Celebs Who Have Gate Crashed Weddings

By Carole 7 months ago

1. Brad Pitt

Image source: People
When a newlywed couple were in the midst of celebrating their wedding reception at Stoke Park Hotel in England, the groom noticed Brad Pitt sat at the hotel bar.  He asked if the Hollywood actor would pose for a photo with the happy couple and Brad instantly agreed, going even further by mingling with the guests for selfies.

2. Tom Hanks

Image source: The Today Show
Tom Hanks gave a Pittsburgh bride a gift she could only have dreamed of. Hanks joined the beautiful bride Grace Gwaltney, along with the wedding party and even gave a speech. He said, "You look so beautiful. I’m so happy for you." He certainly made everyone's day!

3. Ed Sheeran

Image source: Goss.ie
Ed Sheeran surprised an Australian couple by turning up to their nuptials and even better, he performed one of his hits during their first dance. Sheeran posted a photo on his Instagram and wrote, “Just surprised this lovely couples first dance. Available weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs contact, your local supermarket for details."

4. Harry Styles

Image source: The Edge
A very dedicated boyfriend contacted One Direction on Twitter to ask for their help in the plan for him to propose to his girlfriend at their concert.  Harry Styles was more than happy to oblige and announced during the band's performance that the guy, Brad, had a question for his gal.  The whole crowd erupted when she said  "yes" and the newly engaged couple were invited backstage afterwards.

5. Taylor Swift

Image source: People
In 2016 Taylor Swift turned up at the wedding of two of her greatest fans, Max Singer and Kenya Smith. The groom's sister had contacted Taylor to say that their late mom loved to dance to the songstress' hits and that was enough for Swift to agree to the request.  She sang "Blank Space" at the piano and made a great day even more spectacular.

6. Beyonce And Jay-Z

Image source: Time
Beyonce and Jay-Z were on vacation in Portofino, Italy when they came across a wedding being held at a local church that they were visiting. The two mega stars went over to congratulate the couple, and Beyoncé posed for a photo with the blushing bride.  How amazing!

7. Meryl Streep

Image source: Daily Mail
Meryl Streep was filming scenes in 2011 for "Iron Lady" when she came across a couple getting married at Manchester Town Hall in England.
The bride and groom were so surprised to see Meryl who was made up as Margaret Thatcher for the movie. The star posed for photos and signed them as well as gifting them with flowers and champagne.

8. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Image source: Mixing Maryland DJs
While walking along the beach in Malibu, back in 2011, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez heard Bieber's music blaring out.  They decided to follow the sound and it turned out to be coming from a wedding reception!  Justin congratulated the couple and made a short speech.  How cool was that?

9. Justin Timberlake

Image source: Daily Mail
In 2016, Justin Timberlake was eating at a restaurant in New Hampshire, trying to keep a low profile, when a middle aged guy approached him to ask if he'd swing by at his daughter's wedding later that day.  Justin happily agreed to surprise the couple and even appeared in a few of their photos.

10. John Travolta

Image source: ABC News
In 2013, John met a young couple at a bar in Georgia. They told him they were getting married the following day and guess what? Travolta, dressed in a black t-shirt and black pants, the same as the day before, showed up to congratulate the bride and groom.  What a nice guy!

11. Lady Gaga

Image source: Daily Mail
Lady Gaga was in New York in 2016 for a publicity campaign and she decided to crash a wedding in Central Park. As it was a Japanese wedding, she said "I love you" in Japanese to the bride and groom.  She then shared hugs and posed for several photos.  The newlyweds were quite overwhelmed.

12. Jennifer Hudson

Image source: Daily Mail
Jennifer Hudson was in Texas in 2015, as part of a business partnership with W Hotels Worldwide and the Human Rights Campaign.  Gay marriage had been legalised by the Supreme Court and Jennifer decided to crash a same sex wedding and sing "I Still Love You" to the overwhelmed couple.

13. Queen Elizabeth II

Image source: NBC New
In March 2012,  literally minutes after John and Frances Canning said “I do,” Her Majesty, along with the Duke of Edinburgh, surprised a couple at Manchester Town Hall.  The royals were attending a lunch in the same building and they asked to congratulate the gobsmacked couple.

14. Denzel Washington

Image source: Page Six
When he was directing his upcoming movie "Journal For Jordan" (starring Michael B Jordan) Denzel Washington spotted a bride and groom in Central Park, taking wedding photos.  Denzel jumped in for a few shots and the smiles of the newlyweds were then even bigger.

15. Bradley Cooper

Image source: Denver Videos
Bradley Cooper dropped in on a bride and groom tying the knot at his alma mater, Georgetown University, Washington D.C. The happy couple, Meg and Nick, couldn't believe their eyes when Cooper came over to congratulate the two of them and appear in some photos with them.

