Dark Secrets Of Queen Camilla

By Carole 11 months ago

1. The Late Queen Elizabeth Didn't Want Camilla Around

Image source: Daily Express
In the early days, the Queen did not want Camilla around because her relationship with her future husband Charles was so damaging to the monarchy.  However, on a personal level, Queen Elizabeth II always liked Camilla as they both shared their love of horses and dogs.

2. She Was Third Person In Charles And Diana's Marriage

Image source: Insider
Camilla was once described as a Rottweiler by the late Princess Diana.  She called her a marriage wrecker and this caused Camilla great distress as she was vilified by the British Press.  She was referred to as the "third person" in the marriage between Charles and Diana.

3. Camilla Was Unfit For A Prince

Image source: Good Housekeeping
Camilla Parker Bowles and King Charles first met in the early 1970s. The pair were introduced through a mutual friend and the prince was immediately smitten with her.  When the (then) prince was shipped off with the Royal Navy in 1973, Camilla accepted a proposal of marriage from her on/off beau, Andrew Parker Bowles.

4. Her Controversial Title

Image source: Vanity Fair
When Camilla Parker Bowles finally married Prince Charles in 2005, the queen gifted her with the title, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall.  This was, however, not the only title she received. Her full title was, "Her Royal Highness The Princess Charles Philip Arthur George, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester, Countess of Carrick, Baroness of Renfrew, Lady of the Isles, Princess of Scotland, Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order."  Some of these proved controversial with the British public.

5. Her Royal Ranking Changes

Image source: Daily Express
When she’s with King Charles, Camilla is the highest ranking woman in England.  When the prince is not around, she drops in rank, falling behind Princess Charlotte, Anne the Princess Royal and Princess Alexandra  who is the youngest granddaughter of King George V, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin.

6. Everyone Around Her Worried About Her Status

Image source: Tatler
Though the duchess has successfully been able to rehab her image, there was still some question over whether the British public would accept her as their queen.  When she married King Charles, it was promised by the palace that she would never become queen but we now know she is admired as Queen of England.

7. Was Camilla Too Down To Earth For Royalty

Image source: Hello Magazine
One of the things that Charles loves about his wife is that she is super down to earth.  Even though she was born into an upper class family, she is amiable to everyone and hates it if any of her friends say she is getting uppity.  She says she then gives herself a good talking to, to stop being grand!

8. Camilla Had A Career

Image source: Pinterest
Like Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker-Bowles had her own career well before becoming a member of the royal family. She began as a secretary for various companies in London’s West End. She then went on to became a receptionist at the decorating firm, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler.

9. She Sometimes Wears A Wig

Image source: Insider
Queen Camilla has perfected her look after the past fifteen years and certainly looks very regal at State openings and banquets.  As she has to wear heavy tiaras and hats, in order to protect how her hair looks underneath, she sometimes wears a wig so it all stays in place.

10. Unlike Diana, She Is An Outdoor Person

Image source: Women Trends
Unlike Princess Diana who struggled with activities such as horseback riding, skiing and other sports that are favored amongst the royals, Camila Parker Bowles absolutely adores the great outdoors.  At an event for the charity Floral Angels, she told reporters, “I’d be out in my garden all day, every day if I were allowed, I love to get my hands dirty."

11. She Has Had To Restore Her Image

Image source: People
Though she isn’t a fan of the spotlight, Camilla has been able to restore her image quickly because she is so good in crowds and public places, unlike her husband who can feel awkward.   She is an extrovert so can excel at her royal duties and she can always fill in if there is a silence in the room when entertaining.

12. She Doesn't Take Things Too Seriously

Image source: The Times
As royal life can be stuffy, it's helpful that Camilla doesn't take things too seriously and she loves to laugh, sometimes, she admits too much!   She has said in the past there have been situations where it has been difficult not to lose it completely if something went wrong and those around aren't sure how to react.

