All Of One Directions Partners Since The Breakup

By Molly 1 year ago

1. Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

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Rumour has it Harry and Kendall are back on! These two lovebirds have been romantically involved since 2013 and have been in an on/off-again relationship for years. Harry has been relying on Kendall's support during his most recent break-up, and the two have become closer than ever.

2.  Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid

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Zayn and Gigi all but confirmed their relationship when the model starred in the music video for Zayn's number-one hit
The couple would be in an on/off-again relationship for the next 6 years until an incident with Zayn's mother-in-law finally had them calling it quits -
, Let's not get into that!

3.  Zayn, Gigi & Baby Khai

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Before the breakup, the couple welcomed a daughter named Khai in 2020. Both Zayn and Gigi have recently expressed how much they enjoy co-parenting which each other, despite being separated and juggling their busy schedules - what a co-parenting dream team!

4. Niall Horan & Amelia Woolley

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Sorry guys...Niall Horan is officially off the market! The former One Direction member has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Amelia Woolley since 2020. This dream couple is very private, but that doesn't stop them from taking cute snaps together!

5. Louis Tomlinson & Briana Jungwirth

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Louis began an explosive fling with stylist Briana Jungwirth in 2016, after being introduced by a mutual friend. This whirlwind romance didn't last long and resulted in an
pregnancy! Drama has since followed the separated couple... including online feuds, physical fights and a messy legal battle - Yikes!

6. Louis, Briana & Baby Freddie

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Following his short-lived romance with Briana, the couple welcomed a son Freddie Reign Tomlinson on Jan 21 - making him the first One Direction Baby! The first-time father was over the moon and gushed about his newborn on Twitter much to the delight of fans!

7.  Liam Payne & Kate Cassidy

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New couple alert!
- Liam's newest flame is 23-year-old Kate Cassidy. Sources describe the couple as
"mad about each other"
and the pair have already attended multiple red carpets and worse matching outfits for Halloween- eat your heart out Pamela & Tommy!

8.  Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde

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Co-stars to lovers- Harry and Olivia first met on set filming
"Don't Worry Darling"
in 2020 and instantly hit it off! Despite the
10-year age gap
, the couple has enjoyed romantic getaways showcasing their mutual attraction. Olivia has also been spotted attending Harry’s concerts with her children. In 2022, the couple went on a break and split for good but remain good friends.

9. Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole

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To the surprise of many, Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole teased their new relationship in 2016 on Instagram, and if that wasn’t enough of a giveaway… the PDA on the red carpets was! Originally the pair first met on X-Factor in 2008, Liam was just 14 years old and Cheryl was on the panel of judges – shocking! After two year's together the couple broke up in 2018.

10. Liam, Cheryl & Baby Bear

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On March 22 2017, Liam Payne joined the boyband dad club! Liam and Cheryl welcomed a son named Bear Payne before their break up and the two were reportedly over the moon. Liam later went on to gush that he and Cheryl have a
"really lovely"
relationship and do well co-parenting - that's so sweet!

11. Louis Tomlinson & Sofie Nyvang

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Heart-breaking news... Louis Tomlinson is officially off the market! Louis and his new girlfriend, Sofie Nyvang were spotted earlier this year holding hands and looking smitten whilst grabbing a coffee- so cute! We can't wait to see more from these sweethearts.

12. Zayn Malik & Neelam Gill

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The former One Direction member reportedly fell for Burberry model Neelam Gill in 2016 after calling off his engagement to little mix singer Perrie Edwards. Nothing ever happened with Neelam and Zayn until after the engagement was broken off... But I'm sure that's what they all say?

13. Niall Horan & Hailee Steinfeld

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Niall and Hailee were rumoured to be dating after becoming close friends. The young couple dated very privately for a few months until sadly they parted ways. The reason behind their breakup is still unclear but the singer/actress has hinted at unfaithfulness with her song
"Wrong Direction"

14. Liam Payne & Maya Henry

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Liam and Maya Henry kept their relationship secret for months before officially announcing their relationship status. Reports of an engagement soon surfaced when the model was spotted wearing a huge diamond ring... which reportedly cost a whopping
£3 million
!! 10 months later Liam dropped a bombshell over a podcast that the two had separated.

15. Harry Styles & Camille Row

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Harry Styles complicated dating history became even more complex when he started dating french model Camille Rowe. The two dated very briefly before their relationship came to an abrupt end. Fans seemed to get answers when Harry alluded to his relationship with Rowe in his song
- which included a voicemail from the model!

