The Darkest Secrets From The Kardashian Empire

By Joy Boyd 1 year ago

1. Kim Kardashian was investigated by the FBI

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She was questioned by the feds when they were investigating an embezzlement scandal involving Jho Low. She won $350,000 worth of chips in Vegas and Low told her to keep them. She cashed out and was handed $250,000 in a trash bag. She stuffed the bag in her carry-on and returned to Los Angeles. She later collected the remaining $100,000 in a trash bag full of cash.

2. It's possible that Kris leaked Kim's sex tape

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We all know that Kris is the mastermind behind the Kardashian brand. Depending on who you ask, Kim's leaked tape is what helped the show get greenlit. The tape was leaked just months before the show was officially created, so many people think Kris leaked it to gain fame for her family.

3. Khloe lied about wanting kids with Lamar

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People were obsessed with Khloe and Lamar's relationship. Just 30 days after meeting, Khloe had Kris start planning the wedding. They were together for seven years, and while she openly spoke about wanting to have kids, she later admitted that she had been actively taking measures for pregnancy prevention. She ultimately knew the relationship wasn't right and didn't want to bring a child into that situation.

4. Did Kendall Jenner hook up with Justin Bieber?

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We all know the drama between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez. But Kendall Jenner (Hailey's bestie) allegedly hooked up with Justin Bieber before Hailey and Justin were married. Kendall tries to maintain some privacy around her dating life, but Kendall and Hailey laughed out loud when asked if they've ever kissed the same person in a YouTube video.

5. There may be a history of abuse

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Robert Kardashian's widow released pages from what she said is a journal from the Kardashian's father. It apparently contains several lines of Kris abusing the children, but both Kris and the kids have denied this claim. A family representative also said they had no knowledge of the diary actually existing and the accusations are ridiculous.

6. Did the Kardashians use sweatshops to build their empire?

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Back in 2011, the Kardashians were at the center of an investigation saying the Kardashian brands create their products via use of sweatshops and appalling conditions in foreign factors. The Kardashians released a statement saying they took the situation seriously and checked with all manufacturers about factory regulations.

7. Kim was sued by her staff

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Kim's workers sued her and accused her of wage theft a few years ago. The workers claimed they weren't paid for hours worked or overtime, and that they weren't given meal and rest breaks. Kim said this was due to the company she hired to manage the workers, and the family has been able to push this scandal under the rug, never addressing it.

8. Surprise, surprise - Kylie had lip injections

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Is it really even a surprise? Kylie first got lip fillers at the age of 16, but for a long time, she said it was just makeup hacks. She's been asked about it so many times through the years, especially after releasing her makeup brand. She ultimately confessed, saying that she lied about it because she was worried she would be a bad influence on other kids.

9. They're quietly removing their butt implants

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Speaking of body altering surgeries... perhaps one of the most notable things about the Kardashians is Kim and Khloe's Brazilian butt lifts. While the sisters all defend themselves saying their bodies are a result of workout and diet, it now seems that they are having their butt lift procedures reversed. Maybe it truly is due to weight loss or other factors, but most people would appreciate more transparency to level-set expectations.

10. Kim only married Kris Humphries for show ratings

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Kim experienced a very short marriage to Kris Humphries during Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It was less than three months and every headline covered their break-up. Humphries alleged that Kim had betrayed him, marrying him just to up the ratings on the show. This might be why he's asked the Kardashians to keep his name out of their mouths on the show.

11. Fame really changed them

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Fame can go to your head pretty quick, and apparently that was the case for the Kardashians. There have been reports that when the show started, the family was very kind to the staff and crew, but as the show saw more success, the family began to berate the crew and make wild demands.

12. The show is not very realistic

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While the Kardashians would like you as the viewer to feel like they're letting you in on their every day (albeit crazy) lives, it's likely way more fabricated than you know. Even simple moments like Kim losing her earring in
is reportedly fake to create drama for the show. Just something to keep in mind!

13. Speaking of, that wasn't even Kris's house

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The house that appeared in the early days of Keeping Up, where much of the show was centered, was purely a set. Kris didn't own that house or even live in that house. You may also recognize it from 
American Horror Story 
True Blood
. Kris's actual house was 20 miles away, and fans figured it out when the house went up for sale by someone who wasn't her!

14. Kendall's secret struggle

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Kendall is arguably the most chill of the sisters, but she revealed a few years back that she regularly struggles with stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Even more scary, she said she suffers from sleep paralysis, where you wake up and can't move. Kendall is now a therapy girlie and says she's learned about breathing exercises to help her cope.

15. Scott Disick's dark addiction

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Scott Disick has been a regular on the show for a while and appears in their new series as well. He's Kourtney's ex and father of her children. He had a drinking problem so severe that he once shoved a $100 bill down a waiter's throat when the waiter cut off his alcohol supply. He's been to rehab four times for his addiction.

16. Kim Kardashian and the OJ Simpson trial

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One of the most interesting things about the Kardashian family is that prior to fame, they were deeply involved in one of the most high profile cases ever - that of OJ Simpson. Robert Kardashian Sr. was on OJ's defense team. Young Kim was mentioned during the trial because OJ got a gun after he was named the prime suspect and snuck into Kim's bedroom to hide it.

