeky and chirpy rather than angry and confused. Here, Winehouse sports a bold red jacket after just returning to London Gatwick Airport from Barbados. She even decided to pull a few funny faces for the cameras!

Has a photo ever looked more British?

Image Source/ Pinterest
Seriously, everything about this photo is kind of iconic. Between the cigarette, the courageous outfit, the backstreets of London, and her Burberry head scarf, there's nothing we don't love. In this photo, it appears Winehouse is giving a good telling off to some photographers.

Winehouse and her mini me

Image Source/ TMZ
One young Winehouse mega fan went all the way to the effort of beehiving her hair and sporting Winehouse clothes when attending the star's concert. Winehouse must've loved it so much that she wanted a photo with her! Let's just hope she didn't go as far to get the tattoos...

Black is the new black

Image Source/ Jewish News
Winehouse was photographed here while carrying a box of her favorite cigarettes, and guided by the hand of her husband Blake Fielder-Civil. It's no surprise that the pair experienced a turbulent relationship, until they eventually divorced in 2010, a year before her death.

Busking in the car

Image Source/ lesjours.fr
While I don't actually think Winehouse was planning to busk out a few songs here, there's some kind of metaphor behind her clinging to the neck of her guitar while forcing the door to the car closed and blocking out the media. It goes to show the troubled relationship Winehouse had with her career.

That's a big bust up

Image Source/ zimbio
It appears that Winehouse had one too many when she needed help leaving the Hawley Arms. With her bra fully exposed, she didn't look to be in a great state after attending a house party with some friends, which included the Luke Worrall, who was Kelly Osbourne's boyfriend.

Winehouse smiles away

Image Source/ yarmama.com
This photo really is giving y2k, especially with the phone Winehouse is sporting. It looks as though she was caught off guard when she was photographed in her car, and gave a deer-in-the-headlights grin at the cameraperson. It's a sweetness of Winehouse we didn't always get to see.

Two little love birds

Image Source/ Tumblr
It didn't take too long after the divorce for Winehouse to rekindle the love with her ex-husband. This a snap of her and him when they met up after his release from a rehab center in Sheffield, England. It's heard that her family were furious she had decide to give the romance another try.

The photo that changed it all

Image Source/ Metro
Reportedly, it was this very photo that led Winehouse to try and overcome her drug addiction after she realized how sickly she looked following one of her regular benders. This was one of the reasons she took off to St Lucia, to help her keep away from bad habits.

Pucker up guys

Image Source/ Metro
Winehouse liked to get up close and personal with her fans, and this picture just proves it. It seems that she hosted her own kissing marathon in London's Soho back in 2010 as she was photographed giving smooches to four of her fans... how lucky they must've felt!

Winehouse changing history with Blake Wood

Image Source/ Billboard
When Winehouse got fed up with how the media and population were receiving her, she decided to enlist the help of Blake Wood, who took a series of photos of Winehouse and created a book. This photo shows the pair of them as they are working together. Wood said:
“She had so many strengths. I want people to see that light that she was and just let go of the rest.”

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