Celebrity Homes We Can Rent On Air BnB

By Carole 9 months ago

1. The Kardashians Retreat - California

Image source: TMZ
If you are a fan of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", then you have to get yourself to this property in Lake Tahoe, California.  With plenty of room for yourself and your friends, you can enjoy this 17,000 square foot estate.  Oh  it's $6,000 per night!

2. Bing Crosby - Palm Springs

Image source: Business Insider
The late, great Bing Crosby had a singing voice that couldn't be matched.  If you want to feel close to one of the most influential vocalists of our time, why not stay at the villa in Palm Springs that he used to own.  It has 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, a pool with full wet bar and a grill.  It's $950 per night.

3. Jimi Hendrix - Hawaii

Image source: Business Insider
Jimi Hendrix stayed at this Hawaiian hut when he filmed "Rainbow Bridge."  Recently renovated, this 1930s studio cottage has a small kitchen, bathroom and living area.  It's everything you need for a tranquil getaway for $400 per night.  There's even a canopy in the tree!

4. Issa Rae - Los Angeles

Image source: Ranker
This property is where Issa Rae's series "Insecure" was filmed.  It's only $160 per night, well worth it as you will have panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills and you can take home the Sienna Naturals hair products from the bathroom!  The interior design is so glamorous.

5. Sonny Bono & Cher - Los Angeles

Image source: Ranker
The iconic duo Sonny & Cher once lived in this one bedroom and one bathroom Los Angeles home.  It was designed by Swedish architect Greta Magnusson-Grossman in 1954 and has been re-modelled  with mid century and boho decor.  It even has a tree house!   It's $95 a night to stay there.

6. F Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald - Alabama

Image source: Daily Mail
This historic home in Montgomery, Alabama also doubles up as a museum dedicated to F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.  They lived there for a year in the 1930s.  The museum is on the lower level and the upstairs has two separate suites. The Zelda suite rental is a full apartment with furniture donated by a family who knew Zelda.  It's $230 for a single night's stay.

7. John Steinbeck - California

Image source: Timescale
This California cottage was once owned by American author John Steinbeck who penned "Of Mice and Men" and "The Grapes of Wrath" to name just two of his books.  It is perfect for a creative retreat although it is tiny, only 350 square feet.  The cosy abode has a queen bed, sitting area, stocked kitchen and bathroom.  You can stay there for $85 per night.

8. The Bachelor & Bachelorette Mansion - California

Image source: People
If you want to get technical about the owner, this California mansion has been a former temporary home to people who have achieved varying levels of fame.  Want to pretend  you are on the show?  Just being inquisitive?  Then this is the rental for you at $175 per night.

9. Ava Gardner & Artie Shaw - California

Image source: People
Hollywood iconic actress Ava Gardner and her musician husband Artie Shaw once shared this property which is located in Burbank, California.   It was built in 1938, has curved walls, hardwood floors and even a horse trainer's quarters with 4 horse stalls at the back.  It has been renovated twice.

10. Mickey Rooney - California

Image source: People
Mickey Rooney once owned this home next to the best beach and surfing hot spot in California.  It was built on canyon terrain and has two bedrooms and one bathroom.  There are wall to wall mirrors and a wood burning hearth.  There's an olive tree outside and a fitness area with punch bag, together with hammocks for relaxing.  It will set you back $120 per night.

11. Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) - Mexico

Image source: People
This is a real celebrity home."  It lies behind a gated community and is 5,100 square feet, big enough for former owner Chad Smith of Red Hot Chilli Peppers  It has four bedrooms and an outdoor terrace with an infinity pool and hot tub.  The views are to die for.  All this for $719 per night.

12. George Washington - Virginia

Image source: Court
This remote two bedroom farmhouse dates back to 1760 and still has the original woodwork.  It was a favorite overnight resting point for President George Washington.  It lies on the 23 acre Travelers Rest Farm and is surrounded by fishing lakes and pecan trees.  It cost $150 a night to experience a bit of history.

13. John Lennon & Yoko Ono  - Los Angeles

Image source: Globetrotter
This two-bedroom hilltop "tree house" was built in 1961 and hosted John Lennon of The Beatles. He and wife Yoko Ono are believed to have stayed there in the '70s.  There are beautiful views from each room and it's easy to forget that you're actually right in the middle of L.A.  Experience it for 629 per night.

14. Naomi Osaka - Miami

Image source: Business Insider
During her recent finals run at the Miami Open, Naomi Osaka and her Frenchie, Butta stayed in North Bay Village at the Villa Nautica.  The five bedroom house provides privacy and tons of luxury including an amazing pool!  Japanese Naomi said she felt at home when staying there.  You can feel at home as well for $3,500 per night.

15. Jane Austen - Bath, England

Image source: BrainWave
Jane Austen and her family lived here in Bath for 4 years from 1801.  Nowadays the place is crammed with artwork, rustic stone floors and a wooden desk where you can sit to get inspiration, just like Jane did.  The property has been furnished with antiques, creating authenticity during this historic time.  It's $217 per night.

