Here’s What The Love Island USA Cast Are Up To Now

By Sarah Jones 9 months ago

1. Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi

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The season 4 winners seemed rock solid, but their romance didn’t last outside of the villa. Zeta claims that once filming finished, things changed rapidly. “Sydney, Deb, and I—we rode back to LA together on the train,” she said. “We're on the train—Syd and Isaiah are texting, Deb and Jesse are texting, carrying a vibe. And I'm just sat there and Timmy and I are not texting at all.”

2. Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser

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Olivia and Korey’s story was a super cute one. They were pals for a long while before they eventually got together in the villa, and they went on to become the winners of season 3. They carried on dating for around a year after the show, but their split was amicable.

3. Emily Salch and Weston Richey

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Emily and Weston had a super strong connection in season 1, and ended up finishing fourth place. But they were on and off once the cameras stopped rolling, and Emily eventually revealed in a YouTube video that the pair had gone their separate ways. She said:
Weston and I are no longer together… It was really hard with distance, especially because I was in college.”

4. Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks

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The season 2 sweethearts, who ended up finishing second place in the show, split in January 2021. They both released statements, asking fans for privacy as they moved forward with their lives. It seems that the pair ended their relationship on good terms though, as they both thanked each other for the time they shared via Instagram.

5. Caleb Corprew and Justine Ndiba

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Cely and Johnny were narrowly pipped to the post by Caleb and Justine, who were the first-ever black couple to win the show. While the pair delighted fans with their super-cute Instagram pics after they left the villa, the couple split less than a year after they started dating.

6. Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada

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The couple, who came second in season 3 of Love Island, devastated fans when they split. However, they apparently reconciled 7 months later, and were spotted being ‘super coupley’ by photographers. Kyra and Will confirmed they were indeed back together when they shared some couple selfies on Instagram.

7. Jeff Christian and Nadjha Day

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Jeff and Nadjha didn’t quite make it to the final – but they weren’t voted out. Jeff had a huge fight with some of his fellow islanders, and Nadjha decided she’d had enough. While they didn’t carry on seeing each other after they left the villa, the pair seem fairly amicable on Instagram, but they’re both now dating other people.

Carmen Kocourek and Kenzo Nudo

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Season 5 of Love Island USA has only just come to an end, but fans are already asking which couples are still together (which shows that Love Island relationships don’t last too long these days!). Carmen and Kenzo immediately hit things off when Kenzo came into the villa as a bombshell, and they’re now in the process of getting to know each other’s families and friends.

9. Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight

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In season 4, Isaiah and Sydney came in second place – but it wasn’t an easy ride. There were tons of drama, tears and tantrums, but they finally seemed like they turned a corner in the end. While they might not have been one of the most rock-solid couples on the show, they’re actually still together, and regularly appear in each other’s Instagram accounts.

10. Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas

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Back in season 2, runners up Calvin and Moira looked like love’s young dream. But just two months after the cameras stopped rolling, they parted ways. Apparently it was the long distance between them that made things difficult – according to Moira anyway.

11. Kassy Castillo and Leo Dionicio

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The pair started off as a couple on day one, but after Leo was stolen away, it seemed like it was over. However, the love birds found their way back to each other, and after a lot of groveling on Leo’s side, the couple came second in the latest season of the show. They’re currently making plans to ensure things work long-distance.

12. Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli

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The very first winners of Love Island USA seemed like the perfect match. They were happy to become boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa, and even exchanged the ‘I love yous’ before reaching the finale. But things went south fairly quickly between the pair, and Zac revealed on Instagram that he and Elizabeth wanted different things.

13. Deborah 'Deb' Chubb and Jesse Bray

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Season 4 runners up Deb and Jesse had something of a rollercoaster relationship in the villa. While many didn’t think they would last on the outside, the couple stayed together for a fair few months before the cracks started to show. They eventually split for good in November 2022.

14. Carston 'Bergie' Bergersen and Taylor Smith

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Taylor and Bergie got together after Taylor came into Casa Amor as a bombshell in season 5. The couple did well with viewers and came third overall, but they’re not currently physically together. Unfortunately, Bergie is currently dealing with a personal matter back home, so the pair haven’t been hanging out all that much.

15. Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman

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In season 2, Carrington and Laurel came fourth – and it seems that Carrington’s treatment of Laurel prevented the couple from finishing higher. When fans pointed out that Laurel deserved better, Carrington charmingly responded with:
“Hey, it’s hard to find someone better than me.”
They split in 2020, and Laurel is now happily living with her new boyfriend.

Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli

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This year’s winners are still going strong! From the get-go, Hannah and Marco had a definite spark, and they’re now enjoying some time in Hannah’s hometown, where they’re staying with her family. Marco said:
“They’re accepting me as a son, I’m having a blast with them. Her mom’s such a sweetheart.”

17. Alexandra Stewart and Dylan Curry

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These season 1 sweethearts came second place, and they seemed like a match made in heaven. While everything seemed to run smoothly on the show, their fairy tale romance came to a bitter end shortly after they went Instagram-official. Many fans believe that Dylan was just putting on a show for the cameras, and didn’t actually like Alexandra as much as he made out…

18. Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg

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Season 3 runners up Bailey and Jeremy looked every inch the perfect couple, but things fell apart immediately after the show ended. Bailey took to Instagram to reveal what happened… and it turns out there was someone else in the picture.
“He seemed very distant and I could just tell that his feelings had changed. And he ended up telling me that he did have feelings for someone else.”

19. Caroline Viehweg and Raymond Gantt

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We loved watching Caroline and Ray’s connection grow in season 1. They eventually came third, but just like other season 1 finalists, their romance hit the rocks as soon as the show wrapped. Despite planning on appearing in The Amazing Race together, Caroline stated that she didn’t think Ray was as committed to their relationship as she was. Ouch.

20. Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch

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Another relationship that quickly went south after the show ended. Season 3 couple Alana and Charlie, who came fourth, barely made it out of the villa before things went wrong. Apparently Alana called time on their relationship when she got wind that Charlie was hitting the club every night with other girls.

21. Phoebe Siegel and Chad Robinson

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In season 4, we watched Phoebe Siegel bounce from one man to another, until she finally seemed to settle on Chad Robinson. The pair made it to the final five couples before being voted out – and their relationship burnt out too. They lasted just one month on the outside before calling it a day.

22. Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman

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Connor and Mackenzie got together on the very first day of season 2, but things went wrong in spectacular style thanks to Casa Amor. However, Connor got in touch with Mackenzie after the show, and they dated for a good few months before splitting in March 2021.

23. Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair

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Josh and Shannon were the sweethearts of season 3. Josh’s sister tragically passed away during filming, and Josh naturally decided to leave the show. Shannon was by Josh’s side as he grieved, and the pair even moved in together in a cosy apartment in Florida. After a brief break-up in 2022, the couple are still going strong today.

24. Joel Bierwert and Bella Barbaro

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Season 4 couple Joel Bierwert and Bella Barbaro spent less than a week together in the villa, but they continued to date for a good few months after heading back to reality. They gave their long-distance romance a solid effort before deciding they were better off as friends.

25. Destiny Zammarra Davis and Kyle Darden

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Season 5 cast members Destiny and Kyle had an interesting time on the show. While they didn’t get a chance to couple up until the end of their time in the villa, there are hints that the pair are going strong in the outside world. They’ve posted a couple of Instagram stories together, so watch this space!

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr.

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Another season 3 couple that stole our hearts were Cashay and Cinco. They got together in the outside world after filming had ended, and while it seemed they were going to go the distance, the pair announced their split via Instagram in January 2022.

27. Jonah Allman and Taylor Chemlka

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Jonah and Taylor got together during Casa Amor in season 5, and after Taylor was brutally dumped in the public vote, Jonah decided to go with his sweetheart. The couple are doing well since filming ended, and they’ll be introducing each other to their families and friends in the coming weeks.

Vickala "Kay Kay" Gray and Keenan Anunay

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One of the biggest season 5 plot twists saw Keenan eliminated from the show – and Kay Kay decided to leave with her man. And it seems that the couple are still together, as they’re sharing VERY cute Instagram updates at the moment. We hope they go the distance!

Aimee Flores
Wes Ogsbury

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After the season 3 pair were dumped from the island, Aimee and Wes decided to keep things going on the outside world. But their relationship lasted just a few months before Aimee announced via Twitter that the former couple had gone their separate ways.

Trina Njoroge
Andre Brunelli

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Fans took a shine to Trina Njoroge and
Andre Brunelli, and were outraged when they were voted out of season 3. But while they seemed like a good team, they decided not to explore their relationship in the outside world, as they both wanted different things.

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