Everything We Need To Know About Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s Alleged Divorce

By Rio Dennis 9 months ago

Four years gone

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Over the last couple of weeks, it has come to the media's attention, that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting divorced! This news follows a statement made by the pair last week, following certain rumors circulating within the media landscape. The pair have decided to call it quits after just four years of marriage.

Mutual decision

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According to the statement by the couple, the decision for a divorce was 100% mutual and amicable. It was something they had discussed in detail with one another, and felt it was the only way they could move forward with the relationship, in order for them both to be civil.

Statement made

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The statements were shared with the public and media on Wednesday 6th September 2023. The pair took to social media in order to share their statements, and to remind their fans not to believe any rumors surrounding the split, no matter how 'credible' they may seem.

Speculative narratives

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Leading up to the official announcement of the split, there were a lot of speculative narratives being shared within the digital media landscape. Some of them even suggested that there was infidelity within the marriage, as well as mentions of certain parties trying to claim full custody of the children.


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When Joe took to social media to announce his statement, he explained that he had filed for a dissolution of marriage, which is (technically) a divorce but it includes any agreements made before marriage e.g. who will take what percentage of possessions/financial shares.

Differing lifestyles

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A source explained to media outlets that the decision for divorce, was partly down to the couple's differing lifestyles. It was known that Joe enjoyed staying at home, whilst Sophie would spend a lot of her free time on evenings out with friends/colleagues.

Affinity for partying

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Sophie's affinity for partying seemed to be a growing source of tension between the couple, and probably led to a range of disagreements behind closed doors. An insider source shred with media outlets, that the couple often had clashes of personality, due to their lifestyle preferences.

No support

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Another contributing factor of the couple's divorce, was Joe's lack of support for Sophie after she gave birth to their second child. It has been reported that Joe would often expect Sophie to attend events, even though she had no desire to be photographed, and wanted to remain home with the children.

Attendance pressure

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Joe's pressuring for Sophie to attend events, occurred before and after the birth of their second child, and is believed to be a great source of discomfort for Sophie. This pressure negatively impacted Sophie's mental health, and put a lot of strain on the couple's marriage.

Visible tension

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Leading up to the announcement of their divorce, certain fans and media outlets had commented on some visible tension between the pair. The majority of this tension, seemed to coincide with Joe's attempts to pressure Sophie into attending certain events.

Relationship timeline

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Sophie and Joe began dating in 2016, after meeting through mutual friends at a party. After a couple years of dating, the couple announced their engagement and subsequently married in 2019. Although the majority of fans and media were happy for the couple, some people felt as though it was a little rushed, and that the couple should have waited longer before getting married.


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During their time together, the couple have had two children together, with the eldest reportedly being named: Willa. The youngest child was born last year (2022), and are yet to announce the child's name. The couple have always been very private when it comes to raising their daughters.


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It has been reported that the girls have primarily been living with Joe in America, and there are plans for there to be shared custody of them, following the finalization of the divorce. Sophie has previously expressed her desire for her children to grow up in England, and experience the education she was able to have growing up.

Shared responsibility

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The couple have expressed their desire to co-parent their daughters, and will come up with a schedule that works well for both of them, as well as for the benefit of their daughters. They have made it clear that the children's well-being is always a key priority, especially after the divorce.

Prenuptial agreement

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A positive element of this couple's divorce, is the presence of a prenuptial agreement, which reduces the risk of drawn-out legal arguments; regarding possessions and financial shares. This prenuptial agreement, will also include information about how the couple will raise their children effectively after the split.

Joe's attorney

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Media outlets have been informed that Joe has hired the help of Tom Sasser, who is a well-known attorney for celebrities. He is known for being Tiger Wood's divorce attorney, and has helped a range of other celebrity clientele. It is unclear whether Sophie has hired an attorney, at this point in time.

Ring doorbell mishap

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Within the speculation and reporting surrounding this split, it was revealed this week that Joe had access to a Ring doorbell footage, which showed Sophie saying and/or doing something that confirmed to him that their marriage couldn't be saved. It is unclear what she may have said/done, but it was clearly the last straw for Joe.

Initial rumors

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Leading up to the couple's official statements, there were all kinds of rumors floating around the internet. However, these initial rumors were dispelled by the couple, and they urged people not to believe anything, unless it was reported from them directly.

Happy families

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Due to Joe and Sophie's private personal life, it was difficult for anyone to pick up on any potential rifts within the marriage, and it was often reported that the couple seemed happy and were thriving. It just goes to show, that although everything seems fine on the surface, you can never know what is happening behind closed doors.

Very little public information

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As the divorce was only announced last week, there is very little information available publicly about the details of the divorce, and the couple's thoughts and feelings regarding the separation. As time passes, it is likely that there will be more information shared with the public/media.


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Joe filed for dissolution of marriage in Miami, Florida, which is the location of the couple's shared home. It seemed to be the best location to file for the dissolution, as it would require very little travel for Joe and Sophie to discuss, and go through with.

Private home life

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As mentioned previously, the couple have always been very private about their home life, and it is suspected that this will continue following the divorce. They will only release information to the public when they feel ready, and when they have reached the right point in the overall process.

Salvaging the marriage

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Joe shared with the media that there had been many attempts to salvage the marriage, and that divorce was the last thing he wanted for the relationship. He had hope that himself and Sophie would be able to work through their differences, but unfortunately any attempt was unsuccessful.

Last resort

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It has also been reported, that divorce was the last resort for the couple, and they tried their best to avoid having to go through with this process. It has been revealed, that the pair have been trying to salvage the marriage for the past year, however this was unsuccessful overall.

Best course of action

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Sophie and Joe felt that seeking divorce would be the best course of action for their daughters in the long-term, as it would allow them to raise them in a much calmer environment. They didn't want to subject their children to a hostile environment, especially with the growing tension within their marriage.

Emotional build-up

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All-in-all, this divorce is a result of an emotional build-up between the pair, and it is probably the best thing for them to do at this stage of their relationship. This separation will provide them with the opportunity, to work through their emotions/differences effectively.

Considered over a long time-period

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This divorce has come as a result of consideration over a long time-period, as the couple have been struggling over the last year or so. It is most definitely not a rash decision that is based on a small disagreement, and is something the couple have most likely discussed over several months.

Respect their privacy

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Sophie and Joe have expressed their wish for their privacy to be respected during this time, as well as the privacy of their family overall. It is completely understandable that the couple don't want any media invasion during this difficult process, and will likely share details if/when they feel ready to.

Co-parenting plans

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As mentioned previously, the couple have decided that they are going to attempt to co-parent their daughters, and it is believed that they are currently in the process of planning the best method of doing this effectively. Co-parenting is a common practice for many divorced couples, even if they are celebrities.

Fans left shocked

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The news of their divorce not only shocked media outlets, it shocked their loyal fanbases. Whether you are a fan that has followed the couple individually, or since they became a couple, it is likely that the news of their divorce upset you (especially as they seemed like the perfect couple, with the perfect marriage).

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