Dark Secrets Into The Marriage Of Lisa Marie Presley And Michael Jackson

By Carole 1 year ago

1. One Of The Most Bizarre Marriages In History!

Image source: MJVibe
The unusual relationship between Michael Jackson and and Lisa Marie Presley was apparently carried out over the phone.   Lisa Marie told Rolling Stone magazine that her future husband even proposed to her during a phone conversation.  Jackson didn't like this 'rumor' going around and invented a story that there had been a very romantic proposal.

2. They Set Eyes On Each Other When Lisa Marie Was 7 Years Old

Image source: Closer Weekly
Presley first met Jackson in 1975 when she was just 7 years old and that was backstage at one of her father's concerts.  Fast forward to 1992 and the couple embarked on an adult relationship that some would say, surprisingly, turned romantic.  They appeared to be the picture of happiness.

3. The Wedding Took Place Straight After Lisa Marie's Divorce

Image source: Manchester Evening News
On April 29 1994,  Lisa Marie officially signed divorce papers from husband, Danny Keough.  Barely 3 weeks later, she got married to Michael Jackson.  It was a secret wedding in a hotel in the Dominican Republic although it is thought Michael would have preferred the wedding to have taken place on his private jet.

4.  Unusual Wedding Attire!

Image source: Mamamia
It's no surprise that the wedding between Jackson and Presley was going to be anything but traditional  and this was indeed the case!  The couple reportedly both wore black, pretty strange for a wedding, with Jackson donning a bolero jacket, cowboy belt and a flamenco hat.

5.  No Relatives Or Friends At The Ceremony

Image source: Daily Express
The wedding ceremony was unusual in itself as there were no relatives or friends in attendance, not even Lisa Marie's mom.  Priscilla was furious that her daughter had chosen to tie the knot with Michael.  She was of the opinion that Jackson was using the occasion as a marketing ploy.

6.  Lisa Marie Stuck By Him During Allegations

Image source: The Sun
In J. Randy Taraborrelli’s book about the King of Pop, Elvis’ daughter is quoted as saying that she didn't believe that Michael did anything untoward and that he had been wrongly accused.  She said she fell in love with him and felt she was the only one who could save him.

7. Marriage Went Downhill Due To Drugs

Image source: Animated Times
Unfortunately, Elvis's daughter realised that her husband was struggling with drug abuse issues.  She had recognised similar patterns between him and her late father.  Jackson, like her dad, Elvis, was surrounded by enablers who she referred to as vampires.  From then on, it was all downhill.

8.  Had Michael Ever Kissed A Woman Before?

Image source: Herald Weekly
There are always stories going around Hollywood, some true and others with maybe a hint of truth.  One of those was that Michael Jackson never had sex with a woman. His former 'girlfriends' Tatum O'Neal and Brooke Shields both claim that he never even tried to kiss them.

9.  Lisa Marie Bragged About Their Physical Relationship

Image source: Us Weekly
According to Elvis’s daughter, the first time Lisa Marie and Michael slept together was at Donald Trump’s mansion in Florida.  According to a 1995 article in the
National Enquirer
,  Presley reportedly said that it was absolutely wild, a slow start but, once they got going, they never stopped.  Too much information - if it's true!

10. They Were Always Fighting

Image source: RadarOnline
One of Lisa’s friends claimed that Presley and Jackson were always fighting and Elvis's daughter started to think she'd made a huge mistake in marrying him.  These so called arguments purportedly lasted three days.  Then they would make up - until the next row started.

11. Was Lisa Marie Being Faithful To Michael?

Image source: People
Shortly after the 1995 television interview, Lisa Marie was seen enjoying herself in Hawaii with her ex.According to news stories during that time, Presley decided to put an end to what many considered to be a marriage of convenience and a bit of a farce.  Michael tried to make her jealous with a supposed relationship with Princess Diana so Lisa Marie wanted to get her own back.

12. Michael Begged Lisa Marie To Accompany Him To Awards Ceremony

Image source: The Washington Post
In September 1995, although the couple had unofficially separated, Michael begged Lisa Marie to attend the MTV Awards gala with him.  Jackson was going to be the huge star of the event, with a 20 minute medley. Everything went more or less according to plan until....

13.......Lisa Cringed On Stage

Image source: The Mirror
......The kiss!  Lisa Marie’s discomfort was more than evident to every viewer.  She later told various magazines that it looked awkward because it was and she was terrified out of her skin.  It was a PR stunt that Michael's manager had orchestrated.  Well ,that went down like a lead balloon.

14. They Tried To Get Back Together

Image source: Oprah Daily
Lisa Marie told Oprah Winfrey, on Oprah's chat show, that they had tried to get back together and wanted to make it work.  They actually spent four years, allegedly, following the divorce, going back and forth and Lisa Marie was still flying all over the world with Jackson.

