Celebs Spotted In The Most Unlikely Places

By Paula Tudoran 1 year ago

1. Usher Dusting The Dust In The Sahara Desert

Image Source: Reddit
Many of the destinations that celebrities visit while on vacation are usually peaceful, cozy, and attractive. But Usher decided to go all out... in the Sahara Desert. He camped out in a tent, wore a hat, and rode camels for several days in the desert. Although this isn't your standard celebrity vacation (he tweeted pictures of the sand in his shoes), it sounds like an incredible experience.

2. John Mayer Caught In Costco

Image Source: Buzzfeed
Now, this is the last place you expect to see one of the greatest guitarists of our generation... Costco! This fan must have taken a double -take on her trip around the store before asking for a selfie. The question is, though, how on earth did he get a Costco card?!

3. Billie In Target?

Image Source: Buzzfeed
Arguably the most famous popstar of the 2020s, spotted in Target! That's not something you see every day! What was she doing there? What was she buying? I guess celebs are just like us - either way, I think I'll be hanging around Target a bit more often.

4. Lizzo On A TV Show

Image Source: The Net 
Lizzo is one of the most popular performers in the world, but some keen-eyed fans of her music and have recognized the singer on a "Made in Chelsea" episode back in 2014. In the first episode of the MIC "NYC" series, the singer entertains the cast at a party by singing Blondie's "Rapture" for them. The 31-year-old, however, might not look familiar to you because she has blonde hair and is dressed in an 80s-inspired outfit — completely unlike the popstar we know and love today.

5. Ed At The Chip Shop

Image Source: Kent Live
For those who don't know what 'the chip shop' is, it is practically Britain's favorite takeout! Here, Ed Sheeran was spotted ordering his fish and chips after a long day. We would expect Ed to go more high-brow, but sometimes you just can't beat the chip shop.

6. Spotted At The Grocery Shop

Image Source: Tips And Crafts
Am I dreaming? Is this Kris Jenner doing her own grocery shopping? I would usually assume that the Kardashian/Jenner clan would have someone do their grocery shopping for them, but stranger things have happened, I guess! She looks fabulous whilst doing too!

7. This Girl Met Jeff On The Train

Image Source: itssoknow
Whilst travelling on a train in Prague, this lady noticed a very familiar face on the seat next to her... Jeff Goldblum. She explains that the night train opened the opportunity for the two to get to know each other, which led to them getting "softly wasted"! That's one to tell the grandchildren!

8. Five Hours Next To The One And Only Christian Bale

Image source: SpaceGodziIIa

Some celebrities were photographed riding the subway the "regular way," and some have been seen flying in economy class. And you're lucky if you spot them, but when you are seated next to them, well, that's a different kind of luck. This lucky fellow met Christian Bale on a five-hour flight but only decided to ask for a pic; he was afraid he'd annoy the man.

9. Matt Damon In A Basketball Court In Cambridge

Image Source: Eonline

Cambridge is a particularly tempting place for celebrities, both for filming movies and for visiting tourist sites. One time, Matt Damon and George Clooney were filming scenes at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in Cambridge for "The Monuments Men," and according to the local gym manager, Damon was spotted in a basketball court that he booked for a workout.

10. Rihanna At TGI Fridays?!

Image Source: BuzzFeed
Yes, you did read that right. Rihanna at TGI Fridays. This is definetly not where most of us would imagine Riri to go for dinner, I don't think this employee could imagine it either. She took a picture with him and signed a bunch of napkins for him, all round a great experience!

11. Lady Gaga In An Ikea Car Park

Image Source: Reddit
Lady Gaga gave a performance in an Ikea parking lot, demonstrating that there is nothing she cannot achieve. During the 2008 concert, which took place shortly after the album "The Fame" was released, Gaga donned her recognizable platinum hair, fringe, and angular appearance as she sang in the parking lot.

12. Tom Hanks At Random Weddings

Image Source: YouTube
Tom Hanks shows up at so many weddings at random that he really needs to consider taking bookings. The actor was spotted conversing with guests on a beach near the Santa Monica Pier in California, the site of Diciembre and Tashia Farries' wedding. Guests were astonished when they saw the actor relaxing on the beach.

