Body Parts That Celebrities Have Insured

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 year ago

1. Mariah Carey's Legs: $1 Billion

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Back in 2006, Gilette Venus announced Mariah Carey as their Golden Legs Goddess and this prompted her to insure these assets for a whopping $1 Billion!  Gilette even gifted the singer a 16-foot replica of her legs that now stand proud in Radio City Music Hall in New York!

2. David Beckham's Legs, Feet & Toes: $195 Million

Image Source: E!Online
When David Beckham rose to fame playing soccer, or British football, of course, his legs, feet, and toes were a huge asset to his earning potential!  And his is said to have the highest personal insurance policy for them in the whole of sporting history, at $195 million!

3. Julia Roberts's Smile: $30 Million

Image Source: VanityFair
Julia Roberts has starred in so many of the world's most beloved movies, like
Pretty Woman
My Best Friend's Wedding
.  And her smile is just as iconic as she is!  So to protect her best-loved feature, she had it insured for the enormous price of 30 million dollars!

4. Dolly Parton's Breasts: $600,000

Image Source: HarparsBazaar
Dolly Parton is a woman of many talents, and she has her finger in so many pies we've lost count.  From running businesses to her charity work, her acting and singing!  But even though she rose to fame because of her singing voice, she didn't have her vocal cords insured.  Instead, she has her breasts insured for $600,000!

5. Miley Cyrus's Tongue: $1 Million

Image Source: CelebrityDirtyLaundry
You can't search for a photograph of Miley Cyrus without being bombarded with images of her pulling her tongue out.  In fact, her tongue has become an icon in itself!  So much so that she's taken out an insurance policy on it for a huge 1 million dollars!  This is definitely one of the weirder body parts to have insured!

6. Tom Jones's Chest Hair: $6.9 Million

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And another totally bizarre insurance policy was taken out by the legendary singer Tom Jones.  His smooth voice is enough to melt his fans, but this wasn't the asset he decided to insure... But he actually insured his curly
chest hair
for an absolutely humongous $6.9 million!

7. Jamie Lee Curtis Legs: $2.8 Million

Image Source: Pinterest
It has also been reported that Jamie Lee Curtis has taken out an expensive $2.8 million insurance policy on her legs.  And she got these assets insured all the way back in the nineties when she became the spokesperson for L'eggs Reliance, a brand of long-wearing pantyhose.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo's Legs: $144 Million

Image Source: Buzzfeed
Cristiano Ronaldo is a legendary soccer player, and with sponsorships coming out of his ears, it's only natural that he would want to insure his best asset: his legs!  And, even though they aren't as pricey as Beckham's limbs, Ronaldo's legs have a massive $144 million policy!

9. Madonna's Breasts: $2 Million

Image Source: amNewYork
Being the absolute music royalty that she is, you'd assume that Madonna would be inclined to insure her voice.  But in actual fact, Madonna has gone ahead and insured her breasts for nearly $2 million.  She did state once in an interview that she agreed that beauty
get people's attention but it's her work that will last longer!

10. Heidi Klum's Legs: $2 Million

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The iconic model and 
Project Runway 
star, Heidi Klum, has her legs insured for nearly $2 million.  But, funnily enough, she joked that one of her legs is worth slightly more than the other as one has a scar on it from an accident she had a few years ago.

11. Bette Davis's Waist: $28,000

Image Source: HarparsBazaar
Bette Davis was one of Lloyd's first customers when it came to insuring body parts.  She approached the London company way back in the 1940s to insure her waist for $28,000.  Today, that amount is worth half a million dollars, and it is said that she was the first star to insure a body part!

12. Jennifer Lopez's Butt: $300 Million

Image Source: Insider
JLo's derriere is quite iconic.  So iconic, in fact, that she has had it insured for almost $300 million.  But, for some reason, and despite the widespread rumors, it took her quite a while to actually admit that she had her butt insured!  It doesn't sound like she understands why either, as she joked: 
"what is somebody steals it?!"

13. Taylor Swift's Legs: $40 Million

Image Source: E!Online
Taylor Swift joked on her Instagram grid that her beloved cat,
, owed her $40 million after scratching her leg... She's since deleted this hilarious post but it definitely alluded to the singer's expensive insurance policy on her never-ending limbs!

14. America Ferrera's Smile: $10 Million

Image Source:
Ugly Betty
actress, America Ferrera, became the face of the toothpaste brand
teeth-whitening campaign.  And to ensure America's pearly whites were fully protected against any harm, the brand took out a whopping $10 million policy out on her smile!

15. Kylie Minogue's Buttocks: $5 Million

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JLo isn't the only star who had her butt insured.  Kylie Minogue has also protected her buttocks with an enormous $5 million insurance policy.  And why the heck not?  As the first woman to have her music career span a whole five decades, she deserves to give her seemingly most precious body part that extra bit of insurance!

16. Keith Richards's Hands: $1.6 Million

Image Source: RollingStone
The legendary guitarist of 
The Rolling Stones
, Keith Richards, has musical talents that are completely unrivaled.  You'd probably assume that his talents are priceless, but it has actually been reported that Richards has had his hands insured for 1.6 million dollars.