15. Lisa Marie Divorced Him Behind His Back

Image source: RadarOnline
There had been so many flaws in the relationship of two of the most famous individuals on the planet that it was inevitable that it wasn't going to last.  Lisa Marie decided to go behind Michael's back and file for divorce.  This left him emotionally wounded and the fragile Jackson turned to prescription medication.

16. Michael Wouldn't Accept It Was Over

Image source: The Mirror
Lisa Marie was reported to have said that Michael constantly asked her if she still loved him, after they had broken up.  When she replied that she felt indifferent about the whole relationship, this was not what he wanted to hear and he, apparently, went hysterical, taking hours to calm down.

17. Michael Blamed Lisa Marie For His Drug Abuse

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Michael trusted Lisa Marie more than anyone else in his life.  He felt that she knew exactly what it was like to live in a goldfish bowl and they should stick together.  When she betrayed him, he felt consumed with sadness and started using drugs as an emotional escape.

18. Michael Thought He Would Be Murdered

Image source: TMZ
Lisa Marie said that Michael was trying to find out where she was at and how could she become so detached.   He thought she loved him.  More than once, he told his estranged wife that he felt someone was going to try to kill him to get a hold of his catalog and his estate.

19.Michael Hid At Neverland

Image source: The Telegraph
Their marriage lasted a total of 20 months.  The man who had defined himself as the loneliest person in the world, returned to his mansion, Neverland, accompanied by Bubbles, his chimpanzee.  This was mainly to hide from the frequent reports of sexual abuse.

20. Lisa Marie Lets Secret Out To Oprah

Image source: Music Times
On a further occasion, Lisa Marie told Oprah that she truly loved the
Beat It
singer and genuinely loved her, as much as he was capable of those feelings.  Due to his unconventional upbringing and cruel father, his emotions were often distorted and he had buried a lot of his childhood memories.

21. Michael Spills The Beans To Oprah Winfrey

Image source: Daily Star
After Lisa Marie spoke out to Oprah, it was Michael's turn.  He told the chat show host that his wife didn't want kids and he would tell her that Debbie, his dermatology assistant, was willing to bear his children if she wasn't.  Debbie would be in the room when these conversations took place.

22. Were These The Reasons The Marriage Failed?

Image source: NPR
There have been so many stories circling the world about the marriage of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson and why it had failed.  Those close to the couple claim it was Michael's nature for being a perfectionist, his Scientology fellowship and the child abuse accusations that ripped them apart.

23.  They Were Plagued With Questions About Intimacy

Image source: Biography
No other couple, famous or not, would be put under the spotlight about intimacy within the marriage, but this couple were different in so many ways.  They would go over the top by saying they couldn't keep their hands off each other but they always sounded so false and no one believed them.

24. They Shared Negative Similarities

Image source: Daily Express
Like her father and second husband, Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie struggled with the aching feeling of being both recognized and adored everywhere she went, yet feeling isolated and utterly alone in her own messed up world. Very few people could understand that.

25. A Publicity Stunt

Image source: Metro UK
Some assumed the marriage was a publicity stunt and a way to get more attention and more record sales.  Others saw Michael Jackson as focussing on his legacy. He was 35 years old when they got married and he wanted sons, heirs to succeed him when he was no longer around.

26. Lisa Marie Couldn't Commit To Family Life

Image source: The Sun
What better heir for the King of Pop than to marry the daughter of the undisputed king, Elvis?   Lisa Marie knew he wanted babies and was ready, but she also thought about a potential divorce and custody fight and that kept her from ever committing to having children.

27. Did Lisa Marie Agree With Michael's Changing Face?

Image source: Vanity Fair
Lisa Marie was well aware that her father had been mocked in his last few years for the way he looked, very bloated, and she had no issue with Michael's ever-changing appearance.  She said she was not attracted to mediocrity or 'normal' because she felt she was weird herself.

28. She Treated Michael As Her Drug

Image source: Us Weekly
Lisa Marie thought Michael was “intoxicating,” like “a drug.”  Like all drugs, the highs were only temporary and increasingly harder to repeat.  Finally, the divorce would become ugly and the spoiled daughter of Elvis would admit, “
The problem with me is nobody ever tells me what to do — I would rebel, be their worst nightmare

29. Michael Still Phoned Lisa Marie Years Later .... in the hope that .......

Image source: StyleCaster
We have already touched on the subject of Michael Jackson refusing to cut Lisa Marie out of his life, even when they were divorced.  It did, though, go further than that as he was still contacting her weeks before she married for the fourth and final time.  He really did think he could win her back.

30. Out With The Old ....

Image source: The Mirror
The same year of their divorce, Jackson married dermatology assistant Debbie Rowe.  She was already 6 months pregnant with his child and they went on to have two more kids before the singer's death in 2009.  How did Debbie get pregnant - the rumors were flying and nobody ever found out.

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