13. Jude Law At A Boutique Hotel In Jamaica

Image Source: The Mirror

You would expect a celebrity to book a nice five-star hotel for their stay anywhere, really; for famous people like Jude Law, though, it's not the case. He was spotted in Negril, Jamaica, at the Rockhouse Hotel, a boutique hotel that is actually perched on the cliffs of Pristine Coast. The stay has a 60-foot-long pool hanging on a cliff and 8 acres of tropical vegetation. Compared to a typical high-end resort, this sounds way more adventurous.

14. Driving The Legend Itself

Image Source: Reddit
Even the A-list actresses can't deny a trip to the movie theatre. This guy works at AMC when he spotted the star and asked for a photograph. Was she going to watch a movie that she starred in? Or does she just LOVE that popcorn? They both look extremely happy to be there, anyway!

15. Looking At Ancient Toilets For A Few Hours

Image Source: Reddit

Paul Rudd was spotted in perhaps one of the most unusual places: a historical tour. He visited the Vanderbilt mansion, and people noticed him there, but most of them didn't approach him out of respect. Allegedly, the celebrity spent a few hours looking at old toilets, like the rest of the group.

16. Disneyland Is For Celebrities As Well

Image Source: HelloGiggles

Well, this is not such an unexpected place to see celebrities, but yes, even famous people will travel to Anaheim to visit
The Happiest Place on Earth
. Reese Witherspoon and other celebrities have been photographed at Disney eating Mickey pretzels and riding the Matterhorn. Additionally, Disneyland is the most vegan-friendly theme park, making it ideal for actors, singers, and TV stars and their dietary preferences.

17. Jessie J Singing... In The Sky

Image Source: Twitter

Imagine boarding an exhausting British Airways route from Sydney to London and hearing none other than singer Jessie J sing out her top hits. Despite the fact that the location seemed somewhat haphazard and arbitrary, there was a purpose to it. As the cabin was decorated in the style of a classic British street party, complete with bunting and vibrant balloons to welcome the arrival of summer in the UK, the popstar actually played for some special guests.

18. John Travolta Had A Taste Of Britain

Image Source: ITVX
John Travolta was seen shopping in Morrisons and then enjoying a drink in Wetherspoons, and we can certainly say that he had a true taste of what it means to be a British citizen. The "Grease" actor unexpectedly showed up over the weekend and startled both customers and employees at the Fakenham branch of the supermarket. You wouldn't anticipate a Hollywood icon appearing at your door, but that is exactly what happened to those people.

19. Middle School Concert

Image Source: Reddit
People sometimes get disappointed after meeting their favorite celebrity because they show disrespect and can be really mean to those around them. But Charlie Puth has a really kind soul: He saved a girl who purchased a ticket to one of his concerts (which ended up being a scam) by holding a free performance at her middle school. How sweet!

20. Catching The Bus

Image Source: Reddit
This reddit user spotted Patrick Stewart on... the bus! Yet another celebrity who enjoys public transport. This is unexpected from the Star Trek star, yet totally wonderful. Brb, catching the bus from now on, I don't know who I'll meet! The reddit user also said about the encounter that Steward was the nicest guy he had ever met!

21. John Legend And Chrissy Teigen At The Vet

Image Source: Reddit

Did you think only regular people go to the vet with their fur babies? John Legend and Chrissy Teigen visited a veterinary clinic in Manhattan's Lower East Side, and according to those who work there, the couple is extremely laid back and down to earth. Their puppies, Pippa and Puddy, are also the prettiest.

22. Weekly Challah Pick Up

Image Source: Zimbio

The actor and author BJ Novak has always been open about his fondness of Canter's Delicatessen, saying that he frequents it once a week to pick up challah. On his now-deleted app, the Li.st App, he used to document the weekly (small) price adjustment that he claims he couldn't help but notice. Guess how many people saw BJ Novak getting his weekly challah!

23. Tom Cruise Eating Curry In Birmingham

Image Source: The Mirror 
When Tom Cruise visited an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, he suddenly gained the title of honorary Brummie. The star obviously enjoys a platter of chicken tikka masala because, according to eyewitnesses and the owners, he ordered multiple servings of the well-known dish.

