Things No One Knows About Brooklyn Beckham

By Lauren Mccluskey 7 months ago

He's had his fair share of high-profile relationships

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His relationship with Nicola Peltz isn't the only high-profile relationship that Brooklyn Beckham has been in.  In fact, he also dated the actress, Chloe Grace Moretz, for two years, as well as having relationships with Sofia Richie, Madison Beer, and Lexi Wood.

He's not shy of a public fight

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Brooklyn is no stranger to fighting in public either, and he's been snapped more than once mid-row.  The most notorious was his public conflicts with one of his ex-girlfriends, Hanna Cross, whom he got together with pretty quickly after breaking up with Chloe Grace Moretz.  They certainly looked like they had a bumpy relationship!

He dated a Posh Spice lookalike

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Brooklyn Beckham once again made the headlines when he stepped out with his girlfriend at the time, model, Phoebe Terrance.  The pair were seen out in public a few times but their relationship didn't last too long.  Perhaps because everyone commented on how much the model looks like his mother!

His social media was controlled by his parents

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Before Brooklyn turned 16, it was revealed that his parents used to control his social media accounts.  It does sound very controlling on the surface when you think about all of the teens on TikTok nowadays, but can you imagine if he revealed more than he should or offended people?  That could've been one high-profile slip-up that the media would've lapped up!  Certainly not worth the risk!

He's a social media sensation now though

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Despite being relatively new to social in the grand scheme of things and compared to many of his peers his age, he's a social media sensation nowadays.  In a video from 2015, he boasted to his dad that he had 12 million followers, to which his dad replied he had 52 million!  Alright Dad, thanks!

He says his dad is embarrassing

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Whilst we're on the subject of his dad, about a decade ago, Brooklyn made the headlines when he called the soccer legend embarrassing!  Hard to believe, right?!  But at 15, David Beckham revealed that his eldest son, the apple of his eye, demanded that he park around the corner when he dropped him off at school.

His godfather is Sir Elton John

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The Beckhams obviously rub shoulders with a lot of A-List celebrities, so it's no wonder that they have some impressive pals.  In fact, Brooklyn's, along with his brother Romeo, own godfather is Sir Elton John!  And they're really close, even going on holiday with the singer and his husband, David Fuller.  Apparently, though, this caused a clash in the Beckham family with David's family furious that no one on their side was asked to be a godparent!

He's married to a billionaire heiress

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So if his parents' almost $450 million combined worth wasn't enough, Brooklyn is married to billionaire heiress and daughter of the CEO of Wendy's, Nicola Peltz. The pair were married in a lavish Palm Beach ceremony last year. Peltz is also an actress, and has starred in Hulu's 'Welcome to the Chippendales'.

Apparently, there was a feud between his mother and wife over a dress

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Just before Brooklyn got married to his now-wife, Nicola Peltz, apparently she had a row over a dress with his mother, Victoria.   They did break their silence though and the feud was nothing, but concerns arose when there was less and less social media presence of her in-laws on Peltz's socials!

He took her name

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Since the pair were married, Brooklyn is now known as Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham, taking his wife's name. Obviously, this got a lot of media attention at the time and when he was asked about it, he said that he just wanted to do it to be different - not many men take their wives' names and it's quite a cool gesture, implying that her past identity doesn't have to dissolve just because she's married.

He invented double-barrelled surnames?

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Names are important and part of your identity, as we've established by Brooklyn's name change and gesture.  But, unfortunately, whether what he said was taken out of context or not, he gained rather a lot of ridicule when he said he did it to "start something new".  Sounded like he thought he'd invented the concept of double-barrelled surnames!

He's dabbled in a few potential careers

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Being the first son of such a rich, famous, and powerful couple, Brooklyn's opportunities are huge and he could probably do whatever he wants as a career.  And it's clear that he's tried his hand at quite a few roles, including a chef, a model, a photographer, and even a footballer!

But had more false starts than most

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The only thing is though, no matter what he seems to have tried his hand at, his career just hasn't taken off in the way you might have expected it to, especially because his parents are so successful.  And he'll be the first to admit that he's had more false starts than most.

Soccer wasn't for him

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With a father as a soccer legend, you might expect that the natural route for Brooklyn to follow, as the firstborn son, would be into soccer.  And the truth is, he did try when he was younger but the pressure to follow in his dad's footsteps was immense.  He said that it would be difficult to follow his father into the same career and decided it wasn't for him when he was 16.  You can still catch him kicking a ball about, though!

He is an aspiring photographer...