17. Khloe hid Lamar's drug problems

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Khloe took a page out of Kris Jenner's book when she convinced us that her marriage with Lamar was good. She was trying to keep up appearances, but in reality, she was falling apart. Lamar had a severe drug problem that Khloe felt it was her responsibility to cover up and hide.

18. Okay, let's talk about Rob

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Rob was a regular on the early days of the show and then disappeared. The sisters said he no longer wanted to be on camera due to gaining weight. It was deeper than that though, with Rob being diagnosed with diabetes and having to be hospitalized. He reportedly reached a peak weight of 300lbs.

19. Kris Jenner tried to buy success

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Kris Jenner doesn't consider failure an option, so when her talk show ratings were less than raving, she decided to fix the problem on her own. How? By paying for a better review! She sent money to a writer who'd written a poor review at The New York Post with a request for a better review. The writer did not oblige.

20. Kim has been to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

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When she was a teenager, Kim dated Michael Jackson's nephew which resulted in celebrating her 14th birthday at Neverland. She claims it was the most magical place on earth with baby elephants and rides and everything you could image. She said that her time there is something she'll remember for the rest of her life.

21. Controlling the narrative

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Okay, this one might not seem like a big deal, but it's just a good reality check. The Kardashians depend heavily on nannies for their children, the majority of the time. So, while it's easy to portray a perfect and happy family on TV or social media, there's often a lot more than meets the eye!

22. Kourtney's double standard

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Back in the day, Scott Disick started dating the much younger (16 years to be exact) Sofia Richie after his split with Kourt. But Kourtney dated a 23 year old who was much younger than her, and no one said a word or bad mouthed her the way the did Scott.

23. Covering up Kanye's health issues

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A lot of people noticed the decline of Kanye after Kim was robbed while in Paris. He ended up canceling his tour and checking into a medical center to get help for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Prior to the admission, he was seen doing a number of onstage rants. This was likely due to a misdiagnosis of his medication.

24. Kim Kardashian's godfather might be a murderer

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OJ Simpson is The Kardashians self-proclaimed godfather. He was apparently in the room when Kim was born. Kim said that this closeness with OJ caused her to take her dad's side (in the case) when OJ went to trial. She said as an adult, she doesn't like to think about it, because it's weird.

25. It was not all love for Kanye

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It's rumored that even before North's birth, the Kardashian family was not wild about how Kanye treated Kim. Kris, ever the PR queen, was reportedly upset when Kanye went on a swearing rant against paparazzi in front of Kim when she was pregnant. The family also did not like that Kanye didn't open doors for Kim or treat her particularly well while she was pregnant.

26. But that maybe went both ways

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It's reported that Kris was hoping to keep Kim and her first grandchild nearby before North was born. However, it's said that Kanye rejected this idea and didn't want to move his family into the Kardashian neighborhood. Instead they opted for a quaint little $11 million dollar house in Bel Air, staying far away from Kardashian land.

27. Kim's major addiction she's trying to fix

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Addictions can come in all shapes and sizes. Kim is not an excessive drinker of alcohol, but she has another major drinking weakness. She loves ice tea with Equal (the sweetener). And not just one sweetener, but more like... 10. She said she's trying to cut back to just having the sweet drink once a week.

28. Kylie's skin product that hurts your skin

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After launching the very successful Kylie Cosmetics line, fans were incredibly excited to check out products from Kylie's new Kylie Skin line. The skincare line almost immediately received poor reviews when her face scrub was found to cause micro-tears in the skin. Eek!

29. Kris hid Caitlyn Jenner's true gender identity

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We'll never know for sure, but Caitlyn Jenner says she told Kris early in their relationship about her true gender identity - still known as Bruce Jenner at the time. Kris insists that she had no clue, but the kids did catch their dad dressing up in women's clothing on camera. So it's possible that Kris kept it quiet to keep up a certain family image.

30. Khloe might not be a Kardashian?!

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If you've seen a single episode of
The Kardashians
, you know that the family is tight-knit and fiercely loyal and protective of each other. However, rumors have swirled that Khloe might not actually be a Kardashian, instead being brought into the family by Robert Sr. as a child. Rumors say that Robert repeatedly told Khloe she wasn't his daughter and that there has been a very LARGE amount paid in an NDA to keep the situation quiet.

31. Kim and Khloe get paid more than the others

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For a show about all of the Kardashian brood, you'd think that everyone is getting paid equally for their part to play - but nope. Kim Kardashian tops the pay pool, along with Khloe, who are both getting paid around 50/60% of the contract money. The remaining family members get the rest.

32. They all have to sign an NDA for the show

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It's no surprise that all the Kardashians on the show have to sign an NDA to have their money-making TV series, and it was actually Kim Kardashian herself who confirmed it when she was live-Tweeting about the show, revealing "NDAs for all"! We wonder what other secrets their hiding...

