Times The Royals Completely Embarrassed Themselves

By Rio Dennis 7 months ago

We can see you

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The Royal family are some of the most highly documented people within the world, and this means that all of their good, bad and embarrassing moments are captured. Princess Diana had a range of embarrassing moments, with one that accidentally bared her legs. A photographer captured a picture of her on a sunny day, where her legs could clearly be seen through her trouser fabric...how scandalous!

Name nuisance

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Yet another embarrassing moment for Diana, was during her marriage to Prince Charles, in 1981. Whilst reciting her vows, she accidentally called Charles by the wrong name. She called him: Philip Charles Arthur George, as opposed to his actual name: Charles Philip Arthur George. To be fair, he has a lot of names, so its understandable that she had a slight mix-up.

Tampax trouble

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Part of Charles and Diana's marriage scandal, involved leaked phone calls between Charles and his mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Within one of the leaked calls, Charles shared with Camilla the lengths he would go, just to be close to her. In a now infamous quote, Charles shared with Camilla that he wished he could be a tampon, so he could be with her all the time!

Unfaithful Ferguson

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There has been a fair amount of marriage scandals within the Royal family, and the Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson) added to them. Sarah cheated on her husband, Prince Andrew, and was photographed with her American boyfriend. What makes this even worse, is the fact that they were photographed with Sarah's feet in said boyfriend's mouth!

Corgi demise

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Queen Elizabeth II was well-known for her pet Corgis, and there was an unfortunate event, that lead to the demise of one of her four-legged friends. The event in question, involves Princess Anne's Bull Terrier attacking the Queen's Corgi, which led to it having to be put-down. Princess Anne's dog had bitten two children prior to this event.

Horrible Halloween

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Prince Harry has always been known for his slightly rebellious/troublesome side, and this intensified after pictures emerged of him, wearing a Nazi soldier costume to a Halloween party. Of course, this caused enormous upset, and the Prince apologized to anyone that may have been affected by his poor costume choice.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (not)

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Adding to Prince Harry's controversial moments, is the time he was photographed 'letting loose' in Vegas. Media outlets gathered images of the Prince playing 'strip poker', drinking excessively and partying with models. He apologized for his behavior, and said it was due to being in his 20's, and being generally naive.

Flashing the public

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In 2012, Prince Philip had a wardrobe malfunction at the annual Scottish Highland Games, which left little to the imagination. Philip was wearing the traditional Scottish attire of a kilt, when he had a lapse in his memory, and accidentally exposed himself to the public and paparazzi (definitely not the crown jewels people were expecting)!

Kate's exposure

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Shortly after her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton was sunbathing topless at their (private) French residence. Unbeknownst to her, paparazzi had gained access to the border of the property, and snapped some scandalous pictures. The couple sued the media publications responsible, and the pictures were swiftly take out of circulation.

Marilyn Monroe 2.0

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Kate has had her fair share of flashing near-misses, as her skirts and dresses have struggled to stay put (especially on blustery days). It has been rumored, that the late Queen had weights sewn into the hems of her skirts/dresses, to avoid any embarrassing exposure. However, it doesn't seem like Kate has picked up on this fashion tip.

Meghan's wardrobe mishaps

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Another lady that has had her fair share of wardrobe mishaps, is Meghan Markle. Meghan has be snapped in an array of embarrassing situations, which included: accidentally flashing her bra, wearing a dress that was basically see-through and leaving the tag on a brand-new dress...awkward.

Digging for gold

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The Royals have set protocol and rules they must follow at all times, especially when they are in public. However, it seems that even Queen Elizabeth II had her slip-ups, as she was pictured picking her nose in 2017. The images were captured whilst she was attending a horse show, and it looks as though she forgot to pack her hankies.

Child's play

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Children will have their mischievous moments, and the Royals are no exception. Princess Anne's granddaughter (Savannah Phillips) was filmed pushing her cousin (Prince George) down a hill, at a Polo show several years ago, and it showed a much less serious side of the Royal family.

Markle's car protocol

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With the amount of Royal protocol to abide by, it's not surprising that many of the family members have forgotten them. For example, Meghan Markle struggled with the protocol surrounding a car, and to make matters worse, it was during her first public outing with Queen Elizabeth!

Sleeping on the job

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Being part of the Royal family can be a tiring job, and there have been times that the Royals have been caught sleeping on the job. An example of this would be, Prince William falling asleep during the 2018 Anzac Day Service, which honors Australians and New Zealanders that have passed away during combat.