24. Tim Allen At The Mona Lisa

Image Source: Reddit
Now, it's not uncommon for our favorite celebs to go and visit the world's most historical landmarks. However, there's something slightly strange about seeing Tim Allen taking a dad selfie in front of the Mona Lisa. I bet he took over as center of attention in the room on this day.

25. Tyra Banks At An Amusement Park

Image Source: Vogue
Theme parks are awesome for celebrities as well, not only for regular folks. Tyra Banks was spotted at such an amusement park, and when everyone saw her, they all started approaching her and enquiring as to whether she was Tyra Banks. Typical behavior of regular folks.

26. Giving A Free Performance Near A Lake In Armenia

Image Source: Twitter
You don't hear about a famous person visiting Armenia every day. Given that Kanye was married to Kim, who has Armenian heritage, it's not particularly unusual in his case. But it was a surprise that he went to Swan Lake, where he actually gave a free performance. It seems as though he had the idea for a free concert one night, and thanks to Twitter, word of it spread quickly. However, the concert didn't last as long as he wanted to because the police had to shut it down after people began jumping into the water after Kanye.

27. At A Regular Gym

Image Source: Reddit
No judgement here, but don't you think it's totally random that Arnold Schwarzenegger is visiting a public gym for his daily workout. I would just assume he would have access to somewhere more private. Either way, he made this ladies day when she snapped up a picture with the star.

28. Alec Baldwin Got Lost In Hampshire

Image Source: Reddit

Alec Baldwin was traveling through an unknown hamlet in Hampshire when he got lost, and he detailed how he did it in a video. The Hollywood celebrity informed his 2.4 million Instagram followers in February 2022 that he was traveling on foot since his chauffeur had been mugged of his car at the airport. Baldwin can be seen casually strolling through Alton while detailing the pickle he was in.

29. "But... He Looked Normal!"

Image Source: Reddit
It's so hilarious when your mom sends you a picture with someone she's met who's "a kind and high-spirited young man," only to realize that wait... this is Chris Pratt! No matter how much you explain to your mom how excited you are, she's insisting that it felt as though she was talking to a normal person. He's the last person I'd expect to bump into at a charity event

30. Training With The Rock

Image Source: Reddit
Imagine going to work one day and meeting your favorite celebrity there. Only we're not talking about a brief encounter at Target or a restaurant. We're aiming more for an hour-long training with none other than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. This man met the literal rock at his workplace and said that the actor is the "nicest guy" ever.

31. When the God of Thunder rocks up behind you

image source: eonline.com
We've all tried to perfect that 'by the pool' snap where it also gets the beautiful view in the background in - what we don't expect is that beautiful view to be Chris Hemsworth of all people randomly passing by. We don't know if he was out for a stroll and decided to milk it or he was just feeling playful that day and picked on this particular couple. Who definitely can't complain, because this has to be the best vacation snap they've ever taken! Let's hope they didn't fall in the pool in surprise after they turned around... unless he would jump in to save them!

32. Just a proud mom

image source: eonline.com
Oop, proud mom jumpscare! Usually the photos from these red carpet events are as flawless as the celebrities who are posing for them, and you definitely don't expect to see a celebrity photobomb in the background... whilst they're taking they're own photo! It's a classic move from potentially-overbearing-model mom, Yolanda Hadid, when it comes to her daughter, Gigi, though. We presume Gigi didn't have a clue her mom was behind her taking snaps at her like a proud parent when they watch their kid in the school play.

33. When Tom Hanks was just passing by

image source: eonline.com
Reason number one for having a wedding out in public - or at least a wedding photoshoot out in public - is with the vain hope there might be a slim chance there'll be a celebrity passing by! And then that it's a celebrity who's actually going to stop on their afternoon jog and say hello rather than flee pretending they haven't seen you. Luckily, this happy couple enjoying their wedding celebrations got the right kind of celeb - when actor Tom Hanks came wandering by! He was kind enough to stop for them to take some photos in the park.

34. Tom Cruise filming a movie in the Lake District!

image source: cumbriacrack.com
What these hikers enjoying a vacation in the beautiful Lake District in the UK didn't expect to see was Tom Cruise - and Tom Cruise filming an action scene for one of his movies at that! Tom was filming a scene for yet another Mission Impossible movie - yes, another - and as we know he likes to do, presumably filming his own stunts. He was kind enough to stop filming and say hello to these people so that he could take a photo with them. That's definitely the last thing you expect to see when you're trying to admire the British countryside!

