Celebs Who Are Embracing Their Natural Grey Hair

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 year ago

1. Alexandra Grant

Image Source: Insider.com
Alexandra Grant is a talented visual artist, and she's also Keanu Reeves' partner!  And she absolutely refuses to dye her grey hair, despite some incredibly rude trolls online stating that she looks like Keanu's mother!  The 46-year-old is not fazed though and she is sticking to her guns for her health.  She says that hair dyes are full of chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer

2. Allison Janney

Image Source: Today.com
Actress, Alison Janney has been rocking her natural grey hair for a few years now.  And she has never looked back.  In fact, she said that having her natural grey hair has given her a newfound sense of confidence and freedom she said that being able to just run her fingers through her hair free from dyes, extensions, and tapes is just 'heaven'!

3. Andie MacDowell

Image Source: Vogue
Andie MacDowell absolutely flaunted her natural grey hair at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, and people were in awe of her strands!  Her hair was certainly the star of the show and said that it makes her feel so powerful.  And she was glad she decided to do it too after toying with the idea over lockdown!  Good choice, Andi!

4. Diane Keaton

Image Source: Refinery29
Now Diane Keaton grew out her grey hair nearly ten years ago and her silky shoulder-length locks have been admired by the masses ever since.  And she prefers it to the blonde she had when she was younger, stating that it looks smoother, thicker, and it bursts with added sparkle!

5. Elizabeth McGovern

Image Source: MoviesOnline
Downtown Abbey star, Elizabeth McGovern, paraded her steely locks in public for the first time in 2022.  But as she confidently embraces her natural grey, the 61-year-old actress spoke out about her neverending struggles with
in Hollywood with high hopes of changing the culture.

6. Helen Mirren

Image Source: Allure.com
If you ever need any inspiration at all for how to rock your natural grey hair, who better to look to than, actress, Helen Mirren, and her iconic silvery strands?  And there's a lot of
to choose from, like her sparkling steely pixie to her more recent appearance with dazzling long strands.

7. George Clooney

Image Source: GQ-Magazine
Now when we think of men who have confidently embraced their grey, George Clooney certainly comes to mind.  We mean, look at him - he's not only embraced the grey on his head, but also the grey on his face!  And he has definitely managed to make grey hair ageless.

8. Morgan Freeman

Image Source: inews
Now another Hollywood
silver fox 
is the actor, Morgan Freeman, who played God in
Bruce Almighty. 
He emerged as an actor back in the 1980s became hugely recognizable to millions, particularly his voice!  And he has embraced his grey hair for many years.

9. Meryl Streep

Image Source: BritishVogue
Meryl Streep has gone grey for many movie roles throughout her career.  But if you're ever worried about your greying hair, fear not!  Because the Hollywood icon has proven that her glittering silvery strands that poke through her smooth blonde hair can look super glamorous.

10. Idris Elba

Image Source: Insider
Ever since London actor, Idris Elba rose to fame on this side of the Atlantic after his role as Russell 'Stringer' Bell in the HBO series
The Wire, 
he has expanded his repertoire and become a writer,  DJ, producer, and singer (to name a few of his many talents!).  And his grey beard is certainly NOT slowing him down!

11. Jane Fonda

Image Source: Byrdie
Another star who is ecstatic that she embraced her grey is actress, Jane Fonda.  It seems that once you accept that your natural hair is grey, you start to love it.  And even though Jane didn't debut her grey hair until she was 83, she said that she feels liberated!

12. Dame Judi Dench

Image Source: Twitter
Judi Dench's glorious and super short crop has been an inspiration to many people.  And she's been an expert at mastering these stunning pixie haircuts for many decades.  It has been described as extremely flattering, perfect for grey, and incredibly low maintenance - sounds like our type of haircut!

13. Jeff Goldblum

Image Source: Outlander-mag.com
As with many male Hollywood stars, Jeff Goldblum has proven that it's better to accept the natural grey.  And no matter how worried you are about the grey, it seems like it's better to just let it happen than to attempt to cover it up with temporary solutions... The grey will win in the end so embrace it!

14. Patrick Dempsey

Image Source: Fatherly
Grey's Anatomy
star, Patrick Dempsey is well known (and loved) for the specks of grey in his dark mane.  But he rather shocked everyone when he accepted his
Disney Legend Award
at the end of last year.  But there was a reason for it - and it was for a role in a movie about Ferrari's life.  He had a few mixed reviews and, thankfully, it only lasted for as long as the project did.

15. Penelope Cruz

Image Source: Twice Born 
Unfortunately, many actresses have had to deal with the question of how they deal with their aging, and Penelope Cruz is no different.  In fact, she has become an expert at refusing to answer the question.  Good on you Penelope!  And while we're on the subject, she stunned fans recently when she donned a grey-speckled wig for a role in a new film.  And we think she would rock some natural grey locks!

16. Rita Moreno

Image Source: Reddit.com
Rita Moreno's secret to dazzling grey hair is cut.  And just like Judi Dench, she has absolutely rocked her trademark style, the stunning silver flipped bob for many many years.  And the now 91-year-old icon continues to turn heads and prove her point that it's all about the cut!

