Celebrities That Everyone Hates For No Reason

By Molly 7 months ago

1. Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is definitely one of those celebrities that seems to be criticised whatever she does! A lot of people like to point out that she only rose to fame to begin with through a leaked X-rated tape. Some believe her to be materialistic and superficial.

2. Justin Bieber

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This star rose to fame at just thirteen years old! Growing up in the public eye didn't do him any favors. Two of the most notable events were when he was caught driving under the influence and when he egged his neighbor's house. It gave him quite a name for himself.

3. Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has been getting a lot of praise recently. However, there are still those who hate her! A simple reason being some just dislike her music. But, she has also been in the middle of a number of celebrity dramas, which has given her a petty, drama-prone identity.

4. Kanye West

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Nobody has a bigger ego than Kanye West, I'm sure of it. In fact, he even labelled himself "the greatest living rock star". Although, I haven't heard anybody else refer to him as this other than himself! Not to mention his controversial views on politics, which he has been very vocal about.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

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A lot of people think that Gwyneth Paltrow comes across as entitled, she lives a very lavish life and certainly has expensive taste. Because of this, people believe her to be pretentious. Also, she has been involved in some controversial scenarios, does anybody remember the candle event?

6. James Franco

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Now when it comes to this celebrity, the reasons are 100% valid. In 2018, Franco had multiple sexual misconduct allegations from multiple different women, from exploitation to assault. On top of this, there are rumours that he's dated underage girls in the past.

7. Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway earned herself a bad rep following her Oscar acceptance speech for her performance in Les Misérables. People accused her of being insincere and too much. Others say that she is too calculated and overly ambitious when it comes to her career.

8. Kristen Stewart

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This one really comes down to whether or not you like the Twilight movies! For those who find the movies irritating, they associate Kristen Stewart with this. People have mocked her acting style, calling her whiny and monotone. The real Kristen is also pretty shy, which people can mistake for rudeness.

9. Lindsay Lohan

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Lohan has certainly made the tabloids over the years. She's had several run ins with the law, including drug possession, arrests, probation violations and more! She made a name for herself as a troubled child-star who had lost control. For this reason, some people's perception of her became negative.

10. Paris Hilton

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There's no denying that Paris Hilton has had an extremely privileged upbringing without any real talent. Because of this, she's believed to be out of touch with reality and has often been accused of behaving in a shocking way. This has led her to be involved in a number of scandals.

11. Miley Cyrus

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If there's one thing Miley Cyrus knows how to do, it's how to draw attention to herself. Whilst some argue she is expressing her individuality, others accuse her of being attention seeking and too full on. She's been criticised for her choice of outfits and provocative performance style.

12. Shia LaBeouf

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LaBeouf has been known to behave in unacceptable and unpredictable ways over the years. For example, he once interrupted a Broadway show whilst he was intoxicated. Another time, he got into a public fight with a tourist. People believe he's unpredictable and over the top.

13. Katherine Heigl

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Actress Katherine Heigl has been accused of lacking range when it comes to the roles she plays, sticking to the same kinds of characters. On top of this, she has been known to be very opinionated and outspoken in her personal life, which has rubbed some people up the wrong way.

14. Adam Sandler

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The simple reason here is that some people just don't find Adam Sandler funny. Some believe that the movies Sandler stars in are low-budget and low-quality, so they associate him with those movies. He's also been known to be dismissive and even rude when it comes to his critics.

15. Ben Affleck

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People have argued that Ben Affleck lacks talent when it comes to acting, and that he's only been able to get to where he is due to his good looks and connections. In real life, some have said that he comes across as arrogant and even out of touch with reality.

16. Angelina Jolie

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It's a common knowledge that Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston, who was his wife at the time, with Angelina Jolie. People were quick to criticise Jolie for this, stating she lacked morals. She has also been outspoken on some controversial opinions when it comes to politics and social issues.

17. Leonardo DiCaprio

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Everybody has enjoyed the memes relating to DiCaprio and his preference when it comes to women much younger than him. In fact, it seems that the women he dates have an expiry age of 25! Some believe this makes him predatory or ageist. Others criticise him for being a hypocrite, advocating for environmental issues yet flying on private jets.

18. Selena Gomez

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During Selena Gomez's high profile relationship with Justin Bieber, some people argued that she was using him for fame and was toxic in the relationship. Other people find it difficult to stomach the "good girl" persona that she has, believing it to be fake.

19. Madonna

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Madonna certainly knows how to push the boundaries! Whether this is in her music videos, live performances, or fashion. For some, this is a reason to dislike her. She has recently been getting some bad press based on her appearance, being criticised for the amount of work she has had done rather than ageing gracefully.

20. Charlie Sheen

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Sheen has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, which he has openly talked about. He's also had a number of public breakdowns because of this, which people have found enough reason to decide that he is unstable, self-destructive or even irresponsible.

21. Tom Cruise

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A lot of people associate Tom Cruise with his belief in the religion Scientology. This is definitely a controversial view, and some people believe it to be unusual. His personal life has been difficult to hide, so the public have known all about his messy relationships over the years, which some have judged him on.

22. Justin Timberlake

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It's a well known rumour that Timberlake cheated on Britney Spears during their relationship. Whilst they were young at the time, people have disliked him since the incident. Another event that didn't look good for his character was when he exposed Janet Jackson's breast during the 2004 Super Bowl.

23. Kristen Bell

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Kristen has gained a group of haters that believe she is "too perfect" - is that even a thing? They argue that she's funny, beautiful, intelligent, and a good mother. Therefore, they conclude that she has to be fake and inauthentic! Others dislike her simply because they dislike her husband, Dax Shepard.

24. Lena Dunham

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Dunham has some questionable views on some pretty important topics. People have found her to make insensitive comments on sex, race, and mental health, which some have found offensive. There are people who see her as too outspoken, arrogant and unlikable.

25. Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp seems to be one of those celebrities who people either love or hate. His acting style is often eccentric and even strange, which some people find annoying or off-putting. Then of course there was the very public trial with his ex, Amber Heard. Some have taken Heard's side on this.

26. Roseanne Barr

Image Source / theguardian.com
Some of the statements that Barr has made on important topics have been pretty outrageous. People find her views on race, politics, and religion to come across as hateful, and so this is their reason for disliking her. In fact, she was pulled up on a racist remark about Valerie Jarrett in 2018.

27. Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin is known to have had a messy personal life, including his two failed marriages and public break-ups. He's also been known to have issues with his anger management, which some people have found off-putting. There was also a very tragic accident which Baldwin was involved in in 2021, where he fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during filming by mistake.

28. Meghan Markle

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Mainly in the UK, Meghan Markle gets a lot of bad press. People dislike her because of her relationship with Prince Harry, believing she has "taken" him from the royal family and that she doesn't fit in with his life. Others state that she has used him for her own ambitions.

29. Kylie Jenner

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Some people dislike Kylie Jenner because of her privileged upbringing. In 2019, she gained the title of 'youngest self-made billionaire of all time', people have argued this to be unfair as she has not had to work as hard as others, due to her wealthy and famous family.

30. Cardi B

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Cardi B's music is definitely explicit. Some people feel that it's far too much, and even find it offensive. People also see her as arrogant and obnoxious. It's also public knowledge that before she rose to fame she worked as a stripper, where she has admitted to drugging and robbing men.

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