17. Daniel Craig's Whole Body: $9.5 Million

Image Source: Twitter
Daniel Craig insured his whole body for the gigantic sum of $9.5 million.  He did this whilst he was filming for his role in 
The Quantum of Solace
.  Believe it or not, he needed this extra insurance because he actually performed most of his own stunts in the movie!

18. Fernando Alonso's Thumbs: $13 Million

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Formula One driver, Fernando Alonso, is probably one of the sport's most famous personalities.  And even if you don't know of him, you might've seen his iconic thumbs-up pose on your screens.  He did pose with his thumbs up that often during the height of his career, he had them insured for somewhere between $13 and $15 million!

19. Tina Turner's Legs: $3.2 Million

Image Source: HuffPost
Tina Turner definitely needs her legs for her legendary dance moves.  The
Simply the Best
singer often showed off her pins, dancing around stages in her short glittering dresses.  You wouldn't believe it but she told Oprah in an interview that she used to be pretty self-conscious about her long legs. But in the nineties, they became a precious asset to her and she had them insured for $3.2 million.

20. Holly Madison's Breasts: $1 Million

Image Source: NYPost
Holly Madison rose to fame as one of High Hefner's girlfriends and won over audiences to the show, 
The Girls Next Door,
with her kind and sweet personality.  But she decided to insure her breasts for $500k each just in case anything happened to them, stating that she believed that she'd be out of work for a while and probably lose that amount in earnings!

21. Kim Kardashian's Butt: $21 Million

Image Source: E!Online
Another celeb who decided to insure their butt is Kim Kardashian.  And she's had it insured for $21 million!  Audiences have been pretty captivated by Kim's behind over the years but she is quite taken aback by the attention and 
that she has absolutely no idea what the fuss is about!

22. Bruce Springsteen's Vocal Cords: $6 Million

Image Source: Rollingstone
Bruce Springsteen once said that you can change someone's life with a song.  And, the fact is, he must've changed so many people's lives, and we're not exaggerating when we say that it seems like people from every corner of the globe love his legendary music.  So it's a good job he had his vocal cords insured for 6 million dollars1

23. Egon Ronay's Taste Buds: $400,000

Image Source: RTE
For those that don't know this name, Egon Ronay was a super famous food critic back in the fifties and his opinion could absolutely make or break a restaurant.  His opinion was so valued that he deemed it extremely important to protect his taste buds with a $400k insurance policy!

24. Rihanna's Legs: $1 Million

Image Source: Life&Style
In 2007, Rihanna took Mariah Carey's title of having the
Legs of a Goddess.
  This title was also given to Rihanna by Gilette Venus.  So she thought that she'd better protect them and she decided to insure them for $1 million.  This was definitely a lot less than Mariah Carey! Move over Mariah!

25. Gene Simmons's Tongue: $1 Million

Image Source: WGN-TV
KISS star, Gene Simmons's legendary serpent-like tongue became a huge part of his on-stage persona.  And its fame prompted him to visit Lloyds to take out an insurance policy for a million dollars.  That's got to be the most expensive tongue in the world, right?!

26. Jennifer Love Hewitt's Breasts: $2.5 Million

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Like Dolly Parton, actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt also had her mind on her chest when she thought about insuring her breasts.  The thing is, though, she didn't actually go through with taking out a policy herself.  She said in an interview that if someone offered to insure them for 2.5 million dollars, she'd definitely take it!

27. Troy Polamalu's Hair: $1 Million

Image Source: TMZ
American football star, Troy Polamalu's luscious, shiny, curly locks are definitely the envy of many.  But it takes work for hair to look THAT good and he said that before a game, his haircare routine regularly takes around 45 minutes!  But he didn't take out the $1 million insurance policy himself, it was actually taken out when he signed a sponsorship deal with Head and Shoulders!

28. Michael Flatley's Legs: $40 Million

Image Source: NYTimes
Irish dancer, Michael Flatley has twice broken the Guinness World Record for foot-tapping, first with an insane 28 taps per 
and then a second time with 35 taps per second.  Yes, we did say PER SECOND.  So with skills like that, it's no wonder that he insured his legs for $40 million!

29. Merv Hughes's Moustache: $370,000

Image Source:
Merv Hughes was an Australian cricket star from the late eighties to the early nineties, and it wasn't only his cricket playing that caught the world's attention at the time.  It was also his huge 6ft4 build and his iconic handlebar mustache, which he insured for $370k!

30. Ben Turpin's Eyes: $25,000

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Ben Turpin was an actor and comedian in silent films and was recognizable for his distinctive eyes, which were, in fact, crossed!  Interestingly, because his eyes were part of his persona, a $25,000 insurance policy was taken out on them just in case they became uncrossed!

31. Jimmy Durante's Nose: $50,000

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Jimmy Durante was a famous singer and comedian, and one particularly notable feature about him was his huge nose - so big that he became known as the Great Schnozzola. Most of us would balk about having our nose called 'big', but he embraced it and insured it instead!

