Dark Secrets About Beyonce And Jay Z Relationship

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 year ago

1. Jay Z has had 'close relations' with Rihanna

Image Source: Daily Mail
Any Beyonce and Jay-Z fan will probably know that their relationship hasn't been plain sailing over the years.  In 2005, the couple secretly separated.  And this was around the time Jay-Z actually scouted and managed the then 17-year-old Rhianna.  It has been revealed that the rumors spread about their affair were just to boost the Umbrella singer's profile.  But Bey wasn't so sure...

2. Nannies have to sign a strict contract before taking care of their kids

Image Source: PlanetRadio.com
With all of their success, the power couple has inevitably hired a few nannies over the years.  And rumor has it that they are forced to sign a contract before they can even think about looking after their kids.  This contract is rumored to be titled 
'Daily Program for Blue Ivy as per Mrs. Carter'
and it seems that Bey wants her kids to be brought up exactly the way she wants and NOT the way a nanny wants...

3. They refused to attend Kanye and Kim's wedding

Image Source: Reddit.com
It was the wedding of the year in 2018 between
and Beyonce and Jay-Z were noticeably absent.  It was described as one of the most shocking moments of the year in the celeb world because everyone thought they were besties!  There was lots of speculation as to why they didn't attend but it seems that Jay-Z addressed this in the song
where he alludes to marriage problems.

4. PETA hates Beyonce

Image Source: Pinterest
It's true that PETA has a huge problem with Bey.  And this is because of her choice of costumes and her clothing line that contains materials from animals, such as fur and leather.  In fact, they spoke out about her 2013 Superbowl costumes that were made from leather and exotic iguana and python skin!

5. They performed for a dictator

Image Source: ELLE 
Private gigs prove very lucrative for these huge artists, and the couple once performed for Dictator Colonel Gadafi's son, Hannibal, in a private gig.  And backlash meant that Beyonce was forced to declare that she actually gave all of her $1 million earnings away to charity.

6. Beyonce can't stand Rihanna

Image Source: Billboard 
It seems that after the rumors were spread about Rhianna and Jay-Z hooking up, she and Beyonce have forever been portrayed by the press as never being able to see eye to eye.  The pair have never collaborated but Rhianna insists that there is absolutely no rivalry between them.

7. Rita Ora navigated an interrogation about an affair

Image Source: Reddit.com
Rita Ora once had to keep her head down after rumors circulated about an affair that occurred between her and Jay-Z.  And the rumors began after she wore a lemon bikini top just before the release of Bey's single
  Ora finally addressed these accusations in an interview with Louis Theroux and insisted that she was never romantically involved with Jay-Z at any point in their time working together.

8. Jay Z spent $6k on champagne for Miss Belgium

Image Source: Reddit.com
Jay-Z once parted in a nightclub with the former Miss Belgium, Claudia Scheelan, and spent over $6 thousand on champagne during the night!  Rumors about his infidelity surfaced when Scheelan told reporters that he said: "
he thought that the girls in Antwerp are the prettiest".
  He refused to comment...

9. Jay Z had an affair with Rachel Roy

Image Source: LATimes.com
Jay-Z and his pal Damon Dash started their clothing line, 'Rocawear' in 1996 and hired fashion designer, Rachel Roy.  Dash and Roy got married and had two children together but eventually split in 2009.  But a few years before this, rumors circulated that Jay-Z and Dash had a huge dispute over 'creative differences'.  A lot's gone on since then to make people speculate whether these differences were actually a feud over an affair between Jay-Z and Roy!

10. Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z

Image Source: Insider.com
A few years after the feud between Jay-Z and Damon Dash, footage was released of Bey's sister, Solange, attacking Jay-Z in an elevator at the 2014 Met Ball.  This obviously sparked lots of rumors, but the public began to put the pieces of the puzzle together and it was shockingly later revealed that there was actually something going on between Jay and Roy!

11. Bey let the fight happen

Image Source: Herworld.com
With all of the drama in that elevator, you'd think that Bey would step in to defend her hubby, right?  Well, she didn't.  It seemed like she just stood by and watched it happen!  Everyone thought the couple would call it a day, but a few days later, photos of the pair showed Bey actually smiling with her husband...