13. Camilla Had To Withstand Scrutiny

Image source: Good Morning America
Camilla has had to undergo scrutiny since she stated her relationship with the then future king. Though she hasn’t always been flavor of the month, her dedication to the man she loves and her willingness to withstand such scrutiny, even a divorce, has paved the way for others such as  Kate Middleton who was a commoner before she married Prince William.

14. She Held Her Hand Out To Meghan Markle

Image source: Vanity Fair
Camilla Parker Bowles was incredibly helpful in extending her hand to Meghan Markle when Prince Harry began seeing her.  After news of her stepson’s engagement, Camilla gushed, “America’s loss is our gain. We are all absolutely delighted. As you can see, they’re so happy. Sometimes in a climate where we’re surrounded by a lot of bad news, it’s a real joy to have a bit of good news for once."

15. Camilla Hates Travelling

Image source: MyLondon
There is one thing that Camilla is really uncomfortable with and that is that she hates flying.  Her phobia is so severe that she has opted out of flying to some places with her husband.  Given the choice, she much prefers to stay at home, chatting to people and pottering in the garden.

16. She Has Coping Mechanisms

Image source: PureWow
When Camilla does need to fly and this is more than ever now she is Queen, it has been reported that she uses a tapping mechanism called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Tis is a widely used technique, used successfully by many and it is to hep cope with stress.

17. Camilla Insists On Same Pair Of Shoes

Image source: Footwear News
Since 2005, Camilla Parker Bowles has been seen in a variety of outfits, changing the vibe every few years.  One thing, though, that has not changed is the cream Chanel shoes she adores.  They are so comfortable that she purchased several pairs of the same ones and wears them regularly.

18. She Criticised A Reporter

Image source: Royal Central
Though it took a while for the public to take to Camilla, she did win over the media almost immediately.  She is said to be the easiest and most pleasant person for the royals reporters to cover.  She did criticise a reporter some years back when she said he spoiled "Downton Abbey" for her as she hadn't watched the final episode yet!

19. Camilla Has Her Own Home

Image source: Daily Express
Queen Camilla loves to escape to her own home, Ray Mill House in Wiltshire, England.  She purchased it after her divorce from her first husband in the mid 1990s.  She lived there permanently until she moved into Clarence House with Charles.  She returns there often to tend to the garden and see her grandchildren.

20. She Loves Getting Her Hands Dirty

Image source: Daily Express
Queen Camilla has always been vocal about her love of gardening although she says that her body creaks when she spends too much time tending to it!  Whenever she gives talks relating to dementia or mental health, she always mention how therapeutic gardening is.

21. She Was In Pain During The Late Queen's Funeral

Image source: Daily Express
King Charles III's wife has been in quite some pain with a broken toe but has grinned and bared through a time described as one the most taxing week of her life. She had been on her feet throughout all the services, paying respect to the late Queen Elizabeth II who passed away on September 8 aged 96.

22. Camilla Accused Of Being Dangerous

Image source: Daily Express
Prince Harry accused "dangerous" Queen Camilla of leaking royal stories to the media about the family.  She supposedly did this to rehabilitate her image.  Harry's mother Diana famously referred to Camilla as the third person in her marriage to Prince Charles (now King).

23. Her Grandchildren Are Her World

Image source: Distractify
Camilla had he grandchildren's names embroidered into her Coronation gown.  She also had the names of her dogs embroidered on as well.  Like all grandparents, she tries to spend as much time as she can with them, often doing so in the property she owns separately from King Charles.

24. She Connects With Reading Books

Image source: Daily Express
Speaking about David Walliams' children's best selling story "Gangsta Granny', Camilla said how it was wonderful to share such a book with grandchildren.  Seeing their eyes go  wide open as they take in every word and then wonder if their own grandparents could have some interesting stories of their own, was amazing.