32. Mariah Carey's Vocal Cords: $35 Million

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It seems that legendary songstress Mariah Carey has more than one body part worth insuring! As well as that insurance policy taken out on her legs, she reportedly took out another one for $35 million for her vocal cords - and we'd argue this one is a bit more important!

33. Charlie Chaplin's Feet: Around $123,000

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Charlie Chaplin was enough of a legend that you'd think all of him would be insured! But no, apparently it was just the feet. It makes sense when you remember that Chaplin was known for his famous walk, though - and $123,000 was actually a huge amount of money in those days!

34. Joey Essex's Hair: Around $1.2 Million

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If you haven't heard of Joey Essex from across the pond, he's a reality TV star of UK reality TV fame - and he launched his own hair care brand. After doing so, he thought it would be a good idea to get his own hair insured - because why not - which he did so for around $1.2 million.

35. Priyanka Chopra's Smile

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It's not know how much Priyanka Chopra has insured her smile for, but it's very much copyrighted - and rightly so, because look at it! Apparently if anyone had plastic surgery done to copy her lips or smile, they would owe her a serious amount of money for breaking copyright!

36. Amitabh Bachchan's Voice

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Bachchan is a huge celebrity in Bollywood, and his vocal talents are something everyone can get behind - and that's why they're insured, for a lot of money. His deep baritone voice has been copyrighted because some people used it to promote smoking in their adverts!

37. John Abraham's Body

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This famous Indian actor's body has apparently made enough people sworn that insurance companies actually approached him - rather than the other way round - to take out a safety net policy! The policy is believed to be around $1.2 million after he took the consideration very seriously.

38. David Lee Roth's Sperm

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Yep, you read that right. Though I guess if you were going to insure anything it would be your reproductive genetics. David Lee Roth is an American singer and personality, known for being one of the members of Van Halen. He insured his sperm in the 1980s so he couldn't 'accidentally impregnate anyone'.

39. And Now.. Celebs With The Most Famous Body Parts! Angelina Jolie's Lips

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You might think big lips are nothing new in the world of Hollywood, but Jolie's have always been a staple of her image, and a lot of that comes from the fact that they're completely natural (we know, unheard of with celebs, right?). This has to be the first thing you think of when you think of this actress!

40. Beyonce's Thighs

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To say Beyonce has a lot going for her would be an understatement, but there's one particular body part that stands out - and that's her famous thighs! The singer has a stunning figure all round, but most of her stage outfits are made to let those legs stand out!

41. Miranda Kerr's Dimples

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Australian model Miranda Kerr has an amazing figure, of course - she'd need to have to be a model - but the most stand-out thing about her image is actually something you wouldn't associate with the pressures of a modelling career - and that's her cute smile dimples!

42. Nicole Kidman's Hair

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When you think of this actress's long career spanning decades, one thing we can agree on is just how much she's changed her hair! While she's mostly seen these days with a normal blond do, in the past she's had permed hair, dark hair, red hair... anything really! Which do you think suits her best?

43. Cara Delevingne's Eyebrows

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Cara Delevingne seems to have taken on more and more as her career's progressed, from a model to starring in movies. But one thing that hasn't changed - and one thing we can depend on her for - is those eyebrows! With big eyebrows being the trend at the minute, she's the winner!

44. Blake Lively's Hair

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Blake Lively is known for a lot of things - mainly her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, their famous Tweet exchanges and her iconic Met Gala dresses. But one thing that's remained staple about her that we can all think of when her name is mentioned is those blonde tresses!

45. Cindy Crawford's Mole

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The mole on Cindy Crawford's upper lip is what marked her out from many other models - or everyone, really. It became a real trademark of the way she looked, and her image. It's interesting that Crawford was actually told to have the 'ugly' mark removed before starting her career - joke's on them!

46. Michelle Obama's Arms

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Michelle Obama has revealed that she exercises regularly to keep herself in shape, but nowhere is that truer than those sleek, toned arms. It actually created a bit of a buzz when her First Lady portrait was her wearing a sleeveless dress to reveal those arms!

47. Ray Martin's Hair

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This legend on Australian television, reporting the latest of current affairs, became famous for his hair! And it's nice to see a man famous for their hair for a change! Here pictured on the left, his hair is so iconic it's been 'parodied' a few times on shows and skits!

48. Mark Wahlberg's Chest

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Wahlberg is one of many (many) actors who prioritizes working out, and who doesn't mind talking about it. While it's nothing new to see a toned six pack on a male actor, Wahlberg has been known in particular for how perfectly proportioned his chest is!

49. Elle Macpherson's Whole Body!

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Macpherson is the original Australian model, and it's always been easy to see why. When you're a model, it's no surprise you're going to be the whole package - so trying to pick one area of Elle's body would be impossible. At the age of 59 Elle looks amazing in every way!

50. Jennifer Aniston's Hair

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Any fan of Friends will know that one of the most iconic things about the show was Rachel's ever-changing hairstyles - and the look that officially became known as 'The Rachel'. Even though her Friends days are long behind her, her amazing hair definitely isn't!

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