16. "A Christmas Story" House - Cleveland

Image source: NBC News
Located near downtown Cleveland, this iconic house from "A Christmas Story" can be rented for $545 per night.  If you wish, you can have one night here and another at The Bumpus House which is the Parker's neighbor's house  It's due to go on the sales market so get in there while you can.

17. "Little People, Big World" House - Oregon

Image source: Wall Street
Matt Roloff, "Little People, Big World" star, is transforming the family's well known "big house" into an Airbnb!  He initially put a portion of the Roloff Farm on the market but the reality star then decided to rent it out instead.  The cost to stay there varies so go on to the website for further information.

18. "The Godfather" Mansion - New York

Image source: Getty Images
In August of last year,  fans had the opportunity to stay at the Staten Island house that was used for "The Godfather."  Actually, it was the exterior shots of the home that became famous.  It's $5 a night for a minimum of 30 nights.  For that you will get five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.  There's also a pub, a gym and a saltwater pool.

19. "Stranger Things", Byers House - New Mexico

Image source: Discover
You might not be able to sleep over just yet but fans of "Stranger Things" can step into the home of Will, Jonathan and Joyce Byers.   Plans are in place to transform it into a Halloween extravaganza with the new owner intending to recreate the property from the inside out, as it appears in the series.

20. Dorinda Medley's Real Housewives Retreat - Massachusetts

Image source: Daily Mail
This is the place where "Real Housewives of New York" star Dorinda Medley hosted her get togethers before she left the iconic show in 2020.  Blue Stones Manor is like the Disneyland of Housewives!  It's available for rent on 2 night stays at a cost of $1,210.

21. Julie Andrews - New York

Image source: Decor
Known as "The Rubber House," this New York escape was built originally for choreographer Eugene Loring and his partner.  It's thought that Julie Andrews once owned it.  It now features an industrial kitchen, dance studio, huge windows and fireplaces in the bedrooms.  Try it out for $525 per night.

22. "The Fresh Prince" Mansion - California

Image source: Business Insider
In honor of the 30th anniversary of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", you can stay at the home from the series for only $30 a night.   You can enjoy lots of perks including brand new Air Jordans and DJ Jazzy Jeff will give you a virtual welcome.  Hurry aa there's a bit of a queue to experience it!

23. Harry Potter's Childhood Home - England

Image source: De Vere House
This charming home was the setting of the place where Harry Potter lived with his parents James and Lily.  It's based in Lavenham, England and you can rent it with its two bedrooms for $196 a night.  You can get a full English breakfast and explore the village.

24. Hannah B's Windmill Fantasy Suite - Greece

Image source: Business Insider
This one bedroom and one bathroom property is the site where Hannah Brown hooked up with Pilot Pete during Season 15 of "The Bachelorette."  It's a windmill lodge in Crete and it has been renovated high above an olive tree valley with the most incredible views to take your breath away.  Cost is $155 per night.

25. Tony Stark's Cabin - Georgia

Image source: Business Insider
If you want to live like a superhero, then head out to this lakeside cabin where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) brings his daughter to escape the drama.  It's also where the funeral of Stark was held.  Fans can rent this Fairbur, Georgia property for $800 per night, minimum 2 nights stay.

26. Actual Fixer Upper - Oregon

Image source: Getty Images
If you want to experience Chip and Joanna Gaines' shiplap and the sliding barn doors. we can grant your wish. You can rent the house they renovated on the show's finale for $450 per night.  It's full of family friendly amenities with the Gaines' signature touches!  You don't have to thank us.

27. Bella Swan's Family Home from Twilight

Image source: Daily Mail
The Pacific Northwest home of Charlie and Bella Swan from the "Twilight" movies can be yours for $330 per night.  There are five bedrooms and two bedrooms at the property in Saint Helens, Oregon.  Much of the set remains including the green kitchen cabinets.

28. Breaking Bad Getaway - New Mexico

Image source: Business InsiderS
This Albuquerque property was used for the trailer of "Breaking Bad" and was featured in some of the episodes of the show.  It has four bedrooms and includes Hazmat suits to keep the "Breaking Bad" theme going as well as authentic art work.  The cost is $99 per night.

29. Spice World Bus - England

Image source: RichardKam
Tell me what you want, what you really really want!  Round up your friends and book a stay in this double decker Union Jack bus and you too can be a Spice Girl!  Prices start at $162 per night.  Word of warning - the bathrooms are located away from the accommodation!

30. Downton Abbey's Highclere Castle - England

Image source: Getty Images
The Crawley's abode, the fictional home in "Downton Abbey" is available to rent for the unroyal price of $149 per night.  It is a real life castle and is actually brimming with antiques and interesting artifacts.  Part of the castle has been cordoned off from the public.

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