12. Jay Z's clothing line faced a profiling scandal

Image Source: Reddit.com
Jay-Z's clothing line was sold at Barney's and at the time, Barneys and Macys were at the center of a scandal relating to racial profiling.  In fact, two black New Yorkers were detained after purchasing expensive items and were accused of not being able to afford them.  Despite this, Jay-Z continued his team-up with the store, later releasing a statement that he was taking it seriously and was given a 'leadership role' in the internal inquiry,

13. Beyonce hid her resentment in her lyrics

Image Source: Spin.com
The internet completely exploded when Beyonce changed the lyrics to her song
during a performance in Cincinnati in 2014.  She is said to have changed the number
in the line
"been riding with you for 12 years"
and fans took note and cheating rumors resurfaced, as the couple got together in 2002!

14. Beyonce shouted that she was ending her marriage at Kelly Rowland's birthday party

Image Source: TheJasmineBrand.com
Even though they're forever in the spotlight and there's not much they can do or say without everyone in the world noticing, Bey seemed to lose self-control at Kelly Rowland's birthday bash.  Apparently, she took her ring off, stood up, and shouted that her marriage was over!

15. Lemonade is about Jay Z's infidelity

Image Source: Reddit.com
In Beyonce's song
she tells the story of a woman who caught her cheating partner in the act.  And someone called
'Becky with the good hair'
was the antagonist.  This was an obvious reference to her own troubled marriage, as Jay-Z later admitted that he was, in fact, unfaithful.

16. Rachel Roy hints she's 'Becky'

Image Source: E!Online.com
Fashion designer, Rachel Roy, has appeared on Project Runway a few times but, as we know, this isn't the only reason people know her name.  People have speculated whether it was Roy who was cryptically referenced as Becky in
and some even believe that it was Rita Ora!  But Beyonce
it was neither...

17. Beyonce was accused of bullying

Image Source: Reddit.com
And because everyone thought Becky was Rachel, she and her kids received a tirade of online abuse and threats!  This was brought to light when Roy posted a quote from Michelle Obama's speech addressing bullying.  And Beyonce was forced to confirm that she wasn't completely behind the lyrics she wrote with her co-writer.  If only they'd said this before, Roy and her daughters wouldn't have had to suffer the cyber abuse from the BeyHive!

18. Jay Z referenced his 'shame' in his lyrics

Image Source: ibtimes.com
It's clear that Beyonce wasn't the only one to hide secrets in her lyrics.  In fact, Jay-Z is said to have reacted to
with a rather explosive response on his album
  The internet absolutely went wild as it appears that he even directly apologized!

19. Beyonce's wedding tattoo disappeared

Image Source: E!Online.com
When they were married, Beyonce and Jay-z got matching 'IV' tattoos on their ring fingers.  But amidst rumors and speculation, a zoomed-in snap of Bey's finger emerged and it appeared to have a pink scar where the tattoo once was, leaving fans wondering whether the pair were done once and for all!

20. They staged their loved-up relationship

Image Source: Reddit.com
It's no lie that they have had tough times during their relationship.  And so the power couple has often been accused of staging their close bond, posing for the camera with big smiles and physical contact.  But body language experts believe that their bond is genuinely unbreakable and they are truly going to fight to the end.  Or are they just really good at faking it?

21. They've been seen arguing over sushi

Image Source: OK!Magazine.com
Beyonce certainly looked pretty irritated when the pair were snapped sharing sushi.  And it is believed that they did actually have a row in the restaurant over text messages shared between Rihanna and Jay-Z... Clearly, no one wants to let this ever go...

22. Beyonce wanted full custody

Image Source: E!Online.com
When they were married, Bey and Jay-Z kept their prenuptial agreement on the down low.  And they clearly like their privacy because they also did this with their marriage and first pregnancy.  But details emerged and it seems that Beyonce requested full custody of their daughter Blue Ivy if they ever divorced.

23. There was a conspiracy about Beyonce's pregnancy

Image Source: TMZ.com
It emerged that the talk of the internet was the conspiracy surrounding Bey's pregnancy with Blue Ivy.  And it all started when she appeared in an Aussie TV interview.  Apparently, her bump looked pretty normal when she stood up, but when she sat down, it seemed to deflate... The reality is, her dress folded in a way that made her bump look different but the internet decided to accuse her of faking her pregnancy...