33. It's not the Kardashians who blur people's faces

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Sometimes on the show you have people who have their pictures blurred, like what happened with Khloe's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. While you might be thinking Khloe herself asked for them to be blurred, it actually happens if the person in question hasn't signed a waiver for their face to be shown!

34. Kris demands producers wear shoe coverings in her home

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For all the damage you'd imagine from so many high heels on expensive flooring, it's a little surprising that producers have had to wear full on surgical shoe coverings just to be invited in for coffee! But hey, Kris apparently likes a very clean home... who are we to judge?

35. Kris has an hour's hair and makeup every day

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This might not actually sound THAT bad, to say this is a Kardashian and a TV show, but let's just put this in perspective... we aren't talking about Kris spending an hour in front of her own ring light, we're talking a team of beauty professionals. So that's a whole TEAM, and it still takes an hour. Every day.

36. And she demands BRIGHT lighting

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When filming the show, Kris has to have super duper bright lighting on her for every single shot, and this is so it can flush out her face and have her looking her best (and after an hour's makeup, we don't blame her). Apparently this is a non-negotiable rule for Kris!

37. And Kim? She spends two hours a day for hair and makeup

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Okay, maybe we weren't being fair on Kris then for just an hour. We get that having cameras zooming in on your face and hair every single second is going to make you want to look your best, so Kim having around 2 hours a day for her beauty look sort of makes sense... for a celeb, anyway.

38. Kris would force Kylie and Kendall to have weekly manicures

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So much is Kris obsessed with everyone looking their best, at all times, that she would even arrange weekly - yes, WEEKLY - manicures for daughters Kylie and Kendall, to make sure their nails are always on point. According to Kendall, Kris would refuse to have them looking like they're "not put together".

39. Cameras are installed everywhere

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Okay, maybe not above the toilet, but the filming schedule for the Kardashian's show is very extensive, meaning around 10 to 12 hours filming every single day, and this means a lot of need for cameras to be everywhere. It's even said that Kris had cameras installed in her ceiling!

40. Shooting on location is apparently a huge stress

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Most of the Kardashian's show is filmed in their home, but sometimes we get to follow them on the road when they're heading out somewhere. But apparently this isn't so simply. Sometimes trips out would even be cancelled on the basis that the Kardashians worry about being seen at certain businesses.

41. Kardashians do have to pay for some things... and complain about it

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For most TV shows, production will foot the bill for trips or things they want shown on the show. When the Kardashians travel anywhere on vacation, they have to pay for it. Which isn't a big deal at all when you're worth billions, but that didn't stop Kourtney complaining about it one time.

42. Kim Kardashian stirs the drama pot for the show

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If you're looking for the biggest drama lover on the show - at least behind the scenes - it's Kim Kardashian. She likes to be in the know for every juicy piece of gossip going on with the other family members, so she'll tell producers the questions they need to ask, or where they need to be, to get certain footage.

43. It's Kris Jenner who decides who's hired

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And for how much... It's not actually the producers who decide on new cast members to bring in, and their salary, it's Kris Jenner herself. Only she gets the say on who is hired for the show, and it's her final word on what they'll be getting paid to be on the famous series!

44. The exterior shots of their homes are fake

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You might have sat there plenty of times feeling pretty darn envious about those stunning exterior shots of homes you wish you could afford, but actually, all those outside shots are completely fake. For security purposes, they don't show how their real homes look from the outside, to stop people recognizing them and turning up at the door!

45. Kris Jenner can axe any footage she doesn't like

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Kris is the only Kardashian who can watch all the taped footage before it airs - and the only person who can decide what gets shown, and what doesn't. She has full control over the end footage, so if there's something she doesn't like - even if the producers like it - it'll get taken out.

46. And a lot of the axed footage is Kris thinking she looks bad

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If you're wondering what sort of stuff she's likely to say no to, it's mostly just shots of herself that she doesn't think look very flattering! There might be a shot of her hair from the back not looking its best, and she'll axe that. She's admitted herself that she's "too vain".

47. The crew have to stay there 24/7

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If you were thinking the crew definitely have a clock in and a clock out time, think again. If you're a crew member on the Kardashian show, you're expected to be at their beck and call 24/7, and pretty much live on location. This is because Kris likes everyone to be nearby if she has any new ideas.

48. ... But Kris also decides when she wants privacy

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As you can imagine, having a crew be there 24/7 makes it a little - uh - awkward for certain things, in a romantic sense. And Kris can decide to kick out the crew anytime she likes, even on a whim, if she decides she, or any of the family members, need a little private time with their partners!

49. Certain important scenes have to be shot twice

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And we're talking big moments, like proposals and pregnancy test results! If the Kardashians don't like the way they genuinely reacted the first time, they might ask for a reshoot - which is what happened in the case of Kris Humphries' proposal, when Kim wanted to re-shoot her reaction!

50. And the show might actually ruin how perfect things could be...

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In the case of Kris's proposal, he actually wasn't allowed to do it the way he wanted to, which was to be more intimate and romantic (think night time, candlelight) but the show wanted the bright day light, meaning he had to do it during the day, with Kim in full hair and makeup rather than being more relaxed! Perfect dream proposal? Not so much.

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