Unseen Images Of Tom Holland And Zendaya

By Eloise Heath 8 months ago

1. Leaning in for a smooch

Image Source: Briefly.co.za 
Where's your favorite place to get affectionate with your bae? Some people love a bit of PDA, locking lips anywhere from the subway to just out in the street. A car is a bit more private, but paparazzi still caught Tom and Zendaya on the brink of a smooch here!

2. Full on Tonsil Tennis

Image Source: Bollywood Hungama 
Where do you stand on PDA? Are you happy for lovebirds to get up close and personal in public, or are you the one shouting 'get a room' as you pass? Tom and Zendaya, to be fair, probably thought their own car was private enough to sneak a cheeky kiss.

3. Almost had a fight with a statue!

Image Source: Zoom TV 
Being a celebrity can be a dangerous business, but I don't think Tom was expecting a statue to throw hands at him! As if that yellow blazer wasn't already a crime against fashion, this Spider-mannequin nearly took poor Mr. Holland out! Zendaya looking totally unconcerned has us LOLLING!

4. Spiderman, but make it FASHION

Image Source: E! Online 
After getting over the shock of almost walking into it, Tom and Zendaya paused on their stroll to have a proper look at this statue. As well as wearing a purple hoodie and yellow blazer, this Spiderman tribute is also unusually on wheels. The stars stopped to get a good look at it before walking on.

5. Put your hands in the air like you just don't care

Image Source: Daily Mail 
That's how the song goes: 'wave your hands in the air like you just don't care'. Zendaya is clearly in a good mood here! Tom decided to snap this selfie on the go, showing the pair out for some shopping in the mall. The mystery is whose arm that is over Zendaya's shoulder!

6. Cheeky selfie!

Image Source: Stellar Magazine 
Omg why are boyfriends like this? Zendaya's clearly feeling grumpy about something- check out that formidable scowl, it's a good job looks can't kill! Tom doesn't seem bothered though, flashing a cheery thumbs up to the camera! This cute moment shows them curled up in bed, giving fans a little glimpse into a private moment.

7. Happy birthday Zendaya <3

Image Source: ET Canada
There's nothing quite like a birthday to roll on the cute Instagram stories. Tom shared this previously unseen snap of Zendaya on her special day. She's much younger here, and looks like she's about to venture under the waves- complete with swimming togs and a snorkel!

8. Out for a stroll

Image Source: Yahoo 
Ok, answers on a postcard, please: what's that Zendaya is holding? It could be the starlet was enjoying a sweet frozen treat- perhaps a little tub of ice cream on a hot sunny day? It's lovely to see this pair looking so relaxed and enjoying some regular time just chilling in the sun.

9. All aboard the love boat

Image Source: Pinterest 
The couple jetted off for a romantic vacation together in Italy, and decided to go on a sunset boat trip whilst they were there. Hey- when in Rome! They were snapped boarding the boat as dusk fell, and then sitting arm in arm as it bobbed off across the water.

10. Coffee to go

Image Source: Pinterest 
Whether you're a internationally famous superstar, or a just a regular Joe, sometimes you can't beat a good cup of coffee. These two grabbed a caffeine jolt to go recently, and strolled hand in hand down the street. Zendaya is looking very cool- not just her iced latte, but her gorgeous hermes scarf!

11. Running Errands

Image Source: Just Jared
Tom and Zendaya are no strangers to glitz and glamour, often getting dressed to the nines for red carpet premieres and showbiz parties. But, on a day like this one pictured, they've proved they can keep it casual too. Check out their chilled out looks, jeans and T-Shirts, for a day out running some errands.

12. Dressing room selfie

Image Source: TODAY.com  
Any fan of this Hollywood power couple will know that they met whilst filming Spiderman: Homecoming. As their characters fell in love on screen, they were building a romance of their own. In an interview, Tom has said that "it definitely helps when the characters are falling in love with one another; you can sort of blur the lines a little bit.”

13. A trip to Costa

Image Source: Tumblr 
Brits will understand the important of this one. Costa is an iconic UK coffee location- cheap, cheerful, and with a large size so massive it should come with a water wings in case you fall in. The pair must have been visiting Tom's English relatives.

14. Stepping out in style

Image Source: NY Breaking  
Check out these cool customers!! Proving that you don't have to wear loud colours or popping patterns to make a splash, this kind of understated Riviera chic suits this classy couple down the the ground. What a stylish way to keep cool in the European sun.