25. The Secret To Her Popularity

Image source: Brides
The British people are said to be good at spotting frauds and they are of the opinion that the King’s wife is definitely the genuine article.  She did not push herself or arrange for goodwill stories to be published as some celebrities do.  She always supports her husband and they are a proper team.

26. She Couldn't Wear The Late Queen's Earrings

Image source: Court Jeweller
Despite having a vault full of royal jewelry to wear at her disposal, some belonging to the late Queen Elizabeth, Queen Camilla cannot wear some items and they are the many pair of diamond earrings.  She has never had her ears pierced and has no intentions of doing so in the future.

27. Does Camilla Have Osteoporosis?

Image source: Daily Express
Osteoporosis can often run in families and although Queen Camilla has not publicly said whether she has the condition or not, many think she has.  This may be because she is president of the Royal Osteoporosis Society, a UK charity.  The risk factors are being a white or Asian woman, being older and with a slender frame.

28. She Raids King Charles' Wardrobe

Image source: Daily Express
Queen Camilla has been known to raid her husband's closet on more than one occasion.  She has borrowed an ornate wool and cashmere jacket or "daqlah" from him and worn it several times, most recently to the late Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

29. Camilla Has Honey Highlights

 Image source: Getty Images
We have seen Queen Camilla make some subtle hair changes over the years.  Jo Hansford has been coloring Camilla's hair for over 35 years and says the secret to the soft, blonde locks is to keep adjusting the color according to the skin tone, which changes as we all age.

30. She Has Rescue Dogs

Image source: Daily Express
Charles and Camilla have two adorable Jack Russell Terriers called Beth and Bluebell. Camilla adopted these dogs from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London, England back in February 2017.  The animals have been much-loved members of their household since then.

31. Queen Camilla's Life In Photos: Camilla As A Child

image source: people.com
We know a lot about Camilla's life, secrets and surprises over the years, but you may never have been these pictures of her! It's strange to think of all these older royals as babies and children, and Camilla was a child, not knowing what the future brought, like everyone else. She was born in 1947 as Camilla Rosemary Shand - picture here on the left - as the granddaughter of a baron, as well as having two siblings. She went to an all girls school, Queen's Gate School, before continuing her education at a Swiss finishing school, and the University of London Institute based in Paris.

32. She First Meets Future King And Husband, Charles

image source: people.com
At the age of seventeen, Camilla officially stepped out as a debutante - a woman of high standing starting to mingle in fashionable circles! - and five years later, she met Prince Charles, in 1970. It was a mutual friend who connected them, and they hit it off straight away. And, of course, we know how that story goes... Charles was completely smitten and they began to hang out a lot more and talk over the phone. Here, Camilla looks very much at ease as she chats to Charles, on the left wearing the sports shirt, and no doubt that was one of the things that attracted him to her!

33. ... But She Marries Someone Else Instead

image source: people.com
And as we also know, Camilla and Charles didn't get married immediately, with Charles marrying Princess Diana, and Camilla marrying Andrew Parker Bowles. Though you might have heard the name Parker Bowles many times, you might never have seen the man himself! Pictured here on their wedding day, Camilla had originally met Andrew back in the 60s, and he actually had a relationship with Charles's sister, Princess Anne, before he hooked up with Camilla. Camilla accepted Andrew's offer when he proposed, and they had two children together.

34. The 'Other Woman'

image source: people.com
We've seen many pictures of Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles separately, but they did actually spend time together as a pair, and have been pictured together. This was more so because they were 'forced' to through their mutual acquaintance: Charles. And, of course, their royal circles. Charles was still close friends with Camilla even though she was now married, and Diana was dating Charles during this time, so it was inevitable they would have to attend events together. As we know now, Diana often felt uncomfortable.

35. First Public Outing As A Couple

image source: people.com
We know the story of how Camilla eventually divorced Andrew Parker Bowles, and Princess Diana's breakup from Charles before her tragic death. Camilla and Charles eventually became an official couple, but this is actually the very first photo of them 'officially' in a relationship during their first public outing. This was pictured three years after Princess Diana's death, where they were spotted outside the Ritz Hotel. They'd both attended a birthday party together to celebrate Camilla's sister's birthday and wanted to hide their relationship no longer.

