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By Shelby 1 year ago

1. Bold Hair

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice is easily recognized because of her iconic orange hair. The color can be attributed to hair dye, but her Annie-esque curls are all natural! She recently changed her hairstyle to a sleeker wave, and the color is darker red. But the infamous orange curls will never be forgotten!

2. Bright Colors

Image Source: Reddit
If you’ve noticed that Ice Spice often wears bold, bright colors, you aren’t alone! From neon green to hit pink and beyond, she enjoys making a bold statement with chic, colorful clothing. With summer right around the corner, Ice Spice has us reevaluating our seasonal wardrobes!

3. Embrace The Curls

Image Source: Reddit
Did you know that Ice Spice has naturally curly hair? Before she rose to fame, she often wore wigs or straightened her hair. Now, she loves her curls and embraces them! She said her father helped her overcome her insecurities and rock her all-natural hairdo.

4. College Education

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice attended State University of New York at Purchase. While she was enrolled there, she studied communications and played volleyball. She ended up dropping out after her freshman year because she didn’t feel like that path was the right one for her.

5. Back to Her Roots

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice has both Nigerian and Dominican roots. Her father, a former rapper, is Nigerian-American. Her mother is Dominican and have birth to Ice Spice at only 17-years-old. The two were only together briefly and split up when Ice Spice was a toddler.

6. Real Name

Image Source: Reddit
Do you know Ice Spice’s real name? If not, it’s Isis Naija Gaston. She went by “Ice” growing up, which isn’t that much of a stretch from her actual first name! If you’re wondering what “Isis” means, it’s a mythical Egyptian goddess. That’s pretty epic!

7. She Loves Spicy Food

Image Source: Attack The Culture 
If you’re wondering where Ice Spice got her iconic stage name, we talk about that later in this article. However, we can tell you right now that “spice” came from her love of spicy food! In an interview, she admitted that she puts hot sauce on just about everything.

8. Social Media Username

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice’s stage name has been a huge part of her life since she was a young teenager. When she created her first Instagram handle, she called herself “Ice Spice”. Since “Ice” was her nickname growing up, she simply chose a second word that rhymes and paired well.

9. So Many Selfies

Image Source: Reddit
If you follow Ice Spice on Twitter, you may have noticed that she posts selfies often. We love a queen who enjoys documenting her outfits, hairstyles, friendships, and memorable life moments! And she always looks amazing, no matter what she’s doing!

10. Her Music Career

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice began releasing music in 2021 while she was in college. Then, in August 2022, she released her iconic hit, “Munch (Feelin’ You)”. After this song blew up on TikTok, Ice Spice’s rap career took off. One month later, she signed with Capitol Records.

11. Rap Style

Image Source: TikTok
Have you ever wondered about Ice Spice’s style of music? Her rap is what’s known as drill music. This genre was born in Chicago around 2010. Some characteristics of drill music include blunt lyrics that revolve around anger and violence, slower tempos, and ominous beats.

12. Drake Helped Her Out

Image Source: Attack The Culture
Ice Spice’s popular song, “Munch (Feelin’ You)”, blew up online. One big reason for this is because Drake complimented the song and played it on his Sirius XM radio station. This public praise brought a lot of attention to Ice Spice and her rap music.

13. TikTok Viral

Image Source: Reddit
Just like we previously mentioned, “Munch (Feelin’ You)” blew up online and on social media. In fact, it went viral on TikTok! Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, also hung out with Ice Spice in March and posted TikTok videos that ended up going viral.

14. Music Inspiration

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice had a lot of inspiration before she started rapping. Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim were two artists that inspired her rapping career. In an interview, she said that when she first saw Nicki, she was mesmerized. Her father, a former rapper, also inspired Ice Spice’s music career.

15. Her Fans Love Her

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice’s devoted fans are on another level. Some of them are over-the-top, but they all have one thing in common. They love Ice Spice and will be forever loyal to her. One fan even paid for an entire billboard to invite Ice Spice to his college graduation.

16. She Loves Pole Dancing

Image Source: Reddit
When Ice Spice is in the mood to let loose and have some fun, she loves to pole dance! In an interview, she revealed that pole dancing is her favorite hobby. She has a stripper pole at home, and she loves to blast music and dance on it for hours in her free time.

17. She Used to Babysit For Extra Money

Image Source: Reddit
Before Ice Spice became famous, she held several odd jobs. Her most prominent job before she dove headfirst into her rap career was babysitting. In an interview, she revealed that she babysat for a family in upstate New York and really enjoyed spending time with them.

18. Her Debut EP

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice released her EP in January 20, 2023. It’s called “Like..?” and includes several viral hits that her fans love. Her EP even got glowing reviews from publications online, including Pitchfork. Have you listened to it yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!