24. They sleep in separate bedrooms

Image Source: Reddit.com
A well-connected anonymous source once told the press that Beyonce and Jay-Z sleep in completely separate rooms from one another.  In fact, they sleep at completely opposite ends of a very long hallway and Blue Ivy's bedroom is in between them both... Who knows, they might just like their own space!

25. Jay-Z was in a secret relationship with Aaliyah

Image Source: Reddit.com
Rumors circulated that Jay-Z and Aaliyah dated back in 1999 up until her death in 2002.  Jay-Z and The Queen of the Damned actress were romantically linked and old photographs emerged years after they spent time together.  And it seems that their relationship wasn't spoken about much because it never really materialized and she was actually dating Damon Dash at the time!

26. They used their art as a therapy session

Image Source: Reddit.com
Jay-Z told the press that he was extremely proud of the music his wife made, and she was really proud of his music.  They have this mutual respect for each other's art and Jay-Z said that pouring their emotions into their craft is a really therapeutic process.

27. They've been dealing with problems for years

Image Source: The Sun
As much as they initially tried to keep elements of their relationship private, Beyonce and Jay-Z's marriage has been speculated upon since they met.  And with the growth of the cyber world, their private life has remained on people's minds.  It is clear that they've left clues in their lyrics, and kept certain events private but not others.  But was this on purpose?

28. Her mom encouraged her to give him a chance

Image Source: People.com
Interestingly, when Beyonce first met the 99 problems rapper, they only spoke over the phone, and when she met him face-to-face, it is said that she wasn't very keen on striking up a relationship.  But it was her mother that told her to give him a chance, and the rest is history!

29. Beyonce was forced to fire her father

Image Source: Yahoo.com
Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, managed Beyonce throughout her career.  But she was forced to eventually fire him as her manager when an audit accused him of 'pilfering' her funds and pocketing money for himself.  Bey said in an interview that the decision to part ways was both their choice and it was purely business.

30. They've split a few times

Image Source: USWeekly.com
The power couple, Bey and Jay-Z's relationship has been a huge public interest since they met.  And it's known that they have separated a few times!  But they've admitted that they have been working hard on their relationship and they continue to share smiley social media posts depicting their strong family bonds.

31. They met when Beyoncé was only 18

image source: reddit.com
We don't know the exact date that these two met, but Beyoncé has apparently reported before that they met when she was just 18. This might not be too surprising in the world of celebrity circles and young love, but it's quite a long time for the pair to be together - which, unsurprisingly, has caused problems.

32. But Jay-Z has said they've known each other longer

image source: wikipedia.org
So a little suss to say the least, but this pair apparently can't agree on when exactly they met. While Beyoncé says they met when they were 18 and started dating when she was 19, the rapper has apparently said that they met much sooner than when Beyoncé was 18...

33. Are they more powerful than we think?

image source: brides.com
This couple are, of course, the definition of a power couple, but are they more powerful than we're led to believe? Some people think they give off shady vibes or that they're 'too' influential - after all, separately they're powerful in the showbiz world, but together they're unstoppable.

34. Beyoncé's ex-boyfriend claims they were still together into her 20's

image source: goalcast.com
The situation about when Beyonce and Jay-Z officially started dating gets even weirder, before one of Queen Bey's ex-boyfriends claimed that he was still dating the singer-songwriter into her 20s - which would mean someone is very confused, or some infidelity happened!

35. The elevator incident was just weird

image source: cnn.com
Not only the event itself, but their reactions to it. They released a joint public statement -which was likely written by their PR people - and then Beyoncé went on to release some enigmatic lyrics about things being likely to go down in an elevator if there's 'billions' riding in it..

36. They tried to trademark Blue Ivy's name

image source: glamouruk.com
With their daughter Blue Ivy growing up fast, the pair had apparently tried to trademark the name Blue Ivy - and mostly so Beyoncé could release her clothing line as a kid's line with that trademark/name in mind. But the trademark bid was refused - there was another business already with that name!

