Dark Secrets Of Posh And Becks The Producers Missed From The Netflix Documentary

By Kirsty 7 months ago

1. Victoria's solo album was a huge flop

image source: albumism.com
Victoria Beckham isn't the only one from the Spice Girls to give it a try at going solo, but it seems her bandmates had a little more success than she did! Her first solo album was aptly called Victoria Beckham (creative) and even though it did reach the top 10, after two weeks it wasn't even in the top 50!

2. And her record label dropped her for it

image source: heartradio.com
Virgin Records wasn't wasting any time in cutting their losses! Due to her first album only selling 50,000 copies (and it costing around $7 million to make the album in the first place) the label decided to drop her. They made an official statement saying it was a "natural end" both parties agreed to, but... you know.

3. How bad David Beckham's OCD actually is

image source: mirror.co.uk
The ex-footballer has to battle with OCD, which impacts his life on a daily basis. He has to count items in the fridge, have everything in pairs or certain things in straight lines. This condition gets worse for him when he's away from home, as he has to rearrange hotel rooms until he's happy.

4. He might throw food and drink away just to make it even

image source: reddit.com
Most of us wouldn't dream of throwing out something we've paid for but we guess that's a luxury celebs have - and it's his condition that's to blame, after all. It's so bad that if there were an odd number of things like Pepsi cans, he'd have to throw one out to make it even.

5. Victoria actually tried for a reality show before - and failed

image source: imdb.com
Before the latest big Netflix reveal, you might not have known that Posh Spice already tried for her own reality TV show before - and it didn't feature David or her kids. The show was called Victoria Beckham: Coming To America, but there was only one episode that was broadcast, at 4.9 million viewers. Awkward.

6. Her TV critics called her "aloof"

image source: thedailybeast.com
Another reason that her original TV show failed with poor ratings could be down to the critical reception, too - where professional critics said the Spice Girl was too aloof - which, to be honest, is 100% true, as she usually comes across as more cool than.. well,

7. Victoria was horribly bullied at school

image source: dailymail.co.uk
Victoria was ceaselessly bullied during her own school days, saying that she was different from the others and they'd remind her of that fact by bullying her and throwing things at her. She also admitted her school days were very lonely as she didn't have any friends, either.

8. David's obsession with candles

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In his defence, we all know the difference a good candle can make for a cozy home, and he's probably got money to burn (excuse the pun) for tealights. He's a self-professed "candle freak" and he particularly likes the ones that smell woody or smell of jasmine, his favorite!

9. He also travels with them as a reminder of home

image source: gq-magazine.co.uk
His obsession is so strong that it even applies to when he's away from home, too! He makes sure to always travel with jasmine-smelling candles because it reminds him of home. His children also love the smell of the candles, so it reminds him of his family, too. Aw.

10. Victoria wanted to be seen as 'royalty'

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You can say that reality stars like the Kardashians are TV royalty, and we get why Victoria would want the same. According to a friend, Victoria "always wanted to be seen as royalty" which is why she tried so hard to push her reality shows and albums and become more well known - but apparently for the Netflix show she wanted to show more of her "silly" side! Do you think she did?

11. Her daily beauty routine costs over $1,500!

image source: youtube.com
It's no surprise someone like Victoria Beckham spends a lot of money on the way she looks - she's a fashion designer and rich celeb after all - but her daily total is something in the $1,635 region, including products and all her beauty routines. She's also a fan of laser hair removal instead of shaving.

12. And she might not be eco-friendly with her products...

image source: reddit.com
During her everyday routine, Victoria uses a lot of cleansers, lotions and wipes - that's a lot of plastic bottles, not to mention makeup wipes have been known for being the less eco-friendly option. And for a woman who uses so many of them? It's not really a good impact if she is using them...

13. David thinks men shouldn't be emotional

image source: youtube.com
David Beckham has admitted that he's a very emotional man, and especially when it comes to tear-jerking movies and TV shows. Nothing wrong with that, right? It's refreshing to see a man open with his emotions... but then he comments that he'd never cry in front of his old footballer pals because, "You can't do that. We're men!". News flash: men cry, too.

14. Posh Spice is very messy in private

image source: thesun.co.uk
Which must be very difficult with David's OCD! Don't let the pristine public look fool you - apparently Victoria can be very messy at home. This applies specifically to the bathroom set up, and it's so bad that the pair of them have to have separate bathrooms so that David won't be annoyed by Victoria leaving things out!

15. Victoria is VERY superstitious

image source: reddit.com
There are many superstitious habits most of us know about - or even do ourselves - and Victoria is the same with the obvious ones, like not walking under ladders or paying your respects to magpies when you see them! She also makes sure to always stay in the same hotel in New York when she travels there.