19. Dream Collaboration

Image Source: Reddit
Despite mentioning that she would love to collaborate with Drake, Ice Spice’s ultimate dream collaboration is Rhianna. In an interview, she said Rhianna is gorgeous and she’s obsessed with her. We’ll just be here patiently waiting for this epic collaboration to happen!

20. Halloween Inspiration

Image Source: Hip Hop Wired
Back in 2022, Lil Nas X dressed up as Ice Spice for Halloween. He posted photos and videos to social media in a bold outfit that Ice Spice wore in the music video for her popular song, “Munch (Feelin’ You)”. His posts went viral and reached over a million views!

21. Volleyball Player

Image Source: Audible Treats
Did you know that Ice Spice used to be an athlete? During her time at State University of New York, she was an avid volleyball player. Turns out, she played in high school and received a full ride scholarship to college! She only played at SUNY for one year before dropping out.

22. Basketball Player

Image Source: Pinterest
Did you know that Ice Spice has an impressive jump shot? She may have played volleyball at the high school and college level, but she’s also a skilled basketball player! She sometimes posts videos of her basketball prowess on Instagram. Keep an eye out for her next one!

23. New York Girl

Image Source: Twitter
Ice Spice is a New York girl through and through. She grew up in the Bronx and is the oldest of five siblings. Currently, she lives in New Jersey. She likes the solitude there, and she appreciates that she’s recognized less often. But she still visits New York often.

24. Soulja Boy

Image Source: Complex
Soulja Boy recently revealed that he was talking to Ice Spice before she blew up in the music scene. He had nothing but positive things to say about her. In fact, he also said that he loves her music and what she’s doing on the music scene. We love the support for Ice Spice!

25. Celebrity Fans

Image Source: Complex
As we mentioned previously, North West is a huge fan of Ice Spice. Drake is also a huge supporter of the star. Lil Nas X even dressed up as her for Halloween last year! It’s very clear that Ice Spice had made an impact on her fans and other celebrities, too.

26. Lyrical Genius

Image Source: TMZ
Ice Spice’s lyrics span a variety of topics. “Munch (Feelin’ U)” is about unrequited love and female empowerment. Some of her other songs talk about self-love, self-confidence, and romantic apathy. Her sounds can either lull you to sleep or pump you up.

27. Munchkins

Image Source: The US Sun
Loyal Ice Spice fans endearingly call themselves “munchkins”. As a collective whole, they call themselves “the spice cabinet”. Clearly, their devotion knows no bounds. Ice Spice acknowledges them on a regular basis on her social media accounts, which we love!

28. Still Young

Image Source: Reddit
Ice Spice is only 23-years-old. That means she has a ton of time to grow her career and make new music. With how successful she already is, we have no doubt that she’ll continue doing amazing things and releasing new viral hits. She has a promising future ahead!

29. Homebody

Image Source: Attack The Culture
Despite quickly rising to fame and entering the spotlight, Ice Spice is a self-declared “homebody”. She doesn’t enjoy being out in public and prefers to chill at home in a more low-key setting. In fact, she described her dream date as “smoking, eating, and watching movies.”

30. Rising Star

Image Source: TMZ
Ice Spice’s fame skyrocketed out of nowhere, and it’s only up for the rap star from here. In fact she currently has more Spotify listeners than the Beatles! This Bronx native has a promising career ahead of her, and her fans can’t wait to see what she releases next.

31. She has something in common with J-Lo...

image source: twitter.com
And no, we're not talking about that behind! Jennifer Lopez, as we know, is from the block - or so her 'Jenny from the Block' tune tells us - and Ice Spice is also from the block. She's from Bronx in New York, just like J-Lo - and also like fellow rapper Cardi B. Spice also has four siblings.

32. She met the producer of her debut single at college

image source: pinterest.com
The man responsible for producing her debut hit, as well as her famous 'Munch' single, is music producer RIOTUSA, and she met him at college, at the State University of New York in Purchase. They produced her debut single, 'Freestyle', together back in 2021, and then went on to collaborate for 'Munch'.

33. Lil Nas Halloween costume

image source: attacktheculture.com
Okay so we know this isn't a photo of Ice Spice herself... but Lil Nas could've fooled us! We had to share this snap of him dressed as Ice Spice for Halloween seeing as we've been talking about it so much. He really nailed it, right? He even got the setting right - nothing like store shelves!

34. Her rap style is popular

image source: hotnewhiphop.com
If you're not really into rap maybe you just don't 'get it' - so you might not get Ice Spice either, as much as you love her look (and that hair of course). But her rap style is more popular than you might think... It's known as 'drill music', and was popularized in areas like New York and Chicago.