35. A wild Hugh Jackman appears

image source: eonline.com
We can't be the only ones that always wondered why news readers or television presenters thought it would be a good idea to film their live feeds in front of a MASSIVE two-sided window with regular people outside. It's a blooper reel waiting to happen - and the live TV kind that you're never going to get rid of. Of course, the only plus to having a huge exposed window like this is the off chance that a random celebrity might not only pass by, but choose to stop and pull a ridiculous expression for the camera. She definitely didn't expect Hugh Jackman to be stood behind her!

36. When Amy Schumer is in your wedding photoshoot

image source: eonline.com
Another tick for the box of having outside photoshoots for your wedding celebrations - we told you! It's like an accidental celebrity photobomb magnet. This lucky couple who had gotten married then came across comedienne Amy Schumer, who was kind enough to stop for a little snap. You've got to think whether these celebrity cameos make your wedding photos better or worse, though... imagine if it was a celebrity who you didn't even like and their face is in the middle of the only wedding day photos you're ever going to have!

37. Even the Queen knows how to photobomb!

image source: eonline.com
If you're going to have someone pretty well known photobomb you, then why not go straight to the top? We're talking head of the royal family top! Now these girls have one fo the best photos ever of the late Queen Elizabeth II to keep forever! Not that you should turn your back on the queen, but we're sure she forgave them when they didn't have a clue (and the smile definitely says she doesn't mind!). To say the queen always said she wore bright outfits so that people could spot her more easily in a crowd, these two sure failed!

38. When these guys had no idea who was behind them

image source: bleacherreport.com
Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon decided to combine celebrity forces for the ultimate superhero trio when it came to photobombing - and the best thing about it was that they didn't just pull it off on one or two unsuspecting people, but they did it for a whole bunch of them! The celebrity threesome decided to show up at photo ops for the people attending the NBC's Super Bowl XLIX red carpet walk. The football fans had no idea that the three big names were behind them pulling what can only be described as some pretty impressive yoga moves.

39. Randomly meeting Tim Burton - and then being photobombed by Helena Bonham Carter!

image source: eonline.com
Some of the best celebrity photobombs are from celebrities who are just fans themselves and get to meet people they idolize! While you might never have put Nicole Scherzinger and Tim Burton as celebrities being most likely to be in a room together, that's definitely what happened here when an unsuspecting Nicole was just wrapping up after a performance and goes and bumps into the famous movie director! To make it even better, the pair of them then get their picture photobombed by none other than Helena Bonham Carter.

40. He just wants Zoe to look at his tattoo

image source: eonline.com
You'd be forgiven for wondering what the heck is going on in this photo. We don't blame you. And Zoe Saldana looks confused too. While we usually have celebrities turning up in unexpected places and photobombing, this one was turned entirely on Zoe when some random guy seemed really excited about showing his big ol' tattoo! The guy with the tattoo was actually a prankster who decided to try get a few laughs out of Zoe and her husband who look like they're 100% done with this kind of thing... but maybe they were laughing on the photo after this one! We hope.

41. The last person you'd expect to be waving in your wedding photos

image source: eonline.com
Okay, so actor Tom Hardy being in the background of your wedding photos waving merrily would be bucket-list-tick amazing enough, but the fact that he was actually dressed as Batman villain Bane whilst doing it? WHILST in the middle of actually shooting the movie and not just cosplaying the character for some random reason (you totally would if you were a celeb, wouldn't you). The nearby wedding party was shooting photos in Pittsburgh, shown with the passing crowd of bridesmaids, when they were noticed by the actor filming nearby!

42. Oh look, it's Adam Lambert

image source: eonline.com
Imagine just trying to take a nice group photo between friends and you see Adam Lambert pop up behind you! These women were enjoying their evening out at the 19th Annual Miami Make-A-Wish Ball which was taking place at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami, Florida, just trying to grab a few nice selfies of the evening for their memory folder when they ended up catching a living music legend instead! We hope they managed to get the whole of Adam in their own photo instead of just those bunny ear fingers, but least they have this different angle to frame instead! Or at the very least to go on the fridge.