36. The Happy Pair Get Engaged

image source: people.com
They took their relationship to the next step when the pair got engaged. Their engagement came in 2005, 35 years after they'd first met each other, and after a lifetime of friendship. The announcement of their engagement was made by the pair before there was a party at Windsor Castle in honor of the happy occasion. In this picture you can also spot Camilla's whopping engagement ring - as is norm with royal proposals, this one was a family heirloom which is believed to have been the Queen Mother's, Charles's grandmother: an emerald-cut diamond.

37. The Merging Of Families

image source: people.com
With their marriage came two families merging, but for these two families, both of them were a pretty big deal: the British royal family on Charles's side, and the well-off family of Camilla. Through the marriage, this was the first time she would hold the title of Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cornwall - which we know later changes to something a little more important! The two families posed for official photos after the wedding, including the late Queen Elizabeth II herself, Prince Philip and Prince Harry and William before... well, you know, the fall out.

38. Camilla Wears The Queen's Tiara

image source: people.com
Camilla has been seen in many sparkly jewelry items, but nothing like this - well, before she wore her own Queen Consort crown, of course. This stunning tiara resulted in a true royal duchess moment for Camilla when she showed it off at a banquet at Buckingham Palace, after she'd been permitted to wear the rather important accessory. The Durbar tiara belonged to Queen Elizabeth II at this time, and she let Camilla borrow it for the event... Camilla must have felt like she couldn't move her head for fear of breaking it!

39. Even Royals Enjoy A Pint!

image source: people.com
Some of the best photos of Charles and Camilla together are the ones when they're out and about, making their royal rounds and interacting with the public. The pair have visited a lot of places in the UK that relate to food and drink - like their visit to the Great British Bake Off tent - so it was inevitable they'd be made to try a pint or do a brewery tour at some point! While the pair were on a visit to Bury St. Edmund's in England back in 2005, they were both 'encouraged' to drink pints of bitter. Based on their expressions, they won't be trying one again...

40. Camilla Has Given Out Medals, Too

image source: people.com
Part of royal duties can be to hand out medals and awards and - as we know - knighthoods if you're the monarch. Camilla hasn't been a stranger to performing her royal duties and has made sure to present her fair share of awards and medals. Back in 2007, Camilla went to meet British soldiers from the army whilst they were carrying out their tour of Iraq. The then-duchess presented operational medals to the soldiers who had served their country - and the man she's giving it to in this picture looks a little starstruck!

41. Official Talks At The National Osteoporosis Society

image source: people.com
While there's speculation that she has the condition herself, she has also made public appearances at the National Osteoporosis Society to give talks and also to promote awareness where she can. Camilla actually lost her mother in 1994 to osteoporosis, which is why the cause is so close to her heart. Camilla gave a speech at the Society in 2009, but she hasn't stopped campaigning for it or raising awareness since. She's also spoken about how she'd like younger people to be more aware of it, to remove the stigma of it being something associated with getting older.

42. She's Also Met Michelle Obama

image source: people.com
Being a Duchess, married to a Prince and then the Queen Consort, Camilla has of course met many important people - both royalty, and presidents. She's naturally met the previous president, Barack Obama, during a visit, and spent time with his wife, the previous First Lady Michelle Obama. The pair looked relaxed as they chatted back in 2011, when they both connected during a state visit to the UK that Barack and Michelle had been making. This was when Barack had only just become president and was serving his first term.

43. Camilla With Her Children

image source: people.com
Not a lot is seen of Camilla's children, seeing as the focus when it comes to the royal family is often on the children of William and Kate, or even Harry and Meghan. And with so many royal children, it's understandable why we can't keep up! But Camilla has two adult children - the two she had with ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, son Tom and daughter Laura. The family enjoy equestrian events, and are pictured here attending the Cheltenham Festival horse races in 2015 from the view from the royal box! Camilla herself doesn't ride horses, but she does own racehorses.