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One career he's tried his hand at is photography.  When he was younger, he enrolled in a four-year photography course at the prestigious and world-renowned Parsons School of Design in New York.  Despite just one term costing $23,000, he didn't stick to it.  In fact, he quit after just one year, saying that he was 'homesick' and missed his mom.

He released a photography book

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When he was 18, Brooklyn released his own photography book and named it, 'What I See'.  It features 300 photographs of his family, places he had been, and events, alongside captions that he had written.  Each chapter of the book is described by telling a different story.

...But it's been a subject of ridicule

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However, the book was brutally slammed by critics across the globe.  'What I See' was a huge subject of hilarious ridicule with media outlets and social media accounts stating that the book contained "terrible photos and worse captions".  In fact, it there was an absolute brutal tidal wave of taunting back then, and it seems to return and trend every year.  He'll never live it down.

He even started an internship with Rankin

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When he decided to leave his course in New York and return to London, Brooklyn was given the opportunity to join world-famous photographer, Rankin on an internship in 2019.  But sources told the media that he got off to a less than impressive start, despite the high hopes due to his time at Parsons and a prestigious Burberry contract.  He didn't stay on the internship for long.

He decided to pursue a career in front of the camera

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With his knowledge of some of the simplest tasks being described as 'so off', Brooklyn got on the other side of the camera and started modeling again.  He stepped away from photography and almost immediately for a contract with Superdry, the British clothing brand.

He was 15 when he bagged his first modeling job

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It wasn't a new interest either.  In fact, Brooklyn bagged his very first modeling job years earlier at the age of 15.  After trying his dad's soccer career and it not suiting him, perhaps his mom's position as a giant within the fashion industry inspired (and probably helped!) him here.

He worked with Superdry for a bit

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So after stepping back from his photography career, which wasn't exactly blossoming, Brooklyn bagged a contract with streetwear giants, Superdry.  However, after less than a year, the British brand confirmed that they were no longer working together.

He insisted that all of these previous 'careers' were just 'hobbies'...

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After coming under scrutiny and ridicule for his multiple 'false starts', he said that all of those previous ventures didn't actually have anything to do with his career.  In fact, he said that they were all just his hobbies and insisted that he hadn't actually given up on any of them.

His real passion is cooking

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In fact, one passion that he has and describes as his 'true passion' is cooking.  He said that he has cooking battles with his dad at home, and has even posted videos to social media of him cooking up a storm.  He's given James Corden a tutorial on the Late Late Show and even showed people how to make a breakfast sandwich on an Australian TV show.

...But he was mocked for that too

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He was widely mocked for his culinary masterpiece of bacon on a white sandwich across social media leading people to wonder whether he's going to stick to this one.  However, James Corden said that he eats Brooklyn's Steak Frites from his channel 'Cookin' with Brooklyn'.  Keep going!

He's been described as the dictionary definition of nepotism

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So with all of his opportunities, he's obviously been described as a 'Nepo Baby'.  You know those stars who have had opportunities because of their famous relatives?  Well, others include Nicolas Cage, Lily-Rose Depp, Emma Roberts, and Nicole and Sofia Richie.

Haters gonna hate, Brooklyn's gonna skate

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So there you have it, Brooklyn has often been the subject of ridicule for various reasons.  But the thing is, he's pretty good at just brushing it off, stating that the haters can do what they want and he'll do what he wants.  And that's pretty much pursuing passions, including the gym and skateboarding.

He got seriously roasted on TikTok...

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Hearing that he's not really phased by the ridicule doesn't stop people from doing it though!  In fact, it's not only the media that do it, it's also all over social media, including huge social media stars and their fans.  In fact, the brutal comments reviewing his photography book make the rounds a few times a year.

...By Daniel Mac!

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TikTok sensation, Daniel Mac's hilarious 'What Do you Do for a Living?' series, which has 12,9 million followers, managed to catch up with Brooklyn Beckham driving his $1.2 million McLaren P1.  He asked him the question, to which Brooklyn replied: "A chef".

And he was called out in the comments

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The comment section for this video was particularly brutal, with followers pointing fun, and sometimes fury, at the fact that he implied that he managed to get that $1.2 million car through his job as a chef...  Daniel Mac asked him whether he was the best chef in the world!

He's a goofball in the most endearing way

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Brooklyn has been on the record discussing his personality in public and admits that he's a bit of a goofball like his pappa.  And despite having a close relationship with his mom, he's always said he's just not as serious as her.  And despite all of his privilege, it seems that he remains pretty humble about it all!

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