16.  Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder

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Throughout his time in One Direction and after the band split Louis was in a long-term relationship with ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Even though the couple has parted ways Louis admitted in a 2020 interview that he still sees a future with Eleanor - how romantic!

17.  Zayn Malik & Carlyn Bryan

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Rumours spread like wildfire when Zayn shared a
photo of himself and a mystery blonde after his break-up with Perrie. The mystery girl was revealed to be Carlyn Bryan a PR girl from LA. Sources claim that Zayn was cheating on his ex-fiancee with Carlyn!

18. Niall Horan & Celine Vandycke

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Celine Vandycke sent One Direction fans into a meltdown when she was pictured snuggling up to Niall Horan at the British Summertime Festival. Fans were quick to shower Niall's new beau with nasty comments on Twitter when a picture surfaced of Celine with another man!

19.  Harry Styles & Sara Sampaio

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Look like Harry Styles has bagged himself yet another model!! Harry allegedly spent the night with Victoria's Secret Model Sara Sampaio at a swanky New York hotel. Accompanied by a group of friends the attractive couple were also seen partying into the night!

20.  Liam Payne & Naomi Campbell

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Despite the shocking 23-year age gap...Liam Payne managed to woo one of the world's most beautiful women,
Naomi Campbell! The unlikely pair were first pictured together on a trip to Ghana, where they were seen cuddling up together at dinner before partying until dawn.

21.  Niall Horan & Selena Gomez

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"Are they dating?"
- is the question on everyone's lips! Niall Horan and Selena Gomez have been close friends since his One Direction days. However, they have recently been snapped spending time at Niall's LA house. Sadly, Niall broke our hearts when he shut down rumours by claiming the two were just
"good friends”

22.  Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards

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Shout out to my ex
- Zayn and Perrie fell in love in 2011, but their relationship would become plagued with allegations of cheating. Zayn finally called it quits with the little mix star by calling off their engagement. Perrie got the last laugh though when she performed at Capitals Jingle bell ball and gave Zayn a little shoutout – go, girl!

23. Harry Styles & Kiko Mizuhara

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This hot couple met in Tokyo and reportedly hit it off sparking rumours! Harry reportedly flew out for multiple visits and they both followed each other on IG. Mizuhara has been very adamant that the two aren't dating or that they've even met -

24.  Liam Payne & Aliana Mawla

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Shortly after his breakup with Maya Henry, Liam was seen with his arm around a new beautiful brunette! The brunette was American model Aliana Mawla, who confirmed the romance by uploading the pictures to her social media. Much to everyone's surprise, they didn't last long...

25.  Louis Tomlinson & Danielle Campbell

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Tomlinson declared himself
after confirming his romance with Danielle Campbell on Insta with a sweet photo of the two kissing. Unfortunately, after a brief dating period and the sad passing of Tomlinson's mother, the two went their separate ways. Insiders have claimed the two have
"no bad feelings"
and will stay friends.

26. Harry Styles & Tess Ward

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The hearts of Harry Style fans all over the world mended when news broke that he and food blogger Tess Ward ended their relationship after only two months! Ward reportedly realised she still had feelings for her ex and dumped the former One Direction bandmate - poor Harry!

27.  Niall Horan & Ellie Goulding

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Niall has had his fair share of relationship drama! The two were caught holding hands at the VMAs but Goulding denied rumours until she finally admitted in a 2015 interview that the two went on a
"few dates"
. The drama intensified as Ellie was rumoured to be dating bf Ed Sheeran the same time!! Ed later wrote the song
which hinted at a love triangle!

28.  Liam Payne & Duckie Thot

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The Fenty and L'Oreal model Duckie Thot caused a spark when she attended the Cartier and British Vogue Darlings Dinner with…you guessed it, Liam Payne! The model also shared a cheeky Instagram story of her and Liam clutching hands at the dinner table. How Romantic!

29.  Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson

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You heard right! - for years Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been the subject of dating rumours with many fans believing they are in a secret relationship. Louis finally shut down these rumours in 2017 when he addressed the rumour head-on. Sorry to all those Larry Stylinson fans!

30.  Zayn Malik & Rita Ora

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Things got steamy on the set of 50 shades of Grey for Zayn Malik & Rita Ora! Reportedly, the two became close when working on the hit soundtrack for this famous trilogy. The two singers were spotted having dinner together but neither confirmed nor denied the romance.

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