16. Danny DeVito And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Image source: People
Dwayne and Danny were promoting "Jumanji: The Next level" at a hotel in Mexico. They could hear a wedding going on upstairs so they made their way there, took the mic and sang "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole."  They wrote on Instagram,  "So much love and mana in the room for the lovely bride & groom. Congrats Will & Kristine Abbot!"

17. Keanu Reeves

Image source: People
When James and Nikki Roadnight tied the knot at a hotel in Northamptonshire, England in 2022, they weren’t expecting Keanu Reeves to turn up.  The groom had spotted the star in the hotel bar and invited him to their reception, not actually expecting to see him there.  True to his word, he did appear and posed for photos to make it an extra special day.

18. Tom Hanks (Again!)

mage source: WNEP
In 2016 a couple had just got married and were in the middle of their wedding photos in Central Park when Tom Hanks spotted them. Hanks congratulated the beaming twosome and took a selfie, which he later posted on Twitter with the caption, “Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and Blessings. Hanx.”

19. Katy Perry

Image source: St Louis Magazine
During her "Witness" tour, Katy Perry caught sight of Hayley Rosenblum and Blonie Dudney’s wedding reception in St. Louis, Missouri.  Perry made up her mind to join the guests on the dance floor and hung out with them. before appearing in some wedding photos.  That was unexpected!

20. Kristen Stewart

Image source: BuzzFeed
In 2017, newlyweds Kirsten and Kayleigh Jennings were in the middle of celebrating their reception at Pizzeria Gusto in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The owner of the venue had recently hosted an event for Kristen and knew the actress was in town filming a movie, so he checked with the two brides if she could drop by.  Of course they agreed!

21. Maroon 5

Image source: YouTube
For their music video "Sugar," Maroon 5 crashed a series of weddings in Los Angeles in 2015 for their music video "Sugar."  They wanted to keep it authentic and so hid behind curtains and then recorded each bride's reaction when they took the mic and performed.

22. Serena Williams

Image source: The Mirror
Serena Williams came across a couple’s gorgeous nuptials when she was enjoying a day on the beach in Miami in 2014.  Williams jumped in for a picture, wearing her cheetah-printed swimsuit.  She shared a post on Instagram, captioned, “Wedding crasher!! Congrats!”

23. Barack Obama

Image source: The Mirror
The former President of the United States ran into a couple tying the knot while golfing at Torrey Pines Golf Course San Diego. He stopped over to congratulate them and pose for a photo. Needless to say, that couple was thrilled at this unexpected and presidential surprise.

24. Adam Sandler

Image source: YouTube
Adam Sandler was shooting the Netflix movie "Murder Mystery" in Montreal.  He saw a bride and groom taking photos on the terrace of the Le Monte Stephen hotel and decided to join them for a photo opportunity and they were more than happy.  The image went up on his Instagram account.

25. Liam Hemsworth

Image source: Daily Mail
At the Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club in Australia, Kate and Shane who were just married, were getting drinks after the ceremony.  They spotted Liam Hemsworth across the room and their wedding day was made even better when the actor agreed to pose for photos with them.

26. Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer

Image source: Global News
While in Dublin, Ireland, promoting their movie "Trainwreck",  Schumer and Apatow saw Eithne McAdam and J.P. Swaine drinking at the bar after their wedding ceremony. The director and actress joined the couple for a few pints of Guinness to celebrate their joyous day.

27. Andy Cohen

Image source: Yahoo
During the filming of "Watch What Happens Live", Andy Cohen helped a guy propose to his boyfriend live on air.  Loads of Bravo references were used, such as "Dakota, you’re the Kim to my Kroy. The napalm to my Teresa and the Jovani to my Luann."  Fortunately, his partner eagerly said  "Yes!"

28. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

Image source: TheWrap
Actors Kevin Hart and Josh Gad were filming "Wedding Ringer" and they could hear Rajan and Chandni Patel’s wedding reception in the hotel. They checked it out and gave an impromptu speech.  There was also a bit of serenading from Gad himself. The guests went wild.

29. Lil Nas X

Image source: Click Orlando
The rapper Lil Nas X was visiting Disney World and thought it was a good idea to crash a wedding which was taking place at the resort.  The bride agreed it was the BEST idea as he escorted her into the reception - of course to the tune of his huge hit “Old Town Road."  He later shared the video on Twitter.

30. Macklemore

Image source: Narcity
In 2016, Macklemore's mom encouraged him to crash a wedding that was happening in Washington D.C. at a hotel. He decided to document the whole thing on Snapchat, according to E! News.  He certainly looked to be enjoying himself as he celebrated with the couple and their guests.

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