17. Salma Hayek

Image Source: Hola
Selma Hayak first revealed her grey strands on social media during the lockdown back in 2020.  And although the photos were of her
hair just before she went to get it dyed for a photo shoot, she allowed her followers to get a glimpse of her natural locks, showing that she was embracing the process.  And we wonder if she'll let them grow out again.  Time will tell!

18. Sharon Osbourne

Image Source:: Prevention 
Now it seems like forever that Sharon Osbourne has been known for her iconic fiery red mane.  And it was incredible.  But do you know what?  She has now allowed her natural grey to shine in a glittering heavy metal bob which is almost enough to rival her rock legend husband, Ozzy Osbourne.

19. Sarah Jessica Parker

Image Source: Buzzfeed
Sarah Jessica Parker's blonde mane is legendary!  And more recently, she has been celebrated for showing off some dazzling silver highlights.  People have said it was a brave move but she doesn't think so, telling people to 
'go and applaud someone else's bravery!'

20. Gwyneth Paltrow

Image Source: The Skincare Edit
At the 2020 Golden Globes, Gwyneth Paltrow flashed her grey roots with pride.  She said that she feels like she's finally accepted herself physically now she has grey hair, saying that it's given her a new sense of liberation and confidence in her appearance.

21. Steve Carell

Image Source: GQ
When Steve Carell appeared in public, showing off his glorious grey hair, everyone thought he looked super cool and sexy.  In fact,
The Office
star responded by jokingly saying that he was sick of it - the way people focus on the way he looks.  Sorry, Steve!

22. Ted Danson

Image Source: Distractify
Actor, Ted Danson's hair has been the talk of the town for a while now.  And he's opened up about now only greying, but also balding, and he admitted that he has been wearing a hairpiece, in his natural grey, for years.  Now THAT is what you call embracing the #waytogrey!

23. Nichelle Nichols

Image Source: IndieWire
Although the well-loved Star Trek icon, Nichelle Nichols hasn't appeared in a movie since 2010, at almost 90 years old, she is still a regular at prestigious events and confidently parades her silver hair in all its wonderful glory.  In fact, she has been enjoying her grey hair since the 1990s!

24. Tia Mowry

Image Source: Instagram
Tia Mowry has opened up about never feeling like she could love her hair because of European beauty standards.  But as she grew older, the 44-year-old found social media and it has helped her to appreciate her own beauty.  And loving herself has taught her to embrace her natural grey.

25. Tippi Hedren

Image Source: People.com
The now 93-year-old actress and philanthropist, Tippi Hedren, made
with her classic 1965 updo, which she wore whilst starring in Hitchcock classics.  This style has inspired many celebs both past and present.  And she continues to inspire with her beautifully steely grey hair tones.

26. Tracee Ellis Ross

Image Source: Instagram
In an Instagram post back in 2021, Tracee Ellis Ross paid tribute to her stunning grey roots, calling them
  Ross showed different angles of her hair and truly embraced her natural greying by making it a striking feature rather than hiding it.

27. Jon Bon Jovi

Image Source: Twitter
Rock legend, Jon Bon Jovi is definitely grey, but, in his words: he's '
cool with that'.  
And he certainly has no reason not to be!  He parades it with confidence and doesn't care what people think!  And even though it's a little shorter than before, Jon's trademark shaggy mane still exists.

28. Steve Martin

Image Source: Twitter
Would Steve Martin even BE Steve Martin without grey hair?  The thing is, the grey hair is a huge staple of his look and he probably wouldn't be the same without it.  And despite having naturally brown hair, Steve actually went grey in his early 30s, so he really had no choice but to embrace it.  And we're glad he did!

29. Jamie Lee Curtis

Image Source: Twitter
Now Jamie Lee Curtis has rocked a glittering silvery hairstyle for quite a while now and it looks super fierce and massively edgy when paired with her signature crop style.  Curtis has previously spoken about 
impossible beauty standards
and once said she burnt the hair off her head trying to meet them!  And when she cut all her hair off to try to repair the damage, she thought: 
wow! Check me out!
And she's never looked back since!

30. Ben Stiller

Image Source: TheHollywoodReporter
Now whether he was going grey or not, Ben Stiller is really digging his silver mane.  There was some speculation on whether he did actually dye his hair grey during the pandemic as it seems he went into lockdown with dark hair and emerged with a full head of steely silver strands.  Either way, he's rocking it!

31. Taiki Waititi

image source: rottentomatoes.com
Director and actor, and recent husband of Rita Ora, Taiki Waititi has long since embraced his grey hair! And rather than make him look older, we can't actually imagine him any other way than with grey head of heard and salt and pepper beard! Apart from when he's in character, of course.

32. Emma Thompson

image source: boredpanda.com
British actress Emma Thompson is the true definition of aging beautifully! And that hasn't changed since she embraced her natural greyer hair color. She's been on our screens in a lot of varied roles - and a lot of different colored wigs - but this natural look will always win.