44. And She's Had Her Fair Share Of State Dinners

image source: people.com
As the partner, fiance and then wife of a prince, Camilla has had to attend a lot of royal state dinners before she even became Queen Consort. But one thing's for sure - every time she has, she's unveiled a beautiful outfit, sparkling accessories and that hair that doesn't seem to move an inch, ever! She was often standing side by side with senior royals like the late Queen Elizabeth II herself, her husband Prince Philip, and of course her own husband, Prince Charles. Camilla was welcomed into the royal fold and even got to wear the blue sashes that only senior ranking members of the family would wear: the Royal Victorian Order blue sashes.

45. She's Always Been There For Royal Traditions

image source: people.com
As well as banquets, state dinners and wearing heavy tiaras, Camilla has also always been a familiar face at pretty much all the big royal events that hold tradition every year. She's not only always been present for celebrations like the Royal Air Force flyby which the royals watch from the balcony, but she's also always done so looking very eager and happy to be there! No matter what most used to think about her, you can't deny that she looked like she wanted to be where she was and was happy to be a royal. Camilla has always been eager to take on board any customs.

46. She Volunteered To Help Others During The Pandemic

image source: people.com
The pandemic was a difficult time for many, and most people turned to their country's leaders during this time. For America, it was their president, for the UK, it was the royal family as well as the government. Regardless of what else was happening, Camilla did make the effort to be on the frontlines where she could. Here, she's volunteering at The Royal Voluntary Service Lunch Club in 2020, where she wore full protective gear. Camilla is the patron of the Royal Voluntary Service, which is the service that kicked into gear during the pandemic to help those in need.

47. Helping The Queen At The G7 Summit

image source: people.com
While Camilla took the reins for a lot of public events or voluntary programs, there were times when she just needed to be a royal rock by the queen's side! The late Queen Elizabeth II could handle any royal event alone but it was always nice to see the women of the royal family out and about together. Here, both Camilla and Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, watch as the Queen took in that HUGE iced cake at The Big Lunch project, which took place during the G7 summit in 2021. The Big Lunch was all about people in the community meeting up to eat together.

48. And Celebrating The Platinum Jubilee!

image source: people.com
It's also nice to see Camilla interacting with the younger royals, which we don't see often. Most of the time we spot the royal children with their parents, so this photo is a reminder that they're a family - and that the younger royals might not fully understand their place in the world yet! Seated in the royal box at the Platinum Jubilee celebration, Camilla and Charles were definitely on grandparent duty when young Prince Louis - William and Kate's son - decided he wanted to sit on his grandfather's lap instead of his chair - and pull a funny face at Camilla while he's at it.

49. Out And About In Cornwall, UK

image source: people.com
It wouldn't be right if the Duchess of Cornwall didn't make at least one visit to her namesake! Camilla and Charles are often very welcomed at events around the UK, and Cornwall in particular was very happy to see her. Back at the Royal Cornwall Show, which is an annual agricultural show in the county, Camilla showed off her love for dogs - and how dogs love her - when she was greeted by an adorable cavalier spaniel wearing a very patriotic little coat in the flag colors of red, white and blue! No doubt her own dogs were sniffing her when she got home, feeling betrayed!

50. She's Even Posed For Vogue!

image source: people.com
Vogue is definitely what you'd first think of for a royal photoshoot - and for an older royal at that. But Camilla proves she's just as capable to adapt to any sort of media, including a Vogue photoshoot! The photoshoot was to celebrate her 75th birthday back in 2022, where she also sat down for an interview for the magazine. She posed in this beautiful blue number - inside her own home back then, Clarence House - while she talked about her and Charles's way of making their busy schedules and relationship work, explaining that they always tried to make time for each other! Sweet.

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