37. They might spend too much time apologizing in lyrics and not in person

image source: people.com
We obviously don't know what happens behind the scenes in one of their many expensive houses, but it seems like if you're going out of your way to call out affairs or apologize for infidelity through your song lyrics, it might be because you're too scared to actually do it... in private?

38. Beyoncé's father was accused of infidelity, too

image source: thefader.com
Amongst all the other drama going on with Beyoncé and her dad - with the business side of things, anyway - is also the fact he apparently cheated on Beyoncé's mother with someone else, and even had a love child with her.

39. And her dad only found out about her second pregnancy through social media

image source: eonline.com
Ah yes, that crushing moment you only find out about something important going on in your loved one's life when they post it on social media instead of telling you! We've all been there. But the relationship between Jay-Z, Beyoncé and her father is apparently so distant they didn't feel the need to tell him about a second grandbaby.

40. They got married inside Jay-Z's apartment

image source: people.com
If there's ever a couple you'd expect to splash out on a huge wedding in the public eye that costs millions of dollars, it's Jay-Z and Beyoncé. But instead they opted for a very intimate affair inside Jay-Z's own apartment, which saw only 40 guests in attendance!

41. Beyoncé said she would never get married before the age of 25

image source: people.com
Despite reportedly dating Jay-Z from the age of 19, Beyonce had her own personal pact that she wouldn't marry anyone before the age of 25 - meaning Jay-Z had to wait. She said that she didn't think a person at 20 would want the same things as they want when they're 30 - so always best to be safe!

42. Jay-Z couldn't deal with Beyoncé's pain after cheating on her

image source: bbc.com
When Jay-Z officially admitted to cheating on Beyoncé, he spoke openly about the affect it had on him - and his wife. One of the things he candidly mentioned was the "pain" on his wife's face, and his responsibility to make up for that, and to deal with the fact that he's the one that caused it.

43. The pair actually suffered a miscarriage

image source: dailymail.com
A little known fact about the couple is that they actually had a miscarriage with their very first child - before Blue Ivy. Most people think Blue Ivy is their first child, but Beyonce was pregnant with a child she lost to a miscarriage, which she spoke about in her documentary.

44. But the couple now have 3 children

image source: themirror.com
Despite their heartbreak during the very first time they tried to conceive, the pair now have 3 happy and healthy children together - Blue Ivy, of course, and then the twins that came along in 2017, Sir and Rumi. We're sure they also weren't expecting twins the second time, either!

45. They're pals with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

image source: vanityfair.com
With all the absolute drama that has been Prince Harry and Meghan, it might be no surprise to learn they're apparently good friends with one of the biggest power couples out there, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They were seen chit-chatting at the Lion King premiere.

46. But did Beyoncé even text Meghan?

image source: people.com
If you've seen the Meghan and Harry documentary, you'll remember a moment when Meghan proclaims that Beyoncé has texted her, resulting in shock and excitement from Harry. But the text Meghan read out sounded very scripted - and why would you even need to name drop like that anyway?

47. Jay-Z was 32 when he met 18-year-old Beyoncé

image source: yahoo.com
Age gaps in showbiz relationships is nothing new, and when you think of this pair married now at 39 and 50 years old, it's not a big deal. But it becomes a little weird when you think Jay-Z was 32 when first meeting a still-teenage Beyonce, and the fact they started dating a year later...

48. They broke up before they got married

image source: stylecaster.com
We know this pair have had their ups and downs and had their share of breakups, but you don't usually breakup right before you decide to go ahead and get married - but that's what happened with these two. Apparently Jay-Z gives some hints about it in his song 'Lost One'.

49. Jay-Z brought a mate to their first date

image source: insider.com
This one seems a little odd - even despite the fact it worked out okay romantically for the pair anyway. But why would you think it's a good idea to bring a male friend along to a date with a woman? To a date with Beyoncé? Did he think they needed a chaperone or something?

50. The documentary 'Life is But a Dream' had mixed reviews

image source: glamour.com
While superfans said this glimpse into the private lives of Beyoncé and Jay-Z was amazing to see and that she gave her fans what they wanted, others have slated the doc for saying that Beyoncé just edited it to make herself look perfect, and that it was a 'narcissistic' portrayal. Yikes.

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