33. Pierce Brosnan

image source: boredpanda.com
Famous actor and face of one of the Bonds, Pierce Brosnan, has been rocking his white hair for a while now. While it's not a look that James Bond would ever want, it's definitely a look Brosnan wants - and absolutely suits. And apparently his wife thinks so, too!

34. Keanu Reeves

image source: boredpanda.com
Keanu Reeves must be immortal because he never, ever looks like he ages. And even though he's embraced those small grey hairs that have started appearing - the only indication that he actually ages - he still doesn't look a day over 20 really, does he?

35. Matt LeBlanc

image source: boredpanda.com
One of the most devastating things for people who grew up with Friends is to see the actors getting older - because it just makes you feel old when you're watching the re-runs! But Matt LeBlanc has long since embraced his grey locks and he actually looks great!

36. Glenn Close

image source: boredpanda.com
Actress Glenn Close has been rocking her white hair for so long that we can't even remember what she looks like without it! She's the perfect example of an actress aging gracefully and she definitely looks good with this hair. She was halfway there with Cruela's anyway, wasn't she?

37. Barack Obama

image source: boredpanda.com
Barack Obama was not only one of the most popular presidents, he was also easy on the eye - and one thing that made him look so endearing was how he embraced his natural look and proudly wore his close-cropped grey hair during every one of his presidential speeches!

38. Jeff Bridges

image source: boredpanda.com
Actor Jeff Bridges wouldn't look the same if he didn't have his huge beard and swept-back hair - and one of his most notable features is the grey white natural look he's been rockin' for a while! He's just one example of an old-timey Hollywood male actor who's embraced his grey!

39. Denzel Washington

image source: boredpanda.com
Actor Denzel Washington looks great with his grey flecked hair, and even more so with his grey beard. Denzel hasn't always had grey hair, and many people know him for his darker brown-black hair in most of his films, but since going grey, he's definitely been working it!

40. Tom Hanks

image source: boredpanda.com
Tom Hanks has been everyone's favorite Hollywood actor for a long, long time - right from his younger days when he had brown hair, and now to his latest movies where he's rocking his natural white-grey hair. And no matter what hair color he has, he always looks suave!

41. Sam Elliot

image source: boredpanda.com
Award-winning (and legendary) actor Sam Elliott is one of those actors who just exudes confidence no matter what hair color he has (or the character he's playing). It's been a long time since he's had anything but white grey hair and matching moustache, and he looks great!

42. Ian McKellan

image source: boredpanda.com
Perhaps Gandalf is the reason we couldn't imagine Sir Ian McKellen having anything but grey hair - he is Gandalf the Grey/White after all. But legendary stage and screen actor McKellen has had this hair color for a long time due to his age - and he still looks good!

43. George Takei

image source: boredpanda.com
Back in his Star Trek days, actor George Takei was rocking a dark-haired look that he's long since left behind! The actor embraced his natural grey as he aged gracefully, and now we can't imagine George with any other hair color - he's 85 years old, after all, so the color suits him!

44. Mark Ruffalo

image source: boredpanda.com
Can you ever remember a time that Mark Ruffalo didn't have grey hair? And have we ever questioned it? No, because he looks great! Even when playing Bruce Banner in the earlier Avengers movies, there was a hint of grey in those curly locks, and now he's been fully embracing it for a while!

45. Ryan Reynolds

image source: boredpanda.com
Ryan Reynolds, everyone's favorite husband, might not be the very first celebrity you think of when we mention grey hair, but it's time to take a little bit of a closer look at the guy! He does have grey in his beard, and his naturally light-colored hair does have grey around the sides!

46. Mara Brock Akil

image source: boredpanda.com
Mara Brock Akil is not often seen in front of the camera, showing off her hair color, because she's a famous American screenwriter working behind the scenes! But Mara had naturally brown-black hair before her grey started showing through, and now she's just let it happen!

47. Tan France

image source: boredpanda.com
When you think of Queer Eye, you have to think of Tan France first, just because he stands out so much simply because of his grey hair! It's iconic. We've never not seen Tan with his natural grey hair, so he's obviously been embracing it his entire adult life - and we love him for it!

48. Timothy Olyphant

image source: boredpanda.com
Timothy Olyphant is a prime example of male actors who just look better and better with age - and most of that is down to their swept-back grey-flecked hair and that grey stubble they grow that makes all the difference. Timothy definitely hasn't been making any efforts to hide those awesome greys!carole

49. Carole King

image source: boredpanda.com
Famous American singer-songwriter Carole King has had a couple different hair colors in the past, most notably brown and blonde - but now she's going all natural with her white-grey look, which absolutely suits her. Grey just looks particularly good with curls, amiright?

50. Brad Pitt

image source: boredpanda.com
It's about time we accepted it ladies and gents and others, Brad Pitt is no longer the bright blond-haired boy he always was - but that's definitely not a problem. Brad has been rockin' a grey head of hair and a grey beard look for the past few years now - and he suits it!

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