43. Zach Braff has gotta walk in New York, too!

image source: abcnews.com
To be honest, trying to do a wedding photoshoot in the middle of bustling New York City in peek traffic is a crazy thing to do! It's going to make for some fantastic photos, but boy must they have had to stop and start SO many times - not least because they must have been photobombed by so many passers-by! Speaking of... they probably didn't expect a celebrity to be wandering past, either. And Scrubs actor Zach Braff made sure to turn on the crosswalk to give a nice big smile to show his approval for the couple's happy day!

44. When celebs photobomb other celebs

image source: becomegorgeous.com
One shocking fact of seeing this photo is just being reminded that Russel Brand and Katy Perry were not only once a couple, but were once married! It's easy to forget their random, whirlwind romance, especially now that you can only think of her as being married to Orlando Bloom - or wearing a burger costume. Or both. But another fun thing about this picture is just seeing the most random celeb to poke his head through and photobomb the shot - Justin Bieber! They probably didn't expect that when they felt something behind them.

45. Michael Cera just wanted to be involved, okay?

image source: stereogum.com
Superbad actor Michael Cera actually has a growing reputation for photobombing random folk in their everyday photos, and this just proves why he's so good at it! When this couple were just trying to take a happy photo, the actor pops up out of nowhere, already prepared for his role in this particular photoshoot: not guy who smiles nicely in the background of photo, that would be too easy... instead, guy who stares menacingly at the back of stranger's head! And we love him for it. We really hope they didn't know this had happened until they looked at that picture back home!

46. When you get put through to the top

image source: boredpanda.com
For whatever personal reason, this guy wanted to take a nice selfie in front of the Microsoft sign - nothing wrong with that, it's a nice sign. What you don't expect when you're trying to take a regular selfie like this to show your love and appreciation for Microsoft is to the have a celebrity face pop up behind you in the photo... but not just anyone. Bill Gates himself! We're sure this guy went through a total '.exe has stopped working' and had to reboot himself when he noticed who it was. We hope Bill said hello!

47. When you have your celeb selfie interrupted... by another big celeb

image source: boredpanda.com
The guy in the pink shirt must have been so stoked to have spotted acting legend Sylvester Stallone walking by, and to actually be able to get a picture with the action man himself! What he probably didn't expect was for their one and only photo opportunity together to be rudely interrupted by someone walking by... Imagine being so annoyed at your Rocky photo being ruined by some guy with a cigar, only to realize that that 'some guy' was actually Arnold Schwarzenegger! It makes it funnier when you know he and Stallone have a playful rivalry.

48. She had no idea!

image source: boredpanda.com
We all have at least one band t-shirt, or a t-shirt with the name or picture of our favorite celebrity on it - and we never really once sit there and think we're actually going to meet that person or band one day, let alone have them rock up behind us for a photo when we're not looking. This woman got the best photobomb shot ever when she'd taken her bike out for a ride wearing her favorite Slash t-shirt, only to have the man himself standing right behind her, looking pretty pleased with himself! We really hope she eventually turned round.

49. It's not just the tourists who want an Eiffel photo

image source: boredpanda.com
Okay, this is becoming a bit of a habit, Arnold! Had he biked straight from that place where Sylvester Stallone and his new pal was, to come straight to Paris for some more photo ops? Either this guy rides around on his bike purposefully looking for opportunities to stick his face in someone's picture, or he genuinely stumbles into them - which is even funnier. Either way, he either made this tourist group's photo of the Eiffel Tower better or worse, depending on whether they actually liked his movies... he doesn't seem to be bothered either way!

50. Imagine trying to take a picture of your baby and this happens

image source: boredpanda.com
Nicholas Cage has got to be one of the happiest celebrities - though of course he's not in the realm of Keanu Reeves for cinnamon roll likeability. Still, it's pretty awesome to have him happily smiling in the back of one of your photos - which is the last thing you expect when you're just trying to have a nice night out with your baby and take a couple of photos while you're there! This is definitely one the parents are going to have to show that kid when he grows up. Imagine knowing that you've met Nicholas Cage without even being able to remember it!

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