15. Another day, another boat trip

Image Source: The Times of India  
These two can't seem to keep off of the water recently!! This time they were on a visit to Mumbai, and here we see them on board a yacht exploring the Arabian Sea. The company that ran the trip said that they, "have no words to describe how humble they were. As you can see there was no massive entourage or starry tantrums. Simply amazing".

16. Jumping in the car

Image Source: Page Six  
Zendaya's playing it Covid cautious in this one- and it must be pretty handy in dissuading the paparazzi too! We all know these two are partial to a little car make out, but the mask will make that pretty tricky! But wow that car looks pretty swish!

17. Another caffeine trip!

Image Source: ELLE 
Zendaya back at it again with the iced coffee! We love an iced latte, or a cheeky frappuccino when the mood takes us, so we definitely back her choice of beverage. With a pop of color from some spring flowers flowers behind them, this photo feels like a breath of fresh air.

18. Walkies!

Image Source: People.com 
Check out the four legged cutie the pair have in tow here! That's Zendaya pup Noon, out for a walk. This is giving us serious golden-retriever-boyfriend, black-cat-girlfriend vibes. It just goes to show that the old cliche might just be true: sometimes opposites attract!

19. We're GREEN with envy

Image Source: The US Sun 
Ok, Zendaya. Tell us where you got the cute pants and no one gets hurt. She's just so fashionable! Looking slouchy but quirky in these green pants, paired with a casual white tanks, some sneakers and classic hoops, Zendaya was making looking good look easy!

20. Looking specsy

Image Source: Grazia  
How does Zendaya look good in absolutely everything?! This is a rare shot of her wearing her glasses, and check out those chic and sleek frames! It's a good job she's enjoying her snack- from the looks of the faces of the couple in front, the game isn't going too well!

21. Glitz and glamor

Image Source: Glamour UK  
Shine bright like a diamond, girl! She's absolutely slaying here, wearing a serious designer name at the Spider-Man: No Way Home London Premiere. That gorgeous blazer is an Alexander McQueen Spring 2022 number. As is always the way, her boyfriend was a bit more dressed down.

22. Activate sports mode

Image Source: Pinterest  
Here we catch this famous pair of lovers on another low-key day. Zendaya with wet hair and a casual denim jacket, Tom carrying a loose mug in his hand (those Brits just LOVE their tea!!), both putting their best foot forward in matching black sneakers.

23. A moody walk

Image Source: Just Jared  
Tom Holland usually gives us big golden retriever energy, but not so much in this snap of the couple out for a walk. He's even letting Zendaya carry two bags- maybe chivalry really is dead?! Still, we're still a little bit obsessed with this look on her: Autumnal, slouchy, just plain cool!

24. Glow baby glow!

Image Source: ELLE 
Quick, call the national media- proof that Zendaya is an actual, real life angel. Just check out this photo, her halo might have slipped but it's clearly visible! We always had our suspicions... Ok, ok, maybe it's just a glow stick. But would you really be surprised if it turned out she was a heavenly being?!

25. Heartbreak at the court

Image Source: Opoyi  
Oh dear, disaster seems to have struck! Any half-decent sports fan will know this pain, watching the team you love give it all on the pitch/field/court, and lose it all anyway!! Not even celebrities are immune from this heartache, as we can see here- just look at those gutted faces!

26. Sharing a laugh

Image Source: BBC  
Promoting a big Hollywood movie must be tiring! Spending hours and hours in the interview chair, meeting reporter after reporter- more often than not all asking you the same question. So, it warms our hearts to see these two enjoying a LOL together in interview.


Image Source: Siasat  
This photo is a treat and a half. Our two favorite cuties (Tom and Zendaya) joined but not one, not two, but THREE adorable puppy pals! Which one would you love to adopt (out of the dogs, we mean!). Both stars are well known dog lovers, so this must have been a heavenly day for them both!

28. Sailing under the radar

Image Source: Pinterest 
Someone managed to catch this long-distance snap of the famous duo arriving in Venice- one of the most romantic cities in the whole world! They've got that fresh-off-the-aeroplane look to them, but they wear it well. Venice is known for it's romantic gondola rides and beautiful waterways, the perfect place for lovers!

29. Going wild for sports

Image Source: TMZ  
If you're a Warriors fan, this one's for you! Here we see Zendaya and Tom cheering on their team in the playoffs. Check out how animated they are- they're clearly as passionate about this team as they are about each other! Tom's face in that second snap- LOL!

30. A perfect pair!

Image Source: British Vogue 
We just can't get enough of this perfect pair! Whether they're gliding along in a boat in some exotic location, or just walking down the street hand in hand, they're clearly loved up and living their best lives! Now all we have to do is think of a good couple name for them- any ideas?

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