35. But the rap style isn't without its controversy

image source: tiktok.com
While popular, this particular rap style can also be controversial - but we suppose most things are these days, especially in the realm of celebs! Although drill music is popular on TikTok, it's also controversial because it's linked to violence, specifically the deaths of two rappers: Pop Smoke and King Von.

36. She didn't first go viral because of her rap music

image source: twitter.com
When Ice Spice first went viral, it wasn't because she was performing her own rap music. She went viral on TikTok in 2021 for a TikTok challenge, called the #BussItChallenge, wearing this particular green number. She got 3 million views for the 15 second clip.

37. She was accused of being an 'industry plant'

image source: reddit.com
An industry plant is when a famous person presents themselves as 'doing it alone' but secretly has a huge backing from the industry, including financial backing to get where they are. It's all about the money and the backing creating this artificial persona - and Ice Spice was accused of this very thing.

38. But she shrugged off the allegations

image source: pinterest.com
But Ice Spice didn't seem too phased about people accusing her of being an industry plant - she said she didn't care because she knows what it really took for her to get where she is, and she claimed that people who accuse her of that are just mad because she's doing better than their favorite rappers!

39. She has a lot of music inspirations

image source: pinterest.com
Most good artists will have a huge amount of music inspirations that came before them, and Ice Spice is no different. Among the people she's said inspired her and who she looks up to musically are Lauryn Hill (Killing Me Softly With His Song), Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Lil' Kim.

40. She's sexually fluid

image source: twitter.com
She's spoken openly about her sexuality, and although she's not put an official 'label' on it, she's openly expressed her sexual preferences and fluidity for both men and women. During an interview she said she was always attracted to "good boys and girls", though it's not clear if she's dating anyone at the moment!

41. Her debut album peaked in the charts

image source: buzzfeed.com
When her debut EP was unveiled in January this year, it was popular among fans, but also did really well in the charts! The EP, Like...?, went to number 37 on the Billboard 200 and also ranked at number 19 in the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. Not too shabby for Ice!

42. She had a hit go viral before it had even dropped

image source: buzzfeed.com
Her collaboration with PinkPantheress on the song 'Boy's A Liar Pt. 2' actually became a viral hit - which doesn't sound too surprising, until you factor in that it went viral before she'd even officially released the track! It went viral because of plenty of fan videos that featured the track.

43. The song was then used in MILLIONS of TikTok videos

image source: buzzfeed.com
We know how successful those TikTok tracks can be for viral trends - you just can't get the tune out of your head, and it was no different for this track once Ice Spice had officially dropped it. The track hit number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was used in millions of TikTok videos.

44. Has she become more famous because of the Kardashians?

image source: buzzfeed.com
What do you think? She's a talented rap artist for sure, but do you think she would have received as much attention if she hadn't been snapped spending time with Kim Kardashian and North West? And obviously having North West's seal of approval helps a girl's career out!

45. She wrote poetry in high school

image source: buzzfeed.com
Her writing skills actually started in high school, where she started writing poetry - and as we know, the lyrical genius of rap is a form of poetry all in itself! This is where she began to explore writing rap, and she also practised her rap skills while she was still in school, too.

46. Her old tweets are actually likeable

image source: buzzfeed.com
We all know how it goes - people become famous and then things they said a million years ago on Twitter somehow resurface and then it turns out they're a terrible person or they have particular views. Not Ice Spice! Her old Tweets only show her as a down to earth, relatable person.

47. And she used social media to talk about issues

image source: buzzfeed.com
Her old tweets showed her as an open person talking a lot about relationships in a candid way - something any young fan can really relate to - and she also used the platform to talk about issues close to her heart, which includes showing her support for black women.

48. She spent $100, 000 on that Powerpuff Girls chain

image source: buzzfeed.com
Have you been racking your brain this entire time wondering why you recognize that huge chain she's wearing but you can't quite place it? Well here's some childhood nostalgia for you! Look closely and it's of course a Powerpuff Girl chain! Ice Spice spent a whopping $100,000 on the diamond-encrusted accessory.

49. She's the new face of Beyoncé's clothing line!

image source: soundcloud.com
It was also revealed in January this year that Ice Spice was the new face of Beyoncé's clothing line campaign, Ivy Park with adidas. The collection features a lot of gender neutral pieces which include a lot of camo green paired with vibrant orange - and we know her hair works for that!

50. What will she do next?

image source: thenewyorktimes.com
If there's one thing we've established it's that Ice Spice is definitely one to watch. She's already had success with her debut hits, and when you go viral on TikTok, that's like 90% of your career sorted already! And with major backing from people like Drake and Beyoncé... watch this space!

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