16. And she also has a "weird" ritual with crystals

image source: crystalskulls.com
Posh is also very big on the power of healing crystals, and her routine always included a crystal ritual backstage before she went on for a show. She would have a pink quartz to inspire positivity, and a black obsidian skull crystal in her bag to give her strength. Whatever you believe, it works for her!

17. David Beckham has a shoe obsession

image source: dailymail.co.uk
While it's usually the woman - especially someone like Victoria Beckham - that you'd expect, it's surprisingly David who has the huge, obsessive shoe collection! It's so bad he has to keep them tucked away in storage in boxes because there's so many of them (at least a thousand pairs!).

18. Victoria is SUPER strict about her diet

image source: hellomagazine.com
It's no surprise someone who looks the way she does has a very, very strict diet. Even out in some of the top restaurants in LA, she's not indulging in a steak and a chocolate cake - it's a plate of steamed vegetables for her. Yummy. Her diet also includes Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning, and a very specific bowl of cereal and grains.

19. David isn't averse to a beauty face mask or two

image source: metro.co.uk
It's not something he needs to keep secret, but maybe the footballer feels the same way about beauty routines as he does about crying at a movie... Although not as extensive as his wife, he does make sure to moisturize, use lotions and put on a face mask to refresh his skin while watching TV!

20. Victoria's lip syncing scandal

image source: dailyrecord.co.uk
It's no secret that Posh Spice wasn't the biggest standout vocally in the Spice Girls, but it was so bad that apparently her microphone would get turned off a lot of the time during live performances so that she wouldn't be heard and just lip sync along with people thinking she was singing...

21. And she was insecure about her performances

image source: goodhousekeeping.com
The reality of Posh Spice was that she was insecure about her singing and dancing performances, too. She knew that everyone thought she was the least talented, and it showed when she was shunted to the back for music videos or hardly ever getting solo verses.

22. David's struggle with asthma

image source: whoateallthepies.tv
There was a time when not many knew the legendary footballer actually had asthma - until he had to get his inhaler out in front of the public once during a game. Asthma is something David still deals with, but fortunately now that his time as an active footballer is over, he can stick to relaxing face masks!

23. Victoria gets up at 5.30am every day for her fitness routine

image source: ok.co.uk
For a woman putting huge focus on her beauty and diet routine, it's also no surprise she finds a lot of time for a workout every day. She makes sure to get up at 5.30am so that she starts off with an hour's workout before the rest of the family wakes up, and then does another hour later on - six or seven days a week!

24. Did they ever really confirm or deny the Rebecca Loos scandal?

image source: hellomagazine.com
Loos was a former assistant of David Beckham, and a scandal arose when rumors he'd had an affair with her surfaced. Rebecca's brother made comments that there was more than a professional aspect to it, and Rebecca went public. But the Beckhams themselves never confirmed or denied it officially. Did they think the lie wasn't even worth the time? Or was there truth to it?

25. Victoria wasn't the cleverest or most talented student

image source: glamourmagazine.co.uk
Posh has had to work hard for what she's achieved today, as she admits herself she wasn't the most intelligent student at school, and even at theater college she failed to be the most talented there. It's interesting that a woman who didn't stand out as a student, or standout as the most interesting Spice Girl, still found her own fame and success.

26. David was actually fired from his football club for having an ego

image source: goal.com
David Beckham has to be one of the most well-known footballers in history - so it's surprising to learn he was actually fired from one UK club, Manchester United. And this wasn't because he did anything wrong game-wise... according to the former-manager, it's because Beckham thought he was "bigger" than the manager himself!

27. Posh has been close friends with the controversial Meghan Markle

image source: glamour.com
It's no surprise someone as big as Victoria Beckham would end up in royal circles, but in recent years she also seems to have formed a friendship with Meghan Markle. With recent events surrounding Harry and Meghan coming to light, does Posh still stand by her friend?

28. Did the Beckhams prioritize fame above anything?

image source: theguardian.com
The Beckhams listed off a few reasons for making the big move to America, including a focus on their careers, but it turns out that David and Victoria seemed to be more interested in fame outside of their jobs. In the end, the move seemed to just be about becoming more famous in a different country.

29. David's big fail at bringing football to America

image source: mirror.co.uk
If there's one thing that's big in both the UK and the USA, it's football - but they're different, as we know! Even though Beckham had huge success with his football career in the UK, it didn't translate well in the states and ended up being a flop. He only ended up playing two seasons in the US.

30. Posh NEVER touches her own hair

image source: allure.com
We understand preferring to use a stylist if you're heading out for a big event, but not even touching your own hair on a day off with the family might be considered a bit extreme... But apparently Posh always has a stylist do her hair - her own personal LA colorist!

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