Unseen Images Of Beyonce Over The Years

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Beyonce is one of the most easily recognizable celebrities in the 21st century, and she has been heavily documented throughput her career as a musical artist. However, there are some rare images of the star, that many people may not have seen. One of the rare images in question, is a sweet portrait of the singer as an infant...how adorable.


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Moving on, we see Beyonce entering her toddler years, with yet another sweet candid image of the singer, donning a curly up-do. At first glance, you may not recognize the singer, but the longer you take in the image, the sooner you realize that is is unmistakably Beyonce.


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1984 gives us a look at an adorable three year-old Beyonce, who is styling another curly up-do, and is looking (somewhat) vacantly at the camera. This image is definitely one of the more recognizable, and it gives us a glimpse into the star's humble upbringing/surroundings.


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This next image depicts a four year-old Beyonce, who is showing her cheeky side to the camera. From about this age onward, Beyonce shows more of her personality within her pictures, and it isn't difficult to see that her confidence is beginning to shine through.


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At five years of age, Beyonce's personality and specks of personal style really begin shining through, and she is 99% of the time smiling at the camera. Her natural curls are the main focus of most of the images, and showcases her pride in her heritage and race.


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This next picture is one of the school yearbook pictures featured within this list, and gives us a glimpse into Beyonce's former years in education. Her style continues to develop during this stage of her life, and she is beginning to experiment a little more with the styling of her hair.


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This next image depicts a young Beyonce featuring within a small singing contest, within her local area. It seems that the image is part of the family's home videos, and you can see that her confidence and stage presence have really started to build and develop.


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This is another candid image of the singer during her childhood, and it gives an intimate glimpse into her life at home, as well as the process of styling her natural hair. In this image, she is sitting in a bathroom whilst a woman (presumably her Mom) braids her hair.


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Adding to the selection of yearbook photographs, is this adorable image, which depicts a nine year-old Beyonce flashing a gummy smile to the camera. You can see how much her personal style has developed, as well as the styling of her hair. Her braids are beautifully parted, and she looks extremely cute.


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At 10 years of age, Beyonce got her first proper taste of stardom, when she featured on a children's television shows. She starred alongside another young girl, and the pair became known for their singing, dancing and comedy sketches. This part of her childhood, saw Beyonce wearing bright patterns, and showcasing her stage presence to a larger audience.


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Another taste of the celebrity lifestyle, came along when she featured on a children's game show (during the early 90's). She was only featured within one episode, but she won over the studio and home audiences, with her charm, wit and natural on-screen talent.


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Once she reached her pre-teen years, the singer became a lot more confident within herself, and this shone through in her photographs. Her little tastes of fame, pushed her to realize her dreams of stardom, and helped her begin fulfilling her potential as an entertainer/artist.


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This yearbook photo depicts Beyonce during her early high-school years, and it is clear that she is not camera shy in any way. She is sharing her now-famous smile with the camera, and is dressed in the typical preppy fashion of the time. During high school, is when she really started committing to her musical dreams.


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This portrait of the singer looks as though it was part of a professional photoshoot, and the images of it could be used for headshots. It wouldn't be surprising for Beyonce to have headshots from a young age, especially as she was working on getting her way into the entertainment industry.


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This image depicts a 15 year-old Beyonce holding a young baby, it seems that this baby is a family member's or friend's. We can see that she is still styling her natural hair, but in braids this time (alongside no makeup), and her dazzling, white smile.


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At the age of 16, Beyonce joined forces with two other girls (Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams), in order to form Destiny's Child. The trio were already in a group together called Girl's Tyme, but opted for a rebrand in an attempt to achieve more mainstream success.


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In the later part of her teens, Beyonce was beginning to be recognized by members of the public, and asked for photographs (as seen by this image). Despite the rise in recognition, she was still very much a small-town Texas girl, chasing her musical dreams.


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After Destiny Child's formation in the 90's, the girl-group were trying to make their name known, and create successful band branding. This branding included: the styling of each girl, to make them unique yet synchronized. For Beyonce, this meant a lot of cut-off denim and slim-fit camisoles.


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2000 was the start of the new millennium, and was also the year that Destiny's Child really worked their way into the mainstream music scene. The trio started reaching the top of the charts with their singles, and were gaining popularity worldwide. This also seemed to be the time to wear sports jerseys as dresses.


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The early 2000's brought about all kinds of changes, especially within the world of fashion. One of the biggest Y2K trends, was wearing double denim. Many celebrities tried and failed to follow this trend, however Beyonce was someone that could pull it off effortlessly, as shown in this image.


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This image of Beyonce seems to have been taken at another event/party (possibly an after-party), and the singer is wearing a studded white backless dress. This picture adds to the images of Beyonce, where she is wearing her natural curls, alongside a minimal makeup look.


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This image seems to come from a family member, or close friend's photo collection, as it shows a 22 year-old Beyonce at some form of intimate gathering (possibly a wedding or birthday party). It looks as though she is wearing very little make-up, and is flashing her beautiful smile to the camera.


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This is definitely one of the more candid pictures, taken within the singer's early adulthood, and it just proves how effortlessly gorgeous she has always been. It looks as though this picture was captured in New York City, whilst Beyonce was spending time with her friends.


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As Beyonce was entering the early part of her twenties, she was becoming known for her amazing stage presence, performance and breath-taking vocals, and this image truly captures that essence of her character. The mid-noughties outfit of white and gold, highlight her stunning figure and confident composure.


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The 2006 MTV Movie Awards, provided us with another stunning red-carpet appearance from the singer, and it looks as though she hasn't aged much at all! Despite Beyonce being in her mid twenties here, she doesn't look a day over 18, and she is quickly becoming known for her youthful/age-defying appearance.


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Beyonce stuns in all-white in this image, and it looks as though it was captured at a 'all-white' party/event (where participants must stick to a strict dress-code of white). It seems she attended with her husband Jay-Z, and her minimal make-up/accessories really draw focus to her beautiful smile.


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This particular image has been taken from an event appearance, which Destiny's Child attended, Beyonce has a much more serious expression here. It may have been possible, that her and the girls had a slight disagreement before walking the event's carpet, or she just wasn't in the mood to be photographed.


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This paparazzi shot shows Beyoncé arriving at, what seems to be, a location for dinner and/or drinks with her close friends. She is wearing a well coordinated outfit, that compliments her skin tone and hairstyle, and she is showing her affection of the cameras by blowing them a kiss.


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This image is taken from an interview, that the singer was a part of, which delved into her career and how she had reached such a high level of stardom. Although she is dressed in a more relaxed manner, her natural beauty shines through, as well as her warm and friendly demeanour.


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Finally, this image was taken during the singer's birthday trip to Italy. This trip was to celebrate her 30th birthday, and she looks absolutely stunning in a patterned maxi dress, styled alongside dazzling golden detailing and her beautiful natural curls.

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