Not strong-willed

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Yet another wedding scandal, within the family, involved Will and Kate. In the past, it was rumored that Will had been unfaithful, and had cheated on Kate, with her friend Rose Hanbury. The rumors were never addressed, but this kind of story must have been embarrassing for the couple, and the family as a whole.

I don't actually sweat

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By now, everyone is aware of the Epstein scandal, and the heinous crimes he committed. Prince Andrew became a huge source of embarrassment and shame for the Royal family, when it was revealed that he was associated with Jeffrey Epstein, and was actually a very close friend of his. He went on to provide a horrendous interview, which has been dissected and analyzed hundreds of times.

The interview

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On the topic of controversial interviews, we come to the interview Oprah Winfrey conducted with Harry and Meghan. The Royal family have a strict policy against speaking about sensitive/private issues, but the couple went against this, when they had a candid conversation with Oprah Winfrey. Their conversation covered their personal experience of being within the family, and the ways in which they were made to feel like outcasts.

Estranged family

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Meghan Markle has been the focus of the Royal family multiple times over the years, for a variety of reasons, with one of them being her estranged family struggles. The media has continually focused on her various family members attempting to cash-in on her pairing with the Prince, which has wedged an even further divide between them.

Love letters

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Following her rocky marriage with Charles, Diana went on to have a handful of other lovers, including Polo player James Hewitt. It was rumored that James was the real father of Prince Harry, which added to the growing list of scandals between the Royals! The pair wrote a range of private love letters to one another, which Hewitt attempted to sell at auction.

'Platonic' phone call

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During her strained marriage with Charles, it was alleged that Diana had another lover: James Gilby. Similarly to Charles, Diana and James had their private phone calls leaked, which caused a media frenzy, and continued to paint the Royal family in a shamefully scandalous light.

Foul-mouth Phil

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Prince Philip was well-known for having multiple slips of the tongue, and losing any sort of Royal decorum with his linguistics. He has been documented many times using crass language, much to the surprise of the public, and embarrassment of the Royals. One of the most memorable instances of this, was when he exclaimed to a photographer to: 'Just take the f***ing picture'.

Driving disaster

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During 2019, Prince Philip shocked the nation when he was involved in a car crash, which he was the cause of! The 98 year-old had been driving within the Queen's Norfolk estate, when he lost control of the car, and it flipped over. He was not injured, but the two passenger and nine month old baby, were taken to hospital for minor injuries.

Cops and robbers

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Princess Margaret has never been a stranger to scandal, and has been known to have may a risqué photograph taken of her. However, Margaret was at the receiving end of a pre-planned scandal, when a group of robbers entered a Lloyd's Of London bank, in an attempt to steal said risqué photos. To make matters worse, she was photographed with her lover, Roddy Llewellyn!

Camilla's coronation tangle

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Royal ceremonies are planned months in advance, and will run like clockwork 99% of the time, with very little room for error. However, there have been instances of slip-ups, including Camilla's Coronation. There was a wardrobe mishap, when Camilla's dress seemed to become tangled, just as she was about to enter Westminster Abbey!

Gust of wind

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Queen Elizabeth II was well-known for being able to maintain her composure, even when she was greeted with difficult weather conditions. However, Elizabeth was caught short when her hat was blown from her head in 1979, whilst she was on a Royal visit at the Muscat Palace. She managed to grab ahold of the hat, just before it was blown off of her head entirely.

Hobbling in heels

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Kate had another fashion faux-pas, when one of her heels became wedged in small drain grate. She was alongside her husband William, visiting Hampshire for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. When the heel became wedged, Kate remained calm and seemed the support of Will's arm, so she could dislodged it as gracefully as possible.

What comes up, must come down

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Umbrellas against the Great British weather, isn't the greatest pairing, and will often lead to embarrassing moments. Camilla was a victim of this weather-induced embarrassment, when her umbrella decided to collapse and trap her. She seemed to see the humorous side of the situation, and one of her Royals aides helped free her.

Watch your step

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With all the rules and procedures to remember and follow, it's no surprise that basic tasks, such as walking can become difficult. Many of the Royals have been photographed losing their footing, and (often) embarrassing themselves in front of a crowd. This happened when Diana tripped up some steps, whilst boarding her plane from a visit in Pakistan.

Horsing around

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The Royal family are well-known for their love of horses, as well as their participation in equestrian sports (even at Olympic levels). Despite their love for these creatures, there have been multiple instances where the family have fallen from horse-back. One of the most memorable being: Princess Anne falling off of her horse, at Towcester Racecourse in 1983!

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